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Transfer Goal:

The students on their own and in the long run will be able to promote ways in strengthening love and unity in the family.

GRASPS (Paragraph form):

In a certain area, many of the families are suffering not just because of poverty but also because family issues which are threatening
the love and cooperation in the family. To assess this situation, the Grade 8 students will make a “Vlog” portraying the different
situations and experiences of the family in the community to provide ways in strengthening love and cooperation in the family. The
students will be grouped into these following roles: Interviewers, Video Editors, Documentary Team and Communication Team. The
“Vlog” will be rated in this following rubric: relevance, content , and impact. The Vlog will be the collections of the videos of
interviews, photos of the community members (families), advises/ways to help the family relationship, and short reflections of the
members of the group. After the Vlog is made, it will be shown during the Family Day where families, students and teachers are

Criteria Outstanding Satisfactory Developing Beginning

(4) (3) (2) (1)
The Vlog shows The Vlog shows appropriate The Vlog shows less The Vlog shows
Content comprehensive information information on the topic. It information and evidences inappropriate
on the topic. It includes includes essential evidences. on the topic. information and
beyond the requirement of evidences on the topic.
The Vlog show spectacular The Vlog shows important The Vlog shows fairly ways The Vlog does not show
Relevance different ways or actions ways or actions which the or actions which are not ways or actions to the
which the target audience target audience must do. relevant to the target target audience. Hence,
must do. audience. there is no participation
in the audience.
The Vlog is directly The Vlog provides the The Vlog has insufficient The materials are vague.
Impact encourages audience to audience a substantial reason materials.
follow the ways that to follow the ways that
determines love and determines love and
cooperation in the family. cooperation in the family.