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Lesson Plan in Grammar

Demonstrating Teacher: Mr. John Alver Dc. Arag

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to;

a. View and react critically to the audio clip presented

b. Expand vocabulary through “Word Charge Activity”
c. Recognize modals and their functions
d. Compose sentences using modals with the aid of Graphic Organizer


a. Focus Skills: Grammar, Listening and Song interpretation
b. Title: Modals
c. Target Level: Grade 10- Reinforcing Language Proficiency
d. Materials: Power-point Presentation, Visual aids, Music Video Clip,
and Worksheets


a. Routinary Activity:
i. Greetings
ii. Classroom Management
iii. Checking of Attendance

I. Motivation: Listening Gap-Fill
Provide a copy of the lyrics of the song with omitted words to be supplied by
the students while listening to the song and instruct them to answer the
questions that follows.

"Shoulda Woulda Coulda"

People say that together we were both sides of the same coin
That we 1_____ shine like Venus in a clear night sky
We thought our love could overcome the 2._____
But my 3._____ wouldn’t allow for compromise
I 4._____ see in the distance all the dreams that were clear to me
Every choice that I had to make left you on your own
Somehow the road we started down had split asunder
Too late to realise how far apart we'd grown
How I 5._____ I, wish I'd done a little bit more
Now "6._____ woulda coulda," means I'm out of time
Coz "Shoulda woulda coulda", can't change your mind
And I wonder, wonder, wonder what I'm gonna do
"Shoulda woulda coulda" are the last words of a fool
People ask how it feels to live the kind of life others 7.______ about
I tell them everybody gotta face their highs and their lows
And in my life there's a love I put aside, cause I was busy loving something else
So for every little thing you hold on to, you've got to let something else go
Processing Questions:

(ans. 1. would 2.circumstances 3.ambition 4.could 5.wish 6.shoulda 7dream. )

II. Setting Purpose for Teaching: “Picture Response”

Show pictures to the students and ask questions to elicit

What can he do? What will happen to the man? What should the students do?

- Development of the Lesson

i. Exercises:
- Instruct students to answer the activities provided in a paper to measure
their understanding of the lesson.

A. Exercises – All Modals

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the following modals:

1. If you are sick, you ________ go to work. You’ll infect everyone there.
2. Drivers _______ stop at red lights.
3. You _______ finish the proposal today. You can finish it tomorrow.
4. She ______ hear much better with her new hearing aids.
5. ______ I order us a bottle of wine?
6. Sam ______ pick his daughter up from school. She’s taking the bus
7. You _____________ smoke here. It’s a smoke-free building.
8. You ________ eat so many sweets. They are bad for you.
9. _________ you mind walking a little faster? We’re going to be late.
10. I’m sorry. I _______ help you. I don’t know how to do it.

1. Group 1: Enumerate things you can do as students to help
conserve the natural resources (CAN)
2. Group II: List down things that may happen to you if you take
prohibited drugs (MAY)
3. Group III: Point out ways so that you will get good grade
4. Group IV: Give steps how to live a healthy life. (MUST)
5. Group V: Share your dreams and aspirations in life (WILL)

- Show students’ output in class.

IV. Evaluation:

Matching Type: Use of Modals.

Directions: Match column A with column B to identify the use of each modal
verb in the sentence.

A B.
1. May I use your mobile phone? A. Expressing prohibition
2. May I help you? B. Making an offer
3. You must not walk on the grass. C. Expressing possibility
4. What do you think I should do? D. Giving advice
5. Can you help me with this E. Asking permission
exercise? F. Asking for advice
6. I can speak Arabic. G. Polite suggestion
7. I think you should see a doctor. H. Expressing ability
8. You may pass the examination. I. Giving judgement
It is not very difficult. J. Making a request
9. Could you wait a moment K. Polite request
10. May I help you?

(Answer: 1. E 2. B 3. A 4. F 5. J 6. H. 7. D 8. C 9. K 10. G)