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I. Identify what is being asked in the following statements; Write the symbol of the appropriate answer.

← Media and Information Literacy ↑ Media Convergence → Media Literacy

↓ Traditional Media ↔ Industrial Age ↕ Social Responsibility ↖ Authoritarian
∑ Censorship ∏ Indigenous Information ∆ Media Ӡ watchdog ō Libertarian
Ɵ Normative # New Media + Soviet

1. It helps to protect the authorities from sensitive issues.

2. A period that encompasses the changes in economic & social organization.
3. Refers to original information created by a local group of people.
4. Refer to a means of communication that existed before the advent of internet.
5. A content organized means of communication and distributed on digital platforms
6. These theories are more concern about the ownership of media and who controls it.
7. Describe that all forms of communications are under the control of the governing elite.
8. The ability to merge and transform different kinds of media into digital code
9. This theory of press is fully free without any intervention of authority or government
10. Press freedom in one hand but government may intrude in such discrepancies.
11. In this theory the whole control of media is under the leader of the nation.
12. A person or organization that makes sure that government is not doing anything illegal.
13. It refers to mass communication through physical objects such as radio, TV, computers, film.
14. The ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms.
15. The essential skills that allow individuals to engage with media and information.

II. Multiple Choices: Transcribe the letter of the best answer.

16. When a message is transformed into an understandable sign and symbol system,
the process is called?
a. encoding b. noise
c. decoding d. interpretation
17. It is the ability to effectively and efficiently comprehend and use written symbols:
a. literacy b. alliteration
c. illiteracy d. literature
18. Someone is behaving inappropriately on one of the sites you’re using. You should;
a. tell the person off
b. shut down your PC
c. just ignore whatever it is
d. report to the moderator of the site
19. What is censorship?
a. When cyber bullying occurs.
b. When false and deceiving information is used to trick others.
c. When someone tries to influence the opinions or behaviors of others.
d. When information is suppressed or deleted to hinder freedom of speech.
20. An act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of an author.
a. copyrighting b. plagiarism
c. net addiction d. cyber bullying
21. Is it possible that different individual derives a different meaning from the message?
a. Yes, because he or she is coming from a different point of view and/or background.
b. Yes , because sometimes information is unclear.
c. Yes, because most of the time people don’t want to understand.
d. Yes , because strategies in understanding were not introduced
22. All of the statements about traditional media are correct EXCEPT?
a. Media experience is limited.
b. Sense receptors are very specific.
c. Integrates all aspects of old media.
d. Existed before the advent of internet.
23. It is a form of electronic communication through which people create online communities.
a. Mass media b. New Media
c. Transmedia d. Social Media
24. A media and information Literate individual is someone who:
a. thinks critically b. thinks irrationally
c. thinks unethically d. thinks immorally
25. What organization cites the importance of media and information literacy in the modern world?
a. UNESCO b. Media Quest Holdings
c. Press Alliance d. Foundation for Media Alternatives
26. These are conventions, formats and symbols which indicate the meaning of media messages.
a. Media Education b. Media Literacy
c. Media Convergence d. Media Languages
27. Which of the following is not included in considering information ACCURACY?
a. content must be grammatically correct
b. Sources and references must be cited.
c. Does tone and style implied properly.
d. Author’s name is easily visible.
28. How did facebook changed our lives in a good way?
a. We care less about our privacy.
b. facebook changed the definition of friend.
c. Facebook has created online jobs and opportunities.
d. Facebook created negative effects on culture as well as in society.

29. DZMM, DZBB, DZME, DZRH and RADYO PATROL are examples of?
a. Print media b. Broadcast Media
c. Film d. New Media
30. Video Games can also be considered as type of media . Why is it possible?
a. Because it affects human behavior like social media did.
b. Because it’s been a means in which people are entertained.
c. Because video games has features that enable communication.
d. Because Millenials must be in a trend.

III. Write Fact if the statement is correct and Fraud if not.

31. Communication is the exchange of information that can result in understanding.
32 Information must not be free of bias towards one point-of –view .
33. Ask a Librarian or consult a fact-checking site.
34. A media and information literate individual knows how to protect himself/herself solely.
35. Media Literate individuals have the abilities to decode, analyze, evaluate and produce.
36. Normative theories are more focused on the relationship between press and its audience.
37. Horror, comedy, action comedy, sci-fi are examples of genre in films.
38. Media convergence is a trend that cannot be done away.
39. Information or details must be updated rarely.
40. The birth of the World Wide Web change the face of how we communicate.

IV. Tabulate the following information appropriately ; Refer to the details below.

Media Convergence in: PLATFORMS ( A) EXAMPLES ( B )

Communication 41. 46
Education 42. 47.
Advertisement 43. 48.
News 44. 49.
Entertainment 45. 50.

Social Network Instagram
Multimedia Personality Digitize print ads
News Agency Print/online newspaper
Learning management system Digital games
Product Advertisement Google Class