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What does AIR do: Inside this issue:

A. Air purifies the blood. Penalties for Poor 2

B. Contributes to the production of HEAT and Breathing

ENERGY. The Importance of 3

C. Conveys ELECTRICAL ENERGY with which Good Breathing

to vitalize cells. Emotions & Breathing 4

2. To do these things AIR must be:

The Abdominal breath- 6
A. Kept in motion. ing Exercise
B. Pure and fresh.
Negative Air Ions 7
C. Abundant at all times and in all places
3. To accomplish this: The Importance of Air 10
A. The sitting, walking, and working posture
should be correct. The Recovery of Mrs. 27
B. Breathing should be full, deep, and abdominal.

Fresh Air
Trachea Exercise
Lobe of Happy Relationships


Page 2

Penalties For Poor Breathing

1. Inadequate breathing: Shallow and Restricted

A. Reduces vitality. The Action of Breathing
B. Causes metabolic fires to burn low.
C. Leads to:
I. Fatigue
II. Exhaustion
III. Anemia
IV. Depression
V. Poor memory
VI. Poor concentration
VII. Impairs mental activity such as:
-Low self-esteem
-False guilt
2. Poor breathing robs us of the joy of living!
3. Emotions and breathing;
A. Newborn babies breathe properly, what goes wrong?

There is an old saying that : program of
which is to
be fully
“Where fresh air and sunshine successful
will give due
enter little, consideration
to the first
the doctor enters often” and most
element of
life -
pure air!
Keep the windows open
let in the fresh air, especially
at night. Have the patient
deep breathe often.
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The Importance of Good Breathing

One’s breathing habits can make, or break their requires us to admit that they exist in the first
ability to cleanse effectively or do anything effectively. place. Instead of facing up to this old stuff, most
When we consider the fact that most of us can sur- people would rather have a quick pill solution. But
vive at least 30 days without food, but no longer than are the pills working? I think not.
five minutes without air, we can begin to appreciate To truly heal, we must transform our self-
our most important energy source. And, breathing destructive habits. The vast majority of people in
becomes an even more important energy source our culture have unhealthy breathing habits no less
while we fast from food. If you feel depleted at some than their unhealthy eating habits. How did we
point during your cleanse, note this as a need to become poor breathers? There is overwhelming
breathe deeper. A session of steady, deep, yet re- evidence that the quality of our very first breaths
laxed breathing for an hour, or at least 30 minutes at birth have great bearing as to how we habitually
each day can make all the breathe the rest of our
difference. Not only is the lives. Most of us experi-
energy level improved, the “In order to have good blood, we must breathe well.” enced un-natural child
surplus of oxygen also helps births in which the umbil-
purify the bloodstream of ical cord was prematurely
toxic substances and dis- •Purifies the blood
severed. The umbilical
•Stimulates the appetite
ease micro-organisms. •Makes digestion more perfect cord supplies the new
It is true the most primi- •Improves mood
•Induces sound sleep
born baby with oxygen
tive micro-organisms •Aids the liver until it can become ac-
(which cause disease) are •Makes the heart beat more efficient customed to breathing on
•Improves skin tone
anaerobic. These pathogen- •Relives pain its own. If the cord is cut
ic bacteria and viruses can •Enhances the immune system immediately (as done in
•Kills viruses, spores, molds & bacteria
only live in isolated places •Removes wastes &toxins from the system
most child birth proce-
that become sealed off from •Clears the airways -makes the cilia beat faster dures) the child is forced
oxygen exposure, whether to struggle for air, quickly
that be in a stagnant pond, and shallowly. So, most of
or in the body of a poor breather. Hyper-oxygenation us, continue to breathe like those first breaths,
of the bloodstream using ozone has been highly suc- quickly and shallowly. I am convinced that this kind
cessful in the treatment of a large number of diseases of breathing is responsible for why many have low
including AIDS and Cancer. Even the AIDS virus can- energy, un-clear thinking, nervousness, and a
not survive a high oxygen environment. I understand whole list of other health ailments. How can we
this to be a scientific fact. change such an embedded unconscious pattern? At
So one may ask, “If curing AIDS and cancer is this first, it takes a real conscious effort. A number of
simple, why hasn’t it been made available to everyone breath therapies are now available to meet this
by now? Breathing deeper has always been available, need. Since I have been practicing breath-work, my
but is too simple of a cure for people to believe, and entire breathing pattern has been changing from
no one can make much money off it. The principle is shallow, inconsistent gasps and breath holding, to
too simple and obvious for our complicated medical deep, slow, steady, relaxing breaths.
establishments. I recommend five minutes of deep breathing
Though it is simple, it is often not easy to cure five times a day, especially before or when you get
ourselves of disease through hyper-oxygenation. For up and before or when you go to bed. Obtain
it seems that the greater amount of oxygen we take books on breathing and educate yourself. Get
in, the more aware we become of our old fears and books on singing lessons that teach diaphragm
negative emotions. The process of letting go of our breathing. Study how positive emotions affect your
physical, chemical, emotional, and mental poisons first breathing.
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Page 4

The Abdominal Breathing Exercise

1. Remove any belts or tight clothing.

2. Lie flat on a hard mattress or, even better, the floor. Have your knees flexed. Rest your head
on a pillow so you can watch your body’s movements.

3. Exhale through your mouth, emptying your lungs as far as possible.

4. Inhale slowly through your nose and allow your abdomen to protrude as if it were being filled
with air. The diaphragm lowers more into the abdominal cavity when the abdominal muscles
are relaxed. This makes for more efficient breathing.

5 Obviously, air always remains in your lungs above the diaphragm and does not penetrate the
abdomen, but let’s try a little imagery. Think of your lower torso and legs as being hollow. As
you breathe in think, of filling not only your lungs, but imagine the air going into the abdomen
and down your legs as far as your toes! Another way to imagine: think of pipes coming up
through the floor from a cool basement, up through your legs into your lungs. Draw deeply
from that basement. Imagery enables you to relax your breathing and helps your “computer”
use all the proper breathing muscles. Keep inhaling until you can’t get another bubble of air in.

Now exhale through your mouth with your lips pursed in a whistling position—this exerts a
slight back-pressure on your lungs and diaphragm. Tighten your abdominal muscles as you bend
at the waist and exhale all the air you can, ending with a cough. Rest a few seconds and repeat.
Do this exercise 15 times or more, if your comfortable doing it.

6. Again, repeat the preceding steps but this time try to “synchronize” in sequence your chest and
abdominal breathing. To do this, breath in until your abdomen “fills” about half-way. Stop for a
moment. Then, by using your abdominal muscles, push the air into the lower rib cage, forcing it
to expand (without exhaling any air from your mouth or nose). As this is done, the abdominal
muscles will retract slightly, as if some air had been exhaled.
Now breathe in a full breath, allowing your abdomen to expand to its full capacity. By retracting
the abdominal muscles, yet not allowing any air to escape, try to force the air in the lower chest
into the upper chest by forcibly retracting the abdominal muscles. Try to make this action
smooth the lower respiratory area and relaxing the upper lung cage as much as possible. Fill all
areas to capacity and then exhale through your mouth and nose. Repeat this exercise ten
times. Both exercises should be done morning and evening for at least for a week. Rest a few
days and then repeat another week.

You will notice a difference in a matter of weeks. These exercises help increase the amount of
air you inhaled with each breath and, by penetrating the subconscious, they promote deeper
conscious breathing with no effort on your part.
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Page 5

On the left side, the man is inhaling air or oxygen through deep breathing. ON the right, he is exhal-
ing carbon dioxide gas. The constant moving of the muscles in proper breathing also helps to get the
blood back to the heart.

On the left is the normal man breathing, thus helping to get the blood back to his heart. But on the
right side, we have a person who is very much overweight. The tremendous amount of fat pulls the
muscle away so that it cannot work properly in order to get the blood back to the heart.
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Page 6


Just about everyone comes into the world breathing properly. So what goes wrong? Usually the
inability to breath correctly is rooted deep in one‟s emotional makeup.
The problem starts in early childhood with a sharp command, “Stop crying!” In response, the child
stops crying by holding his breath. He suppresses anger by drawing back his shoulders and constrict-
ing the chest and throat muscles in order to prevent screaming.
Suppression of any feeling or emotion results in muscle tension that limits respiration. As we be-
come adults and face more intense stress, the repression increases. We submerge our feelings instead
of expressing them. Those restricts our breathing each time it happens. Eventually we have the habit
of poor breathing.
Thus, breathing may be a reflection of mental health. In many emotional disorders, proper breath-
ing is a key that can bring healing and release.
Psychiatrist Alexander Lowen has studied the emotional roadblocks we build against proper breath-
ing. His studies on neurotic and schizoid personalities demonstrate a distinct relationship between the
way a person breathes and his or her emotional disorder.
The schizoid personality tends to breathe with the upper chest while the neurotic uses superficial
diaphragmatic breathing. Dr. Lower found that establishing a proper breathing pattern helped these
people regain normal life again.
Fortunately, most of us are neither neurotic nor schizoid, but that does not exclude the possibility of
ill effects from improper breathing. By being in good physical and mental health we can reap the bene-
fits of improved breathing sooner.
Improving one‟s breathing is a relatively easy procedure, but the blueprint must be followed closely
and faithfully. It will take concentration, diligence, and perseverance to reverse the patterns estab-
lished over many years. But the reward is worth the effort.


“When you breath deeply—when you breathe from your diaphragm—it helps the flow of lymph. That
may explain why female secretaries have a higher rate of heart disease than female executives. It„s al-
most impossible to take deep breaths while you‟re sitting down all day.

“In addition, there are certain conditions that can slow the flow of lymph. We have noticed that cancer
sets in about one year after a person has a deep depression or a severe stress. The reason for that may
have to do with a lessened lymphatic flow.

“Hans Selye has shown that stress causes atrophy of the lymphatics,” Dr. Lemole points out.
“Furthermore, stress also causes the body to produce the hormones ACTH, pituitrin and adrenaline and
those , in turn can cause spasms of the lymphatics, leading to lymphstasis. On the other hand, when
you are not feeling stressed, when you are feeling good, your body will produce endorphins, which
have the opposite effect of ACTH.
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Page 7

Nature’s Ion Ions per cubic

Negative Air Ions Generators centimeter

Lightening 100,000,000
When you arc walking through the woods or by the Fire 100,000
ocean or standing next to a waterfall it is the negative
Waterfalls 25,000
ions in the air that make you feel like you don‟t have
a worry in the world. Caves 10,000
Nature has many ways of creating the negative Ocean surf 5,000
ions to charge the air. Trees and plants, cosmic rays Mountain forests 4,000
from distant stars, radioactive elements in the soil, the
friction of waterfalls and the interaction of the ocean
surf with the air, all fill the air with negative ions.
Electrified Oxygen
Before we follow the air into the home or office
and see how the situation rapidly deteriorates, let‟s
ask ourselves a few questions:
It is the atmospheric ion (aerion)
1. Do you have difficulty jumping out of bed in the content that adds Freshness and
mornings? Vitality to air.

2. Do you need a cup of coffee to get you going?

3. Do you lack enthusiasm? Negative Ion Count per CC
4. Do you start yawning or feel tired or weary by in Common Situations
four in the afternoon and can‟t wait to go home?
5. Do you get tense and irritable?
Country 1,000-2,000
6. Do you get depressed?
7. Do you suffer from migraine or other headaches?
Industrial City 0-500
8. Do you suffer from asthma or hay fever?
9. Do you have difficulty breathing?
Airplane Interior 0-250

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions you

could be suffering from a lack of negative ions or an Home or Office
over-abundance of positive ions. (without smoking, 250-500
air conditioning

Home or Office
(with smoking, 0-200
or air conditioning
or heating)
Page 8
Page 8

New building
Fresh air has 5-10 times more
“electrified” ions than stale air.

Closed windows
Tobacco smoke
Industrial Pollution
Lack of Plants

Symptoms of Positive Ion

Loaded Air
 Migraine / Headaches
 Nausea and vomiting
 Diarrhea
 Congestion of respiratory tract
 Irritability and depression
 Increased respiration
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Open windows allow charged air into the home.

Positively Charged Air Promotes Negative Emotions

Negatively Charged Air Promotes Positive Emotions

SUNLIGHT Electrifies the Air

Air is Energized and Electrified by:

Water: rain ---
water falls---
large bodies of water ---
Lightening ---
Sunlight ------
Soil ---
Radiation ---
Green Plants ---
Rocks ---
Page 10
Page 10

The Importance of Air

If pure air is ever necessary, it is when any part of the system, as the lungs or stomach, is diseased.”
p. 53

Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine, and is far more essential t
them than their food. p. 55

the sickroom, if possible, should have a draft of air through it, day and night. The draft should not
come directly upon the invalid. p. 56

In order to have good blood, we must breath well. Full, deep inspirations of pure air which fill the
lungs with oxygen, purify the blood. A good respiration soothes the nerves, it stimulates the appe-
tite and renders digestion more perfect; and it induces sound refreshing sleep.” p. 59
We are more dependent upon the air we breathe than upon the food we eat. p. 173
It is essential to health that the chest have room to expand to its fullest extent, in order that the
lungs may be enabled to take full inspiration. When the lungs are restricted, the quantity of oxygen,
received into them is lessoned. The blood is not properly vitalize, and waste, poisonous matter
which should be thrown off through the lungs, is retained. P. 92


Students should be taught how to breathe, how to read and speak so that the strain will not come
on the throat and lungs, but on the abdominal muscles. P. 78

Air --- Minutes

Water --- Days

Food --- Weeks

Movement --- Years

Page 11

In the Bible
the book of Isaiah
says that the earth will
grow old and worn out
like a garment.

“Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous; nevertheless afterward it
yieldeth the peacable fruit of righteousness.” (Heb. 12:11)

The late summer showers are falling. The poet stands by the window, watching them. They are beat-
ing and buffeting the earth with their fierce downpour. But the poet sees in his imaginings more than
the showers which are falling before his eyes. He see myriads of lovely flowers which shall soon be
breaking forth from the watered earth, filling it with matchless beauty and fragrance. And so he sings:
It isn‟t raining rain for me, it‟s raining daffodils;
In every dimpling drop I see wild flowers upon the hills.
A cloud of gray engulfs the day, arid overwhelms the town;
It isn‟t raining rain for me; it‟s raining roses down.
Perchance some one of God‟s chastened children is even now saying: O God, it is raining hard for me
tonight. Testings are raining upon me which seem beyond my power to endure. Disappointments are
raining fast, to the utter defeat of all my chosen plans. Bereavements are raining into my life which
are making my shrinking heart quiver in its intensity of suffering. The rain of affliction is surely beat-
ing down upon my soul these days.” Withal, friend, you are mistaken. It isn‟t raining for you. It‟s
raining blessing. For if you will but believe your Father‟s word, under that beating rain are springing
up spiritual flowers of such fragrance and beauty as never before grew in that storm-less, unchastened
life of yours. You indeed see the rain. But, do you see, also, the flowers? It isn‟t raining afflictions
for you. It is raining tenderness, love, compassion.; patience and a thousand other flowers and fruits
of the blessed Spirit which are bringing into your life such a spiritual enrichment as all the fullness of
worldly prosperity and ease was never able to beget in your innermost soul.: (Selected from
McConkey‟s Chastening.)
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Mrs. Rogers lay sick in bed, Bottles and blisters, powders, and pills, All the people have poohed and slurred,
Bandaged and blistered from foot to head, Catnip, boneset, syrups and squills; All the neighbors have had their word;
Blistered and bandaged from head to toe, Drugs and medicines, high and low, ‘Twere better to perish, some of them say,
Mrs. Rogers lay very low. I threw them as far as I could throw. Than be cured in such an irregular way!

Bottle and saucer, spoon and cup, What are you doing? A visitor cried. LIGHT and WATER, AIR and REST,
On the table stood bravely up- Frightening death, I coolly replied. It’s the treatment that’s the best,
Physics of high and low degree; Have you gone crazy? Another one said, With SIMPLE FOOD and TRUST IN GOD,
Calomel, catnip, boneset tea; Just as a bottle flew past his head. You too the path of health can trod.
Everything a body could bear, Then all of them left, ‘twas for the best,
Excepting LIGHT and WATER and AIR. And God gave Mrs. Rogers REST.

I opened the blinds; the day was right, Deacon Rogers said to me later,
And God gave Mrs. Rogers LIGHT. Wife’s getting healthy, feeling better,
I went to the spring, it was no bother, I really think she’ll worry through:
And God gave Mrs. Rogers WATER. Scolds me now as she used to do.
I opened the window; the day was fair,
And God gave Mrs. Rogers AIR.