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Questions team 5 MI 8B

1.- How is called the destructive test that measures the resistance of the

-Flexion test

2.- mentions 3 areas of application of the flexion test

- Construction industry

-Aerospace industry

-Automotive industry

3.- What is the norm that mention the flexibility properties of rigid and semi-
rigid products?

- ISO 178-2010

4.- The method of ISO 178-2010 is suitable for thermoplastic molding,

extrusion and casting materials?


5.- How many methods does ISO 178-2010 have?

-2 methods (A and B)

6.- the iso 14125 standard talks about Flex properties of fiber reinforced
plastic compounds?


7.- The ASTM E29 standard consists of bending a steel sample?

8.- What is the minimum length that the test piece should have?

- 400mm

9.- What is the maximum width that the specimen must have?


10.- What is the maximum thickness that the test piece should have?

- 25,4 mm

11.- ASTM D3043-17 mentioned that all methods are applicable to materials
with relatively uniform strength and stiffness properties?


12.- What is the first point that must be determined before starting the test?

- Determine the material to be used

13.- What should be done after determining the material to be used in the

- Take the dimensions of the test pieces.

14.- What instrument should you use to measure the specimen?

- Vernier calibrator

15.- What units of measurement are used to measure the specimen?

- The metric system International (SI)

16.- How should force be applied to the piece during the test?


17.- To what extent should constant force be applied to the specimen?

-Until breaking point

18.- What should be done after the test?

-Tabulate the data obtained during the test

19.- What machine is used for the test?

- Universal machine

20.- How can injuries be avoided during the test?

- Using personal protective equipment

21.- Mention at least 2 personal protective equipment

-Leather gloves

-Seafety glasses


22.- What is the main objective of the personal protection team?

- Avoid damage to the operator

23.- Mentions an example of control material for the test


24.- mention at least 2 equipment that are used to test?

-Universal machine
-Load cell

25.- What important feature must have the specimen?

-Should not be too short

26.- What is a Beam?

-It’s an effective and accurate device used for measuring the deflection of
flexible pavements under moving wheel loads.

27.- How Beams work’s?

-By measuring the rebound deflection of the road, as the truck loads the
formation, moves off and the beam measures the road returning to the
unloaded position