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English III 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Write 

Like seriously... 

Throughout our lives we have to be able to write, writing is a huge part of society. Without
writing, people won't be able to communicate nor be able to make their point across. Without
making points, people wouldn’t be able to express themselves because they can’t write. There
are million of reasons as to why we write but if you think about it you actually NEED to write.
To help you get a sense of “Why”, The following article distributed by Alexa Saldana will
enhance your minds and make you think further into the world of writing.  


Top 5 reasons as to why you NEED to write

1. To free yourself- Let’s yourself go and write about how you feel.

Sometimes people like to write because it enables them to express whatever they are
going through. Maybe you are the type of person that loves to write about what they do
on the day-to-day basis because you find it enjoyable to look back on those memories.
For one, I typically don't write everyday but when I do it feels like I'm freeing myself of
everything that's inside that I can't say when speaking. Sometimes people don't like to
talk about what they are thinking in their head and rather write it on paper because it
helps them get out their ideas faster and more organized. Studies show that when a person
writes what they are doing or what's going on in their lives it can be very therapeutic and
actually helps people heal faster.

Examples of letting yourself be free in writing can be:

● Journals
● Diaries
● Free Writes

“One 2005 study found that the kind of "​expressive writing​" often connected
with journaling is especially therapeutic. The study found that participants who
wrote about traumatic, stressful or emotional events were significantly less
likely to get sick, and were ultimately less seriously affected by trauma, than
their non-journaling counterparts.”



2. To get a point across - If you want to write something that is about a certain topic you want to be
able to get your point across

When you begin to write something you have to have a reason as to why you are writing
it. There should always be a reason to why you are talking about a specific topic. In order
for a person to get their point across they have to evaluate what they will be talking
about. Sometimes by writing things out it helps you stay engaged in what you are
talking about rather than speaking about it and getting lost in your words. You need to be
able to prove what point you are making because if you can't then it's just a fail at the
end. Throughout your life you write a lot about trying to prove points depending on what
teachers assign so this is why writing is such a powerful aspect in general. Also by
getting your point across this is will allow you to also be more confident Which will
boost your self-esteem enabling you to write better.

If you are interested in trying to see what types of writings you need to do in order to get
a point across here are just a few:
● Argumentative writing
● Persuasive writing
● Expository writing.

“To increase your chances of getting your ​point across​, focus more on the
receiver than on the sender. Tailor your message to your audience to
improve their comprehension. Don't worry so much about what you want to
say as about what you want them to hear and understand”
Quote taken by writer F. John Reh



3. To communicate Something- This is similar to number 2 but this time you want people respond
and to have a conversation with them

Throughout your lifetime you will have to be able to communicate with people to get a
response out of them. If it's by you texting someone or even writing an essay where you
have to make people respond to it, you will need to write to communicate. One of the
most favorite things that most people do in their daily lives is texting others. You
wouldn't be able to text others if it weren't for you writing. You also have to have
meaning behind the text in which you are writing. Great examples are social media such
as Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter. These are platforms that people use to be able
to communicate with them through writing. Without writing you won't be able to have
connections with others which is hard to avoid.

Examples of communicating with writing is

● Texting someone
● A play
● Social Medias

“​But in today’s world, there’s no shortage of ​ideas​. Ideas, opinions, and

viewpoints are in every email, every notification, and every click,
overwhelming everyone to the point of desensitization”.
Written by Jake Wilder



4. To show facts and statistics- This is plain and simple

People out there in the world have jobs where they need to write about specific topics in
which you need to know facts and the truth. You aren't going to write a biography and
put straight up lies in it. This is why you need facts and statistics which will help out the
reader gain more knowledge and not be so confused.

If you are looking into writing something that has to do with facts or statistics these are
just some writings that might get your brain rumbling:
● Biography
● Documents straight from a primary source
● Graphs and data

“It is a sign of ​respect​ to your reader to be as clear and straightforward

as you can be with your numbers”



5. To show emotions -Let go of feelings

Although some people write for other reason, sometimes people like to let go of their
emotions. Letting go of emotions helps yourself come into a better state of mind and
releases what is built up inside of you. It is a great stress reliever which is why writing is
so powerful in today's world because a lot of people love to release their sensations.
Poetry is one of the top types of writings out there for the youth. This will help you
regain a sense of yourself while enjoying the writing that you are presenting.

Examples of letting go:

● Poetry
● Dialogue

“​Poets​ and philosophers hold power to explain those intimate moments

of the life of a human being. The poets hold power to pour their emotions
into a poem conceptually and explain the deep states and movements of
the spirit. They likewise translate the emotions to a concrete language
that demonstrates the same complex and subtle realities of the human



Furthermore: How So?

You might be asking yourself what is the reason of showing the top five reasons as to why you
need to write. Well, writing use to be something that people hated doing but now people use it
as a gateway to express themselves without saying it out loud. Writing allows people to let go of
themselves and show emotions. Writing allows a person to communicate and get feedback.
Writing also allows the truth to be shown. people need to write because it allows them to justify
something or even prove a point. people nowadays love to write because it helps them navigate
what they are trying to say without actually speaking it which might be harder for other
individuals. A text is worth writing about when you want to do at least one of the five reasons
that were presented above. Whether it's letting go of something or communicating something or
even proving a point it is always worth writing because it gives you a platform in which your
story could be told.