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We use 'will' to talk

aboutfuture events.(not
planned) 1.We _________ have an English exam tomorrow
Examples: morning.I have to study all night.
1.Sally will speak to the teacher 2. _________ you open the window,please? It's
tomorrow. 2.We will possibly take the bus hot and humid here in the classroom.
for school. 3.Will you come to the 3.Joseph _________ fly to Berlin for a company
graduation party tonight? project next week.
 We use 'will' when we decide to do 4.Waiter: What would you like as a starter,sir?
something.(I think I'll.../I don't think I'll) Man: I _________ have lentil soup,please.
Examples: 5.A:Look at that woman over there.She is very fat. B:
1.I think I will buy that white sports car. She has only a big belly because she _________
2.I don't think she'll come to school today. have a baby.
We use 'will' when we are offering to do 6.I don't think my parents _________ give me
something,accepting or rejecting to do permission to go to the school trip.
something ,promising to do something or 7.Can you tell me your secret? I swear I _________
requesting someone to do something. tell it to anybody.
Examples: 8.The scientist says people _________ produce
1.Wait a minute! I'll help you carry those bags. artifical organs by the year 2070.
2.A:Can you please help me with the housework? 9.Don't worry about the Maths homework.I ________
B:OK.I'll vacuum the floor and clean it. write it for you.
3.I promise I'll study hard for the final 10.Who do you think ______ win the box tournament?
exams. 4.Oh,I'm so tired.Will you help me with 11.My father _________ visit the dentist at 9:00 am
the ironing? on Wednesday.
 We use'will' for predictions about the 12.Look at those fierce dogs! They're running wildly.
future Examples: They _________ attack those cats by the wall.
1.People will live on another planet in 2030. 13.OK.I _________ do the washing up for you.
2.Robots will fight against people by the year 14.I don't think there _________ be an agreement on
2050. the new budget.
15.No,I _________ let you eat my hamburger.You've
already eaten yours.
16.Hey,that man is crossing the road at the red light.
 We use'going to' to tell He _________ have an accident.
actions that are planned,decided 17.According to the schedule we _________ visit the
or arranged beforehand. Madam Tussaud's at 11 o'clock.
Examples: 18.Peter _________ probably come home late because
1.I'm going to visit Eiffel tower today. his car is broken.
2.We are going to organize a birthday 19."Stop or I _________ shoot you" the security
party for Brian. guard said.
3.Is she going to get married on Monday or 20.People _________ take food tablets instead of
on Tuesday? real food in 2040.
4.Who is going to attend to the meeting this 21."You _________ get some good news at the office
afternoon. this week" the fortune teller said to me.
We use 'going to' when we have an 22.I promise I _________ bring your money in five
evidenceabout an event in the future. days.Can you lend me 100 $?
Examples: 23.Fiona _________ buy an mp3 player for her
1.Look at that boy in front of the T-shirt shop! brother.She saved enough money.
He is counting his money.He is going to buy a 24.I've got a ticket for the rock concert.I ________
new T-shirt. be there tonight.
2.Hey,stop! You are going to hurt somebody. 25.In my opinion he _________ accept this offer.
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