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49 Chega De Saudade srnscultiitt Med. Bossa Nova No More Blues) Lyric by Jon Hendricks Du (sie) Ey & Jessie Cavanaugh o> No more blues, Bim es) = Ems AT more Bhs, 1 prom eno more to roam Dui —— = Home is. smyheart’s— been right_____ there alla = long, B] Dm (Pz) EL) — and no. (Brus) (7) Ae _ Da pm ~~ fears, TH say no more goodbyes. Me tae = et beck ~ G0 eM (Ow) ADM LA — 1 swear Tm gon = na re = fuse, Him gon = na set (Baw) aA) Dau Emi” AT (6°7) Em = te down. and there! bento more blues._ 1921967 Era Manca Arp Sa Pao, Se TRO Halla Mu a, N a putin He USA and Canta Jnteratinal Copyright Seed Na a Tne USA. A phe Reserve ng ue Peers ar Pdi by Tease a Bo ae ae am far = way my thoughts turn home — y y y y i 7 7 7 ane —“ A iY ue Dual = oS —— y —s HI FS = 5 van — jee te : aes fF Coe 7 Em? aa AT: x ay ma = eled'round the world in search of hap = pi ness, But all my hap = EF : Gait AT I = pleness 1 found was in my home - town - Bu ee SS No more ~ — Im through — with all my wan Gmal _~enT PAu? [be oe tf at my le and build___a home— and finda wife, when we. = te down and_ ve (F#7) ed 7145) i ahs Ae 7 Z~ settle downtherett_____ be no more blues, ______Notlsin’ but hap pi=ness,_when we E47 Atsus pe (AT#5) St = te down there Be no__more biues. (Chords in parentheses are optional