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Name : NIM : been a source of strength, and I am thankful that my doctor provided this

opportunity to me.

Answer completely the following questions based on the text above!
PART A 1. How did Shari cure her bronchitis?
Read the following text carefully!
Suffering a Lung Cancer _________________________________________________________
My name is Shari. I am a retired kindergarten teacher, wife, mother, 2. What did the first X-ray show?
and grandmother. I enjoy singing and attending my grandchildren’s sporting _________________________________________________________
events. In 2010, I had constant bronchitis, and antibiotics weren’t helping. _________________________________________________________
My doctor ordered an X-ray, but it didn’t find anything wrong. A few __________________________
months later, I coughed up blood. Then I did a second X-ray followed by a 3. Why did Shari take the second X-ray followed by a CT scan?
CT scan. The result found a cancer in my lung. As a non-smoker, I was _________________________________________________________
surprised to learn my diagnosis – stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. _________________________________________________________
Chemotherapy was conducted as a treatment to remove the cancer. While I __________________________
was being treated with chemotherapy, my doctor informed me I was a 4. What was Shari diagnosed after taking the second X-ray?
candidate for one of the biomarker-directed therapies based on the genetic _________________________________________________________
makeup of my cancer. He had sent a sample of my cancer away for _________________________________________________________
molecular testing after a biopsy. At the time, I was hesitant to switch __________________________
treatments because I felt good and my cancer was stable. Yet, I changed my 5. What treatment did Shari firstly do to get rid of the cancer?
mind to follow the doctor’s advice to switch treatments after he explained _________________________________________________________
anything about the therapies. This decision was positive for me because my _________________________________________________________
cancer shrank. I’m still on the therapy over a year later. Even though I’m not __________________________
free of lung cancer, I am able to lead a happy and full life. My family has
6. How was Shari’s cancer after being treated by the biomarker-directed 4. Results of many studies have _______________ various coping
strategies for medical students to deal with stress and anxiety, such as
mindfulness-based stress reduction classes, wellness electives, informal
__________________________ support groups, and mentoring programs.
7. How is Shari’s life now?
5. Black tea containing 2% to 4% caffeine can _______________ thinking
and alertness.
__________________________ 6. According to a list which ranks countries using data from the United

Nations, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization, some
Complete the following sentences using appropriate verbs provided in countries were _______________ as the healthiest countries in the
the box.
world in 2015.
reached mentioned affect include
claimed fall followed lead

1. 81% of malaria cases in 2010 were reported in the African Region, and

it is then _______________ by South East Asia (13%) and Eastern

Mediterranean Region (5%).

2. Side effects of drugs _______________ into several categories.

3. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia sometimes _______________ to

hospitalization and even death.