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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Monday • June 10, 2019 • XIX, Edition 247

Sweeping South City commercial project planned

Nearly 2 million square feet of office, retail space envisioned near San Bruno border
By Austin Walsh ern tip of South San Francisco. future, we really believe in this
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF The project, comprised largely area,” said Gilmore, recognizing
of high-end office space designed YouTube’s expansion plans of its
A builder planning an almost 2- to attract tenants from the tech- adjacent campus as well as expect-
million-square-foot office and nology and life science sectors, is ed renovations at The Shops at
retail development in South San proposed only a short distance Tanforan.
Francisco near the San Bruno bor- from the San Bruno BART station Beyond the surrounding redevel-
der is seeking public input on the and The Shops at Tanforan. opment plans, Gilmore said prox-
ambitious vision. Marcus Gilmore, project lead imity to central public transporta-
Lane Partners is interested in with Lane Partners, noted tion hubs such as the BART sta-
constructing a sweeping commer- enhanced investment in the sur- tion and Caltrain lines furthered
cial project across 25 acres of rounding area fueled his compa- his company’s interest in the site.
industrial land near the intersec- ny’s faith in the project’s viabili- “Outside of Millbrae with BART
tion of Huntington Avenue and ty. A rendering of the office and retail development proposed in South San
South Maple Avenue at the south- “Looking out five years into the See PROJECT, Page 19


Council OKs
new red-tag
housing rule
Ordinance aiming to help tenants in
units with code enforcement issues
By Zachary Clark said Councilman Rick Bonilla.
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF “The council recognizes that
there’s a vulnerable population
who had had some difficulties and,
An ordinance aimed at protect- being responsible for the health,
ing tenants living in unsafe or safety and welfare of all residents
substandard housing conditions of San Mateo, we found a way to
was unanimously approved by the bridge that gap somehow.” 
San Mateo City Council Monday
— the seventh public hearing on Modeled after the red tag ordi-
the proposed rules.  nance adopted by the county, the
new rules require property owners
“We have not taken this lightly, to pay relocation benefits to ten-
clearly you can see be the number ants who’ve been displaced due to
of meetings we’ve had, the number the city’s code enforcement
NICK ROSE/DAILY JOURNAL of hours we and staff have spent on actions.   
Kids try their luck Saturday, June 8, bobbing for apples at the San Mateo County Fair. Contests are held each this it has not been easy to get to
day at 4:30 p.m. this place. It’s a compromise,” See RULE, Page 27

Burlingame wrestles with historic home requirements

Officials opt to promote preservation incentives over citywide survey for historic landmarks
By Austin Walsh agreed during a study session only available downtown, was When seeking permits to rebuild, cant, such as whether it was previ-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Monday, June 3, to expand preferred to an alternative sugges- some applicants were met by ously owned by a historic figure or
throughout the city the Mills Act tion which would have initiated a opposition from neighbors who was the site of a notable event.
Burlingame officials are grap- program allowing historic home survey of all Burlingame proper- claimed the land was a historic If a property is deemed historic,
pling with historic home require- owners to seek a variety of tax ties in search of those which may resource, which raised the thresh- the extent of allowable renovation
ments, seeking to encourage resi- credits and incentives when con- be historic resources. old for renovation approval under is often limited and collaboration
dents preserving their properties sidering renovations. No final The discussion rose from the state law. with city officials is required to
rather than initiate a citywide sur- decision was made and the issue struggles some property owners Such claims often triggered the find an appropriate project which
vey searching for such potential will return for further deliberation encountered when trying to reno- homeowner needing to pay about preserves the important elements.
landmarks. later. vate their homes, most of which $4,000 for a study to determine
The Burlingame City Council The program, which is currently were built 50 or more years ago. whether their property is signifi- See HOMES, Page 19
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Thought for the Day

"There are things lower than acting. Not
many, mind you — but politicians give you
something to look down on from time to
— Spencer Tracy, Oscar-winning actor

This Day in History

War in the Mideast ended as Israel and

1967 Syria accepted a United Nations-medi-

ated cease-fire; during the six days of
conflict with Syria, Egypt, Jordan and
Iraq, Israeli forces captured the Sinai
Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West
Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan
In 1 9 2 2 , singer-actress Judy Garland was born Frances
Ethel Gumm in Grand Rapids, Minn.
In 1 9 3 5 , Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron,
Ohio, by Robert Holbrook Smith and William Griffith
In 1 9 4 2 , during World War II, German forces massacred
173 male residents of Lidice, Czechoslovakia, in retaliation
for the killing of Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich.
In 1 9 4 4 , German forces massacred 642 residents of the
French village of Oradour-sur-Glane. (The remnants of the REUTERS
village still stand as a memorial.) Greyhounds compete during an annual international dog race in Germany.
In 1 9 7 7 , James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of civil
rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., escaped from Brushy
Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee with six others;
he was recaptured June 13. In other news ...
In 1 9 8 2 , Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi fantasy “E.T. the Extra- her Instagram shot, maneuvering her The Multnomah County District
Terrestrial” had its world premiere in Los Angeles. Seagull photobombs, hands holding the lobster roll in the Attorney’s Office says the defendants
In 1 9 9 1 , 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard of South Lake Tahoe, steals woman’s lobster roll perfect position so her phone could were protesting against a rally organ-
Calif., was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido; Jaycee Alicia Jessop knew Friday was going capture the sandwich and the Nubble ized by a right-wing group called
was held by the couple for 18 years before she was found by to be a memorable day, but she didn’t Lighthouse in the background. Patriot Prayer when the officers asked
authorities. realize it would be one she’d never for- Jessop said as she took the picture, to see what was in two 4-gallon (15-
2 0 0 9 : HBO aired the final episode of “The Sopranos,” fea- get. she felt something rustle her hand. She liter) buckets they were carrying.
turing an abrupt blackout ending. The 34-year-old Pepperdine immediately thought she dropped the Prosecutors say Robert Majure and
University professor planned to finally lobster roll. Tristan Romine-Mann instead sprayed
Birthdays visit New England, hitting some of the
last seven states she’d never been to,
“That’s when I realized the seagull
had swooped in and I hadn’t even seen it
the slimy liquid on the officers and ran.
Prosecutors say the two attempted to
and try her first-ever lobster roll. What coming,” she said. “It’s a really smart “fist bump” in celebration after they
she didn’t plan for was capturing a now- bird and it all happened so fast.” were arrested and cuffed in a patrol car.
viral photo of the moment a seagull Before she had time to shoo the bird A jury convicted them of harassment
tried to snag her pricey sandwich as she away, Jessop said it was already feast- and acquitted them of a charge of disor-
was lining up the perfect shot. ing on the lobster roll with “all of his derly conduct.
“I was really embarrassed. You hear friends.” Horse lubricant is a gel used in
stories of people taking crazy As she walked back to the lobster obstetric and rectal procedures on large
Instagram pictures and hurting them- shack to get another roll, she flipped animals.
selves and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you through her camera roll and burst into
Model-actress Singer Faith Evans Actor DJ Qualls is are now that person. You just wasted laughter, realizing the only photo she Lottery ticket worth $530
Elizabeth Hurley is is 45. 40. $21.50 for a picture.”’ had was the exact moment the seagull million sold in San Diego store
53. Jessop started her lobster roll quest had swooped in to steal her sandwich.
Friday afternoon, renting a car after She posted the picture on Twitter , say- SAN DIEGO — A California lottery
Actress Alexandra Stewart (“Under the Cherry Moon”) is 79. wrapping up a work conference in ticket worth $530 million in the Mega
ing, “This is why we can’t have nice
Singer Shirley Alston Reeves of The Shirelles is 77. Actor Vermont and beginning her New Millions draw was sold at a liquor store
Andrew Stevens is 63. Bassist Kim Deal of The Pixies and The England road trip. After a few Google in San Diego.
Within a half an hour, thousands of
Breeders is 57. Singer Maxi Priest is 57. Actress Gina and Yelp searches, she made her way to The winner of Friday’s drawing will
people had liked her post, which now
Gershon is 56. Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn is 55. Drummer Fox’s Lobster House in York, Maine, has more than 191,000 likes on have to decide whether to receive the
Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan) is 54. buying her $21.50 lobster roll and Twitter. estimated $530 million jackpot in 30
Actress Kate Flannery (“The Office”) is 54. Guitarist Joey walking over to the water to take a pic- installments or its $345.2 million cash
Santiago of The Pixies is 53. Guitarist Emma Anderson (Lush) ture. Two convicted for tossing horse value.
is 51. Country guitarist Brian Hofeldt of The Derailers is 51. “It was the most picturesque place,” The California State Lottery says a
Singer Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) is 48. Singer JoJo of Jessop said. “You’re standing on the lubricant and glitter on officers ticket with five winning numbers — but
K-Ci and JoJo is 47. Actor Hugh Dancy is 43. Singer Lemisha seashore overlooking the lighthouse. I PORTLAND, Ore. — Two Oregon pro- missing the Mega number — was sold
Grinstead of 702 is 40. Country singer Lee Brice is 39. Singer don’t really take a lot of food pictures, testers have been sentenced to five days at a gasoline station in Seal Beach and
Hoku is 37. Actress Leelee Sobieski is 36. Bassist Bridget but I knew this needed to be document- in jail for throwing horse lubricant is worth $1,143,154.
Kearney of Lake Street Dive is 33. ed.” mixed with gold glitter on two police The winning numbers were 17, 19,
She spent about 20 seconds framing officers at a protest. 27, 40, 68 and Mega Ball 2.
By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these Jumbles,
one letter to each square, June 8 Powerball Fantasy Five
Get the free JUST JUMBLE app • Follow us on Twitter @PlayJumble

to form four ordinary words. Mo nday : Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid
9 13 42 48 60 18 10 16 24 35 30 70s to upper 80s. Northeast winds 5 to 10
SUHEO Powerball
mph becoming west 10 to 20 mph in the
Daily Four afternoon.
June 7 Mega Millions Mo nday ni g ht: Partly cloudy. Patchy
17 19 27 40 68 2 4 3 7 0 dense fog after midnight. Lows in the
SCURH Mega number
Daily 3 midday upper 50s. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Tues day : Partly cloudy in the morning
June 8 Super Lotto Plus 0 6 1 then becoming sunny. Highs in the mid 60s to lower 80s.
6 9 18 33 38 14 Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Daily 3 evening Tues day ni g ht: Mostly clear in the evening then becom-
DENTON Mega number
ing partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s to lower 60s.
4 4 8
Wednes day and Wednes day ni g ht: Partly cloudy.
The Daily Derby race winners are Big Ben, No. 4, in Highs in the 60s to lower 70s. Lows in the mid 50s.
first place; Whirl Win, No. 6, in second place; and Thurs day thro ug h Sunday : Partly cloudy. Highs in the
DOWENO Gorgeous George, No. 8, in third place. The race time 50s to upper 60s. Lows in the mid 50s.
was clocked at 1:45.02.
Now arrange the circled letters
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Answer: To cash in his winning Belmont Stakes “trifecta”
ticket, he’d need to — HOLD HIS HORSES For information, please go to
The Daily Journal publishes obituaries.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE/ LOCAL Monday • June 10, 2019 3

PG&E proactively cuts power because of weather Police reports
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Conditions ripe for fire — winds, low “We know how much our customers rely
humidity, dry vegetation and heat — were on electric service, and our decision tonight Criminal critter
SAN FRANCISCO — Pacific Gas & expected to last into Sunday. The National to turn off power is to protect our communi- Trees were heard rustling before a rac-
Electric implemented a controversial prac- Weather Service office reported a 71 mph ties experiencing extreme fire danger, ” coon was later spotted in a backyard on
tice of cutting power to selected portions of gust on one peak in the region. Michael Lewis, PG&E’s senior vice presi- Capuchino Avenue in Burlingame, it
Northern California on Saturday to guard A fire that erupted late in the day in Yolo dent of electric operations, said in a state- was reported at 1:08 a.m. Tuesday, May
against wildfires as the weather turned very County was estimated at 100 acres; fire- ment Friday. 28.
windy, dry and hot. fighters halted the spread of another after 25 California experienced a very wet winter
Electricity was turned off around 6 a.m. to acres burned northeast of Calistoga in Napa and spring, and even vast areas that were
1,600 customers in parts Napa, Solano and County. The causes were not immediately scorched earth after last year’s wildfires now
Yolo counties. Just as that shutdown was known. have new head-high brush that is rapidly Petty theft. Items were taken from an
called off, the utility warned 27,000 cus- PG&E is under pressure to prevent fire browning as summer approaches. unlocked vehicle on Willow Avenue, it was
tomers in Butte, Yuba, Nevada, El Dorado starts after downed power lines and other Several fires have broken out. reported at 1:46 p.m. Sunday, May 26.
and Placer counties that their power would company equipment have been blamed for On Saturday afternoon, Yolo County Drunk i n publ i c. Someone was arrested
be cut from 9 p.m. through Sunday morn- conflagrations that began during so-called issued mandatory evacuation orders for for public drunkenness on Trousdale Drive,
ing. fire weather. parts of Capay Valley, north of Guinda, a it was reported at 12:05 p.m. Sunday, May
The end of the earlier shutdown was But there has been opposition from cus- town of about 250 people, because of a fire 26.
announced around 4 p.m., and the utility tomers who rely on electrically powered nearby that covers about 2 square miles, Mal i ci o us mi s chi ef. A car was believed
said power would be restored in those areas life-support equipment as well as business- KRON reported . to have been damaged at The Shops at
as soon as crews finished checking lines for es that have had to shut down for lack of The TV station says the fire is burning Tanforan and was referred to the San Bruno
any weather-related damage. power. near County Road 41 and Highway 16. Police Department, it was reported at 10:24
a.m. Sunday, May 26.
Wildfire smoke spreads to Bay Area Local briefs Suspect arrested for Petty theft. A purse was stolen from a
Smoke from the Sand Fire, centered near the attempted murder in Menlo Park hotel cafeteria atrium on Anza Boulevard, it
towns of Guinda and Rumsey in Yolo County, Suspected knife A 34-year-old man was arrested on suspicion
was reported at 7:46 a.m. Sunday, May 26.
was reported Saturday night over Marin, thrower arrested in Pacifica of attempted murder in Menlo Park on Friday FOSTER CITY
Solano and Sonoma Counties. A 47-year-old man was arrested this week night, after police said he drove a stolen car at
Smoke from the Sand Fire, which by 9 p.m. a woman filming him arguing with a neighbor. Fo und pro perty. Someone found cash on
on suspicion of assault with a deadly
Saturday had spread to about 1,700 acres with Maurice VasquezLopez, of Redwood City, Beach Park Boulevard, it was reported at
weapon after reportedly throwing a knife at
zero containment, comes after a combination a man in Pacifica, police said Friday. was reportedly arguing from inside a parked car 6:31 p.m. Monday, June 3.
of expected sizzling temperatures, light Israel Kelii Sly, a transient, provoked a at Nealon Park about 10:30 p.m., when he Auto burg l ary. Someone broke into a
winds and vehicle exhaust prompted the Bay confrontation about 8:45 p.m. Thursday drove toward the 33-year-old woman filming vehicle on Timberhead Lane, it was report-
Area Air Quality Management District to with a man and woman after throwing rocks him, police said. ed at 1:34 p.m. Monday, June 3.
declare the first Spare the Air smog alert of at their recreational vehicle on Bill Drake The car hit the woman, causing serious Auto burg l ary. Someone broke into a
2019 for Sunday. Way, police said. injuries, and then VasquezLopez started to flee vehicle on Third Avenue, it was reported at
More than 500 firefighters had been sent Sly is suspected of threatening to kill the the park as police arrived. His car rammed a 9:46 a.m. Monday, June 3.
by Saturday night to fight the Sand Fire, man, brandishing a folding knife and then Menlo Park Police vehicle, preventing the Fraud. Someone attempted to purchase
which was first reported at 2:50 p.m., Cal Fire throwing it at the man, suspect from escaping. items on a stolen credit card on Vespucci
said. Saturday. No structures had burned as of The victim was not hit and didn’t suffer The car he was driving was stolen and he was Lane, it was reported at 5:18 p.m. Tuesday,
9 p.m. Saturday, but residents of Yolo County any injuries, police said. suspected of being under the influence. June 4.
Road 41 north of Rumsey have been ordered Officers found a knife at the scene with
to evacuate, Cal Fire said. the blade open and locked in place.
The entire Bay Area was under a “red flag Sly was arrested and booked at the main
warning” throughout the weekend, brought jail in Redwood City on suspicion of
on by a combination of hot temperatures, assault with a deadly weapon, making ter-
strong winds and an abundance of dry vegeta- rorist threats and brandishing a deadly
tion. weapon.
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4 Monday • June 10, 2019 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL



Available to Homeowners age 62 and better...


Borrower must occupy home as primary residence and remain current on property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, the costs of home maintenance, and any HOA fees.

Contact me for more information and a written proposal.

NMLS #545774
Reverse Mortgage Specialist

p: 650.299.9477
Synergy One Lending Inc. d/b/a Retirement Funding Solutions, NMLS 1025894. 3131 Camino Del Rio N 190, San Diego, CA 92108. Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act –
California License 4131356. These materials are not from HUD or FHA and the document was not approved by HUD, FHA or any Government Agency. Subject to credit approval. RFS.0519.72
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THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE/ NATION Monday • June 10, 2019 5

Lawmakers agree to health benefits for immigrants
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS government to help pay their monthly Lawmakers rejected the tax, arguing it
health insurance premiums. was too burdensome in a year when the
SACRAMENTO — California will become the first state But to pay for part of it, the state will state is projected to have a $21.5 billion
to pay for some adults living in the country illegally to begin taxing people who don’t have surplus — the largest in at least 20 years.
have full health benefits as the solidly liberal bastion con- health insurance. It’s a revival of the Instead, lawmakers decided to use $130
tinues to distance itself from President Donald Trump’s individual mandate penalty that had been million in existing tax revenue to pay
administration. law nationwide under former President for the drinking water improvements.
Democrats in the state Legislature reached an agreement Barack Obama’s health care law until Most of that money — about $100 mil-
Sunday afternoon as part of a broader plan to spend $213 Republicans in Congress eliminated it as lion — would come from the state’s sale
billion of state and federal tax money over the next year. Gavin Newsom part of the 2017 overhaul to the tax code.
The legislature is expected to approve the deal this week.
Donald Trump of carbon credits as part of its “cap and
The budget agreement still must be trade” program. The move means the
The agreement means low-income adults between the ages approved by the full state Legislature. State law requires state’s agricultural industry, whose pollution is often
of 19 and 25 living in California illegally would be eligible lawmakers to enact a budget by midnight on June 15. If they blamed for the drinking water problems, would have ab out
for California’s Medicaid program, the joint state and feder- don’t, lawmakers would lose their pay. $100 million less than it normally gets from the program
al health insurance program for the poor and disabled. The health care proposals are a win for first-term for various projects.
Not everyone in that age group would get the health ben- Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who proposed both of Newsom also wanted to expand spend $800 million to
efits, but only those whose incomes are low enough to qual- them. Several lawmakers in the Democratic-dominated state boost the annual tax refunds for low-income people who
ify for the program. State officials estimate that will be legislature wanted to go further by offering health coverage have at least one child under the age of 6. But to pay for it,
about 90,000 people at a cost of $98 million per year. to all adults living in California illegally. But Newsom he wanted to selectively adopt some of the changes to the
The move is part of a larger effort to make sure everyone opposed that, noting it would cost $3.4 billion. federal tax code that Trump signed into law in 2017. The
in California has health insurance. The proposal also makes Newsom did not get everything he wanted in the deal. changes, which would mostly impact businesses, would
California the first state in the country to help middle Advocates say more than 1 million people in California have brought the state an extra $1 billion.
income families pay their monthly health insurance premi- don’t have access to safe drinking water. Newsom had pro- But the legislature did not include the tax changes in its
ums. It means a family of four earning as much as six times posed a 95-cent tax on most residential water bills as well version of the budget proposal. Instead, lawmakers said
the federal poverty level — or more than $150,000 a year as fees on dairies, animal farms and fertilizer sellers, to help they hope to reach a tax agreement outside of the budget
— would be eligible to get about $100 a month from the water districts pay for improvements and boost supplies. process by July 1.

Kamala Harris says prosecutor past will help defeat Trump

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS marily African American, as a way to
explain her prosecutorial experience to
WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — Democratic presidential can- anyone potentially skeptical of her
didate Kamala Harris says her experience as a prosecutor has background as a district attorney and
given her insight into trying to improve the criminal jus- state attorney general who was tough on
tice system and distinguishes her among the crowded field crime.
taking on President Donald Trump. In her campaign rollout earlier this
“We’ve got to hold this guy accountable by prosecuting year, Harris said she was ready to defend
the case in front of the American people against four more vulnerabilities related to her legal
years of this administration,” Harris told a gathering of Kamala Harris career. Criticized by some criminal jus-
the state conference of the NAACP on Saturday night. tice advocates as being too tough on the
“And I’ve prosecuted a lot of cases. But rarely one with accused during her tenures as the San Francisco district
this much evidence.” attorney and California attorney general, Harris answered
In addition to portraying her ability to take on Trump those criticisms by saying “too many black and brown
directly, Harris aimed to use the speech in this early-vot- Americans are locked up” and suggesting she supports
ing state, where the Democratic primary electorate is pri- major changes.

Buttigieg’s college debt draws attention to the issue

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS wiping away debt, lowering interest
rates, expanding programs that tie repay-
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Democratic presidential candidate ment terms to income and making col-
Pete Buttigieg knows firsthand the burden of six-figure stu- lege free or debt-free.
dent loan debt. He and his husband, Chasten, are far from Student loan debt is often discussed as
alone, though, and their personal college indebtedness is an issue that mostly affects millennials,
helping to keep the issue on the national stage. but it cuts across age groups. Federal sta-
With loans totaling more than $130,000, they are among tistics show that about 7.8 million peo-
the 43 million people in the United States who owe federal ple age 50 and older owe a combined
student loan debt. Pete Buttigieg $291.9 billion in student loans. People
The debtors are so numerous and the total debt so high — age 35 to 49, a group that covers older
more than $1.447 trillion, according to federal statistics — millennials such as Buttigieg as well as Generation X, owe
that several of the Democratic candidates have made major $548.4 billion. That group includes more than 14 million
policy proposals to address the crisis. Their ideas include people.
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6 Monday • June 10, 2019 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Case opened: Democrats begin public airing of Mueller report

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS meddling. Mueller said With Trump pledging Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who plead-
there was not enough that “we’re fighting all ed with Pelosi last month to start an
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump evidence to establish a the subpoenas, ” inquiry, said the votes and hearings are
says it’s “case closed .” But Democrats are conspiracy between the Democratic leaders want going to be enough, for now, as they wait
just getting started with Robert Mueller . Trump campaign and to avoid repeated floor to see what happens in court.
House Democrats have scheduled a series Russia, but he said he votes on contempt reso- “I am very satisfied that things are mov-
of hearings this coming week on the special could not exonerate lutions that detract from ing in the right direction,” Raskin said.
counsel’s report as they intensify their Trump on obstruction. their legislative agenda. “And I think the American people are get-
focus on the Russia probe and pick up the On Tuesday, the House The procession of ting increasingly educated and engaged
pace on an investigative “path” — in the Robert Mueller has scheduled a vote to Nancy Pelosi hearings and votes in the about the lawlessness of the president.”
words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — that some authorize contempt week ahead is partly Rep. David Cicilline, a Judiciary
of them hope leads to impeachment of the cases against Attorney General William designed to mollify anxious Democrats Committee member who favors an
president. Barr and former White House counsel who have pushed Pelosi, D-Calif., to begin impeachment inquiry, took pains to avoid
In doing so, they are trying to draw the Donald McGahn for failing to comply with impeachment proceedings immediately . separating himself from top Democrats
public’s attention on the allegations that subpoenas from the Democratic-controlled Pelosi has so far rejected that option , pre- such as Pelosi.
Trump sought to obstruct a federal investi- House. ferring a slower, more methodical approach “We should never proceed with impeach-
gation and they want to highlight his cam- Barr defied a subpoena to provide an to investigating the president, including ment for political reasons. We should never
paign’s contacts with Russia in the 2016 unredacted version of Mueller’s report, the court fights and hearings. refuse to proceed with impeachment for
election. along with underlying evidence. McGahn, During a meeting with the House political reasons,” Cicilline, D-R.I., said
And they will lay the groundwork for an who is frequently referenced in the report, Judiciary Committee chairman, New York on “Fox News Sunday.”
appearance from Mueller himself, despite has defied subpoenas to provide documents Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and other committee Educating the American public on what is
his stated desire to avoid the spotlight . and testify before the House Judiciary heads last week, Pelosi made the case that in the Mueller report is a priority for
The hearings will focus on the two main Committee. she would rather see Trump voted out of Democrats, who believe Trump and his
topics of Mueller’s report, obstruction of Language in the resolution would make it office and “in prison” than merely allies have created the public impression
justice and Russian election interference. easier for committee chairmen to take the impeached, according to a report in that the report said there was no obstruc-
The House Judiciary Committee plans to Trump administration to court. Those chair- Politico. A person familiar with the tion of justice. Trump has made that asser-
cover the first topic at a Monday hearing men could take legal action to enforce sub- exchange confirmed the account to The tion repeatedly, echoing Barr’s judgment
on “presidential obstruction and other poenas in the future without a vote of the Associated Press. that there was not enough evidence in the
crimes.” The House Intelligence Committee full House, so long as the chairmen have The latest approach appears to have tem- report to support a criminal obstruction
on Wednesday intends to review the coun- approval from a five-person, bipartisan porarily satisfied the restless House charge. Mueller said in the report that he
terintelligence implications of the Russian group where Democrats have the majority. Democrats. could not exonerate Trump on that point.

Senators hope to force vote on arms sales to Saudi Arabia

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS to the kingdom. record. Monday draws on a provision in the Foreign
Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a Anger has been mounting in Congress for Assistance Act that allows for congression-
WASHINGTON — Opposition to President Democrat, and Sen. Todd Young of Indiana, a months over the Trump administration’s al review. The act allows Congress to vote to
Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia policy and use Republican, said in a statement Sunday they close ties to the Saudis, fueled by high civil- request information about a country’s human
of executive power is building in Congress, hope to force a vote on U.S. security assis- ian casualties in the Saudi-led war in Yemen rights practices. After receiving the infor-
where senators have introduced more legis- tance to Saudi Arabia, including arms sales, — a military campaign the U.S. is assisting mation, Congress can then vote on ending
lation aimed at blocking the sale of weapons after a review of the kingdom’s human rights — and the killing of U.S.-based columnist or restricting security assistance.
Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents. Tensions “Congress needs to change how we do
were further inflamed when Trump used an business with the Kingdom. The process we
emergency declaration in May to sell the are setting in motion will allow Congress to
kingdom weapons that Congress had previ- weigh in on the totality of our retionship
ously placed on hold. with Saudi Arabia,” Murphy said in a pre-
The bill the senators are introducing pared statement.

Tuesday, June 11
San Mateo County Fair
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo
Senior Expo open until 3 p.m.
Seniors age 62+ admitted FREE into Senior Expo features:
Fair and Senior Expo until 3pm t Senior-related businesses
Parking on-site $15 and community booths
t Goody bags for first 1000 guests
t Giveaways
Dean Martin impersonator Matt Helm
The all - time “ King of Cool” will sing some old
favorites, as well as Sinatra songs.
Senior Stage, Expo Hall
11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm

Call (650)344-5200 for information
* Events subject to change
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Monday • June 10, 2019 7

Democratic hopefuls take only
veiled swipes at Biden in Iowa
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS amounted to an after-
noon-long political tal-
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Joe Biden was ent show. Many of
not in the banquet hall for the Iowa those attending used it
Democratic Party’s blockbuster fundraiser as an early test of their
on Sunday where 19 of his party’s presi- ability to turn out sup-
dential candidates spoke. But he was pres- porters, a key factor in
ent in the veiled criticism from several of the caucuses now less
his rivals. than eight months
In five-minute chunks of speaking time, Joe Biden away.
the candidates got the chance to make their Biden is scheduled to
case before 1,400 of the most influential return to Iowa on Tuesday, the same day as
Democrats in the leadoff caucus state. Trump is scheduled to campaign in western
Some chose to nudge the national front- Iowa, setting up the direct comparison
REUTERS runner, and leader in a new Iowa poll, with- between the two that Biden has sought to
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump board Air Force One. out naming him. emphasize.
The sharpest jabs came from Sen. Bernie Biden had also declined to attend the
Sanders of Vermont, who painted Biden as
Trump still hangs tariff threat too cautious at a time he argued demands
stark change.
Sanders, who trails only Biden in the
California Democratic Party convention
the previous weekend, choosing instead to
speak to an important gay rights group in
battleground Ohio.

over Mexico despite agreement polls, described a “well-intentioned” can-

didate pursuing “a middle-ground strategy
that antagonizes no one, that stands up to
nobody and that changes nothing.”
While Biden had awkwardly reversed
positions this past week on abortion pol-
icy, a Democratic priority, few of his chief
critics took aim on Sunday.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS as an accelerated deployment.
The U.S. also hailed Mexico’s agreement “In my view that approach is not just Biden’s campaign first affirmed his sup-
STERLING, Va. — President Donald to embrace the expansion of a program bad public policy but it is a failed political port for the decades-old Hyde Amendment,
Trump on Sunday dangled the prospect of implemented earlier this year under which strategy that I feel could end up with the re- which bars federal funding for abortions,
renewing his tariff threat against Mexico if some asylum-seekers are returned to Mexico election of Donald Trump,” Sanders said. only to reverse course. It prompted a
the U.S. ally doesn’t cooperate on border as they wait out their cases. But U.S. offi- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, rebuke from several fellow candidates,
issues, while some of his Democratic chal- cials had already been working to expand whose quiet, Midwestern approach and especially Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth
lengers for the White House said the last- the program, which has led to the return of profile as 37-year-old Afghanistan veteran Warren, who is rising in the polls in Iowa.
minute deal to avert trade penalties was about 10,000 people to Mexico, without and married gay man has captured some A Des Moines Register-CNN-Mediacom
overblown. Mexico’s public embrace. Iowans’ attention, also not so subtly chal- poll published Saturday showed Biden
In a series of tweets, Trump defended the “The president has completely overblown lenged the idea that Biden’s experience favored in Iowa, followed by Sanders,
agreement heading off the 5% tax on all what he reports to have achieved. These are made him the best party standard bearer. Warren and Buttigieg.
Mexican goods that he had threatened to agreements that Mexico had already made, “We’re not going to win by playing it California Sen. Kamala Harris, who
impose Monday, but he warned Mexico in some cases months ago, ” said safe or promising a return to normal,” trails in fifth, last week called herself
that, “if for some unknown reason” cooper- Democratic presidential candidate Beto Buttigieg said. “We are where we are “absolutely opposed” to maintaining the
ation fails, “we can always go back to our O’Rourke, speaking on ABC’s “This Week.” because normal broke. ... Democrats can Hyde Amendment, but she avoided criticiz-
previous, very profitable, position of ‘’They might have accelerated the time no more promise a return to the ’90s than ing Biden on abortion in Sunday’s speech.
Tariffs.” table, but by and large the president Republicans can deliver on a promise to Warren also stayed away from the abor-
Still, he said he didn’t believe that would achieved nothing except to jeopardize the return us to the ’50s.” tion funding debate and instead framed her
be necessary. most important trading relationship that Biden skipped the Cedar Rapids event, veiled criticism of Biden through her focus
The tweets came amid questions about just the United States of America has.” the largest gathering of 2020 Democratic on rooting moneyed interests out of poli-
how much of the deal — announced with Another 2020 candidate, Sen. Bernie presidential candidates to date and what tics.
great fanfare Friday — was really new. It Sanders of Vermont, chastised Trump for
included a commitment from Mexico, for using tariffs as a threat and operating a
instance, to deploy its new National Guard “trade policy based on tweets.”
to its southern border with Guatemala. “I think what the world is tired of and what
Mexico, however, had already intended to I am tired of is a president who consistently
do that before Trump’s latest threat and had goes to war, verbal war with our allies,
made that clear to U.S. officials. Mexican whether it is Mexico, whether it is Canada,”
officials have described their commitment he said.

t1rescriptions & Home

Medical Supplies Delivered
29 West 25TH Ave.
(650) 349-1373 (Near El Camino)
San Mateo
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8 Monday • June 10, 2019 NATION/ WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Central American migrants claim

deal doesn’t dash asylum hopes
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS had her job. My daughter was in a bilingual
school — my daughter speaks English. I
TIJUANA, Mexico — At the small didn’t have a reason to come here.”
migrant Juventud 2000 shelter near the That all changed in April when one of the
border, a Honduran expressed disappoint- street gangs plaguing Honduras and other
ment Sunday over the agreement between Central American countries gave him a
Mexico and the United States to more deadline of five days to begin paying a
aggressively to curtail migration from monthly extortion fee of about $120, REUTERS
Central America. Sabillon said. He said the gangsters A pilot takes flight from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln.
But Edwin Sabillon Orellana of Honduras thought he could pay because his daughter
said he and his family will stick with their
effort to seek asylum in the U.S.
Sabillon said some migrants might
went to a good school, but she was on
scholarship. The family earned enough US carrier in Persian Gulf
only to keep food on the table and pay the
decide that waiting in Mexico for the
lengthy processing of asylum requests
utilities, he said.
Two days before the deadline, Sabillon
shows clear signal to Iran
isn’t worth it, but he said he cannot take slipped away in the middle of the night THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gulf.
his family back to their home near San with his wife and 8-year-old daughter and Rear Adm. John F. G. Wade, commander of
Pedro Sula, a crime-ridden metropolis that left Honduras. It took them about two ABOARD THE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN the Lincoln strike group, said Iran’s naval
is Honduras’ second biggest city. weeks to reach Tijuana, across the border — Under a starry sky, U.S. Navy fighter jets forces have adhered to international stan-
“In my dreams I never had it in my mind to from San Diego. They quickly crossed into catapulted off the aircraft carrier’s deck and dards of interaction with ships in his group.
one day come to the United States,” the 30- the U.S. illegally near Tijuana’s beach and flew north over the darkened waters of the “Since we’ve been operating in the
year old assembly plant worker said, sitting asked for asylum. After five days in deten- northern Arabian Sea, a unmistaken signal region, we’ve had several interactions with
near a large pot of half-made salsa ranchera tion they were sent back to Tijuana at night to Iran that the foremost symbol of the Iranians,” he said. “To this point all have
awaiting a delivery of cooking gas to the with an appointment to return later this American military’s global reach is back in been safe and professional — meaning, the
shelter’s kitchen. “I had my job, my wife month. its neighborhood, perhaps to stay. Iranians have done nothing to impede our
The USS Abraham Lincoln , with its con- maneuverability or acted in a way which
tingent of Navy destroyers and cruisers and a required us to take defensive measures.”
fighting force of about 70 aircraft, is the The Lincoln’s contingent of 44 Navy F-18
centerpiece of the Pentagon’s response to Super Hornets are flying a carefully calibrat-
what it calls Iranian threats to attack U.S. ed set of missions off the carrier night and
forces or commercial shipping in the day, mainly to establish a visible U.S.
Persian Gulf region. In recent years, there “presence” that Marine Gen. Frank
has been no regular U.S. aircraft carrier pres- McKenzie, the head of Central Command,
ence in the Middle East. said Saturday seems to have caused Iran to
U.S. officials have said that signs of “tinker with” its preparation for potential
heightened Iranian preparations to strike attacks.
U.S. and other targets in the waters off Iran He said on Friday that he thinks Iran had
as well as in Iraq and Yemen in late April been planning some sort of attack on ship-
emerged shortly after the Trump administra- ping or U.S. forces in Iraq. Two other offi-
tion announced it was clamping down further cials, speaking on condition of anonymity
on Iran’s economy by ending waivers to to discuss sensitive details, said Iran was at a
sanctions on buyers of Iranian crude oil. high state of readiness in early May with its
The administration went a step beyond ships, submarines, surface-to-air missiles
that on Friday, announcing penalties that and drone aircraft.
target Iran’s largest petrochemical company. “It is my assessment that if we had not
On Saturday the Lincoln was steaming in reinforced, it is entirely likely that an attack
international waters east of Oman and about would have taken place by now,” McKenzie
200 miles from Iran’s southern coastline. said.
One month after its arrival in the region, the In an interview on the bridge, or command
Lincoln has not entered the Persian Gulf, and station, of the Lincoln with reporters who
it’s not apparent that it will. The USS are traveling with him throughout the Gulf
Gonzalez, a destroyer that is part of the region, McKenzie said the carrier has made
Lincoln strike group, is operating in the an important difference.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Monday • June 10, 2019 9

Letters to the editor A good news column
Inappropriate affordable housing project with 132 encourage the restaurant and the peo-

et’s focus on some of the good things happening
units on public downtown land. Yes, ple of Redwood City to stand up
commencement speech long before Sacramento or Mr. against his threat. Continue to proceed
on the home front and try to forget for a while the
bad things happening in our country and the
Editor, Dunham began telling us how to grow, with your plans and I will guarantee
My family recently attended the we were putting new, more ambitious there will be customers who will defy
Our many service clubs, organizations and individuals
commencement exercise at Burlingame development standards in place and the liberal supervisor and the protes-
make a positive difference in so many lives. As students
High School to witness the graduation trying our best to galvanize the pri- tors and patronize your restaurant.   
look forward to a new adventure at universities and com-
of my grandson. My daughter and vate sector to redevelop — remember, To all those who oppose Supervisor
munity colleges, many are using scholarship funds to
grandson reside in Hillsborough. We this is mostly privately-held land. Canepa in everything he does and rep-
help with the financial burden. In this column, I would
were impressed with the organization Our commitment to address the hous- resents, please send him a clear mes-
like to focus on the three scholarship programs of the San
of the event, the student speakers and ing crisis is even more apparent in our sage that his tactics that work so well
Mateo Rotary Club.
the Burlingame High School band. new General Plan, which envisions in San Francisco will not work in our
The four-year program selected 17 students this year out
Please pass on my sincere compli- creating an entirely new neighborhood county.  When the supervisor talks
of a field of 50 from Aragon, Hillsdale, San Mateo and
ments to the high school staff. at the northern end of Rollins Road, about our values, he does not speak for
Serra high schools and CSM. The criteria — financial
Unfortunately, this joyous event was changing the zoning from “light me or many county residents. We were
need, good high school grades and SAT scores, extra cur-
marred by school board Trustee Marc industrial” to “mixed-use housing”; unable to vote in his election and we
ricular school activities, work and volunteer experience
Friedman’s speech that was complete- even before the ink was dry we had our oppose most everything he proposes.
and an honest personal goal statement. The Rotary dis-
ly out of line, hateful and frankly cow- first proposed housing project for 265 This one is a fight worth having for
tributed $77,000 in schol-
ardly for this kind of affair by an offi- units (with 38 below market rate). our county. This is an event that will
arships to these 17 stu-
cial of the district. Disgracefully, Combined with the almost 1,100 units help determine its course. I hope to be
dents. Rotary volunteers
Friedman disrespected the president in in process or in construction in the Customer #1.
interview students at their
front of 350 plus graduates and thou- city over just the last three years, our homes, with a parent pres-
housing stock will grow by about 10% Christopher P Conway
sands of family and friends by claim- ent. Then the Rotarians rec-
— more than the city added over the San Mateo
ing the president was a liar numerous ommend the student to a
times in his speech. prior 30 years — and we are not done.
There were boos, yells and horns None of us on the council minds ‘Canepa cacophony’ Rotary interview panel.
There are seven members of
blaring, protesting his comments having rigorous debate, but to imply Editor, the interview panel and 23
from the graduates and audience. Sadly, that the city is not doing its part to San Mateo County District 5 (Daly Rotarian interviewers.
there was no opportunity to debate his create new housing or is asleep at the City) Supervisor David Canepa has ***
comments as these kinds of hacks switch is just not true to the facts. called for demonstrations and protests The community college
choose settings like this to spew their against the opening of a Chick-fil-A program is designed for stu-
hateful politics. Michael Brownrigg restaurant in Redwood City (District dents who are not yet ready
Friedman showed extremely poor Burlingame 4). Without question, Chick-fil-A CEO to apply to a four-year col-
judgment and presence of mind in rep- The letter writer is a member of the Dan Cathy’s position opposing same- lege. The criteria is similar
resenting the district at this event. Burlingame City Council. sex marriage is not with a heavy stress on
Conversely, the student and other mainstream. However, is that a good financial need coupled with
speakers showed prudence in their pre- Broadway station reason for Canepa to mobilize his sup- decent grades and a reasonable goal statement which shows
sentations with traditional interesting porters in a way that may pose a haz- a desire to succeed. This year, 17 students from Aragon,
Editor, ard to public safety? Even the ACLU,
and inspirational words to graduates. Considering the plans for 3,000 Hillsdale, San Mateo and Serra were selected. Most will
We hope Friedman’s conduct does while disagreeing with Cathy’s posi- attend the College of San Mateo. A total of $20,900 was
employees at Facebook’s new offices, tion, still believes he is entitled to
not represent the district. Regardless a short walk from the Broadway distributed. Sixteen Rotarians participated in the interview
of political affiliation, relatives don’t express it openly. process.
Caltrain station, it would seem ill- There may be a better way for
want people like him influencing our advised to permanently close that sta- ***
young people. In our view, he should Canepa to express his opposition to The SMART program encourages San Mateo eighth-
tion (“Fate of Broadway train station Chick-fil-A’s founder. Instead of pro-
be disciplined and suspended from rep- weighed” in the June 5 edition). There graders not likely to be college bound to prepare for col-
resenting the district in future events. moting negativity, why not focus on lege while in San Mateo high schools and then enroll in a
will likely be other large employers positive advocacy for the LGBTQ
nearby soon, not to mention all the two- or four-year college. Rotary interview teams inter-
community in our county? Let’s make view the eighth-graders and score students on academic
housing near the station already in the sure everyone is welcome at the table.
Robert Shiells pipeline. We certainly want to encour- potential, motivations and need. A minimum of 30 stu-
As LGBTQ folks are affected by the dents are selected annually. Approximately 30 Rotarian
Danville age use of Caltrain for commuting and same problems everyone faces in San
convenience will be key. volunteers are assigned to coaching teams at each of the
Mateo County, wouldn’t everyone be
The truth about better served by improving housing,
program’s partner schools (Aragon, Hillsdale, San Mateo).
They help students set annual academic, personal and
Burlingame’s housing effort Tim Donnelly easing traffic congestion, helping the extracurricular goals and follow up to see if goals are met.
Editor, Burlingame homeless, and cleaning up the envi- The club provides a $500 grant for each eighth-grader
Mr. Dunham is quick these days to ronment in an equitable manner chosen. If students meet annual goals, an additional $100
criticize Burlingame council leader- At it again instead of picketing a restaurant?       is set aside for them at Boston Private Bank. Rotary funds
ship, for reasons one can only specu- Editor, When this controversy first emerged about $30,000 annually for the program. From 1991,
late (“To solve traffic and parking, Our district supervisor in District 5 in 2012, there were nationwide when SMART started, to the present, the program has
Grow Downtowns,” June 4; is at it again. Supervisor Canepa just protests and Chick-fil-A’s sales rose served 862 students and distributed $775,800. There is
“Jobs/Housing Imbalance in can’t seem to keep himself out issues 12%. Even so, Mr. Canepa (who is 90% college attendance.
Burlingame,” April 10). But as they that he has no business involving running for re-election in nine ***
say, while people are entitled to their himself. Supervisor Canepa is now months) has the right to openly Ham radio provides an important service during emer-
own opinions, they are not entitled to installing himself in the middle of a oppose Mr. Cathy’s position while gencies and disasters when cell phones and the internet
their own facts. Mr. Dunham implies fight for a Chik-fil-A restaurant in abstaining from eating at Chick-fil-A. may not be available. Amateur radio “Field Day” will be
that the council has been keeping the Redwood City. This business decision If the Redwood City restaurant is held locally June 22 and 23 at Beresford Park picnic shel-
lid on downtown development. has nothing to do with the supervisor unprofitable, then it will close. In the ter from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. as part of a nationwide
Nothing could be further from the or his district and yet he feels he end, maybe Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s demonstration. Since 1933, ham radio operators across
truth: indeed, in 2010 our city and resi- speaks for the entire county. He is reflection about Chick-fil-A said it best North America have established temporary ham radio sta-
dents approved a new downtown plan when he remarked last March: “I do tions in public locations during Field Day to showcase the
organizing a protest against this
that raised height limits throughout not approve of their politics, but I science and skill of Amateur Radio. The event is open to
restaurant and threatens to use all the
the core to 55 feet from the prior 35- kind of approve of their chicken.”      the public and the best time to visit is Saturday, June 22.
tactics of the left to try to shut it down
foot hard cap, and there are now sever- and prevent its opening.  ***
al new buildings and more on the way. Though I do not have the mega- Ray Fowler This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the
More recently, we approved a 55-foot phone the supervisor does, I want to Redwood City Baseball/Cultural Exchange with San Mateo’s sister city,
Toyonaka. Twenty local youth baseball players are headed
OUR MISSION: to Japan for 10 days to play a series of games against the
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most Toyonaka All Stars. This trip is financed through fundrais-
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for ing efforts of the parents and the Sister City Association.
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula.
By combining local news and sports coverage, A casino night fundraiser will be held this Saturday.
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, ***
Mickey Chuakay Michael Davis lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to The passing of John Kelly is not good news but recall-
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Charles Gould Paul Moisio provide our readers with the highest quality ing all he accomplished in his life is. Kelly is the closest
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Jeff Palter Shanni Brown information resource in San Mateo County.
Joy Uganiza Todd Waibel Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we most of us will ever get to a real saint. As a former priest,
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer
choose to reflect the diverse character of this he led the life of self service to help those most vulnera-
INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: dynamic and ever-changing community.
Dave Newlands, Production Manager
Robert Armstrong Charlie Chapman ble. He started Samaritan House to feed, clothe, house and
Will Nacouzi, Production Assistant Jim Clifford Matthew Dalton help the poorest in our communities, and later to provide
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events
Talia Fine Maria Garcia-Hernandez SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM free medical and dental care by retired local professionals.
Brooke Hanshaw Robert Hutchinson
Tom Jung Shavonne Lin Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: He was the pied piper in attracting hundreds of volunteers
Austin Walsh, Senior Reporter
Vishu Prathikanti Joe Rudino to cook and serve those free dinners (some got up at 4
REPORTERS: Joe Roias Nick Rose a.m. every day to collect bread from local bakeries) and to
Terry Bernal, Zachary Clark, Anna Schuessler Joel Snyder Gary Whitman
provide funds to keep these good works going and
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Online edition at expanding. As a Rotarian, he advocated for the students
most at risk for failure who interviewed for community
Letters to the Editor • Emailed documents are preferred: Correction Policy college and SMART scholarships. San Mateo County is a
Should be no longer than 250 words. The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
Perspective Columns • Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily more humane place because of John Kelly.
Should be between 500-780 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at
• Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
will not be accepted. perspectives are those of the individual writer and do or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107 Sue Lempert is the former may or of San Mateo. Her col-
• Please include a city of residence and phone not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal umn runs ev ery Monday. She can be reached at sue@smdai-
number where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual. ly
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10 Monday • June 10, 2019 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

China may restrict tech access in spiraling US trade dispute

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The initiative follows U.S. moves to “Since 2018, the U.S. has repeatedly
restrict sales to Huawei Technologies and drawn on its domestic law to exert pres-
BEIJING — China is creating a system to protect its tech- other Chinese tech firms on national sure on Chinese high-tech enterprises,”
nology, according to state media, as the U.S. restricts the security grounds. the English-language editorial read in
access of Chinese companies to American technology in a The U.S. Commerce Department last part. “China’s countermeasures against
spiraling trade dispute. month added Huawei to its list of entities the U.S. require more legal weapons.”
The People’s Daily newspaper said Sunday that the system that are engaged in activities contrary to The two largest economies appear as far
will build a strong firewall to strengthen the nation’s abili- U.S. national security or foreign policy apart as ever in their dispute, though U.S.
ty to innovate and to accelerate the development of key tech- interests. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said
nologies. Donald Trump As such, any sale of U.S. technology to Xi Jinping he held a constructive meeting Sunday
“China ... will never allow certain countries to use China’s Huawei will require Commerce with the head of China’s central bank.
technology to contain China’s development and suppress Department approval. In a Twitter post, Mnuchin said he and Yi Gang, governor
Chinese enterprises,” the main paper of the ruling China responded by saying its Commerce Ministry would of the People’s Bank of China, had a “candid” discussion
Communist Party said, without directly referring to the develop its own list of foreign entities that it regards as about trade issues. The post showed the two shaking hands
United States. “unreliable.” and smiling.
No details have been released about what China is calling This weekend’s announcement of plans for a technologi- They met on the sidelines of the G-20 finance meeting in
a national technological security management list. The plan cal security management list is clearly related to the unreli- Fukuoka, Japan.
was announced Saturday evening in a brief three-paragraph able entities list, the state-owned Global Times newspaper Mnuchin earlier urged China to rejoin talks on the dispute
dispatch by the official Xinhua News Agency. said in an editorial posted online Sunday. that have stalled after 11 rounds of negotiations. He said no
The aim is to forestall and defuse national security risks It said the act would provide a legal basis to manage tech- talks were scheduled, however, and that major progress on
more effectively, Xinhua said, adding that detailed measures nology exports and counter American supply cutoffs to some the stalemate would likely have to wait for a meeting of
would be unveiled in the near future. Chinese companies. Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping later this month.

Trade dysfunction, taxing tech Strong job market hampers FEMA hiring in flood-hit states
companies are focuses of G-20 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
LINCOLN, Neb. — The Federal Emergency Management
FUKUOKA, Japan — How to reorder the global financial Agency is facing an unexpected challenge in meeting the
system in an era of trade stand-offs and technological needs of the many people affected by this spring’s wide-
change held the attention of financial officials from the spread flooding and violent storms: a strong economy.
Group of 20 major economies on Saturday. Tasked with responding to natural disasters that seem ever
The central bank governors and other financial regulators more frequent and destructive, the agency finds itself further
meeting in this southern Japanese port city flagged risks challenged by the robust job market and an inability to
from upsets to the global economy as Beijing and match what the private sector can offer, in many cases.
Washington clash over trade and technology. FEMA officials are turning for help to retirees, recent col-
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said “no” when lege graduates and those who lost their jobs to the disasters,
asked if other financial leaders attending the meetings in though they’re finding few available workers in many of the
Fukuoka were raising concerns over the impact on global rural communities that are in some of the hardest-hit areas.
markets and trade from President Donald Trump’s crusade In no place is that clearer than Nebraska and Iowa, which
against huge, chronic U.S. trade deficits, especially with were ravaged by floods and have some of the nation’s lowest
China. unemployment rates. Iowa’s had the third-lowest unemploy-
But Mnuchin acknowledged that ment rate in April, at 2.4 percent, while Nebraska’s was the
growth has been slowing in Europe, ninth-lowest, at 2.9 percent.
China and other regions. “The low unemployment rate certainly makes it a little
more of an uphill battle, as it is for everyone in the state try- REUTERS
“I’m hearing concerns if we continue
on this path there could be issues. There ing to attract workers,” said Herb Doering, a FEMA human A building sits submerged in the flood waters of the Arkansas
will be winners and losers,” he said. resources manager who runs the hiring program in Nebraska. River.
Trump and members of his administra- FEMA has gone to job fairs and sent emails to about 20 FEMA is advertising a variety of temporary jobs in
tion contend that the ripple effects of the local colleges, with a focus on students who might be inter- Nebraska, from administrative assistants who would earn
billions of dollars in tariffs imposed by ested in an emergency management career, Doering said. He $16 an hour to an engineering and architecture specialist
Washington on Chinese exports over the said the agency tries to focus on hiring students, retirees, who would get $29 an hour. The positions are designed to
Steve Mnuchin past year are creating new business veterans and those who lost their jobs or homes in the natu- supplement full-time FEMA staffers who travel to disasters
opportunities for other businesses in the ral disasters. The agency also is working with the Nebraska around the country. Many temporary employees eventually
U.S. and other countries. Department of Labor to recruit employees. become full-time staffers.
The G-20 officials were expected to express their support “We’re trying to get the word out to attract as many appli- In Grand Island, which is in a part of central Nebraska
for adjusting monetary policy, for example by making bor- cants as we can, whether it’s students, retired folks or vet- that was hit hard by flooding along the Platte River in
rowing cheaper through interest rate cuts, in a communique erans,” he said. “It’s a continuous effort.” March, FEMA is seeking a temporary site inspector job to
to be issued as meetings wrap up on Sunday. FEMA officials are dealing with the same problem document flood damage to homes and businesses.
Their official agenda on Saturday was focused on longer- nationally, though they say it hasn’t hindered their ability FEMA is likely to face its biggest challenge filling tech-
term, more technical issues such as improving standards for to respond to disasters. nical, high-skill jobs because private employers are trying
corporate governance, policing cyber-currencies and “With record low unemployment and rising wages, it can to hire the same people, said David Swenson, an Iowa State
reforming tax systems to ensure they are fair for both tradi- be difficult to recruit and retain talented workers — particu- University economist. In the current regional economy,
tional and new, online-based industries. larly in the leadership positions requiring technical, super- Swenson said most of the unemployed don’t have the nec-
Ensuring that governments capture a fair share of profits visory and programmatic experience — for intermittent essary skills to fill the jobs that are available and they’re
from the massive growth of businesses like Google and positions,” said FEMA spokesman Michael Hart. unable to move elsewhere.
Amazon has grown in importance over the many years the The agency maintains a large workforce to respond to Swenson said FEMA’s salary offer for the engineering spe-
G-20 finance chiefs have been debating the reforms aimed at disasters, but it is constantly looking to hire new employ- cialist is also at the low end of what those type of profes-
preventing tax evasion and modernizing policies to match ees, Hart said. It has increased its national incident man- sionals can make in Nebraska. The average salary for a civil
a financial landscape transformed by technology. agement workforce by 25 percent since Hurricane Harvey engineer in Nebraska was nearly $41 an hour last year, not
One aim is to prevent a “race to the bottom” by countries in 2017 and has hired more than 1,000 local, temporary counting benefits, which is well above FEMA’s advertised
trying to lure companies by offering unsustainably and workers to help respond to disasters in their communities, rate. And unlike FEMA’s disaster-site positions, most of the
unfairly low tax rates as an incentive. he said. private-sector jobs are permanent.
Mnuchin said he disagreed with details of some of the pro- FEMA provides a variety of assistance after disasters, “They are going to be at a decided disadvantage,” Swenson
posals but not with the need for action. including money for home repairs, temporary housing and said. “We do have low unemployment, and that in and of
“Everyone, we are now facing a turning point,” Japanese home replacement in cases where owners are uninsured. itself is going create a labor shortage. But for some of those
Finance Minister Taro Aso told the group. Additionally, the agency helps to rebuild and repair public technical categories, unemployment is virtually zero.”
infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, sewer lines and pub- Swenson said FEMA is in a tough spot because different
lic buildings. Those duties also require workers who can disasters require different kinds of experts to respond, and
inspect properties, review and keep track of paperwork, the problem is exacerbated by climate change and more
and communicate with the public. extreme weather.
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<<< Page 12, Bruins win 5-1 to force

Game 7 showdown with St. Louis
Monday • June 10, 2019

Holding out for a hero

Warriors hoping Kevin Durant will take the floor in Game 5
By Tim Reynolds night. coach Steve Kerr said.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Warriors Durant was not made available to
trail the Toronto comment. The Warriors had their
TORONTO — Kevin Durant was Raptors 3-1 in media availability in Toronto on
playing basketball on Sunday. The the series, and Sunday prior to the practice ses-
Dubs hope he will again Monday. need three sion. Durant averaged 26.0 points
With the Warriors’ backs to the straight wins to per game for the Warriors during
wall now in the NBA Finals, capture a third the regular season and 34.2 points
Durant — now out for more than a straight cham- in 11 playoff games before he got
month with a strained calf — was Kevin Durant pionship. hurt in Game 5 of the Western
taking the practice floor on “He’ll get Conference semifinals against
Sunday in an effort to determine if some extra work in with some of Houston. CARY EDMONDSON/USA TODAY SPORTS
he will be able to play in Game 5 our younger players and we’ll Steph Curry passes the ball while Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard, right, and
of the title series on Monday gauge it from there, ” Warriors See DUBS, Page 14 guard Danny Green, left, defend in Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Stanford eliminated
By David Brandt Mississippi State beat Stanford
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 8-1 Sunday night to sweep the
best-of-three NCAA baseball super
STARKVILLE, Miss. — Jake regional in two games. Peyton
Mangum started the ninth inning Plumlee pitched 6 2/3 strong
with a sharp single that sneaked innings and Dustin Skelton had a
through the left side of the infield. three-run triple as the Bulldogs
A few batters later, Elijah wrapped up a dominant weekend.
MacNamee launched a three-run It was the Mangum-MacNamee
homer deep into the seats beyond finale that really got the 11,000-
left field. plus fans at Dudy Noble Field
Just like that, the celebration going. Mangum’s 378th career hit
was on: Mississippi State’s sen- — and MacNamee’s long homer —
iors had left no doubt the Bulldogs
were headed back to Omaha. See NCAA, Page 15

Dodgers 1, Giants 0
San Bruno shortstop Connor Meehan turns a double play after a feed from second baseman Tony Ballestrasse,
right, in the sixth inning of Saturday’s 7-2 win over Pacifica in Game 2 of a doubleheader at Lara Field.

Bruno takes charge

San Bruno Orioles suffer first loss in Peninsula Colt League
play but split twin bill with Pacifica to remain in first place
By Terry Bernal to have a glaring advantage over year. … Those sophomores came up,
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF the rest of the league. they made a big contribution, and
With Capuchino High School we’re very excited about their future.”
At the halfway point of the carrying an abundance of under- With traditional summer league
Peninsula Colt Baseball League classmen on its varsity baseball teams contending with the bigger
ED SZCZEPANSKI/USA TODAY SPORTS roster in the spring, all six of picture in competing with the
schedule, the San Bruno Orioles
Madison Bumgarner exchanges words with Dodgers slugger Max Muncy are perched squarely atop the sophomores opted to forgo play- allure of travel baseball teams to
after Muncy’s home run in the first inning Sunday at Oracle Park. standings. ing up with the Joe DiMaggio try and to fill out rosters, summer
After splitting a doubleheader League team and keep the gang squads like San Bruno and
Emotional MadBum with the second-place Pacifica
Lions Saturday at San Bruno Park,
together in the Colt League ranks.
“They fed off it (at Cap),” San
Bruno manager Mike Tursi said.
PenCities (San Mateo, Foster City
and Belmont-Redwood Shores) are
the Orioles (8-1) are 2 1/2 games
falls in pitching duel ahead of the Lions (6-4), and seem “Everybody knew their roles this See COLTS, Page 14

STAFF AND WIRE REPORT do your thing, I’ll do mine.”


Bumgarner’s response to the “let
the boys play” generation was
Muncy’s home run trot nearly
sparked fireworks between the NL
West rivals after Bumgarner became
upset watching Muncy stroll out of
Nadal holds on to win French Open
By Howard Fendrich
simple — pitchers are part of the the box following his home run. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
boys’ club too. “He said, ‘You don’t watch the
When Dodgers slugger Max ball, you run,”’ Muncy said. “That’s PARIS — For a few, fleeting
Muncy splashed down into what he told me. Truth of it is, it moments Sunday, Rafael Nadal
McCovey Cove for Sunday’s only was just a guy out there competing. found his French Open supremacy
run in a 1-0 win for first-place LA, He was upset he made a bad pitch. seemingly threatened by Dominic
his antics left the San Francisco That’s really all it was to it.” Thiem, a younger, talented oppo-
ace fuming. Bumgarner (3-6) left a 92 mph nent challenging him in the final
The fiery Bumgarner acknowl- fastball high over the plate to for the second consecutive year.
edged he’s struggling adapting to Muncy, who crushed the ball 426 A poor game from Nadal allowed
the new age of baseball with exag- feet into the waters past the walk- Thiem to break him and even things
gerated bat flips and slow home way beyond the right field wall. at a set apiece. That development
run trots. Muncy tossed in a verbal jab for brought fans to their feet in Court
“They want to let everybody be good measure as he rounded the Philippe Chatrier, roaring and clap-
themselves. Let me be myself,” bases. ping and, above all, wondering:
Bumgarner said. “I just as soon CHARLES PLATIAU/REUTERS
fight than walk or whatever. Just See GIANTS, Page 13 Rafael Nadal celebrates his win in the French Open finals Sunday in Paris. See TENNIS, Page 16
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12 Monday • June 10, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Bruins force Stanley Cup Game 7

By Jay Cohen
Bruins 5, Blues 1
ST. LOUIS — Facing elimination in an oh-
so-hostile environment, Tuukka Rask and
Brad Marchand stepped up for the Boston
Bruins once again.
The Stanley Cup Final is heading to Game 7
because two of Boston’s biggest stars love the
biggest moments.
Rask made 28 saves, Marchand had a goal
and an assist, and the Bruins beat the St. Louis
Blues 5-1 on Sunday night to even the bruis-
ing, physical final at three games apiece.
David Pastrnak had one of Boston’s four
goals in the third period and an assist, helping
the Bruins force the 17th Game 7 in Stanley
Cup history. Brandon Carlo, Karson Kuhlman
and Zdeno Chara also scored.
“We’re fighting for our lives obviously,”
Marchand said. “When you play desperate, I
think you see everyone’s best game.”
Boston also was involved in the final’s
last Game 7, winning the championship at
Vancouver in 2011. Rask was a reserve
goaltender on that team eight years ago,
while Marchand was a key performer. They
will go for another championship
Wednesday night in Boston after losing to
Chicago in the 2013 final.
“The whole hockey world loves a Game 7,
so it should be a great night in Boston and
may the best team win,” Bruins coach Bruce
Cassidy said.
Ryan O’Reilly scored in the third period BILLY HURST/USA TODAY SPORTS
for St. Louis, which is looking for the fran- Above: Bruins right wing David Pastrnak, top right, celebrates with teammates after scoring
chise’s first Stanley Cup title in its 51st in the third period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final Sunday at Enterprise Center.
season. Rookie Jordan Binnington finished Top right: Blues center Brayden Schenn, left, battles with Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy.
with 27 stops. Bottom right: McAvoy is checked by Blues center Oskar Sundqvist earlier in the game.
“We have to move on, get ready for the next
one,” O’Reilly said. “We’re confident. We’re a off four power plays, dropping St. Louis to It was Marchand’s first goal since he got an review by the officials, Marchand found
great road team. Maybe that’s our story. 1 for 18 with the man advantage for the empty-netter in Boston’s 4-2 victory in Game Pastrnak in front and the winger put a slick
Maybe we have to get it done on the road.” series. He smothered a big Colton Parayko 1. The Bruins improved to 25-1 when the move on Binnington to make it 4-1 on 14:06.
Backed by an electric Enterprise Center slap shot with Chara in the box near the end pesky veteran scores in the postseason. Chara, playing with a broken jaw, added
crowd that included actors Jon Hamm and of the first period, and made a fancy glove “We knew that again the start was going an empty-netter with 2:19 left. The crowd
Jenna Fischer and Cardinals catcher Yadier stop on an even-strength try for Brayden to be key and that they were going to give chanted “Let’s Go Blues!” in the final
Molina, wearing a No. 49 Blues jersey in Schenn 7:42 in the second. us a push early and to manage that and play moments, hoping to give St. Louis a boost
honor of suspended forward Ivan Barbashev, He got some help after Marchand was whis- well and take care of details and obviously for its trip to Boston.
St. Louis looked a step off for most of the tled for tripping Alex Pietrangelo midway capitalize on our chances,” Boston center “Listen, if you told me four months ago we
game. Prime scoring opportunities were through the second. With the Blues applying Patrice Bergeron said. were going to be in the finals in Game 7, I
derailed by misplaced passes or ever-so- heavy pressure in search of the tying goal, Marchand and company then put it away in think I’d take it,” Blues coach Craig Berube
slight timing issues. Pietrangelo had a backhand go off the left the third. said. “We’ve been a good road team. We’ve
Of course, the unflappable Rask can have post and Rask’s back before McAvoy First, Jake DeBrusk won a board battle with won twice up there in this series, so we’re a
that effect on a team. And whenever the knocked the puck out of the way out of midair. Pietrangelo to set up Carlo’s bouncing shot that confident group.”
Blues threatened, the 6-foot-3 Finnish star “We weathered the storm pretty good,” went off Binnington’s arm for the defenseman’s No tes : Boston is hosting Game 7 in the
was there. Rask said. second career playoff goal. Then Kuhlman, a Stanley Cup Final for the first time in fran-
“He’s our best player,” Bruins defenseman While St. Louis came up empty on the power rookie who was in the lineup in place of former chise history. ... The Bruins improved to
Charlie McAvoy said. “He just steps up when play, Boston used a 5-on-3 advantage to jump Blues captain David Backes, made it 3-0 with a 13-3 when they score first in the playoffs.
it matters and we have all the faith in the world in front in the first. With Schenn and O’Reilly well-placed wrist shot at 10:15. ... Barbashev was suspended for one game
in him. ... He’s our rock.” in the box, Marchand beat Binnington with a After O’Reilly supplied some hope for St. for an illegal check to the head of Boston
Rask was at his best while Boston killed sharp-angled shot from the right circle at 8:40. Louis when he was awarded a goal after a forward Marcus Johansson during Game 5.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Monday • June 10, 2019 13

Davis homers for first time in a month

A’s 9, Rangers 8
ARLINGTON, Texas — Khris Davis bene-
On the second pitch, “I just put my head
fited from comfortable hitting surroundings
down and kept going,” Odor said. He dove
despite playing halfway across the country
and stretched his left arm between the legs
from his home ballpark.
The Oakland slugger homered for the first of catcher Josh Phegley.
time in nearly a month as the Athletics built Cabrera, who homered in the sixth, hit an
an eight-run lead, then hung on to beat the RBI single in the ninth against Blake
Texas Rangers 9-8 on Sunday for a four- Treinen, and Texas closed to 9-8 within on a
game series split. run-scoring passed ball by Phegley. Odor
Davis hit a two-run homer off Drew Smyly walked and with runners on first and second,
(1-5) in the third inning, his 13th home run Treinen retired Ronald Guzman on a game-
this season but first since May 13. Davis ending flyout for his 14th save in 16
sustained a left hip and oblique injury on chances.
May 5, tried to play through it and was out Stephen Piscotty hit a line drive off
KEVIN JAIRAJ/USA TODAY SPORTS Smyly’s left knee in the second inning.
from May 22-31. Davis has 17 homers in
32 games at Globe Life Park, and he added an Khris Davis hits an RBI single against the Smyly was examined by head trainer Matt
Rangers Sunday in Arlington, Texas. BOB DECHIARA/USA TODAY SPORTS
RBI single in the ninth against Jose Lucero, and Olson then hit the next pitch
Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, seen here
Leclerc, giving him 34 RBIs this season. Matt Olson homered in the second off into the upper deck in right field. Smyly
in 2016, is in stable condition following surgery
“Just got to stay within myself and weath- Smyly, who gave up five runs and six hits in said that was the only pitch affected by
after being shot Sunday in Santo Domingo.
er the storm of the season,” Davis said. three innings. Smyly has an 8.40 ERA and being hit by Piscotty’s liner.

David Ortiz
“The power’s going to come and go, but it failed to finish four innings for the fifth Hunter Pence robbed Mark Canha of an
just felt good to help the team out.” time in nine starts. extra-base hit in the first inning. Pence ran
Frankie Montas (8-2) improved to 4-0 in Texas trailed 8-3 in the eighth when to the wall in left, leaped and made the catch

shot in DR
his last seven starts, allowing three runs — Asdrubal Cabrera and Rougned Odor hit at the out-of-town scoreboard with his left
two earned — and seven hits in six innings. consecutive RBI doubles, and Odor stole hand while clutching the scoreboard’s pro-
He matched his career high with 10 strike- home off left-hander Ryan Buchter, who tective rubber netting with his right hand.
outs, getting his final six outs on Ks. was slow to step off the rubber and throw Ramon Laureano extended his on-base THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
“I would say the last two innings I was home. streak to 28 games, the longest current one
feeling better than the first four,” Montas Odor bluffed a steal on the first pitch and in the major leagues, with a second-inning SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic
said. saw Buchter didn’t react. single. — Former Boston Red Sox slugger David
Ortiz was ambushed by a man who got off a
motorcycle and shot him in the back at near-
crossed the plate. This was the Giants first 1-0 loss at home ly point-blank range Sunday night in his

GIANTS Muncy grounded out and walked without

further incident in two other at-bats against
Bumgarner. Nine of Muncy’s 13 home runs
since June 12, 2015. The losing pitcher in
that game? Bumgarner.
native Dominican Republic, authorities said.
Dominican National Police Director Ney
Aldrin Bautista Almonte said Ortiz was at the
Continued from page 11 have come on the road. No support Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo
Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler San Francisco was 0 for 7 with runners in around 8:50 p.m. when the gunman
was the real story. The electric right-hander scoring position, dropping to 2 for 27 in approached from behind and shot him. Ortiz
“I told him: ‘If you don’t want me to watch and two relievers combined on a five-hitter was taken to a medical facility where he
the ball you can go in the ocean and get it,”’ five games. San Francisco got back-to-back
as Los Angeles remained unbeaten in its last singles leading off the sixth but Mike underwent surgery, and his condition was sta-
Muncy said. “Honestly, I thought it was 11 series (nine wins, two splits), the ble, Bautista said.
probably one of my tamer bat-flips that I’ve Yastrzemski was run down from behind by
longest active streak in the majors. catcher Austin Barnes trying to scramble The gunman was captured and beaten by a
ever done. I didn’t actually think it was any- crowd of people at the bar, Bautista said. He
“It was kind of an old-school baseball back to third on Pablo Sandoval’s grounder
thing outrageous. I took one or two steps said police are waiting until the man under-
game,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. to third. Buehler then retired Stephen Vogt
out of the box, started jogging, and that was goes treatment for his injuries before ques-
“You get two No. 1’s going head to head. We and Kevin Pillar on flyouts.
really all it was.” tioning him.
saw the best of Madison Bumgarner and
Already frustrated by two pitches that did- Investigators are trying to determine
n’t go his way against leadoff hitter Kike
matched Walker pitch for pitch. Fortunately Trainer’s room whether Ortiz was the intended target,
for us, we scored one more than they did.”
Hernandez, Bumgarner was even more angry Buehler (7-1) allowed five hits, struck out Brandon Belt was scratched from the line- Bautista said.
after Muncy admired his home run while nine and walked one over seven innings. up because of a stomach illness. ... Buster Two other people were wounded, Bautista
slowly walking toward first base. The right-hander allowed one runner past Posey (right hamstring strain) ran on a said, including Jhoel Lopez, a Dominican TV
Bumgarner walked toward Muncy and the second base and struck out the side in the treadmill before the game and will run the host who was with Ortiz. Bautista said police
two players appeared to yell at one another fourth. Buehler also beat the Giants on April bases during Monday’s off day. If all goes believe Lopez was wounded by the same bullet.
as Muncy rounded the bag. 30 and is 3-0 in five starts against San well, the team expects to activate the Posey Lopez was shot in the leg and his injuries
“He just struck a pose and walked further Francisco. off the inactive list Wednesday. were not life-threatening, said his wife, Liza
than I liked,” Bumgarner said. Pedro Baez worked around a walk in the Blanco, who is also a TV host.
Plate umpire Will Little rushed out and eighth, and Kenley Jansen struck out two in Up next Police did not identify the third person or
walked Bumgarner back toward the mound as a perfect ninth for his 19th save in 21 Tyler Beede (0-2, 8.15) takes another shot detail that person’s injuries.
Muncy continued around the bases. Muncy chances to complete the Dodgers’ major at his first major league win when he faces
then shouted toward Bumgarner again as he league-high ninth shutout this season. the visiting San Diego Padres on Tuesday. See ORTIZ, Page 16

Does your school encourage curiosity,

creative thinking, peer mentoring
and academic excellence?
Summer Campus
After School
K - 5 Elementary
151 W 20th Ave, San Mateo, CA. 94403
text infoup to 51555 to learn more
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14 Monday • June 10, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Warriors vs. Raptors, Game 5, Monday, 6 p.m.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS aged 30.2 points and
totaled 9.8 rebounds Continued from page 11
Golden State Warriors (57-25, first in the while shooting 44.8 per-
Western Conference during the regular sea- cent over the last 10 The Warriors are 6-3 in the nine games
son) vs. Toronto Raptors (58-24, second in games for Toronto. Durant has missed.
the Eastern Conference during the regular Steph Curry leads the
season). Warriors averaging 27.3 “It’s just having another powerful weapon
NBA Fi nal s : Toronto leads series 3-1 points and collecting 5.4 out there who can do some very dynamic
Bo tto m l i ne: The Toronto Raptors look rebounds. Thompson has things on the floor,” Warriors guard Stephen
to clinch the NBA Finals over the Golden Curry said.
Klay Thompson averaged 21.4 points and Kerr said the plan was to see if Durant
State Warriors in game five. The Raptors won added 3.4 rebounds while KELLEY L COX/USA TODAY SPORTS
the previous meeting 105-92. Kawhi shooting 42.3 percent over the last 10 could clear some hurdles that he hasn’t Kevin Durant hasn’t played since May 8 when
Leonard scored 36 points to lead Toronto to games for Golden State. crossed during his recovery. Kerr said earlier he limped off the floor against the Rockets.
the victory and Klay Thompson recorded 28 Warri o rs duri ng the po s ts eas o n: in the series that Durant could return after twice, done both times in Toronto, and done
points in the loss for Golden State. Averaging 114.8 points, 43.7 rebounds, completing one practice. both times by Durant.
The Raptors have gone 32-9 in home 28.5 assists, 7.4 steals and 5.6 blocks per “He will be very welcomed, I’ll tell you that He had 51 for Oklahoma City in Toronto on
games. Toronto ranks sixth in the NBA game while shooting 47.7 percent from the much,” Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. “I March 21, 2014, and scored 51 for the
shooting 36.6 percent from downtown, led field. Their opponents have averaged 110.9 think it’s pretty easy to realize we obviously Warriors on the Raptors’ home floor back on
by Malcolm Miller shooting 47.6 percent points on 44.4 percent shooting. miss him out there. He’s propelled us to two Nov. 29. Even if he isn’t 100%, Durant’s mere
from 3-point range. Rapto rs duri ng the po s ts eas o n: championships in the last two years, so it’d presence should make the Warriors more
The Warriors are 27-14 in road games. Averaging 106.3 points, 42.4 rebounds, be pretty storybook if he comes back and potent on the offensive end.
Golden State averages 46.2 rebounds per 22.6 assists, 8.1 steals and 4.7 blocks per helps us do the same. ... I know how badly he The Raptors will have a plan, of course, if
game and is 33-7 when winning the rebound- game while shooting 44.3 percent from the wants to be out there. He’s one of the best Durant gets on the floor Monday night.
ing battle. field. Their opponents have averaged 100.5 competitors I’ve ever been around.” “If he plays, he’s an MVP, he’s an All-NBA
To p perfo rmers : Danny Green leads the points on 42.0 percent shooting. Toronto allowed Kobe Bryant to score 81 player, he’s an All-Star, Finals MVP,”
Raptors with 2.5 made 3-pointers and aver- Rapto rs Injuri es : None listed. points on Jan. 22, 2006. In the 1,175 Raptors guard Kyle Lowry said. “But we
ages 10.3 points while shooting 45.5 per- Warri o rs i njuri es : Kevin Durant: day to Raptors games since, the most anyone has can’t focus on that. We have to focus on our-
cent from beyond the arc. Leonard has aver- day (calf). scored against them is 51 points — done selves.”

summer to front San Bruno’s 7-2 victory. able to do this summer — score a win over game, including on 0-for-4 showing from

COLTS The right-hander worked five innings,

allowing one run on two hits while proving
effectively wild, totaling five walks and
San Bruno. Cam Meyer allowed just two runs
(one earned) on two hits through six
innings, and right-hander Drew Azzopardi
Firpo, the leadoff hitter. The 0-fer was sig-
nificant as it marked the first game this
summer Firpo didn’t reach base.
Continued from page 11 five strikeouts. He had one previous pitch- worked a scoreless seventh to close it out. Firpo earned Daily Journal Athlete of the
ing appearance this summer in relief. Over “We swung the bats in the first game,” Week honors in March for his game-win-
trying to put a blueprint in place to grow their his varsity season at Cap, he logged four Pacifica manager Nate Uter said. “And Cam ning hit in a 4-3 victory over Cap’s rival
city baseball cultures going into the future. appearances, all in relief as well. Meyer was lights out on the mound.” Mills. The sophomore went on to receive
PenCities is on the vanguard, fielding two “He didn’t throw a lot because he was the Pacifica had been scuffling at the plate, and just 10 at-bats for the rest of the season,
teams in the Peninsula Colt League this sea- staple of our defense (at shortstop) on varsi- has been shut out twice this season: 3-0 to however. He seems to be making up for it
son. South City also has two teams in the ty,” Tursi said. “He’s rested and he just South City on May 18; and 8-0 to PenCities on since the outset of Colt season.
league. San Bruno, meanwhile, is banking throws strikes. He forces contact, and that’s May 22. The previous Saturday, on June 1, “He didn’t play a lot but he learned a lot,”
plenty on its core six players coming off what you need.” however, the Lions woke up to score more runs Tursi said. “… Tyler kind of sets the tone for us.”
their sophomore years: Nick Balch, Tyler Meehan and the Orioles’ starting shortstop than they had in their five previous games with Firpo sparked San Bruno’s offense in
Firpo, Ryan Lapuyade, Connor Meehan, in Game 2, Meyer, traded spots effectively. a 9-0 win over the C&L Mudcats-South City. Game 2, leading off the game with a double.
Devin Meyer and Frankie Pellegrini. Meyer took over on the mound in the sixth “Offense has been our struggle,” Nate Uter He later scored on a sacrifice fly by Meyer.
“It’s very unique having six of our starters inning and promptly induced a double-play said. “But the bats have been coming around The Orioles scored in the second against
playing varsity baseball,” Tursi said. grounder to Ballestrasse at second base, who the last week.” Pacifica starting pitcher Connor Uter to go
Those sophomores were on display flipped to Meehan for the twin-killing turn. Dillon Arrastio led the hit parade Saturday up 2-0. The Lions cut the lead in half in the
Saturday at Lara Field, getting the Orioles Meyer — who has a no-hitter to his credit in Game 1, going 3 for 4 with an RBI while fifth on an RBI double by Arrastio.
back on track after their first loss of the sea- this year, firing one for Cap on May 1 against stealing three bases. Arrastio added two hits But San Bruno broke it open in the sixth
son 9-2 in the early game. Meehan had a Burlingame — worked two innings to close in Game 2 to go 5 for 8 on the day. when Nick Lopez shot a bases-loaded hit
solid day at the plate, combining to go 3 for out the win, allowing one run on four hits. The Lions totaled 12 hits in Game 1, with with an outfield error allowing the Orioles to
7 through both games, then shouldered the Pacifica showcased a Meyer of its own in Azzopardi, Julian Martinez and Connor Uter clear the bases on the play. San Bruno scored
load in Game 2 by grinding for a win in his Game 1, as starting pitcher Cam Meyer did adding two hits apiece. twice more in the seventh on back-to-back
first starting pitching appearance of the what no other Colt League pitcher has been San Bruno totaled just two hits in the RBI knocks by Pellegrini and Meyer.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Monday • June 10, 2019 15

Michigan advances to CWS
with upset of top-seeded UCLA
NCAA baseball
of last week’s MLB draft — was battling a
Portugal wins 1st Nations League title
LOS ANGELES — Michigan is headed to virus for most of the week but wasn’t going By Tales Azzoni award, but Guedes couldn’t be stopped when
the College World Series for the first time in to miss the deciding game. The junior left- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS he hit a powerful right-footed shot from out-
35 years after eliminating the nation’s top hander allowed two runs on seven hits while side the area in the 60th minute.
program. striking out six. PORTO, Portugal — Three years after con- Guedes started the build-up to the goal
Ako Thomas drove in two runs with a sin- It was Henry’s second win this year over quering European soccer for the first time, with a pass to Bernardo Silva, receiving
gle and Tommy Henry pitched seven solid the Bruins. He struck out 10 in a 7-5 victory Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo are celebrat- the ball back at the top of the area and fir-
innings to propel the Wolverines to a 4-2 on March 8 at Dodger Stadium. ing another international title. ing a firm low shot past Dutch goalkeeper
victory over UCLA on Sunday night in the Thomas’ one-out single up the middle off Portugal won the inaugural UEFA Nations Jasper Cillessen, who touched the ball but
deciding game of the Los Angeles super Kyle Mora (3-3) in the fifth inning drove in League tournament on couldn’t parry it away.
regional. the deciding runs. Christian Bullock added Sunday, beating the The Dutch had impressed in the group
It will be the 46-20 Wolverines’ eighth two hits and scored two runs for Michigan. Netherlands 1-0 to lift its stage of the Nations League by eliminating
CWS appearance but their first since 1984. The junior left fielder tripled to left center to first trophy since the the last two World Cup champions — France
It is also the first time since Indiana in 2013 lead off the ninth and added an insurance run 2016 European and Germany. It made it to the final after
that the Big 10 has had a team advance to when he scored on Joe Donovan’s sacrifice Championship. beating England 3-1 in the semifinal
Omaha. fly. “It’s a great achieve- Thursday.
UCLA (52-11) is the seventh national top The Wolverines struck first in the second. ment, indisputable,” Portugal, which eliminated Italy and
seed since the current format started in 1999 Blake Nelson walked with one out, advanced Portugal coach Fernando Poland in the group stage and defeated
to not make it to the College World Series. to third on Bullock’s double and scored on a Santos said. “These victo- Switzerland in the semifinals, had lost the
ries will be part of
Cristiano 2004 European Championship final at
The last time it happened was 2015 when fielder’s choice by Jack Blomgren. The Ronaldo
the Bruins were eliminated in regional play. Bruins tied it in the second when Jake Pries Portuguese soccer forever.” home to Greece, but this time it got to cel-
The Bruins had 13 players selected in last homered to left-center off Henry. Ronaldo, coming off a hat trick in the ebrate the title in front of its fans after a
week’s MLB draft, including seven every UCLA took a 2-1 lead in the third when semifinals, lifted the winners’ trophy but scrappy match in Porto.
day players and the top two starting pitch- Garrett Mitchell tripled to right and came wasn’t much of a factor in Sunday’s final, The hosts were in control most of the
ers. This was the first weekend series they home on Ryan Kreidler’s groundout. with the only goal coming from midfielder match but struggled to get past the stout
had dropped this season. Jeremy Ydens had three hits for UCLA. Goncalo Guedes early in the second half at Dutch defense led by Van Dijk and Matthijs
Henry (10-5) — who was selected by the Nick Nastrini started for the Bruins and the Estadio do Dragao. de Ligt.
Arizona Diamondbacks in the second round yielded two runs on one hit. The hosts’ victory in UEFA’s newest com- Ronaldo’s best chance was a header that
petition, created to give national teams went straight to Cillessen’s hands about
more meaningful matches than just friend- 30 minutes into the first half.
was brilliant from that point forward and the

NCAA senior right-hander didn’t allow another hit

until the seventh innings. He struck out six
and walked one.
lies, denied the Netherlands its first trophy
since the 1988 European Championship.
The revamped Dutch team was seeking some
redemption after failing to qualify for the
Santos made changes from the team that
defeated Switzerland 3-1 in the semifinals,
taking out 19-year-old Joao Felix from the
starting lineup and adding Guedes to the
Continued from page 11 The left-handed Miller (8-3) took the 2018 World Cup and the 2016 European attack. He also used Danilo in midfield and
loss, giving up four earned runs over 2 2/3 Championship. Jose Fonte to replace the injured Pepe in
innings. He gave up just two hits but walked Ronaldo couldn’t do much against Dutch the middle of the defense.
are moments he’ll remember for a long
four. defender Virgil van Dijk in the matchup of Koeman kept the same squad that defeat-
“If you think I can put that into words, “We battled them tough,” Stanford man- likely contenders for the player of the year ed England in the semifinals.
you’re crazy,” Mangum said. “You can’t ager David Esquer said. “We just gave them a
write it any better. My first hit at Dudy little too much and didn’t take enough away
Noble was the same as my last, the six- from them. It was a classic super regional
hole, and of course it was the first pitch.” where the game is at the highest level.”
Mississippi State (51-13) broke the game Mangum had two more hits Sunday, rais-
open with four runs in the third inning. ing his season total to 103. The senior’s
Stanford pitcher Erik Miller hit a batter and 378 career rank fifth in NCAA history. He
walked two during the rally, including one could realistically rise as high as No. 3 if he
with the bases loaded. Skelton’s bases- plays well in the College World Series.
loaded triple was the big blow, bouncing Mangum’s biggest highlight during this
high off the right-center field wall to make super regional was actually in the field. He
it 4-1. robbed a potential grand slam in the first
Stanford’s Christian Robinson and inning of Game 1, jumping above the fence
Brandon Wulff collided while trying to to grab Andrew Daschbach’s drive to center.
make the catch in front of Mississippi “He’s just a star,” Lemonis said. “And
State’s rowdy outfield crowd. The umpires what’s nice about it is he’s what
reviewed the play to see if there was fan Mississippi State baseball is. Tough. Hard-
interference, but ruled that none had nosed. Play hard.”
occurred. Stanford closer Jack Little came into the
The game stayed fairly tight until the game much earlier than usual, taking the
ninth, when MacNamee crushed the three- mound in the fourth inning to try and slow
run homer that ended any realistic hope for Mississippi State’s offense.
Stanford. It worked for quite a while. Little went 4
Stanford (45-14) had a great start to the 2/3 innings, keeping Mississippi State
game when leadoff batter Kyle Stowers hit a scoreless until the ninth inning when the
solo homer for a 1-0 lead. But Plumlee (7-4) Bulldogs rallied for three runs.
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16 Monday • June 10, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Hat trick for Brazil’s Cristiane Ortiz’s father, Leo, said authorities
spoils Jamaica’s World Cup debut
GRENOBLE, France — Cristiane scored
Women’s World Cup
Brazil stopped a nine-game losing streak that
began with a 4-1 defeat to the U.S. last Aug. 2.
Continued from page 13
informed him about the shooting but didn’t
provide details.
“They called to tell me that David is injured
all three goals and Brazil spoiled Jamaica’s The loss could have been worse for the and that they took him to a medical center,
first-ever Women’s World Cup match with a Reggae Girlz, but goalkeeper Sydney The Dial Bar and Lounge is located in east- but they did not tell me how he is or exactly
3-0 victory on Sunday. Schneider stopped Andressa’s penalty kick ern Santo Domingo on Venezuela Avenue, a where he was transferred,” Leo Ortiz told
The veteran forward’s goal in the 64th minute in the 38th minute. Jamaica is the first bustling nightlife district packed with dance
for the hat trick came on a free kick that curled Caribbean nation to play in the Women’s clubs and pricey bars that Ortiz is known to The 43-year-old Ortiz hit 541 homers in 20
just under the crossbar. She also scored in the World Cup. frequent. Ortiz, who lives at least part of the major league seasons, including 14 with the
15th and 50th minutes for the Brazilians, who It is Brazil’s first hat trick in a World Cup year in the Dominican, is often seen getting Red Sox. He helped lead Boston to three
were playing without star Marta. The six-time since 1999. Cristiane is the ninth player his cars washed and hanging out with friends World Series titles and retired after the 2016
women’s world player of the year was ruled out overall to score 10 career World Cup goals; including other baseball players, artists and season. He was a 10-time All-Star and two-
of the match because of a left thigh injury. Marta holds the record with 15. entertainers. time World Series MVP, in 2004 and 2013.

7, 6-1, 6-1 for his record-extending 12th back after the final point, getting that rust- it here, too,” Nadal said. “He has an unbe-

Continued from page 11
championship at the French Open.
“He stepped on me,” Thiem said. “The
numbers are crazy. He won it 12 times.”
colored dirt all over his neon yellow shirt,
then wiped away tears during the trophy cer-
lievable intensity.”
So, of course, does Nadal. This had been,
by his lofty standards, a rough season, from
Looking at the bigger picture, he is now the most lopsided Grand Slam final loss of
No one in tennis ever has won any major
up to 18 Grand Slam trophies, moving with- his career — against Djokovic at the
Was this, now, a real contest? Could Thiem tournament that frequently. Then again, no
in two of Roger Federer’s men’s record of Australian Open — to entering May without
push Nadal more? Could Thiem make this one ever has been as suited for success on
20. a title for the first year since 2004. Injuries,
surge last? Would Nadal falter? any of the sport’s surfaces as this 33-year-
Nadal, however, did not want to entertain as often is the case with Nadal, were a prob-
That the questions arose at all was signif- old Spaniard is on red clay: Nadal is 93-2 for
any discussion of a pursuit of Federer. lem, including a bad right knee.
icant. The answers arrived swiftly. Nadal his career at Roland Garros, winning four in
“I am not very worried about this stuff,” “Mentally, I lost a little bit (of) energy,
reasserted himself, as he usually does at a row from 2005-08, five in a row from
Nadal said. “You can’t be frustrated all the because I had too many issues in a row,”
Roland Garros, by grabbing 16 of the next 2010-14, and now three in a row.
time because the neighbor has a bigger Nadal said, tapping his right fingers on his
17 points and 12 of the remaining 14 “I can’t explain my emotions,” said the house than you or a bigger TV or better gar- temple.

games, pulling away to beat Thiem 6-3, 5- No. 2-seeded Nadal, who dropped to his den.” “When you are constantly hit in the face,”
Thiem, a 25-year-old Austrian who was he said in Spanish, “you end up being hurt.”
seeded No. 4 and upset No. 1 Novak He started to right himself by taking the
Djokovic in a draining, rain-interrupted Italian Open title on clay last month.
semifinal played over two days, was eyeing “It was very important for him to win in
his first major title in this rematch of the Rome. It was like he realized that he was
2018 final in Paris. But again, he couldn’t getting back on the good level, on the right
solve Nadal. path,” said Nadal’s coach, 1998 French
“First thing that I want to say is congrats Open champion Carlos Moya, “and gaining
VETERINARY CENTERS to Dominic. I feel sorry, because he deserves a lot of confidence.”
Improving the lives of pets and their people.

“Being SAGE” means being part of something

very special. Whether you are a past, or
present patient, or an employee, you are
SAGE. You have experienced what it means
to “be SAGE”. SAGE is compassion. It’s
passion for life. SAGE is knowledge and
experience that leads the veterinary industry.
SAGE is family. We are SAGE and we are
hear to help your animal live a better life.
Explore being SAGE at:

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THE DAILY JOURNAL DATEBOOK Monday • June 10, 2019 17

‘Secret Life of Pets 2’ Unexpected animal counts
pounds ‘Dark Phoenix’ L ast column noted 9,400,000 rep-
tiles are pets in U.S. households.
Here are some other unexpected
Back to what most of us think of as pets,
dogs are not getting smaller but smaller
dogs are now the most popular, with more
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS responsible for the numbers. The most popular pet? Fish! than half under 25 pounds. On average, dog
“Despicable Me” Close to 160 million individual finny households contain 1.6 dogs and cat house-
LOS ANGELES — After nearly 20 years movies. friends swim in 14.5 million homes, and hold contain 2.1 cats (on average, of
and a dozen films, the current manifestation With decidedly less the aquarium industry is worth $300 mil- course, because fractional dogs and cats are
of X-Men movies is going out with a whim- stellar results, “Dark lion per year. not a real thing). While a higher percent-
per. Phoenix” trailed behind Profitable but also age of baby boomers and those just a bit
Scorched by poor reviews, the $200 mil- the talking animals. the source of much younger own pets, since there are more
lion “Dark Phoenix” earned a franchise low Directed by longtime X- animal cruelty, Millennials out there they now constitute
of $33 million from 3,721 North American Men scribe Simon between the often the largest number of pet owners and 44%
locations over the weekend for a second Kevin Hart Kinberg, it focuses on deadly capture of of millennials see their pets as “starter
place finish, according to studio estimates Jean Grey who is played more than 20 mil- children.” If you’ve not yet heard the term
Sunday. First place went instead to “The by Sophie Turner fresh off of her “Game of lion wild fish annu- “fur baby” you will, since the advertising
Secret Life of Pets 2.” Thrones” run as Sansa Stark. It also brings ally and the high industry now notes “the fur baby economy
The Universal Pictures and Illumination back James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender death rate of fish in is real.” I’ve never liked the increasingly
sequel, featuring the voices of Kevin Hart, and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s the de facto con- homes (a vicious popular term “fur baby.” Why not flip it
Tiffany Haddish and Harrison Ford in his clusion to the modern X-Men movies that cycle, despite the and reference tiny, squalling humans as
first animated role, grossed an estimated started in 2000, and also the first major 20th likely outcome it’s common to buy more “bald pets” instead? 
$47.1 million in ticket sales. Although less Century Fox film to be released by the Walt and more relatively inexpensive “replace- (BTW, does knowing there are 750,000
than half of what the first film opened to in Disney Co. following the acquisition. ments”). Pet birds, from diminutive captive pet snakes make you want a drink? Join us
2016, it’s still a major win for the studio, But the quality wasn’t there and it scored bred finches to large and often still smug- June 22, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Burlingame’s
considering the production budget was even worse reviews overall than the widely- gled parrots, share 5 million U.S. house- Washington Park for our annual Bark n’
around $80 million. Including international disparaged “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Audiences holds. While there’s no reliable informa- Brewfest! Help raise funds for shelter ani-
grosses, its global total is already sitting at who showed up seemed to concur with the tion about how many large, hairy spiders mals while enjoying local craft brews.
$97 million. critics, giving it a deadly B- CinemaScore. are kept as pets, the number of websites Bring your pooch, but not your python.
“It’s a fantastic result,” said Jim Orr, “It’s softer than we hoped,” said Cathleen dedicated to selling and keeping tarantulas Tickets at — get
Universal’s president of domestic theatrical Taff, Disney’s president of theatrical distri- and others did surprise me (also a surprise, yours before they sell out!).
distribution. “We couldn’t be more proud to bution. “While the film didn’t open the way studies indicate that at any moment there’s
partner with (CEO) Chris Meledandri and we wanted, we think the legacy of the X-Men a spider standing within 15 feet of you, Ken White is the president of the Peninsula
everyone at Illumination.” series is important and it’s more important which means the eight-legged pets have a
He noted that this is the ninth No. 1 open- Humane Society & SPCA.
than how one film opens. We’re trying to whole lot of wild competition).
ing for Illumination, the animated arm keep it in perspective.”

Warming weather to increase Around the nation

Sierra snowmelt, flooding risk
HANFORD — Forecasters say warming Jimmy Carter, after hip
California weather will increase melting of surgery, back teaching Sunday school
the huge Sierra Nevada snowpack and raise
water levels in many rivers and streams in ATLANTA — Former U. S. President
the coming week. Jimmy Carter talked about his recent health
The National Weather Service says this setback and his conversation with President
will heighten the risk of flooding in adja- Donald Trump, as he returned to teaching
cent areas, including along the upper Sunday school in Georgia for the first time
Merced River in Yosemite National Park. since breaking his hip.
Forecasters say nearby residents, hikers Carter told people gathered at the
and campers should pay close attention to Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains that he
water levels and be ready to move to safety. and his wife, Rosalynn, have nursing care at
Experts warn that the rivers pose life- home and are doing fine. He thanked those
threatening dangers this time of year, run- present for their prayers and good wishes.
ning swift and so cold that exposure to the The 94-year-old Carter broke his hip last
icy waters can lead to hypothermia in 15 month at his home when he fell while leav-
minutes or less. ing to go turkey hunting. He subsequently
had hip replacement surgery.

Plus Cert. Fee.
Most Cars &

Light Trucks.

$ 75
2000 & Newer
With or w/o
We do:

869 California Dr.
El Camino Real
Burlingame Ave

(650) 340-0492
Palm Dr


California Dr
Brake & Lamp Mon–Fri 8:30 AM–5:30 PM
101 Station Sat 8:30 AM–3 PM
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18 Monday • June 10, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 1, 2019. ***

*** Gul s han Shukl a and Kri ti Mi s hra, of Foster City,
Kri s to fer and Itzel Fag erman, of San Mateo, gave gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood
birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City City May 11, 2019.
May 2, 2019. ***
*** Keri and Paul Wes t Jr. , of San Carlos, gave birth to a
Antho ny and El i zabeth Wei bel l , of Redwood City, baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 11,
gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood 2019.
City May 2, 2019. ***
*** Dal ene and Mi chael Demattei s II, of San Mato, gave
Ro berto Ci bri an and Mel ani e Fri g aul t, of San birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City
Leo nard Sus s enbach and Ti na Ei pe, of Menlo Park, Francisco, gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in May 11, 2019.
gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood Redwood City May 3, 2019. ***
City April 24, 2019. *** Inaki and Sal ani k Mendezo na, of San Mateo, gave
*** Kei th Lee Jr. and Karen Runde, of San Mateo, gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City
Dav i d and Meredi th No e, of Portola Valley, gave birth birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 21, 2019.
to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City April May 3, 2019. ***
27, 2019. *** Matthew and Kate Marti n, of San Carlos, gave birth
*** Eduardo Marti nez Cas tano s and Mari e-Jo s ee to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 23,
Leo and Vanes s a Wei man-Beni tez, of Redwood City, Landry , of Foster City, gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia 2019.
gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood Hospital in Redwood City May 4, 2019. ***
City April 27, 2019. *** Heber and Raquel Cal dero n, of Manteca, gave birth to
*** Lars Backs tro m and Jenny Yuen, of Redwood City, a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 25,
Ji g ar Vo ra and Sunai na Ganes h, of San Mateo, gave gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood 2019.
birth to twins, a baby girl and a baby boy, at Sequoia City May 6, 2019. ***
Hospital in Redwood City April 29, 2019. *** Sean and Li nds ay Vo ra, of Fremont, gave birth to a
*** Kenneth and Chri s ti ne Po rti l l o , of Redwood City, baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 28,
Ano bel and Patri ci a Tamrazi , of Redwood City, gave gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood 2019.
birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City City May 7, 2019. ***
April 29, 2019. *** Hul i s es and Al ex andra Barcel o , of Hayward, gave
*** Ri cardo Mo l i na Duenas and Mi a Ro s e Mo nro e, of birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City
Lucas and Jenni fer Hunter, of San Mateo, gave birth San Mateo, gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in May 29, 2019.
to a baby boy at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City May 1, Redwood City May 9, 2019. ***
2019. ***
*** Chri s to pher and Heather Lemo s , of Redwood City, Jai me To s cano and Tary n Mi cel y -To s cano , of
S an j e e v Kumar Kav e ri Ch e t t y an d S aran y a gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood South San Francisco, gave to birth to a baby boy at Sequoia
Ganes h, of Foster City, gave birth to a baby boy at City May 9, 2019. Hospital in Redwood City May 30, 2019.

Crane collapse kills one, harms more Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey
Around the nation says Sunday that lower crude oil prices contributed to the
A Dallas fire rescue official says one person has been killed drop at the pump.
and at least six injured when a construction crane fell on an Average US price of gas The highest average price in the nation is $3.94 a gallon
apartment building during a storm with high winds. drops 9 cents per gallon to $2.84 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans told reporters at
a briefing on the accident that a woman in the apartment build- CAMARILLO — The average U.S. price of regular-grade The lowest average is $2.27 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
ing was killed when the crane cut a gash in the apartment gasoline dropped 9 cents per gallon over the past three The average price of diesel fell by 4 cents since May 17,
building, apparently slicing through some of the apartments. weeks, to $2.84. to $3.12.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/ WORLD Monday • June 10, 2019 19

Calendar Massive extradition bill protest fills Hong Kong streets
MONDAY, JUNE 10 Library, 840 W. Orange St., South San
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Police estimated the crowd at way into the lobby, but police used
Caption phones for hearing loss. Francisco. Learn coping skills and 240,000, but organizers said more than batons and pepper spray, and the pro-
1:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. San Mateo Senior strategies for overcoming adversity HONG KONG — Hundreds of thou- 1 million took part. testers were moved outside. Most had
Center, 2645 Alameda de las Pulgas, in difficult situations. Free. For more
San Mateo. Clear Captions is a feder- information call 829-3860. sands of protesters marched through The protest was one of the largest in dispersed by 1 a.m.
ally funded telecommunications Hong Kong on Sunday to voice their recent Hong Kong history, underscor- People of all ages took part in the
company that provides real-time text Kidz in Motion. 10:15 p.m. South
of phone conversations for people San Francisco Main Library, 840 W. opposition to legislation that would ing fears over China’s broadening foot- march, some pushing strollers and oth-
with hearing loss. Free. Registration Orange Ave., South San Francisco. allow people to be extradited to main- print in the former British colony. It ers carrying canes, chanting slogans in
required. For more information call Kids will move, play games, sing, land China where they could face polit-
522-7490. stretch, and balance to foster gross appeared to be even bigger than a mas- the native Cantonese dialect in favor of
motor skills. Recomended for ages 2- ically charged trials. sive pro-democracy demonstration in greater transparency in government.
Kaiser Knit for A Cause Outreach. 5 years old. Free. For more informa- The massive demonstration took 2003 against a proposed national secu- Kiwi Wong, 27, was among the
1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Kaiser Cancer tion call 829-3860.
Treatment Center, 220 Oyster Point place three days before the semi- rity law, according to Associated Press throng, a member of the younger gener-
Blvd., South San Francisco. The Kaiser Soft Sk ills: Bouncing B ack, autonomous Chinese territory’s gov- journalists who covered both events. ation who’ve grown up enjoying rela-
Permanente Knitting Group meets Building Resiliency. 4 p.m. South
twice a month at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Main Library, 840 W. ernment plans to bring the highly con- Late Sunday night, a group of demon- tive prosperity but also growing inse-
Cancer Treatment Center and is open Orange Ave., South San Francisco. tentious bill to the full legislature in a strators broke through barriers at gov- curity about what many see as an ero-
to all knitters. Free. For more informa- Learn coping skills and strategies for bid to win approval by the end of the
tion call 829-3860. overcoming adversity in difficult situ- ernment headquarters, where the march sion of the rights Hong Kong residents
ations. Presented by San Mateo month. had ended. The crowd briefly pushed its have enjoyed.
Doodle Club. 6:30 p.m. South San County Jobs for Youth. For more
Francisco Main Library, 840 W. information call 829-3860.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. garden and other amenities accommo- San Mateo, into a mixed-commercial
Free. For more information call 829-

An Evening of Theatrical
Monologues. 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Friday Art Series: Patricia Wak ida
of Wasabi Press. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Burlingame Library, 480 Primrose
Road, Burlingame. Patricia Wakida is a
writer, artist, editor, and bibliophile.
Continued from page 1
dating the public, as the project is
intended to serve local residents as
well as workers.
site with retail and office space.
Gilmore said the South San Francisco
project is among the largest the firm
Dragon Productions Theatre Co., Her media of choice are linoleum As plans take shape, Gilmore said has ever proposed, though the devel-
2120 Broadway, Redwood City. blocks, wood and metal type, and
Monologues by actor Joshua Klein. hundred year old letterpresses. Free. developers are seeking public feedback oper entitled a 1.5-million-squre-foot
Cost is $5 to $10. For more informa- For more information call 650-558- and Caltrain, there are no other loca- and established a website to collect project in Oakland as well.
tion call 493-2006. 7400 tions on the Peninsula that offers that perspectives from interested locals. The site is precluded from housing
Queen Nation. 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Peninsula Folk Music Club. 7 p.m. to access,” he said. “Our desire is to engage the commu- development because it is not zoned
San Mateo County Event Center, 9 p.m. Veterans Memorial Senior No formal plans for the project have nity early,” he said. for residential uses and the plane flight
2495 S. Delaware St., San Mateo. A Center, Sunset Room, 1455 Madison
Ave., Redwood City. Sing or play an been filed, and some specifics remain The project is intended to improve paths from San Francisco
tribute to the music of Queen. Free.
For more information call 574-3247. instrument with friends. For more yet to be determined. Gilmore said surrounding connections to the BART International Airport complicate the
information call 515-9969. designs for the project have been in
and Caltrain station too, as well as fea- process.
Hawaiian Music Jam. 9 a.m. to 10:30 The Commodores. 7:30 p.m. to 9 the works for about two years, and pre- ture better bike paths and pedestrian For his part, Gilmore detailed the
a.m. San Mateo Senior Center, 2645 p.m. San Mateo County Event Center, liminary plans have been submitted. A routes, said Gilmore. Such improve- vision for the site.
Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. 2495 S. Delaware St., San Mateo. This
Bring your ukulele. Free. Registration concert is a part of the San Mateo project website suggests formal plans ments could partially be made possible “We are envisioning this as a class A
required. For more information call County Fair’s concert series. Free for may be submitted later this summer. through a connection of Sneath Lane corporate campus that can attract both
522-7490. fair attendees. For more information
call 574-3247. Beyond the offices, Gilmore said the headed northeast to the intersection of tech and life science tenants,” he said.
Textile Tuesday. 11 a.m. South San site will also offer retail space as well South Linden and Dollar Avenue,
Francisco Main Library, 840 W. SATURDAY, JUNE 15 as potential recreation opportunities
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. Walk with a Doc. 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. according to the project website.
Free. For more information call 829- Water Dog Lake, Hallmark Drive and such as a bowling alley plus restaurant Lane Partners is headquartered in is the website to learn more about the
3860. Lake Road, Belmont. Enjoy a stroll and dining locations. Menlo Park, and is simultaneously project and offer feedback on the
with physician volunteers who can
Senior Day at the County Fair. 11 answer your health-related ques- Gilmore said the site is also expect- planning to redevelop the Aaron plans.
a.m. to 3 p.m. San Mateo County tions along the way. People of all ed to include open space, a community Brothers site at 180 E. Third Ave., in
Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, ages and fitness levels are invited to
San Mateo. Seniors ages 62+ admit- this free community health program.
For more information call 312-1663. citywide property survey. cials launching the city initiative.

ted into San Mateo County Fair and
Senior Expo. Goody bags for the first Councilman Michael Brownrigg “I like the idea of a citywide survey
1000 guests. Parking fee $15. For CuriOdyssey ’s Bubbles and
more information call 303-6735. R ainbows. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. shared a similar perspective. — something that is more transpar-
CuriOdyssey, 1651 Coyote Point
Drive, San Mateo. Watch bubbles “I find it hard to support spending ent, fair and uniformly applied,” she
Dean Martin Imper sonator
grow into moving, geometric forms
Continued from page 1 public money to do a survey of the said, noting the existing process is
Performance. 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
San Mateo County Event Center, at Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic Show. entire city which feels like a lot of subjective.
Create a colorful craft with the
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo.
Museum of Craft & Design. Make In an attempt to lift that burden for wasted work for an outcome that Recognizing her minority position
Sean Martin impersonator Matt
Helm will sing some old favorites as your own bubbles and play with property owners, city officials con- won’t be definitive,” he said. though, Colson suggested officials
well as Sinatra songs. For more infor- prisms built by the CuriOdyssey sidered hiring a consultant to survey
mation call 344-5200. exhibits team. Cost is included with While Councilmembers Ann work to build awareness of the his-
admission. For more information call all properties and identify homes Keighran and Ricardo Ortiz also toric preservation requirements
342-7755. which could be historic resources.
Documentary Club: ‘B rother agreed, Mayor Donna Colson said through the local Realtor communi-
Outsider.’ 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Those properties flagged would be
Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de A AR P South San Fr ancisco she favored completing the survey in ty, so as to not surprise new home-
las Pulgas, Belmont. Free. Light Chapter 3156. 10:30 a.m. to noon. notified that further study — and an effort to offer some clarity to buyers.
Magnolia Center, 601 Grand Ave.,
refreshments and snacks will be
3rd Floor, South San Francisco. Free. investment — would be required to property owners, as well as those Also, officials agreed to promote
served. For more information call
591-8286. For more information call 991- determine whether the land is histori- who may otherwise unknowingly the expanded eligibility of the tax
4111. cally significant, while those cleared purchase a home with the intent to incentive and credit program which
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 would have some frame of reference
Walking Tour of Historic St. John’s Fr eedom from Fractures. 10:30 renovate it only to find they need to would offer Mills Act benefits to
a.m. to noon. San Mateo Senior moving forward.
Cemetery. 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. San Mateo
Center, 2645 Alameda de las make an additional investment. A owners of properties recognized as
Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las
Pulgas, San Mateo. American Bone But critical officials noted any sur- citywide survey would cost approxi- historic resources.
Pulgas, San Mateo. An evening walk
through the town’s past. Bring a jack- Health presents a free presentation vey findings would not be binding, mately $200,000 to $300,000. “If we can get resources for people,
on how to avoid the most serious
et and wear comfortable shoes. Cost
risks of osteoporosis. Free. For more and the door would remain open for “I would rather have a more compre- I think that is a no-brainer,” said
is $33. For more information call 522-
7490. information call 522-7490 the potential that an aggrieved hensive list from which to start, so Colson.
S aturday Mor ning Yar n. 10:30
neighbor making historic accusa- buyers and sellers have a baseline of Brownrigg agreed, noting the ben-
Sir Mix-A-Lot. 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. San tions could still force homeowners to
Mateo County Event Center, 2495 S. a.m. South San Francisco Main understanding,” she said. efits could be widely available across
Library, 840 W. Orange Ave., South pay for an official judgment.
Delaware St., San Mateo. Free with
San Francisco. Free. For more infor- Megan Baldwin, who bought a Burlingame because so much of the
fair admission. For more information mation call 829-3860. “I just don’t think it really settles home with the intent to renovate city’s housing stock is aging.
call 574-3247.
anything,” said Vice Mayor Emily when a neighbor attempted to block “I very much like positive incen-
Stark Raving Dad B ook Signing
THURSDAY, JUNE 13 Event. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nuts For Beach, according to video of the the effort with claims that the proper- tives and encouraging good action,”
MPMC Lifeline Personal Help
Button. 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. San Mateo Candy 1241 Broadway Burlingame. meeting, in reference to the potential ty was historic, also promoted offi- he said.
The book captures all the pain of
Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las parenting in poetry. Free. For more
Pulgas, San Mateo. MPMC’s Lifeline is information call 343-8758.
a personal help button that helps A
8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\
\P]hff^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V
seniors live independently, with pric- 1 D ? 7 [TccTabd
S^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SS SXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb
Repair Cafe at Burlingame Public ^]PPQ
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U_
H^d\\Ph^^][hd dbTT
ing options for most budgets. Lifeline Library. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Burlingame F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tf
is part of a nonprofit, with all the pro-
ceeds going to the scholarship fund.
Public Library, 480 Primrose Road, 6 > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^ ^dcRR^\\^]f f^aSb
Burlingame. Community members
0 6 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1
For more information call 522-7490. can bring up to three items for repair.
Common items volunteers have ?>8=CB
B20;4 A0C8=6
Meditation With Pablo Gonzales. 4
p.m. South San Francisco Main
fixed are: lamps, small electronics "[[TccTab,
, _
_^X]c $   , 2WWP\_
Library, 840 W. Orange Ave., South
and toys. Volunteers can do sewing
repairs as well, including buttons, fix-
_^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac
San Francisco. Participants are rec- ing beloved stuffed animals and one 1h3
:]daTZ $[[TccTab,
_^X]cb %    ,  ? a^
ommended to wear comfortable
clothing and bring a cushion or pil-
time, volunteers fixed a hammock. %[[TccTab,
_^X]cb "  % %,, 66P\Ta
One volunteer can tune up bicycles. &[[TccTab,
_^X]cb !  " ",, AA^^ZXT

> 4 < 4
low. Free. For more information call
Free. For more information, or to sign
up for volunteering call 558-7407.
, _
_^X]cb  !
 0 \PcTda
, $_
_^X]cb  , ,
 Caah PV
Pub Style Trivia. 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Financial Fitness 101: Cash Flow
Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de and Debt Management with Brad A

las Pulgas, Belmont. Free. For more

C > 5 ;
Hamada. 2 p.m. CFEd. South San
information call 591-8286. Francisco Main Library, 840 W. FT_ _dcb
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. ^U[[TccTab2
Better Than Ezra. 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Free. For more information call 829-
San Mateo County Event Center, 3860. 5X]S0
;40BC5 5>DAD D=8CB> >5
2495 S. Delaware St., San Mateo. Free ;4=6C7XX]ccWTV

4 A ; 8
with fair admission. For more infor- Music Recording. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

mation call 574-3247. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de
las Pulgas, Belmont. Free for all ages.
FRIDAY, JUNE 14 Registration is required. For more

Seniors on the Square. 10 a.m. to information call 591-8286.
noon. Kerry McArdle, 1720 S.

: 8 < H
Amphlett Blvd., Suite 123, San Mateo.

STEAM: Science. 3 p.m. South San
Meet and greet with Redwood City Francisco Main Library, 840 W.
business owners. Free. For more Orange Avenue, South San Francisco.
information call 344-5200.

Competition to see who can build
the highest structure out of marsh-
Sof t Sk ills: Bouncing Back , mallows, spaghetti and tape.
Building Resiliency Presented by 1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7
7PbQa^88]R %  (
Participate solo or as a team. Free. !! (7
San Mateo County Jobs for Youth. For more information call 829-3860. 0]bfTabcc^B

4 p.m. South San Francisco Main f

fffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ <>1143?
?411;41 1D11;411>11;4A A0118C1
020 0610 mon:0610 mon 247 6/7/19 12:44 PM Page 1

20 Monday • June 10, 2019 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL






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All rights reserved. Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.


MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019
021-026 0610 mon:Class Master Odd 6/7/19 3:37 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • June 10, 2019 21

104 Training 110 employment

TerMs & CondITIons
The San Mateo daily Journal Classi-
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
errors not materially affecting the value
2 years experience
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- required.
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis-
ing conditions, please ask for a rate
Card. immediate placement
on all assignments.
105 education/Instruction
is your child's school
maximizing their potential?
Thrive at:
up ACAdeMY elementary FInAnCe GuideWire seeks in Foster City, CA:
Sr. revenue recognition Analyst: Ana-
lyze & research revenue acctg matters.
Provide accurate & comprehensive
110 employment docmtn of issues identified & conclu-
sions. req. MS in Acctg, Tax, Stats, Fin
sALes - Telemarketing and inside Sales or rel + 2 yrs exp in revenue accounting.
representative needed to sell newspa- u.S. CPA license required. To apply
per print and web advertising and event email resume to:
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to and refer to Job Code: ATC520.

Groundsperson -
65-acre private property in
Woodside is looking for one per-
son for grounds maintenance
and events setups.
Please call Carl 650-851-1457
between 1pm - 3pm only to set
up appointment

Owner of a luxury home in the Burlingame area is
looking for a Housekeeper. This is a part-time po-
sition, 20 hours per week, paying $20.00 per
hour. duties include light housekeeping, some
shopping, and keeping the house in good condi-
tion. No manual labor necessary. More impor-
tant, you will be supervising sub-contractors like
landscaping contractors, house cleaners, electri-
cians etc. to make sure that needed maintenance
and repairs get done timely and properly. This
would be the perfect job for a retired person.

please send your resume to:
021-026 0610 mon:Class Master Odd 6/7/19 3:37 PM Page 2

22 Monday • June 10, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL

110 employment 110 employment 203 public notices tundra tundra tundra
tecHnology months from the date of first issuance of
Job Title: business Systems letters to a general personal representa-
engineers GUIDEWIRE Software, Inc. has the fol- tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the
lowing openings in Foster City, CA: Sr. California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
Job Location: Belmont, CA Insurance Applications Consultant: Con- from the date of mailing or personal de-
figure & implmnt enterprise insurance livery to you of a notice under section
Requirements: SW apps. Req: MS in CS, Engg, Info Sys 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth-
MS or equiv. in Comp. or rel & 2 yrs exp in full-cycle enterprise er California statutes and legal authority
Sci., Electrical Eng., IT, sw/pkg implementation (Alt: BS+5 yrs may affect your rights as a creditor. You
etc. + 2 yrs. exp. reqd. or exp) Req#s: JASM504, JASG394, may want to consult with an attorney
BS or equiv. in Comp. Sci., JASB475, and JASK342. Insurance Ap- knowledgable in California law.
Electrical Eng., IT, etc. + 5 plications Architect: Analyze business You may examine the file kept by the
yrs. exp. reqd. Exp. w/ objctvs & idntfy reqs to configure enter- court. If you are a person interested in
business intelligence prise insurance SW apps. Req: MS in CS the estate, you may file with the court a
reporting/Process Models, or rel & 2 yrs exp dsgning solutions & Request for Special Notice (form DE-
Data Flow/ER Diagrams, apps for cmplx bus reqs and needs (Alt: 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
Dimensional Data/Context BS+5 yrs exp) Req#: JASM407. Telecom praisal of estate assets or of any petition
Models, SQL, & Sys. ok if not at client site. Req travel up to or account as provided in Probate Code
Analysis of projects w/ 100% throughout U.S. To apply, refer to section 1250. A Request for Special No-
multiple functional req# & email resume to tice form is available from the court clerk.
compo-nents reqd. Attorney for Petitioner:
EOE. Alexander M. Biddle
1900 S. Norfolk St #350
over the Hedge over the Hedge over the Hedge
Mail Resume: RingCentral, Inc.
Attn: HR Dept. SAN MATEO, CA 94403
20 Davis Drive, (650)532-3470
Belmont, CA 94002 FILED: 5/22/2019
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
203 public notices nal on 6/1/19, 6/8/19, 6/10/19 )
Statement of abandonment of
tHe uSe of a fictitiouS buSineSS
name Statement 280851
Registered Owner (Legal Entity) aban-
newSpapeR inteRnS doning the use of the Fictitious Business
Name: Naimas Filipino Streetfood.
JouRnaliSm Name of Business: Naimas Filipino
The Daily Journal is looking for in- notice of petition to
Streetfood. Date of original filing: adminiSteR eState of
terns to do entry level reporting, re- 03/29/19 Address of Principal Place of
search, updates of our ongoing fea- Lewis Alan Norris
Business: 160 Abbot Ave, DALY CITY, Case Number: 19PRO00633
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- CA 94014. Registrant: David Mangisel,
so welcome. same address. The business was con- To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
ducted by an Individual. tingent creditors, and persons who may
We expect a commitment of four to /s/David Mangisel/
eight hours a week for at least four otherwise be interested in the will or es-
This statement was filed with the Asses- tate, or both, of Lewis Alan Norris. A Pe-
months. The internship is unpaid, but sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
intelligent, aggressive and talented in- County on 5/21/19.
tition for Probate has been filed by
James Howard Norris in the Superior
203 public notices 203 public notices 298 collectibles
terns have progressed in time into (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
paid correspondents and full-time re- Court of California, County of San Mateo. 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- knowledgable in California law. 1984 time magazine. Special 1994
nal, 6/3/19, 6/10/19, 6/1719, 6/24/19). The Petition for Probate requests that
porters. praisal of estate assets or of any petition You may examine the file kept by the Olympics report. $10.00. Leave msg
James Howard Norris be appointed as or account as provided in Probate Code court. If you are a person interested in
personal representative to administer the (650)588-0842
College students or recent graduates section 1250. A Request for Special No- the estate, you may file with the court a
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper notice of petition to estate of the decedent.
adminiSteR eState of tice form is available from the court clerk. Request for Special Notice (form DE-
experience is preferred but not neces- The petition requests authority to admin- Attorney for Petitioner: 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- 49’eR 1990-1991 calendar. Eddie
sarily required. Lewis Herbert Norris ister the estate under the Independent deBartolo on cover. Mint condition.
Case Number: 19PRO00632 Alexander M. Biddle praisal of estate assets or of any petition
Administration of Estates Act. (This au- 1900 S. Norfolk St #350 or account as provided in Probate Code $10.00. Leave msg (650)588 0842
Please send a cover letter describing thority will allow the personal representa- SAN MATEO, CA 94403 section 1250. A Request for Special No-
your interest in newspapers, a resume To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- tive to take many actions without obtain- appRox. 40 yr old 1/2 l German Beer
tingent creditors, and persons who may (650)532-3470 tice form is available from the court clerk.
and three recent clips. Before you ap- ing court approval. Before taking certain FILED: 5/22/2019 Attorney for Petitioner: Stein, Raigimal, Gerz. $60 (650)207-
ply, you should familiarize yourself otherwise be interested in the will or es- very important actions, however, the per- 4162
tate, or both, of Lewis Herbert Norris. A (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- Colin E. Kelley, 250509
with our publication. Our Web site: sonal representative will be required to nal on 6/1/19, 6/8/19, 6/10/19 ) Kelley & Farren LLP Petition for Probate has been filed by give notice to interested persons unless
James Howard Norris in the Superior 1101 5th Avenue, Suite 160 claSSic lamboRgHini Countach
they have waived notice or consented to SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901
Court of California, County of San Mateo. the proposed action.) The independent Print ,Perfect for Garage,Framed Size
Send your information via e-mail to (415)925-5200 Medium ,Good Condition $25. (510)684- or by reg- The Petition for Probate requests that administration authority will be granted
James Howard Norris be appointed as FILED: 5/23/2019 0187
ular mail to 1720 S. Amphlett Blvd., unless an interested person files an ob- (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
#123, San Mateo CA 94402 personal representative to administer the jection to the petition and shows good
estate of the decedent. nal on 6/3/19, 6/10/19, 6/11/19 ) collectable cabbage Patch Kids
cause why the court should not grant au-
The petition requests authority to admin- thority. Luncheon Set. Royal Worchester. New
ister the estate under the Independent A hearing on the petition will be held in notice of petition to Box. Great Christmas Present. $100
Administration of Estates Act. (This au- this court as follows: JUN. 26, 2019 at adminiSteR eState of (650) 572-8895
thority will allow the personal representa- 9:00 a.m., Dept. 28, Superior Court of Raymond E. Raczkowski
SaleS/maRketing tive to take many actions without obtain- California, County of San Mateo, 400 Case Number: 19-PRO-00650
cool Hot Rod Print "Eddies Market"
inteRnSHipS ing court approval. Before taking certain County Center, Redwood City, CA Perfect for Garage,Size Medium,Perfect
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking very important actions, however, the per- 94063. To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
tingent creditors, and persons who may condition $25. (510)684-0187
for ambitious interns who are eager to sonal representative will be required to If you object to the granting of the peti-
otherwise be interested in the will or es-
295 art
jump into the business arena with both give notice to interested persons unless tion, you should appear at the hearing depReSSion glaSS Dining Plate. 8
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs they have waived notice or consented to and state your objections or file written tate, or both, of Raymond E. Raczkow- oil painting-canVaSS, Victorian
the proposed action.) The independent ski. A Petition for Probate has been filed 3/4", crows foot pattern, clear ruby red.
of the newspaper and media industries. objections with the court before the hear- Scene, With Frame 56”x44” $350.00
This position will provide valuable administration authority will be granted ing. Your appearance may be in person by Barbara Raczkowski in the Superior $12 (650)762-6048
OBO (650)515-6091
experience for your bright future. unless an interested person files an ob- or by your attorney. Court of California, County of San Mateo.
Email resume jection to the petition and shows good If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- The Petition for Probate requests that dinaH waSHington, Autographed cause why the court should not grant au- itor of the decedent, you must file your Barbara Raczkowski be appointed as 296 appliances 8”x10” glossy photo. Good condition
thority. claim with the court and mail a copy to personal representative to administer the $1200 OBO (650)342-3825
A hearing on the petition will be held in the personal representative appointed by estate of the decedent. aiR conditioneR 10000 BTU w/re-
this court as follows: JUN. 26, 2019 at the court within the later of either (1) four The petition requests the decedent’s mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG gameS of the 23rd Olympiad maga-
9:00 a.m., Dept. 28, Superior Court of months from the date of first issuance of LOST will and codicils, if any, be admit- brand $199 runs like new. (650)235- zine. 1984. $10.00. Leave msg (650)588-
California, County of San Mateo, 400 letters to a general personal representa- ted to probate. The LOST will and codi- 0898 0842
County Center, Redwood City, CA tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the cils are available for examination in the
94063. California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days file kept by the court.
The petition requests authority to admin- fRee waSHeR and 220v dryer, both lennox Red Rose, Unused, hand
If you object to the granting of the peti- from the date of mailing or personal de- working. Belmont (415) 902-4484. You painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
tion, you should appear at the hearing livery to you of a notice under section ister the estate under the Independent
Administration of Estates Act. (This au- move, stairs. $12.00. (650) 578 9208.
and state your objections or file written 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth-
objections with the court before the hear- er California statutes and legal authority thority will allow the personal representa-
ing. Your appearance may be in person tive to take many actions without obtain- glaSS-panel lampSHade. Similar milleR lite Neon sign , work good
may affect your rights as a creditor. You $59 call (650)218-6528
or by your attorney. may want to consult with an attorney ing court approval. Before taking certain to TIFFENEY about16" diameter. multi-
If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- knowledgable in California law. very important actions, however, the per- ple tan/white mainly.Hang or lampshade.
itor of the decedent, you must file your sonal representative will be required to $75 (650)727-7266 old, antique, Bottle Collection: 20
You may examine the file kept by the bottles in total. $40 for all. (650)762-6048
claim with the court and mail a copy to court. If you are a person interested in give notice to interested persons unless
the personal representative appointed by the estate, you may file with the court a they have waived notice or consented to Hotpoint HeaVy Duty Dryer excellent
the court within the later of either (1) four the proposed action.) The independent one collection of antique Cuban
Request for Special Notice (form DE- working condition Burlingame $50 Call Cigar Bands. $95. (415) 867-6444. No
administration authority will be granted Dan (408)656-0958
unless an interested person files an ob- Texting.
jection to the petition and shows good
cause why the court should not grant au- maytag waSHeR excellent working patRick nagel Print "Gallery in the
thority. condition Burlingame $50 Call Dan Courtyard ' # 7, Custom Framed , $100
A hearing on the petition will be held in (408)656-0958 .(510)684-0187
this court as follows: JUN. 28, 2019 at
9:00 a.m., Dept. 28, Superior Court of mfg H20labS Model 300 exc cond Small Rug beater. $15.00 (650)207-
California, County of San Mateo, 400 counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839. 4162
County Center, Redwood City, CA
94063. new, SingeR Sewing Machine Univer- toppS baSeball complete set 1987
If you object to the granting of the peti- sal Carry Case Model 620, Free Arm Ma- thru 1992, 1998,1999 $99 Rick (415)999-
tion, you should appear at the hearing chine Compatible, $35, (650)483-1222 4474
and state your objections or file written
objections with the court before the hear- tiffany Style Lamp shade. Older-
ing. Your appearance may be in person two 1998 Star Wars R2-D2 action fig-
multiple panels. 17” diameter. $75. (650) ure variations, new/unopened. $25 for
or by your attorney. 727-7266.
If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- both. Steve (650)518-6614
itor of the decedent, you must file your Vacuum cleaneR (reconditioned)
claim with the court and mail a copy to Vintage StemwaRe: 3 styles, 23
the personal representative appointed by $10 Call Ed (415)298-0645 pcs. $60, (650)207-4162
the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representa-
297 bicycles 299 computers
tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the adult bikeS 1 regular and 2 with bal-
California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days 19" coloR Monitor with stand VG con-
loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 dition power cord/owners manual includ-
from the date of mailing or personal de-
livery to you of a notice under section ed $60.00 OBO 1-415-279-4857
cHild’S ScHwinn bicycle, blue in
9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189.
er California statutes and legal authority RecoRdable cd-R 74, Sealed, Unop-
may affect your rights as a creditor. You mountain bike new 21 gears $100. ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,
may want to consult with an attorney (650)722-3634 (650) 578 9208

notice of public lien Sale

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to California Business and

Professions Code, Chapter 10, 21700-21716, the following will
be sold at public auction. Sale will be conducted on or after
June 17, 2019 at 12:30pm at Millbrae Station Self Storage, lo-
cated at 210 Adrian Road Millbrae, CA 94030. All purchases
are sold as is, where is, and must be removed within 48 hours
from the close of sale. Sale is subject to cancellation in the
event of a settlement between owner and obligated party.
Unit B203 Patricia Barnes, boxes
Unit 1029 Patricia Barnes, Boxes, household décor, furniture
Unit P402 Juan C Herrera Ponce, household, kitchen, pictures,
chairs, shelving
Unit T559 Emil Lawrence, household, boxes, and miscellane-
Unit T568 Emil Lawrence, boxes, and miscellaneous
Unit D3169 Emil Lawrence boxes and misc.
Unit Y843 Anna Marie Law, flat screen, boxes, cabinets
Unit Y854 Anna Marie Law, tools, trunks, furniture
Unit 1106 Sean Munroe, Rugs, sport equip, suitcases, chest of
Unit T513 Benson Kam, Household and boxes
Unit T905 miscellaneous household

Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, June 3 and 10, 2019
021-026 0610 mon:Class Master Odd 6/7/19 3:37 PM Page 3

THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • June 10, 2019 23

300 toys 304 Furniture 304 Furniture 310 Misc. For sale 310 Misc. For sale 316 clothes
14-1000-Pcs PuzzLes $3.00 ea. dining ROOM tABLe And six tHOMAsViLLe dining table, $50 4 BessY sMALL Evening Hand Bag With sLR Lens Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6 FAux FuR Coat Woman's brown multi
(650)207-4162 cHAiRs -Antique, Mahogany Chippen- chairs, mid-century blonde with two Beige Cord $75.00 (650)678-5371 Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171 color in excellent condition 3/4
dale Chairs- $3000 (650)888-2662 leaves call (650)697-3709. length $50 (650)692-8012
AMeRicAn FLYeR locomotive runs BiFOLd sHutteRs 2x28”x79 $10.00 stOck AiR intake, 5.7 hemi $80.00
good #21085 $75.00 (650) 867-7433 tiki BAR - Original from the 60’s,Like (650)544-5306 (650)454-4902 knee-HigH BLAck women's boots,
dining ROOM Table-Antique,Oak, Elvis', made of wood, 68”X22X39, $3500 size 7, wide calf & wide width, new.
JuMP And Play Keyboard brand new, in 5chairs, w/ extension $200 (650)245-4234. BLue OYsteR cult lp signed by donald tiRes-set OF four P225 45 R18 $80
original box. $25.00. (650)454-7580. OBO (650)359-2238. $40.00. Call (650)872-2371
(650)290-3188 r. Eric b. And Wilcox. $40. Cash
(408)661-6019 LAdies sequin dress, blue, size XL,
stAR wARs Celebration 3 Darth Vader tuntuRi ROwing Machine, Good
$20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568 twO tieR Mahogany finish changing ta- Condition, $75, (650)483-1222 pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
dining tABLe (36"x54") and 4 match- ble with pad great condition-$30.00 cAsH RegisteR Parts; Much Skin Not
ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for (650)771-6324 Guts $500 (415)269-4784 uniden HARLeY Davidson Gas Tank Men's stetsOn hat, size large, new,
302 Antiques $250 .(650)-654-1930. phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485 rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
twO wOOd Book Shelves, $75 with cHROMe BAtHROOM standard center (650) 578-9208
BeeR steins-ORiginAL from Germa- dining tABLe - (72”x42”)WITH 2 FT drawers and pull-down desk call set faucet complete and ready to install, wALkeR - Good Condition - Like New -
ny, three different $99 ea. Call for info Extension, six upholstered chairs, excel- (650)697-3709 $5, (650)595-3933 $35 (650)341-5347 sHOes size 5 1/2 and 6 for $50 or less
(650)592-7483 lent condition, $450 (650)692-8012. (650)508-8662
used BedROOM Furniture, FREE. Call cOscO PLAY Pen with travel bag. Used
dining tABLe. 72" by 42". With leaf (650)573-7381. once $35 (650)591-2981 311 Musical instruments tuxedO size 40, black, including white
MAHOgAnY Antique Secretary desk, 90". $99 or best offer. (650)228-3389 shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189
wALL unit/ROOM Divider. Simple cut gLAss serving bowl 8" diameter 1929 Antique Alto Selmer, Cigar Cut-
72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- ter, Newly Refurbished $4,500 OBO Call
elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024. dResseR-Antique VAnitY Combo, 3 lines. Breaks down for transportation. $25. Call 650-921-4016 wedding dRess-designeR, Size 12,
beveled mirrors, Eight Drawers, $400 $25.(650)712-9962 leave message (650)742-6776. Needs Dry Cleaning, Org. $4000.00 Sell
ROseViLLe tuLiP Pitcher, Ca: 1900. (650)290-3188 deLuxe FOLdeR Walker - 5" wheels - for $500 Call (650)867-1728
$45. (650)574-2490. wALnut cHest, small (4 drawer with Never Used - $40 (650)341-5347 cHROMAtic HARMOnicA: Horner
engLisH dRAw Table, $50 Solid Wood upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180, wOMAn's AMeRicAn Rag faux leather
48" with two 12" pull-out leaves, disPLAY cAse, glass top. 27”x20”x2” (650)278-5776. jacket. Perfect condition. Black
303 electronics call(650)697-3709 wHite wickeR Armoire, asking $100, Deep. $15.00. 650-588-0842. /2x/NW0T $25 (650) 952-3466
great condition, text for picture (650)571-
FRee teLeVisiOn - Mitsubishi, etHAn ALLen sofa and love seat. Blue 0947 dRiVe 3-wHeeL buggy $45. Call ePiPHOne Les Paul Custom Prophecy wOMAn's tAHARi jacket. Perfect con-
26"W,22"H,18"D Works Great, Not velveteen. Solid construction. Some col- (650)589-1407 Electric Guitar. Mint. $625.00. dition. Royal blue/16W/NWT $25
Flatscreen, Text (650) 333-8323 Local or fading in spots. Great sofa for reuphol- wOOd - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x (650)421-5469. (650) 952-3466
Delivery available. stering. Free. (650)593-7001. 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311 FRee MAgAzines. Library discards
year old ones. Wide variety. Good for eVeRett uPRigHt antique piano. wOMen's BLAck suede fur lined
crafts, light reading. (650)952-9074
OnkYO AV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital gLideR rocker and ottoman, oak, excel- 306 Housewares Lovely sound. $99. 650-365-5718. boots, size 8. $10.00 call (650)872-2371
Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644.
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 FRee: wiLd turkey feathers; whole Huge Ludwig Drum Set Silver Sparkle wORk BOOts. Iron Age, size 10-1/2,
ikeA dResseR, black, 3 shelf. 23" x BudweiseR stein $10 (650)589-5065 wings, full tail fans. Wild duck wings. For brown, with steel metatarsal protection.
& Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian
PHiLLiPs-50” cOLOR t.V., Heavy, $99 15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804. fly tying, art projects, etc. Call Mark Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $3,500 In box, $45, OBO. (650)594-1494
cRYstAL wine glasses new (12ea) (650)207-0882
(650)591-8062 (916)975-4969
ikeA tABLe, black 58" x 21" x 14" high. $20.00 Call 650-592-2648
$ 30. (650)598-9804. genuine swiss Army Knife with knife PiAnO-AndRew kOHLeR, Mahogany,
318 sports equipment
304 Furniture geRMAn stein $10 (650)589-5065
blade, nail file, nail cleaner, scissors, per- Spinet piano, Very Good Condition, $250
MAHOgAnY tV Cabinet, $75 4'H x 3'W
fect, $5, (650)595-3933 (415)334-1980 Big BeRtHA, Golfsmith Titanium Driver
x 2'D, perfect condition call (650)697- MikAsA set. White. Modern (square) ,Mid Driver, Stinger 1 3 5 - $99 Rick
Antique dining table for six people Setting for 4 $30 (415)734-1152.
with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 3709 (415)999-4474
HAnds FRee, holds any cellphone firm-
new "BeLLA" buffet triple slow cooker ly on handlebar, completely adjustable, PLAYeR PiAnO 1916 W/Bench 25 mu-
MAttRess, twin long, excellent condi- and food warmer $35.00 call (650)592- sic rolls $950 Don (415)309-3892 BRAnd new Golf bag with Stand.
Antique MOHAgAnY Bookcase. Four tion, $25, (650) 552-9556 locks in position, $9, (650)595-3933
feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. 2648 Makes a great gift. $65. 415-867-6444.
new deLuxe Twin Folding Bed, Lin- HAt, t-sHiRt, sweatshirt and comput- No Texting.
BedsteAd singLe, poster style, box ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must sink dOuBLe cast iron. Good condi- erbag $80.00 for all (650)592-2648 sPinet PiAnO + Bench, $50. Call
spring, mattress available. $40.00. Sell! (650) 875-8159. tion. $99.00. (650)593-7408 (650)589-1407 BRAnd new golf clubs: 1, 3 Woods;
(650)593-7408 LiOneL cHRistMAs Holiday expan- Irons: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pw. Makes a great
VintAge AutOPiAnO upright player
niAgARA ViBRAting Adjustable bed 307 Jewelry & clothing sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
piano $99.00 call (650)728-5053 leave
gift $95. 415-867-6444. No Texting.
Beige sOFA $99. Excellent Condition good condition Burlingame $90 Call Dan message or email
(650) 315-2319 (408)656-0958 Anne kLein silver-tone watch with LiOneL westeRn Union Pass car and eAstOn ALuMinuM bat.33 inches, 30
Swarovski crystals & mother-of-pearl di- dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537 oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513
Bunk Beds for sale. Cherry Wood, 2 wuRLitzeR uPRigHt piano. Fair con-
queen sOFA Bed, $75 Sherrill (sp?), al. $60.00 call(650)872-2371 dition. Free. No delivery. (650)455-5595
years old. Includes Mattresses. $600 or Salmon fabric, 91" wide, good condition, MOtLeY cRue lp signed by neil lee eVeRLAst 80# MMA Heavy Bag and
B/O (650)685-2494 call (650)697-3709 sixx and mars $75 cash (408)661-6019 Stand. Like New. $99 (650)654-9966
. 308 tools 312 Pets & Animals
negRini Fencing Epee mask size M gutHY-RenkeR POweR Rider,Ever-
cHinA cABinet Wallet, $20. Call & France Lames 5 epee blade $95
(650)589-1407 RetRO HutcH Needs refinishing other- Antique iROn Hand Drills. 3 available One kenneL Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani- last 2 1/2 ankle weights, kegel thigh ex-
wise good condition. Top detaches from at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron (415)260-6940 mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60.. erciser $20 (510)770-1976
cHOcOLAte BROwn living room chair bottom $25. (650)712-9962 (650)593-2066
with cushion. In excellent condition, $60. cRAFtsMAn 6”x9” belt/disc sander, OLd B&L Microscope in good condition; knee RideR $ 50.00 joe (650)573-5269
sOFA-Beige FABRic, Orig. $900, used once. Cost $330.00 check Sears 35x 100x 430x $50. (650) 588-0842.
Call 650-872-2371. PARROt cAge, Steel, Large - approx LeAtHeR gOLF bag with 23 clubs $90.
Rarely used, 7ft long, $350 website. $150.00 (650)591-6283 4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
RAY-BAn tOP Bar Sunglasses (650) 592-2648.
cOMPuteR desk (glass) & chair. Like (650)234-8218 offer. (650)245-4084
cRAFtsMAn 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6" RB31832 BlackFrameSemi rimless semi-
new $75 OBO (650)704-4709 or dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 wrap Lens:GreyUV UltraSleek Light- Men's ROssignOL Skis. $95.00, sOLid wOOd Dining table with exten-
sion great piece great condition black
Lg cRAFtsMen shop vac 6.5hp $60
weight New w/case $65.00 (650)591- 316 clothes good condition, (650)341-0282.
$80 (650)364-5263 6596
cOMPuteR desk with 3 side drawers . (510)943-9221 One dOzen Official League Diamond
Pine wood lacquered. Almost new. Ask BOOts -Lugz Orange County Chopper Baseballs. Brand New. $35. Call Roger
sOLid wOOd Entertainment Center- ROLLeRBLAdes, used, size 10. $20 Edition Motorcycle Brand New size 10
for pic . $89 or bo.(650)255-3514 text or sHOPsMitH MARk V 50th Anniversary obo. Please call (650)745-6309 (650)771-6324.
TurnTable, Am-Fm, Eight Track, Built In most attachments. $1,500/OBO. Black $60 . (510)684-0187
leave message Speakers, Sony 26’ Smart T.V.(68.75 in. (650)504-0585 sAMsOnite 26" tan hard-sided suit tOtAL gYM XLS, excellent condition.
X 25.5inch X28inch) $500 o.b.o BROwn sued boots, fur-lined, size 8,
cOMPuteR swiVeL CHAIR. Padded (925)482-5742 case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new. Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409 VintAge cRAFtsMAn Jig Saw. Circa $45. (650)328-6709 new. $15.00. Call(650)872-2371 (650)588-0828
1947. $60. (650)245-7517
tABLe 24"x48" folding legs each end. FAncY HigH heel shoes, never worn
desk 6 drawer - 53"w x 31 1/2"d x 29"h Melamine top, 500# capacity. Cost siLk sARee 6 yards new nice color.for VintAge nAsH Cruisers Mens/ Wom-
- $40.00 (650)454-4902 $130. Sell $50. 650-591-4141 310 Misc. For sale $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in- size 8 1/2 $20.00 (650)592-2648 ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz
formation. 6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
desk, gd. cond. $99.99 or b.o. twin Bed, mattress, box spring, frame 500-600 Big Band-era 78's--most mint,
(650)458-3578 $ 50. (650)598-9804. no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459 sink, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet, kAYAnO Men’s Running shoes size 11 YAMAHA ROOF RACK, 58 inches $75.
$15.00 (650)544-5306 good condition $20 (650)520-7045 (650)458-3255
021-026 0610 mon:Class Master Odd 6/7/19 3:37 PM Page 4

24 Monday • June 10, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL

318 Sports equipment Garage Sales 380 real estate Services 620 Automobiles 625 Classic Cars 670 Auto Service
WOrkOut BenCh, weights, bars, for MerCeDeS ‘89 300e, Low Miles, Excel.
flat/incline bench and legs. $100.
(650)861-2411 GArAGe SAleS
CAll CrOnAn Real Estate today at
650 274 0259 to learn how to win GOt An OlDer Condition, Good Engine, Needs paint,
$13,900 (650)303-4257. Leave msg. AA SMOG
in the local real estate market. Lunch CAr, BOAt, Or rV? Complete Repair & Service
is on us!
340 Camera & Photo equip. eStAte SAleS Do the humane thing.
Donate it to the MuStAnG ’73- All Original: Miles 300, $29.75 plus certificate fee
(most cars)
Paperwork, Light Brown Paint, 351
Humane Society. V/8Cleveland, Auto-Trans, P/S, P/B, 869 California Drive .
nikOn 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel- Make money, make room! 470 rooms Call 1- 866-899-3051 $30,000 (650)359-6001. Burlingame
lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044

OMeGA B600 Condenser Enlarger, In-

List your upcoming hiP hOuSinG
(650) 340-0492
struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En-
larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940
garage sale, Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
San Mateo County
MAzDA ‘06 Miata MX5, Grand Tour-
ing, 152K miles, very clean. $5900.00
POrSChe ‘88 Carrera Targa, 139K
Miles, BK-BK, $32,500. (650) 589-9766.
moving sale, (650)348-6660 Call Mike (650)339-0807
ViVitAr V 2000 W/35-70 zoom and
estate sale, 630 trucks & SuV’s $29.75 + $8.25 certificate
original manual. Like new. $99 SSF
(650)583-6636 MAzDA ‘16 Sky Active one owner per- VAliD Mon thru thu
yard sale, 620 Automobiles fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles
$18,995 OBO (650)520-4650.
FOrD ‘10 F150 Super Crew cab, 78K
miles. System-One toolboxes and rack. 9am to 11:30am and 1pm to 5pm
345 Medical equipment rummage sale, $16K contact or text (650)520-3725
Look for coupon in the Daily Journal
ADJuStABle BAth shower transfer clearance sale, or Don’t lose money niSSAn ‘01 MAXiMA
$3,500. (650)302-5523
160K miles,
FOrD ’88 F150 4x4 Camper shell, 83K
luxurati Auto
704 N. San Mateo Dr., San Mateo
bench with sidebar $15 (510)770-1976 whatever sale you on a trade-in or miles, $2000 obo (650)868-3010
niSSAn ‘12 Leaf, Electric, low mileage
COMMODe, Very clean and disinfect- have... consignment! 34,500 Excellent condition (650)796-
ed. Asking $20 obo. Please call if inter- leXuS ‘07 GX450, 124K miles, $11,900
3896. (650)302-5523
ested. (650)745-6309
Reach over 83,450 readers Sell your vehicle in the
DriVe 3-in-1 commode with seat,buck- Daily Journal’s
POntiAC ‘97 Passenger Van. Aluminum
Rims with good tires. Needs engine
tOyOtA ‘06 4runner, 190K miles, 670 Auto Parts
et,cover,splash sheild,armrests $10 from South San Francisco work! $900. Call (650)365-8287 or cell
$7,900.. (650)302-5523
(510)770-1976 to Palo Alto. Auto Classifieds. 9650)714-3865.
1960S CADillAC hub caps $40
635 Vans (650)592-3887
DriVe DeluXe two button walker $10 in your local newspaper.
(510)770-1976 Just $45 tOyOtA ’96 Tercel Original owner,
30mpg, original paint/Interior, will not tOyOtA ‘08 SIENNA LE, excellent con- BriDGeStOne AlenzA 235/65R17,
rADiAtiOn PrOteCtiOn 1/2-apron Call (650)344-5200 We’ll run it start, $850.00 (650)367-0597. dition, camera, bluetooth, trailer, 94K
miles. $9,000. text (925)786-5545 See
$50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
Pb free; .5mm Pb equivalent, xl, adjusta- ‘til you sell it! craigslist for pics.
used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
ble buckle, gently used; $60; 607-227- 625 Classic Cars
640 Motorcycles/Scooters CheVy S-10 center caps - 4 / $60.00
WAlker/rOlAtOr. neW. large, bas-
reach 83,450 drivers CADillAC ‘85 Classic El Dorado (650)454-4902
ket, quickly convert to wheelchair. Large 379 Open houses from South SF to 44,632 original miles. Needs body work
BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
size to 400LBS.8" wheels $45.00 and headliner $2,475 OBO (650)218-
Palo Alto 4681.
(650) 995-0003 CheVy/GMC 1994. Full size. Front
plastic/bumper/grill complete. Perfect
Call (650)344-5200 MOtOrCyCle SADDleBAGS, Photos. San Mateo $75 (650)727-7266 CheVy ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
OPen hOuSe Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
obo. (650)952-4036.
with mounting hardware and other parts
$35. Call (650)670-2888. GM truCk/SuV 1994? Large Vehicle.
liStinGS AutO AuCtiOn CheVy ‘86 COrVette. Automatic. 645 Boats
Front Bumper/plastic/grill unit
complete/perfect. Perfect/photos availa-
ble .$75. (650)727-7266
Every Tuesday 11am 93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
List your Open House 280 A Street Colma obo. (650) 952-4036. BOAt- 7 FT Livingston Fiber Glass., 2.5
HP. NIssan Outboard Motor. $800. OFF rOAD LIGHTS ,Baja Tough by
in the Daily Journal. 650-756-3394
COrVette ‘69 350 4-SPeeD. 50k (650) 591-5404. Desert Fox ,Quartz Halogen,New in box,
MileS. New upgrades; best offer. $30. (510)684-0187
CheVrOlet ‘86 ASTROVAN, 95K
Reach over 83,450 miles, $2000 (650)481-5296
(415)602-8480. Mr. Roberts. MAliBu 24 ft with tower. Completely re-
potential home buyers & DAtSun ‘83 280zx, T-Tops, 159K miles,
built and re-finished. Boat and Motor.
20K obo. (650)851-0878.
White StAr Tire Chains, never used.
CheVy ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.
renters a day, CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284. good condition, cosmentic and mechani-
cal. $6500 OBO. 650-302-4747.
from South San Francisco MAzDA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
SeA rAy 16 Ft . I/B. $1,200. Needs 680 Autos Wanted
to Palo Alto. Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
dition One owner Fully loaded Low hOnDA ‘92 CiViC, Classic Commuter
miles reduced $15,995 obo (650)520- Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
in your local newspaper. 4650
Gas Saver. Restored. 40+ mpg.
200k miles. $3,700. (415)999-4947. 650 rVs Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
Call (650)344-5200 hOnDA ‘10 CiViC, 87K miles, $6,800.
MerCeDeS ‘79 450 SL with hard top. GulF StreAM, Sun Voyager ‘04. So clean out that garage
Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851- 36 ft, Excellent Condition. $35,000. Give me a call
0878 650-349-3087. Joe 650 342-2483

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 32 “Mighty” Mudville 48 Pastel purple
1 Noisy blue birds 1 Elbow poke dud 49 Prepare, as
5 What a wizard 2 Mount Rushmore 34 Crooner Perry potatoes
may cast prez next to 38 Source of a 50 Capital on a fjord
10 Magic charm Teddy masculine sense 51 Rockies ski resort
14 Stand watch for, 3 Shrill bark of self 52 “Must-see”
say 4 Hollywood 40 12 bottles of wine review
15 Shire of “Rocky” hopefuls, back in 41 Nonprofessional 53 Polygon measure
16 State firmly the day 42 Investment firm 54 It may result in a
17 Lugosi of 5 Speak haltingly figure commission
“Dracula” fame 6 Outdoor party 43 Classroom 58 Patriots’ Brady
18 MLB app for area helper 59 DDE’s WWII
watching live 7 Hamburg’s river 47 Lively command
baseball games 8 False witness
19 Farmer’s place, in
a kids’ song
9 Like sideways
gridiron passes
20 *Opening night 10 “__ Secretary”:
Hollywood event TV drama
23 VIP vehicle 11 No longer hung
24 Smash into up on
25 Current unit 12 Rude
28 Practice in the awakening
ring 13 Big-eyed
30 Mil. bravery 21 Celt’s land
leGAl nOtiCeS medal
33 *Recognizable
22 Western chum
25 Imitators
Fictitious Business Name Statements, face associated 26 Tropical eel
with a cause 27 Exams for sophs
Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate, 35 Brew ordered by and jrs.
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, its initials 28 Filmdom ogre
Notice of Public Sales and More. 36 Periods often 29 Spot to fish from
named for music 30 Somber song
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County. genres 31 Like milk on the
37 __-Ida Tater Tots floor 06/10/19
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 38 Colored eye part
Email them to: 39 Double-crosser
40 *Photographer’s
44 Part of CBS: Abbr.
45 Run __: go wild
46 Number of feet

GOt JOBS? between baseball

47 Times two, a
48 Work with freight
the best career seekers 49 “Coming
read the Daily Journal. attractions”
offerings, and a
We will help you recruit qualified, talented hint to the starts
individuals to join your company or organization. of the answers to
starred clues
55 “Right away!”
the Daily Journal’s readership covers a wide letters
range of qualifications for all types of positions. 56 Well in advance
57 Life partner
For the best value and the best results, 60 Bit of lingerie
recruit from the Daily Journal... 61 Eye parts with
Contact us for a free consultation 62 Most of the time
63 Fit for sainthood
64 Respond
Call (650) 344-5200 or 65 Verne sea By Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski
captain 06/10/19
email: ©2019 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
021-026 0610 mon:Class Master Odd 6/7/19 3:38 PM Page 5

THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • June 10, 2019 25

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HigH TECH nice painting

CLOSET SpiLLAnE Lic#1016421-bonded & insured
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the art of organization Wood Retaining Walls,
Fences & Stairs
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Lic.# 742961 UÊ ÃÌ>ÌiÊ
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Concrete Call 650-315-4011 Tom 650.834.2365
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Serving the entire Peninsula Hours of Operation plumbing
*Stamps *Color *Driveways
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*Block walls *Landscaping LAnDSCApE DESign License # 752250 Since 1985
Drought Tolerant Planting
Free Estimates Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
Landscaping Design AAA RATED!
(650)533-0187 and lots more! Fire Sprinklers
Lic# 947476
Call Robert
(650)703-3831 Lic #751832 FiRE pROTECTiOn
All kinds of Concrete $40 & up Fire sprinkler inspection, repair and
installation. Proudly serving the
Coastside and S.F. Bay Area.
- Retaining Wall - Flagstone 279 Chimney Sweep
- All kinds of concrete
- General Landscaping
- Fencing
- Decking HAuL (650)784-6002
- Tree Service
- Roofing
- New Lawn
- Sprinkler
miSTER CHimnEY Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
dba nova Fireplaces Monthly Specials
Systems Fast, Dependable Service
*Free Estimate (650)544-1435 Call Mister Chimney: (650) 631-4531
20 Yrs Experience gEORgE Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Free Estimates HVAC
A+ bbb Rating

1336 El Camino Real
belmont, CA 94002 (650)341-7482 LHC HEATing &
Free Estimate on
CHAinEY HAuLing Gas Furnace Replacement
Handy Help (650) 288-2180
Junk & Debris Clean up CA LIC#485471
Furniture / Appliance / Disposal
HOnEST HAnDYmAn Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo

Remodelling, Plumbing, Electri- Starting at $40 & up Landscaping
cal, Carpentry, General Home
Repair, Maintenance, New Con- Free Estimates
O’SuLLiVAn struction.
COnSTRuCTiOn No Job Too Small
New Construction Lic #891766
Licensed and Insured HAuLing! pLumbing
Lic. #589596
SEniOR HAnDYmAn Light moving!
“Specializing in any size project”
• Painting • Electrical
Haul Debris!
COnSTRuCTiOn CO. • Carpentry • Dry Rot Independent
40 Yrs. Experience Contractor with
Lic.#789093 Retired Licensed Contractor
Bonded and insured 20 years of exp.
Call bill (415)420-4853
(650)201-6854 Drain and plumbing service, gas
repairs, waterline
ViCTOR HAnDYmAn repairs.
Decks & Fences
KITCHEN & Remodelling All around San Mateo
Painting Interior & Exterior
& neighboring area.
Household Repairs & Carpentry
Fences, decks, arbors, Post Repairs Call Leo
CALEDOniAn Retaining walls, Concrete
Works, French Drains, Siding (650)669-3331 LAWN MAINTENANCE (650)868-8059
mASOnRY inC (650)389-3707
Landscape Design! (650)346-7582 (650)522-0480
We can design your Hauling Drought Tolerant Planting
outdoor living
experience. mARSH FEnCE Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
*BBQ’s *Pizza Ovens & DECK CO. JOn’S HAuLing and lots more!
State License #377047 Serving the peninsula since 1976
*Patios *Flagstone Licensed • Insured • Bonded FREE ESTimATES
*Concrete/Foundation Fences - Gates - Decks
Junk and debris removal, yard/house
Stairs - Retaining Walls
clearing, furniture, appliance hauling
Call For Free Estimate: 10-year guarantee
Quality work w/reasonable prices
(650) 525-9154 Call for free estimate
(650)571-1500 (650)393-4233


We do it all! Reroofing, Repairs & Gutters
in the
Offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from EXPERT
Palo Alto to South San Francisco
and all points between! FREE
Call (650)344-5200 ESTIMATE
650.669.3519 LICENSE #834470
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26 Monday • June 10, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL


art Cemetery Food health & Medical Pet Services

laSTing PanCho villa DenTal Sage CenTerS

TaQUeria iMPlanTS Emergency
iMPreSSionS Because Flavor Still Matters Save $500 on Veterinary Care 24/7
ARE OUR FIRST 365 B Street
San Mateo implant abutment &
(650) 417-7243
Redwood City
Crown Package.
PRIORITY (650) 343-4123 Call Millbrae Dental always here when you need us
home improvement for details
Cypress Lawn (650)583-5880
kiTChenS real estate loans
1370 El Camino Real San CarloS
baThrooMS Colma Farmer's Market
Design & remodel (650)755-0580 DenTUreS reFinanCe
Contemporary Styles
Downtown Laurel Street in a DaY! PrivaTe MoneY Sundays 10 am to 2 pm (in most cases) aT a loWer raTe
650.593.7824 Lic #476222
Rain or Shine only $1,395 per set
DireCT PrivaTe lenDer
Computer Roos Dental Care ALL CREDIT ACCEPTED
Tree Service Financial Redwood City Since 1979

1900 O’Farrell Street #145
SAN MATEO, CA 01128590
aFForDable 348-7191 liFe inSUranCe Real Estate Broker
CA BRE#746683
(650)802-0800 Eric L. Barrett, NMLS #348288
Barrett Insurance Services
Care inDeeD Fitness real estate Services
CA. Insurance License #0737226
890 Santa Cruz Ave San MaTeo aThleTiC ClUb
Menlo Park
at College of San Mateo greg TerrY
Investing in your health also supports
education in your community raTeS Too high? Greg has over 30 years of
(650) 328-1001 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. Bldg. 5
success in Real Estate;
Top Echelon of Production;
San Mateo, CA 94402 brian ForneSi will serve you with the
Dental Services highest degree of professionalism.
Tel. (650)378-7373

CoMPleTe iMPlanT 650 343 6521 (650) 678-1110
Dentistry Under one roof FarMerS inSUranCe
Same day treatment Thinking aboUT bUYing
or Selling YoUr hoMe?
Evening & Saturday appts available
legal Services Call Mitch Wong
Peninsula Dental Implant Center of Compass Real Estate Services
1201 St Francis Way, San Carlos Residential and/or Commercial
legal Real Estate
DoCUMenTS PLUS (650)483-8573
Non-Attorney document
preparation: Divorce,
Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
Conservatorship, Probate, Travel
Notary Public. Response to
Lawsuits: Credit Card Figone Travel
Issues, Breach of Contract groUP
notices Jeri blatt, lDa #11 (650) 595-7750
Registered & Bonded
noTiCe To reaDerS:
California law requires that contractors (650)574-2087 Cruises • Land & Family vacations
Personalized & Experienced
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor Family Owned & Operated
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac- "I am not an attorney. I can only
tor’s State License Board. State law also Since 1939
provide self help services at your 1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLOS
requires that contractors include their li- specific direction."
cense number in their advertising. You CST#100209-10
can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800-
321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
jobs that total less than $500 must state
in their advertisements that they are not Marketing
licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.
YoUr SMall bUSineSS
Get free help from
Tuesday, June 11 The Growth Coach
Go to
San Mateo County Fair
Sign up for the free newsletter
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo
Senior Expo open until 3 p.m.
networking groups
Seniors age 62+ admitted FREE into Senior Expo features:
Fair and Senior Expo until 3pm t Senior-related businesses
Parking on-site $15 and community booths
t Goody bags for first 1000 guests
t Giveaways
Dean Martin impersonator Matt Helm
The all - time “ King of Cool” will sing some old
favorites, as well as Sinatra songs.
Senior Stage, Expo Hall
11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm

Call (650)344-5200 for information
* Events subject to change
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THE DAILY JOURNAL WORLD/ LOCAL Monday • June 10, 2019 27

General strike launched in Sudan after security crackdown

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Shops were closed and streets

were empty across Sudan on Sunday, the first day of a gen-
eral strike called for the start of the workweek by protest
leaders demanding the resignation of the ruling military
The Sudanese Professionals Association urged people to
stay home to protest the deadly crackdown last week when
security forces violently dispersed the group’s main sit-in
outside the military headquarters in the capital, Khartoum.
The protesters say more than 100 people have been killed
since the crackdown began June 3, including at least four
slain by security forces on Sunday.
The protesters hope that their strike and campaign of
civil disobedience will force the military to hand over
power to civilians. The military leaders ousted longtime
President Omar al-Bashir in April after four months of ral-
lies. The generals have refused demonstrators’ demands for
an immediate move to civilian rule, instead pushing for a
transitional power-sharing arrangement.
The SPA posted photos of what it said was an empty
Khartoum International Airport, adding that airport workers
and pilots are taking part in the civil disobedience. REUTERS
Other videos online showed offices and businesses closed Sudanese protesters set up a barricade on a street, demanding that the country’s Transitional Military Council hand over
and light traffic, in both Khartoum and the Red Sea city of power to civilians, in Khartoum, Sudan.
Port Sudan. “All private and some government banks joined the The head of the leading opposition Umma party, Sadek al-
SPA activist Dura Gambo said participation in the general strike. Cities across the country are almost empty,” she Mahdi, warned of escalation from both the protest leaders
strike “exceeded our expectations.” said. and the military council.

For temporary displacement, landlords will have to cover incidentals per diem is $66 so the living stipend would be

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actual and reasonable moving costs, temporary housing
accommodations such as a hotel less than the rent the ten-
ant would have paid plus a living stipend if applicable. So
$33 per tenant household member, per day, not to exceed
$1,000 per tenant household. 
Representatives from the California Apartment
if a tenant is displaced for three days and was paying $3,000 Association and San Mateo County Association of Realtors
a month in rent, divide that number by the amount of days appeared largely satisfied with the ordinance and expressed
For permanent displacement, payments would be three in the month, which comes out to $100 a day. If the hotel appreciation for the significant changes made along the
times the monthly fair market rent as determined by the costs $200 a night, then the landlord will pay $100 to fill way. They requested additional tweaks to several compo-
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development plus the gap. So the landlord is paying $100 times three days nents of the new rules, including the timeline of the appeals
$1,000 for moving costs. The current free-market rate for a plus moving costs.  process and limiting the definition of a tenant household to
one-bedroom in San Mateo County is $2,561 a month. The living stipend applies if temporary housing is not only those on the lease. The council did not implement
Multiply that number by 3 and add in the $1,000 for mov- comparable in size, condition or amenities and is not locat- those suggestions.
ing costs and the total benefit comes out to $8,683.  ed within San Mateo city limits or in a jurisdiction that bor- SAMCAR also declared its opposition to the private right
Relocation payments are due 10 days before the tenant ders San Mateo. of action clause, which affords a tenant household who
has to relocate or immediately if the tenant needs to relocate The stipend is 50% of the current U.S. General Services believes the property owner has violated the city’s code the
sooner than that. Administration meals and incidentals per diem for San right to file for damages. That rule previously allowed any
“So they have the money to use to actually move,” Mateo, per tenant household member, per day, not to exceed interested party to file but has since been limited to a tenant
Bonilla said. $1,000 per tenant household. The 2019 GSA meals and household. 

Two Offices to Serve You Better
HYmdK`a]`$<<K       D]aDmg$<<K
EYkl]jk`ah>]ddgok`ah   We speak
Afl]jfYlagfYd<]flYd   Spanish
 & Chinese  *()0%*()1<aYegf\;]jla^a]\
Implant Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry
œKYe]<Yq>mddEgml`AehdYfl œKead]<]ka_f
HdY[]e]flYf\Aee]\aYl] œ;gke]la[;jgof
>ap]\<]flmj] œL]]l`O`al]faf_
œKaf_d]Yf\Emdlahd] œN]f]]jk

>J== =pYeYf\;gfkmdlYlagfHYfgjYea[Yf\+<P%jYq=pYe
Complete Dental Care: Special Discount
œ;jgof$:ja\_] )&K]fagjk$?jgmh$Emdlahd]
œJggl;YfYdlj]Yle]fl AehdYflLj]Yle]fl

œ?me<ak]Yk]Lj]Yle]fl *&>d]paZd]HYqe]flHdYf
œOak\geL]]l`=pljY[lagf +&Fgafl]j]klDgYf

560 Jenevein Ave  801 Woodside Road, #3
San Bruno Redwood City
650.583.6032 650.365.4626
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