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Hotel Majestic (Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain, a luxury hotel on the Passeig de

Gr�cia in the Eixample district
Majestic Building (Detroit), Michigan, U.S., constructed in 1896 for the Mabley
and Company department store chain and demolished in 1962
The Majestic (New York City), New York, U.S., a housing cooperative at 115
Central Park West
The Majestic, Singapore, originally a Cantonese opera house and renovated as a
shopping mall
Majestic, Cannes, France, a 1923 luxury hotel on the Croisette at Cannes on the
French C�te d'Azur
Majestic Hotel (St. Louis, Missouri), U.S., a restored 91-room historic hotel
built in 1913�1914, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)


Majestic Theater (Detroit, Michigan), U.S. a 1915 theatre that is listed on the
Majestic Theatre (Broadway), New York City, U.S., a 1927 theatre known as a
venue for major musical theatre productions
Majestic Theatre (Columbus Circle), New York City, U.S., a 1903 building,
demolished in 1954
Majestic Theatre (Dallas), Texas, U.S., a 1920 performing arts theater in the
City Center District, listed on the NRHP
Majestic Theatre (San Antonio), Texas, U.S., a 1929 building listed on the NRHP
Bank of America Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, U.S., opened in 1906 as the
Majestic Theatre
Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., a 1903 Beaux Arts-style
performing arts center at Emerson College


The Majestic (film), a 2001 film starring Jim Carrey and Laurie Holden
Majestic (film), 2002 Indian film
The main antagonist of 50 Cent's 2005 film, Get Rich or Die Tryin'


Majestic (album), 2005, by Gamma Ray

Majestic, 2010, by ReinXeed
Majestic (Kari Jobe album), 2014, by Kari Jobe


"The Majestic", from the 1961 Runaround Sue album by Dion

"Majestic", from the 1981 Captured album by Journey
"Majestic", 2008 single by Wax Fang

Other music

Majestic Records, a mid-20th century record label

Majestic (band), a former power metal band

Other entertainment

Majestic (video game), a 2001 alternate reality video game

Mr. Majestic, a WildStorm Comics superhero


Majestic, one of the GWR 3031 Class locomotives built for the British Great
Western Railway, 1891�1915
Majestic, a 100,000 cubic feet (2,800 m3) balloon owned by British aviation
pioneer Patrick Young Alexander in 1893
Majestic Bus Station, the old name for Kempegowda Bus Station in Bangalore,


The Majestic Line, a cruise line based in Scotland

Any of four ships named Majestic, including:
HMS Majestic (R77), lead ship of the Majestic-class aircraft carrier,
launched in 1945 and subsequently renamed HMAS Melbourne
HMS Majestic (1895), a Majestic-class battleship launched in 1895
RMS Majestic, an ocean liner launched in 1914 as the Bismarck
SS Majestic (1890), a White Star Line passenger vessel built by Harland and
Wolff and in service between 1890 and 1914
Majestic (riverboat), a riverboat/theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio on the National
Register of Historic Places
Starship Majestic, Premier Cruise Lines: 1988�1994, also called Spirit of
London (1970�present)


Majestic, Kentucky, U.S.

Majestic 12, or Majic 12, supposedly a secret committee formed in 1947 to
investigate UFO activity, origin of The Majestic Documents
Majestic Athletic, a sportswear company
Majestic Realty Co., a commercial real estate developer based in Los Angeles
Majestic Wines, a chain of stores selling alcoholic beverages in the United
Kingdom, owned by John Apthorp
Operation Majestic, a plan for the invasion of Japan during World War II