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Cambridge English Language Assessment
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In the classroom 4
1 All about me 8
2 Families 12
3 My home 16
4 My things 20
5 Yes, we can! 24
6 Party time! 28
7 Feeling good 32
8 Things we do 36
9 My day 40
10 Information 44
11 He’s famous 48
12 Working life 52
13 Places 56
14 Going out 60
15 Clothes 64
16 Buy it! 68
17 Comparing 72
18 The weather 76
19 Going places 80
20 A Russian tale 84

In the classroom
What’s your name?
1 2 Listen and choose the right name.

1 Julia / Julie 2 Brian / Bryan

3 Tracy / Tracey 4 Steven / Stephen

5 Vicki / Vicky 6 Stewart / Stuart

hr e e o n e s i x t we n t y
2 Find eight numbers. htt ele
eig ve
nfif n
3 Write the numbers.
two nine sixteen
ten seventeen
four eighteen
five twelve nineteen

seven fourteen

4 Starter Unit
1 7 Wednesday
14 Thurs
4 Write the days. 8 Thursday 15 Frida
0 9 Friday 16
August 2015 10 Saturday 17 Sunda
y 5 4
1 Saturday 11 18 Mond Sunday
2 Sunday 12 Monday 19 Tuesd 5
3 Monday 13 Tuesday 20 Wedn Monda
es day 6
4 Tuesday 3 2 Friday
1 4 2 Tuesday
5 Wednesday 13 Saturday 7
3 Wedn
6 Thursday y esday
14 Sunda 4 Thur
7 Friday sday 8
15 5 Thursd
ay a y
16 Tuesd 6 Satur 9
esday day
17 Wedn 7 Sund Friday
6 day ay
18 Thurs 8 Mon
January y
Tuesday Wednesday
1 Friday Saturday
2 3 Sunday
4 5 6 7

5 Match the questions to the answers.

1 Hello, I’m John. What’s your name? a Hi. My name’s Sarah.

2 Hi. What’s your name? b I’m eleven years old.

3 How do you spell it? c It’s Thursday.

4 How old are you? d S-A-R-A-H.

5 What day is it today? e Hi, John. I’m Mark.

About you
6 Write about you.
1 Hello. What’s your name?

2 How do you spell it?

3 How old are you?

4 What day is it today?

In the classroom 5
X Xx is red
This pen

1 Look at the picture and write the words. Use a, an, two, three and four.

1 2

7 4 5

9 10

apple books boy desk girls orange pen pencils ruler teacher

1 four books 4 7 9
2 5 8 10
3 6


2 Find nine colours. 4 Read and colour.

1 This ruler is orange.

That ruler is green.
3 Write a or an.
0 a blue book
1 orange pencil case
2 picture
3 green rubber
4 apple
5 red pen

2 These pens are blue.

Those pens are yellow.

6 Starter Unit
5 Colour and write.

6 Write the words in the right order. 7 3 Listen and write the birthdays.
1 Lucy April
April August December February
2 Lee
January July June March May
3 Tom
November October September
4 Jane
1 January 7 5 Melissa
2 8 6 Oliver
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12 December

8 Find fourteen words. Write the words in the table.







Numbers Colours Days Months The classroom


In the classroom 7
1 All about me
New friends
1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
camera dad friend phone photo teacher

Hi. My name’s Michelle. Look at

this (0) photo . This
girl is my (1) .
Her name’s Laura.

Hello. I’m Linda and I’m a Hi. I’m Tom. This is my

(2) . This (4) .
is my (3) . It’s white. This is my
It’s black and grey. (5) .

GRAMMAR Determiners
2 Choose the right word to complete the 4 Complete the text.
0 I’m Michelle. Laura is my / her friend. Hello. My name’s Paul and (0) I’m
1 She’s twelve today. It’s her / his birthday. a student. Tom and Laura are my friends.
2 Look at that boy. His name’s Tom. He’s my Tom is a boy. (1) a student in
friend too. His / Your dad’s name is John. my class. Laura is a girl. (2)
3 You’re a student. What’s my / your name? a student too. What’s your name?
(3) a student too.
be singular +
3 Look at the example (0). Rewrite the sentences.
0 It is my book
It’s my book.
1 I am Michelle.

2 You are my friend.

3 He is my dad.

4 She is my teacher.

5 My book is green.

8 Unit 1
5 4 Complete the conversation with the 6 Put the words in the right order to make
words in the box. Then listen and check your sentences.
answers. 0 name’s / my / Maggie
My name’s Maggie.
1 eleven / I’m

2 phone’s / my / black

3 friend / my / is / this

4 name’s / her / Rebecca

5 twelve / today / she’s

About you
7 Draw a picture of you and a friend. Write five
grey phone Monday my my
new old twelve your
my 5
Eve: Hello. You’re in (0) class at
school. You’re (1) ! What’s
your name?
Joe: Hi. I’m Joe.
Eve: My name’s Eve and that’s my friend
Martha. How old are you?
Joe: I’m twelve. How (2)
are you?
Eve: Martha’s (3) and I’m
thirteen. Today’s (4)
Joe: Happy birthday!
Eve: This is my new (5) .
Joe: Wow! Look! It’s (6) and
Eve: What’s (7) phone number?
Joe: It’s six–oh–seven–three–two–nine–
Martha: Eve! Eve!
Eve: OK, Martha! Goodbye, Joe.
Joe: Goodbye, Eve. See you (8) !

All about me 9
are you from?

1 Complete the crossword. Write the nationalities.



0 Natalia is from Mexico. She’s … .

1 Ahmet is from Turkey. He’s … .
2 Camilla and Sofia are from Brazil. They’re … .
3 Alexandra is from Greece. She’s … .
4 Igor and Nikolai are from Russia. They’re … .
5 I’m Zhang Wei. I’m from China. I’m … .

GRAMMAR be singular and plural + –

2 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
’m ’m not ’re ’re ’re aren’t
aren’t aren’t ’s ’s isn’t isn’t

0 Hello. I’m Camilla and this is Sofia. We’re from Brazil. We aren’t Russian.
We ’re Brazilian.
1 You’re Ahmet. You’re from Turkey. You from Brazil. You
2 Natalia is from Mexico. She Greek. She Mexican.
3 Zhang Wei is from China. He Chinese. He Russian.
4 Hi. I’m Alexandra. I Chinese. I  from Greece.
5 Igor and Nikolai are from Russia. They Russian. They
from Mexico.

10 Unit 1
3 Read the text. Then read the sentences. Write yes or no.

These are my friends.

They’re Ana and
Maria. They’re twins.
They’re thirteen years This is Viktor. He
Hi! My name’s Anton. old. They aren’t from This is Ela. She’s isn’t fourteen years
I’m from Greece and Greece. They’re from from Turkey and she’s old. He’s twelve and
I’m twelve. Mexico. fourteen years old. he’s from Russia.

0 Anton is from China. About you

no (He’s from Greece.)
5 Write about you.
He’s twelve years old.
yes 1 Hello. I’m Martin. What’s your name?
1 Ana and Maria are his friends.

2 They’re Greek.

3 Ela’s Turkish 2 I’m eleven years old. How old are you?

4 She’s twelve years old.

5 Viktor is Russian. 3 I’m from Germany. Where are you from?

4 Look at the example (0). Find and correct ten 4 I’m German. What’s your nationality?
0 Hello. My names samantha.
My name’s Samantha.
1 christinas my friend.
5 My best friend’s name is Simon.
What’s your best friend’s name?
2 shes in my class.

3 Im twelve years old and shes thirteen.

4 We arent from turkey 6 Goodbye.

5 Were german.

All about me 11
2 Families
Who’s this?
1 Look at the pictures. Write the words in the table.
baby brother baby sister brother children dad daughter
father husband mother mum parents sister son wife

baby sister baby brother children

2 Match the words. 3 Write the words. Use the words from Exercise 2.
0 family dad 0 family and friends
1 mother daughter 1 and dad
2 brother father 2 mother and
3 son sister 3 and daughter
4 husband friends 4 brother and
5 mum wife 5 and wife

GRAMMAR their, our and ’s

4 Look at the picture. Choose the right word Hello. I’m Liam. This is my family.
to complete the sentences.
0 Laura is Liam’s sister / mum.
1 Billy is Liam’s baby brother / friend.
2 Nick is Liam’s husband / dad. Nick
3 Holly is Liam’s sister / brother.
5 Look at the picture again. Complete the
sentences. Write Billy’s or Laura’s.
0 Liam is Laura’s son.
1 Liam is brother.
2 Holly is sister.
3 Holly is daughter.
4 Nick is husband.
5 Nick is father.

12 Unit 2
6 Complete the sentences. Write our or their.

I’m Liam and Holly is 2 Nick is dad.

my sister.
3 We’re children.
0 Laura and Nick are
our parents.
4 I’m son.

1 Laura is mum.
5 Holly is daughter.

7 5 Listen to the girl. Write the numbers (1–3) with three of the pictures.


c d

8 Now look at the other picture in Exercise 7

and complete the text with the words in
the box.

her his our their

This is a picture of me and my friends at school.

(1) names are Irene, Paula and
Karla. I’m twelve and Irene is twelve too. Paula is
(2) sister. She’s eleven. Karla is also
eleven. (3) teacher isn’t in the photo.
(4) name’s David. He’s nice.

About you
9 Draw a picture of your family and friends.
Write five sentences.

Families 13
X Xxbored?
Are you

1 Find and write the words.

t d b r d h o t

b o r e d a h u

d e r h u p n a

f f g o e p i t
3 Your teacher’s .
h u n g r y c i

l n c l e v e r

o n e t l a t e

r y r c a s a d
4 Your dad’s .
0 b o r e d 5 h
1 c 6 n
2 f 7 s
3 h 8 t
4 h
2 Complete the sentences. Use the words from
Exercise 1. 5 I’m .

0 I’m b o r e d . 6 You and your friends are .

1 Our baby sister’s . 7 We’re .

2 Your friend’s . 8 Your sister’s .

14 Unit 2
GRAMMAR be ? and short answers READING
3 Match the questions to the answers. 6 Read the letter. Answer the questions.
0 Is she from Turkey? c
1 Is your baby brother hungry?
2 Is it Monday? Hi Louise
3 Are the boys hot? How are you? This is a picture of my
4 Are you and your friends happy? family. It’s August and we’re hot. The girl
a Yes, we are. is my sister. Her name’s Jane and she’s
b Yes, he is. eleven. Jane is happy and I’m happy too.
c No, she isn’t. She’s Russian. The boy is my brother. His name’s Tom
d No, it isn’t. Today is Thursday. and he’s fifteen. He’s bored! Our parents
e No, they aren’t. They’re tired. are in the photo too. Their names are
4 Read the sentences. Write the questions and Steven and Emma. My dad’s hungry!
answers. Love from
0 I’m tired. Julia x
Are you tired?
Yes, I am.
1 Bella is happy.

2 Dave isn’t bored.

3 My friends aren’t hungry.

0 Is Tom Julia’s father?

4 Our classroom is hot. No, he isn’t. He’s Julia’s brother.
Is Jane her sister?
Yes, she is.
5 Put the words in the right order to make 1 Are Julia and Jane hot?
sentences and questions.
0 is / French / he . 2 Is Jane fifteen?
He is French.
happy / she / is ? 3 Are Julia and Jane bored?
Is she happy?
1 sad / the / children / are . 4 Is Emma Julia’s sister?

2 friends / your / are / tired ? 5 Is Steven hungry?

3 funny / is / the / book .

4 you / hungry / are ?
7 Write five questions to ask your teacher or
a friend.
5 picture / is / the / nice .
0 Are you happy?
Is your mum clever?
6 hot / baby / is / the .
7 your / teacher / Spanish / is ?
8 clever / are / you.

Families 15
3 My home
Paolo’s house
1 Put the letters in the right order to make house words.
0 btahromo bathroom
sehowr shower
1 wndwoi
2 ktchein
3 lvinig omor
4 wlla
5 tleba
6 ttielo
7 boeordm
8 forlo
2 Write the words from Exercise 1 in the table.
Rooms Things
bathroom shower

GRAMMAR there is / there are in/on

3 Match the words to make two sentences.
0 There’s seven rooms on the house.
There are a pencil case in the table.
1 There’s six books on the bathroom.
There are a bath in the floor.
2 There’s a boy on the bedroom.
There are five pictures in the wall.
3 There’s three photos in the bath.
There are a baby on the table.
4 There’s two windows on the floor
There are a camera in the kitchen.
5 There’s a phone on the living room.
There are four girls in the table.

4 Complete the sentences with There’s or There are and in or on.

0 There’s a book on the table.
1 two girls the bedroom.
2 a table the kitchen.
3 two doors the living room.
4 a picture the wall.

16 Unit 3
5 Look at the picture and read the sentences. Write yes or no.

Hi, I’m Emma.

This is my house.

0 Emma is in the living room.

There are three windows in the living room
no (There are two windows in the living room.)
1 There are two photos on the table in the living room.

2 There are five people in the kitchen.

3 There are two bedrooms in the house.

4 There are four pictures on the wall in Emma’s bedroom.

5 There are two showers in the bathroom.

About you
6 Write five sentences about your house.

My home 17
In my Xx

1 Look at the pictures and write the words.

1 1


3 6

4 5 6 7

2 Look at the picture. Write yes or no.

0 The clock is on the wall.
1 The guitar is on the table.

2 The computer games are on the bed.

3 The DVDs are on the chair.

4 The pet fish is on the floor.

GRAMMAR have got +

3 Match the sentences.
0 My name’s Elen. b
1 My sister’s name is Katrina.
2 I’m Jack and my friend is Ian.
3 José and Juan are my friends.
4 My brother’s name is Richard.
a We’ve got a guitar and a radio.
b I’ve got a phone and two computer games.
c He’s got a clock and a camera.
d She’s got two books and five DVDs.
e They’ve got a pet fish and a television.

18 Unit 3
4 Look at the pictures and at the sentences LISTENING
in Exercise 3. Write the names under the
6 6 Listen to the girl. Write the numbers
(1–3) with three of the pictures.

Hi. I’m Paula

and this is my
sister Penny.
We’re twins! Our
house has got
four bedrooms.

0 Elen 1

2 3

5 Complete the sentences. Write ’s got, ’ve got

or have got. d
0 I’m Luisa. It’s my birthday today. I ’ve got
a new camera.
1 Diego’s my friend. He two
brothers and three sisters.
2 Tom and Amanda three children.
3 We’re Nat and Toby. We three pet
fish in our living room. 7 Now look at the other picture in Exercise 6
4 She’s my sister. She lots of and complete the text.
clothes on her bed. This our room. We’ve got a (0) television
5 Gabby and Penelope lots of and three (1) . Penny’s got
friends. They are happy. a computer and four (2) .
6 Elena and Patrick are my parents. They There are two (3) and there’s
a television in their bedroom. a desk too. We’ve got a (4) .
7 You’re a student. You lots of His name’s Ben. He’s got a little house on our
books and a dictionary on your desk. (5) !

My home 19
4 My things
Oh no! The chocolate!
1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers.
a banana
a ball
a camera
a coat
a drink
1 a football
a hat
a phone 1
a photo 2
keys 3
6 7

9 10

2 Look at the pictures in Exercise 1 again. Complete the sentences.

Samuel’s got a football and a b . He’s got a
c ,ap and a d .
Rebecca’s got a b and a p . She’s got a
c ,ah and k .

GRAMMAR have got –

3 Look at the picture of Jim’s bag. Which sentence is right (✔)?
0 He’s got a football. ✔
He’s hasn’t got a football.
1 He’s got his keys.
He’s hasn’t got his keys.
2 He’s got a coat.
He’s hasn’t got a coat.
3 He’s got a camera.
He’s hasn’t got a camera.
4 He’s got a drink.
He’s hasn’t got a drink.

20 Unit 4
4 Look at the picture of Katie’s bag. Complete LISTENING
the sentences. Write ’s got or hasn’t got.
5 7 Listen to Jacob, Sandra and Mikel talking
0 She ’s got a phone. about the things in their bags. Look at the
1 She a banana things. Write J for Jacob, S for Sandra and
2 She a photo. M for Mikel.
3 She a book.
4 She a hat. J
books a camera a computer game

a drink a hat keys pencils a phone

a rubber a ruler

About you
6 Complete the sentences about your bag with
I’ve got and I haven’t got.
1 books.
2 a camera.
3 a computer game.
4 a drink.
5 a hat.
6 keys.
7 pencils.
8 a phone.
9 a rubber.
10 a ruler.

My things 21
Have Xx
you got my red bag?

VOCABULARY adjectives
1 Find five adjectives. Write the words in 3 Which sentence is right (✔)?
the table. 1 It’s a short, brown ruler.
It’s a brown, short ruler.
2 It’s a clean, dark blue bag.
long It’s a dark blue, clean bag.

3 It’s a red, big book.
y yel

yo s

It’s a big, red book.
ir t

4 It’s an old, green coat.


d a w hd i dfdlig

It’s a green, old coat.

5 It’s a white and black football.
0 old new It’s a black and white football.
1 clean 4 Read the sentences in Exercise 3 again.
2 short Now draw the pictures.
3 big
4 dark grey grey

2 Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences.

0 Judy’s got a 1 Sam’s got a

long coat. bag.

2 Isabella’s got a 3 Martin and GRAMMAR have got ?

grey hat. James have got a
5 Choose the right answer.
0 Has your mum got a short coat?
Yes, she has. / Yes, he has.
1 Has Jim got a big bedroom?
No, he hasn’t. / No, it hasn’t.
2 Have you got two pet fish?
No, I haven’t. / No, they haven’t.
3 Have you got nice teachers?
Yes, we have. / Yes, they have.
4 Dan’s got a 4 Have your friends got a ball?
book. No, they haven’t. / No, you haven’t.

22 Unit 4
6 Write the questions. Then complete the READING
8 Read the text. Answer the questions.
0 A: you / big, blue hat?
Have you got a big, blue hat?
B: No, I haven’t .
1 A: your friend / a long, green coat?

B: Yes, she .
2 A: you / small classroom?

B: No, we .
3 A: Tomas and Jan / a new baby brother?

B: Yes, .
4 A: your mum / big, dark blue bag?
Hello. I’m Petra and I’m from Russia.
B: No, . We’ve got a big classroom. It’s got a
5 A: your brother / dirty, grey football? red door and light blue walls. It’s got
three big windows. It’s got ten small
B: Yes, . brown desks. We’ve got our pens
and rulers on our desks. We’ve got
About you our new English books too. They’re
dark green. Our bags are on the
7 Write about you. floor. I’ve got a black and white bag.
I’ve got a long red coat and an old
1 Have you got a sister?
dictionary in my bag.

2 Have you got a television in

your room?
0 Have they got a small classroom?
No, they haven’t. They’ve got a big
Has their classroom got a red door?
3 Has your classroom got light blue walls? Yes, it has.
1 Has it got dark blue walls?

2 Has it got small windows?

4 Has your friend got a guitar?

3 Has it got ten small brown desks?

4 Have they got their pencils and rubbers on the

5 Have you and your friends got a
favourite band? 5 Have they got new English books?

6 Has Petra got a black and white bag?

7 Has she got a short red coat in her bag?

6 Have your friends got mobiles?
8 Has Petra got a new dictionary?

My things 23
5 Yes, we can!
What can you do?
1 Look at the pictures. Write the words.
paint play ride sing speak swim

0 swim underwater 1 the guitar 2 a horse

3 a picture 4 English 5

GRAMMAR can / can’t

2 Look at the pictures. Which sentence is right (✔)?

1 Chris and Matt can swim underwater. 2 Carla’s mum can sing.
Chris and Matt can’t swim underwater. Carla’s mum can’t sing.

3 Peter can ride a horse. 4 Lindsey can paint a picture.

Peter can’t ride a horse. Lindsey can’t paint a picture.

5 Jon’s dad can play the guitar. 6 Wendy’s friends can speak English.
Jon’s dad can’t play the guitar. Wendy’s friends can’t speak English.

24 Unit 5
3 Write the questions. Then complete the answers.
0 A: you / speak English?
Can you speak English?
B: Yes, I can .
1 A: Tim and Jane / play the guitar?

B: No, .
2 A: Julia / ride a horse?

B: Yes, .
3 A: Carlos / swim underwater?

B: No, .
4 A: your baby sister / paint a picture?

B: No, .
5 A: your friends / sing?

B: Yes, .

4 8 Listen to three conversations. Match the people to the questions.
Then write yes or no.

Can you draw?

Can you ride a horse? yes
Can you sing?
Can you speak French?
Can you swim?
Can you swim underwater?

5 Now write sentences. Use and, but and or.

1 Brian can ride a horse and he can
2 Amanda
3 Simon

About you
6 Write five sentences about your friends and family with can and can’t.
Use and, but and or.

Yes, we can! 25
X Xxstand on his hands!
He can

VOCABULARY GRAMMAR Prepositions into, behind, under

1 Find eleven words. Write the words in the table. 2 Match the sentences to the pictures.
e j l a r m b

y t e e t h g

e m g c e a r

n o d s p n f

o u y h k d o

s t f a c e o b c

e h a i r p t

Head Body
eye arm

1 They’re under the table.

2 He’s behind the door.
3 Get into bed.

3 Read the sentences and match.

Write the numbers and the letters.
1 Put the banana into the bag.
2 Put the books under the chair.
3 Put the ruler into the pencil case. a
4 Put the guitar under the bed. c
5 Put the ball behind the door.


1 c

26 Unit 5
4 Read the letter. Look at the pictures. Write the 5 Read the letter again. Write yes or no.
numbers (1–4) with the names. 1 Lide’s guitar is old.

2 Lide can play the guitar.

Dear Isabella
How are you? Thanks for your lett
Here are some photos for you.
3 Lide can sing.

There’s a photo of my sister. She’s

thirteen years old. Her name’s Lid
4 Maria can put her feet behind her head.
pla y
She’s got a new guitar. She can
5 Katrin can take photos and she can paint.
the guitar but she can’t sing.
There’s a photo of my friend Maria 6 Katrin’s cat is under the table.
too. She can put her feet behind
head! I think she’s funny! Can you
put your feet behind your head? I About you
can’t, but I can take photos and
can paint! 6 Answer the questions. Write about you.
Here’s a painting of my cat. She’s 1 Can you put your arm behind your head?
under her favourite chair. Her nam
Write soon,
Love from Katrin x 2 Can you put your foot into your ear?

3 Can you put your hand on your head?

2 4 Can you put your hair behind your ear?

5 Can you put your foot behind your head?

3 4

Lide 1 Blackie
Maria Katrin

Yes, we can! 27
6 Party time!
Have we got any eggs?
f g
1 Complete the words. Circle the uncountable h i
0 appl e s 7 our
1 ba as 8 at
2 cuits 9 lk j k
3 br d 10 or es
4 butt 11 po oes n
5 che 12 sug l m
6 eg 13 tomat
2 Look at the pictures. Match the words (0–13) in
Exercise 1 to the things (a–m) in the pictures.
0 c 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

GRAMMAR some, any, lots of

b 3 Look at Leo’s shopping and read the
a sentences. Write yes or no.
c d
0 He hasn’t got any biscuits.
no (He’s got some biscuits.)
e 1 He’s got some potatoes.

2 He hasn’t got any eggs.

3 He’s got lots of bananas.

4 He’s got some oranges.

5 He hasn’t got any sugar.

6 He’s got a tomato.

28 Unit 6
4 Look at Carol and Martin’s shopping. Complete the sentences.
Use a, any, and some.
1 They’ve got butter.
2 They haven’t got apples.
3 They’ve got cheese.
4 They’ve got biscuits.
5 They’ve got banana.
6 They haven’t got eggs.

5 Read the texts. Write the numbers (1–3) with three of the pictures.
a b

c d

1 Hi. I’m Lee. John is my dad. On our table,

6 Look at the other picture. Complete the text.
there’s some cheese and some meat. Hello. I’m Joaquin. Today is my birthday!
There’s also some bread but there isn’t any Jon and Ibai are my friends. We’re in the
fruit. There are lots of cakes and there’s garden. We’ve got a big (1) c
some milk too. and lots of (2) b . We haven’t got
any (3) e but we’ve got some
(4) b and some (5) c .
2 Hello. I’m Patrick. Julia is my mum and We’ve got some (6) a too.
Lindsey is my sister. We’ve got some eggs,
some bread and some butter on our table. About you
We haven’t got any vegetables but we’ve
7 Draw a picture of your table. Write five
got some apples. We’ve got some milk too.
sentences. Use lots of, some and any.

3 Hello. My name’s Marta. Lucia and Paula

are my school friends. There are some
eggs and some meat on our table at
school. There’s some cheese and some
bread too. There are also some oranges
but there aren’t any apples or bananas.


Party time! 29
you like to come?

1 Look at the clocks. Write the numbers.
It’s four am. 1 2 3
It’s twelve thirty.
1 It’s five ten.
It’s two pm.
It’s one fifteen.
It’s one o’clock.

4 5 6

2 Look at the clocks. Complete the sentences with words in the box.
eight four seven six ten three two

0 It’s ten am. 1 It’s ten. 2 It’s fifteen. 3 It’s o’clock.

4 It’s thirty. 5 It’s fifteen. 6 It’s twenty.

GRAMMAR Prepositions on, at, from, until

3 Choose the right word to complete the sentences.
1 Would you like to come to / at my party? 4 It’s on / until Friday.
2 It’s at / on my house. 5 It’s at / on five o’clock.
3 It’s at / on June 1st. 6 It’s from / on five o’clock at / until eight o’clock.

30 Unit 6
4 Write the words.
seven o’clock July 16th 18.15 Friday, May 10th the swimming pool
17.30–20.00 Wednesday two o’clock – four o’clock

on at from … until …

5 Complete the invitations with the words in the box.

at from on until

Would you like to come to my party?
It’s (1) Thursday, May 12th

(2) the park,
(3) 16.00
(4) 19.30.

tor on It’s (5) Jana’s house

Call Vic
01298 (6) 6 pm (7) 9 pm
. (8) Saturday!

6 9 Listen to three conversations. Read the 7 Write a conversation about a party.
sentences. Write yes or no.
Would you like to come to my party?
Tom’s party
1 Tom’s party is on Tuesday.
I’d love to! When is it?
2 His party is from four o’clock until six thirty.

3 His party is at the park.

Nick’s party What time is it?

4 Nick’s party is at the swimming pool.

5 His party is on Friday.

6 It’s at six o’clock. Where is it?

Sophia’s party
7 Sophia’s party is on Friday, June 14th.

See you there.

8 It’s at her house.

9 It’s from seven pm until ten thirty.

Party time! 31
7 Feeling good
I like playing basketball
1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers.
1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

catching a ball playing basketball playing tennis

dancing playing computer games running
kicking a ball playing football
2 Write the words.
1 I’m good at p f but I’m not very good at
p b .
2 I’m good at c b and k
3 I’m not very good at p t or p
c g .
4 I’m not very good at r or d .

GRAMMAR like + –
3 Match the two halves of the sentences.
1 Ana likes singing but a he doesn’t like playing basketball.
2 Mark doesn’t like playing football and b she likes playing basketball.
3 Tim doesn’t like singing but c they like playing football.
4 Marisa likes running and d she doesn’t like dancing.
5 Ben and Amy don’t like running and e he likes dancing.
6 Sam and Hugo like swimming and f they don’t like swimming.

32 Unit 7
4 Read the sentences in Exercise 3 again. Write LISTENING
the names in the table.
6 10 Listen to four children. Choose the
✓ ✗ right picture.

1a 1b
Sam and Hugo Mark

2a 2b

3a 3b

5 Complete the sentences.

✓ ✗

Isabella Abby and Jenny

4a 4b
Matt and Jack Greg

Greg Isabella

Abby and Jenny Matt and Jack

About you
0 Greg likes playing the guitar.
Abby and Jenny don’t like playing 7 Write five sentences about you and your
computer games. friend with like, don’t like, likes and doesn’t
1 Isabella playing the guitar. like. Use and and but.
2 Abby and Jenny riding 0 I like playing tennis but I don’t like
a horse. playing football.
3 Matt and Jack playing 1
tennis. 2
4 Isabella playing computer 3
games. 4
5 Matt and Jack riding 5
a horse.
6 Greg playing tennis.

Feeling good 33
Eat a Xx
good breakfast!

1 Look at the pictures. Find and write the words.

0 vegetables 1 2 3

4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11

a b c e f y o e f b r e a d b h

q b u t t e r a w s d f g h o p

v z x x v b a n a m a p p l e s

e q c e r t n y t u i o p l k j

g w h a s d g m e r c a k e s h

e e e f g f e n r t h r q w e b

t r e r f b s b l s u g a r i a

a a s y c h e v i y g h j k l n

b s e u c h o c o l a t e c z a

l d a i v o f c y t y u u i o n

e f p o t a t o e s r h c y u a

s g d o n e s x f a s d c t y s

2 Circle the odd word out.

0 dancing playing computer games walking to school
1 butter running sugar
2 bread cakes water
3 apples vegetables oranges
4 bananas chocolate dancing

34 Unit 7
3 Choose the right word to complete the 6 Read the texts. Write the numbers (1–4) with
sentences. the pictures.
1 I like eating biscuits but they aren’t good for
1 Hello. My name’s Laura. I’m twelve years
me / him.
old and I’m from Cambridge in England.
2 I play sport with my friends. It’s good for
I eat some fruit and some bread for my
her / us.
breakfast and I drink some water too.
3 I play the guitar but I’m not very good at him / it.
I don’t eat biscuits. I like them but my
4 My sister eats vegetables. They’re good for
mum says they’re not good for me.
him / her.
5 My brother drinks milk. It’s good for him / her.
6 My parents like running. It’s good for them / her.
7 Eat lots of fruit. It’s good for it / you.
4 Change the underlined words. Use the words
in the box.

him her it us them you

0 I like football. I’m good at football. it

1 My brother eats lots of sugar.
It’s not good for my brother.
2 My friends and I walk to school.
It’s good for my friends and me. 2 Joanna and Penny are my friends. Their
3 My sister drinks lots of water. mum says a healthy breakfast is good for
It’s good for my sister. them. They like milk and they drink lots
4 My parents eat some fruit for of it. They eat bread for breakfast and
breakfast. It’s good for my parents. lots of fruit too.
5 Play lots of sport. It’s good for
you and your friends.
3 My brother’s name is Will. Pizza is his
favourite food but he doesn’t eat it for
About you
breakfast. Mum says lots of pizza isn’t
5 Answer the questions. Write about you. good for him. Will eats some cheese and
some bread for breakfast.
1 What’s your favourite food?

4 My dad doesn’t drink milk. He doesn’t

like it. He drinks water for breakfast and
he eats a banana and some bread.
2 Is it good for you?

a b

3 Have you got a favourite sport?

What is it?

c d
4 Are you good at your favourite sport?

Feeling good 35
8 Things we do
She’s dancing
VOCABULARY GRAMMAR Present continuous + –
1 Look at the pictures and write the words. 3 Match the words.
cooking drawing club film club 0 doing a a film
football club guitar lessons horse riding
1 kicking b a letter
photo club running club street dancing
tennis lessons 2 making c a ball

3 talking d your homework

4 sitting e on your phone

5 writing f a horse
1 2
6 cooking g on your bed

7 riding h a picture

8 drawing i a pizza
3 4

4 Write the words.

cook dance make play
sing sit swim write
5 6

kick + ing run + n + ing ride + ing

= kicking = running = riding
7 8

5 Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences

with words from Exercises 3 and 4.

9 10
2 Complete the sentences with words from
Exercise 1.
1 I’m good at dancing. I like doing it with my 1 Julia’s 2 Her brother is
friends. I’ve got on Friday. a horse. a ball.
2 I like playing music, but I’m not very good at it.
I’ve got on Monday and
3 I’m in the kitchen. I’ve got some butter and
some eggs. I’ve got today. 3 Her sister isn’t 4 Her mum is
4 I like films. Today’s film is called My friend Joe. a letter.
We’ve got . She’s lunch and her dad
5 I’ve got my camera and my hat. I’ve got her homework. is
today. on a chair.

36 Unit 8
6 Look at the pictures. Write sentences. READING
0 Hi, I’m Alex. I’m in the kitchen with my mum.
7 Read the email. Look at the picture. Write
We aren’t cooking (we / cook) a pizza. the numbers (1–6) with the names.
We’re making (we / make) a cake. Dear Elizabeth
How are you?
Here’s a photo of my friends in the park
after school. Isabella and Kris are dancing.
They’re very good at it. Carlos can’t dance.
He is playing football with Jorge. Carlos
isn’t kicking the ball. Laura and Paula
don’t like football. They are playing tennis
but they aren’t very good at it. My mum’s
1 Daniella is my sister. She likes music.
sitting on a chair under a tree. Her name’s
(she / dance) in the street.
Luisa. I’m not playing sport. I’ve got a
(she / play) the guitar. new camera and I’m taking photos of my
friends! My dad isn’t in the picture. He’s
taking this photo!
Write soon.
Love from Ana x

2 Miguel is my brother.
(he / run) in the park.
(he / play) basketball.


1 4

3 Tomas and Juan are my friends.

(they / sing).
(they / swim).

Isabella and Kris Carlos

Laura and Paula Jorge
Luisa Ana

About you
4 You’re a student.
(you / do) your homework. 8 Write sentences about what you and your
(you / make) a film. family are/aren’t doing now.
1 I’m
2 I’m not
3 My is
4 isn’t

Things we do 37
X Xxmaking lunch?
Are you

VOCABULARY GRAMMAR Present continuous ?

1 Choose the right word. 3 Match the questions to the answers.
1 do / make lunch 1 Is your mum washing the car?
2 do / make the bed 2 Is your brother eating a banana?
3 do / make your homework 3 Are you doing the cleaning?
4 do / make the cleaning 4 Are your friends making a cake?
5 do / make a cake a Yes, they are.
6 do / make a film b No, I’m not. I’m doing my homework.
c No, he isn’t. He’s eating an apple.
d Yes, she is.

2 Look at the pictures and write sentences.

0 He’s making his bed. 1

2 3

4 5

38 Unit 8
4 Complete the questions. LISTENING
0 A: Hello. I’m Abby. I’m in my bedroom. 6 11 Listen to four conversations. Which
B: Are you doing your homework? sentence is right (✔)?
A: Yes, I am.
1 A: My mum is in the kitchen.
B: making lunch?
A: No, she isn’t. She’s making a cake.
2 A: My dad isn’t in the house.
B: washing the car?
A: Yes, he is. It’s very dirty!
3 A: Lisa and Janina are my sisters.
They like music. 1 He’s washing the dog.
B: singing? He’s washing the car.
A: No, they aren’t. They’re dancing.
4 A: William is my brother. He’s in his bedroom.
B: making his bed?
A: No, he isn’t! He’s playing computer games.
5 A: Laura and Jane are my friends.
They like sport.
B: running?
A: Yes they are. 2 He’s doing his homework.
6 A: I’m a student. He’s drawing a picture.
B: playing computer games?
A: No, I’m not. I’m doing my English
5 Put the words in the right order to make
questions. Then complete the answers.
0 are / friends / your / playing / football
Are your friends playing football ?
No, they aren’t. 3 She’s making a cake.
1 bed / are / you / your / making She’s making pizza.

2 is / sister / breakfast / your / eating

3 your / brother / the / kitchen / cleaning / is
4 He’s dancing.
He’s running.
4 your / friends / making / are / lunch WRITING
7 Write five questions to ask your teacher or a
? friend. Use is and are.
Yes, 0 Is your mum playing tennis?
5 drawing / a / picture / are / you 1
? 3
No, 4

Things we do 39
9 My day
I get up at 7 o’clock
1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers.
1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

catch the bus to school get up wake up

clean your teeth have breakfast walk to school
get dressed leave the house wash your face
2 Which sentence is right (✔)?
1 I have breakfast and I get up.
I get up and I have breakfast.
2 I leave the house and I walk to school.
I walk to school and I leave the house.
3 I wake up and I wash my face.
I wash my face and I wake up.
4 I catch the bus to school and I get dressed.
I get dressed and I catch the bus to school.

40 Unit 9
GRAMMAR Present simple + LISTENING
3 Complete the text with the words in the box. 6 12 Mark and Karen are looking at a website.
Listen to their conversation about a Mexican
catches cleans gets dressed girl. Choose the right picture for Rosa.
gets up goes has leaves
1a 1b
Sally (0) goes to school in
Birmingham. She (1) at 7.20
and she (2) breakfast with her
mum and dad. Then she (3)
her teeth and (4) . She
(5) the house at 8.20 and she
(6) the bus to school. Sally
likes school!
4 Choose the right word to complete the

2a 2b

1 My mum and dad wake up / wakes up at 6.30.

2 Pablo is my friend. He walk / walks to school.
3 I get up / gets up at eight o’clock.
4 My sister clean / cleans her teeth in the
morning. 3a 3b
5 My friends wash / washes their hands at school.
5 Complete the sentences with words from
the box.

catch / catches go / goes have / has

leave / leaves walk / walks

4a 4b

0 My mum leaves the house at 7.45.

1 I breakfast with my brother
at 8.30.
2 My friends the bus to school.
3 My brother to a different school.
4 He to school with his friends.

My day 41
I don’tXx
sleep at night

1 Match the times to the clocks. a b c
0 It’s half past four. b
1 It’s six o’clock.
2 It’s quarter past three.
3 It’s quarter to nine. d e f
4 It’s half past seven.
5 It’s eight o’clock.
2 Look at these times. Draw the clocks.

1 It’s quarter past two. 2 It’s half past twelve. 3 It’s quarter to one. 4 It’s ten o’clock.
3 Look at the pictures. Make sentences.
1 2 3

4 5 6

1 My cat sleeps at eight o’clock

2 I catch the bus at quarter past eight at night.
3 My little brother goes to bed at seven o’clock in the afternoon.
4 We have breakfast at half past three in the evening.
5 Juan plays tennis at half past seven in the morning.
6 My mum goes to English lessons at quarter to twelve

GRAMMAR Present simple –

4 Complete the sentences. Use don’t and doesn’t.
0 I have breakfast with my mum and my sister. 3 I play football in the park with my friends.
I don’t have breakfast with my dad. We in my house.
1 Amanda does her homework in the evening. 4 I clean my teeth in the morning and at night.
She in the morning. I in the afternoon.
2 My teacher works in a school. 5 My brother sleeps in his bed.
in a park. He on the floor.

42 Unit 9
5 Complete the sentences about Dan.
1 He the bedroom on
Monday. Dan
2 He the beds on Monday clean the bedroom
3 He breakfast on Tuesday make breakfast
Wednesday. Wednesday make the beds
4 He the bus to school Thursday walk to school
on Thursday. Friday wash the car in the
5 He the car on Friday.
6 He to bed at ten
Saturday go to bed at 11 pm
o’clock on Saturday.

6 Read about Akiki’s day. Write yes or no.

This is Akiki. He’s twelve
years old and he lives in
Uganda in Africa with his
sister and his parents. Their
house has got two rooms.
He gets up at 6 am and has
breakfast at 6.30 am. At 7
am Akiki goes to school.
He walks to school with his
friend Kizza but lots of their
friends don’t go to school.
In the evening Akiki does his
homework and at night he is
very tired.

0 Akiki lives in a big house.

no (He lives in a small house.) about you
He lives with his family. 7 Write six sentences about you and your
yes family or friends.
1 Akiki gets up at six o’clock.
1 I
2 I don’t
2 He has breakfast at quarter past six.
3 My doesn’t

3 He goes to school at seven o’clock.

4 He / She
5 We
4 Akiki catches the bus to school.
6 We don’t

5 Akiki does his homework in the morning.

My day 43
10 Information
Do we have art on Fridays?
1 Look at the pictures and write the words. 2 Write the subjects.
art English geography history IT 0 ¡Hola! ¡Buenas tardes!
maths music PE science Spanish
1 Run and kick the ball.

2 Do you like my blog?

1 2

3 Have you got your guitar, Alberto?

4 London is the capital of England.

3 4
5 What is 734 + 124?

6 I am, you are, he is, she is …

5 6 7 Can you paint a picture of a horse?

GRAMMAR Present simple ?

3 Match the two halves of the questions.
1 Does your friend have lunch
7 8 2 Do your parents speak
3 Does your school have
4 Do you have PE
5 Does your teacher catch the bus
6 Do your friends do
a English?
b their homework?
c on Fridays?
9 10 d at school?
e a film club?
f to school?
44 Unit 10
4 Look at the school timetables. Match the
questions to the answers.
1 Does Eve have geography on Mondays?
2 Does Jack have history on Tuesdays?
3 Do Eve and Jack have Spanish TUESDAY
9.05 Science
in the afternoon? Geography
4 Does Eve like English?
10.05 Maths History
5 Does Jack like music?
11.20 Spanish
6 Do Eve and Jack like art? PE
a No, they don’t. 1.30 Music English
b No, she doesn’t. 14.20 IT Art
c Yes, he does.
d Yes, she does.
e Yes, they do.
f No, he doesn’t. Jack MONDAY

9.05 Science Geography

5 Look at the school timetables again. Answer History
10.05 PE
the questions. BREAK
1 Do Eve and Jack like PE? 11.20 Maths Spanish
2 Does Jack have maths on Tuesday? 1.30 IT English
14.20 Music Art
3 Does Eve like music?

4 Do Eve and Jack have science in the


5 Does Jack like IT? READING

7 Look at the website. Complete the sentences.
6 Does Eve have art on Monday? Write Carolyn or Diego.

6 Write the questions. Hello. I’m Carolyn. I’m Australian. I live in

0 Eve and Jack / have / music / Tuesdays? Melbourne. I catch the bus to school at 8.30
Do Eve and Jack have music on with my sister. My favourite subject is history
– I’m good at it. We have it on Mondays and
Tuesdays? Wednesdays. I have lunch at school and we
No,they don’t. have lessons in the afternoon too.
1 Eve and Jack / have / PE / morning?

Yes, they do. Hello. My name’s Diego. I’m twelve years old
and I’m from Brazil. I like school. In Brazil
2 Jack / science / in the afternoon? we go to school in the morning. We go at
7 am. I have lunch at home with my family
No, he doesn’t. and I don’t have lessons in the afternoon!
3 Jack / like / Spanish? We have PE on Mondays – it’s my favourite
subject! On Tuesdays and Fridays we have
maths. I don’t like it! I don’t understand it!
Yes, he does.
4 Eve / like / maths?
0 Diego goes to school at seven o’clock.
No, she doesn’t. 1 doesn’t have lunch at home.
5 Eve / have / IT / Mondays? 2 goes to school in the afternoon.
3 likes sport.
Yes, she does. 4 likes history.
5 doesn’t understand maths.

Information 45
Xx texts do you send?
How many

1 Look at the pictures and write the words.
computer digital camera memory stick smartphone tablet

1 2 3 4 5
2 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
download music look at websites send emails read and send texts
store information take photos watch films

0 I like to look at websites on my tablet. 4 I like dancing. I

onto my
computer every day.
1 I in the
park with my digital camera.
5 Our teacher has got
lots of DVDs. We
2 I’ve got a new smartphone.
I  every day. in English class at school.

3 My friend lives in Mexico. 6 I do my homework on the computer

I to and I on
my friend from my computer. my memory stick.

GRAMMAR how much …? / how many …?

3 Look at the pictures and read the questions and answers. Write T (Tom) or J (Jonathan).
Tom Jonathan
1 How much chocolate do you eat at the weekend? I eat lots. I don’t eat any.
2 How many photos have you got in your bedroom? I’ve got five. I haven’t got any.
3 How much homework do you do in a week? I do some. I do lots.
4 How many emails do you send in a day? I send lots. I send some.
5 How many letters do you write in a month? I don’t write any. I write one.

1 T 2 3 4 5

46 Unit 10
4 Make questions with much and many.
much fruit
do you eat in a week?
many eggs
computer games
do you play on Saturdays?
does your dad download at the weekend?
do your friends watch in the evening?

5 Complete the conversations. Write any, lots, many and much.

0 A: How many emails do you send every day?
B: I don’t send any but my dad sends lots . I send lots of texts.
1 A: How football do you play?
B: I play . I like it and I’m good at it but my friend doesn’t play .
She doesn’t like it!
2 A: How books does your mum read in a month?
B: She doesn’t read but she reads of emails!
3 A: How homework do you do on the computer?
B: I do but my little brother doesn’t do !

6 13 Listen to three conversations. Tick (✔) the words you hear.

Leo Charlotte John

computer computers digital camera
computer games emails smartphone
DVDs memory stick tablet
smartphone websites texts

7 13 Listen again. Read the sentences. Write About you

yes or no. 8 Answer the questions. Write about you.
0 Leo listens to music on his smartphone.
no (He listens to music on his 1 How much fruit do you eat in the morning?
1 He downloads music to his computer.

2 He’s got lots of computer games. 2 How many computer games have you got?

3 Charlotte’s got three computers in her house.

4 Her mum does a lot of work on the computer. 3 How much sport do you play in the afternoon?

5 Charlotte looks at lots of websites.

6 John’s got a new smartphone.

4 How much work do you do on a computer?

7 He sends emails to his friends.

8 He takes photos with his phone.

5 How many texts do you send in a day?

Information 47
11 He’s famous
I always read my emails
1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers. 2 Circle the odd word out.
0 daughter friend fan pencil
1 2
1 band desk rubber teacher
2 shower music radio song
3 concert movie memory stick TV show
4 book email newspaper photo

GRAMMAR Adverbs of frequency: always,

often, sometimes, never
3 Put the words in the right order to make
3 4 sentences.
1 brother / my / sings / always / in / the / shower

2 sometimes / the / play / I / computer /

weekend / at / games

3 on / watch / I / always / favourite / my / show /

5 6
TV / Fridays

4 dad / often / newspaper / my / reads /

the / morning / the / in

5 sends / my / never / text / friend / messages

7 8

4 Choose the right word to complete the

1 I get the bus to school on Mondays and
Wednesdays. I never / sometimes get the bus
to school.
2 I don’t like sport. I never / often play football.
3 Lara is good at music. She never / sometimes
Hi. My name’s Brad. I’m a famous person!
plays the guitar in her friend’s band.
I’m a singer in a band.
4 I like using the computer at school. We never /
1 We’ve got lots of fans.
often do work on the computer.
We give lots of concerts.
5 You’re good students. You always / sometimes
Look. Here’s our picture in the
do your homework.
We sometimes sing on a TV show.
I write the songs.
They are making a movie about us.

48 Unit 11
5 Look at the website. Complete the sentences. Write Inés or Olga.

FA Hi I’m Inés Vazquez. I’m
thirteen years old and
I’m famous! I’m on a TV
show in Spain.

Hello. My name’s
Olga and I’m
Russian. I play the
guitar in a band.

Sport I love tennis. My favourite player is I always go swimming at the weekend and we
Rafa Nadal. He often speaks English sometimes go swimming in PE lessons too.
and he’s good at it!
Music My favourite band is One Direction. I love singing. I always sing in Russian! I like
They always sing in English. I listening to English music but my favourite
sometimes sing their songs in my band is from Russia. I often go to their concerts.
bedroom but I’m not very good and I
always close the door!
Reading I sometimes read books in the evening I never read books but I often look at websites
and I always read the newspaper at in English. They help me to do my homework
the weekend too! and I always find lots of information.

1 always goes swimming at the weekend.

2 sometimes sings in English.
3 often goes to concerts.
4 often looks at websites in English.
5 sometimes reads books in the evening.
6 always reads the newspaper at the weekend.

About you
6 Write four sentences about you and your friends. Use the words in the boxes.
always often sometimes never

download music see my friends send emails watch TV

after school on Fridays at 11 pm at the weekend


He’s famous 49
X Xx do you go out?
How often

1 Find and write the words.
0 ca t c h
a t i c t a
1 c
2 g
c a t c h r
3 m
4 s
b n n u i s
5 t
6 t
c e s g n g

o r e a k e

m o e o e t

e r b r b r

c l m e e t

t h i n g s

2 Complete the sentences. Use the words from GRAMMAR Wh- questions
Exercise 1.
3 Match the questions to the answers
0 Hello, children! Meet your 1 Who’s your English teacher?
new teacher. Her name’s Linda. 2 What’s your favourite sport?
3 Where do you live?
4 When does school start?
1 I’m French. I from Paris. 5 How often do you go to concerts?
a In London.
b Never!
2 What do you of my new c At 9 am.
coat? Do you like it? d I like tennis.
e Her name’s Sandra.

3 I always Marta on the school bus.

4 Ice cream is my favourite food! I like cold


5 I’m good at basketball. I always

the ball!

6 Tom, my pencil is under your chair.

Can you it, please?

50 Unit 11
4 Put the words in the right order to make LISTENING
6 14 Listen to the TV show and read the
1 TV / often / how / do / you / watch ? sentences. Write yes or no.

2 do / where / play / football / you ?

3 when / up / you / do / get ?

4 do / you / what / the / at / do / weekend ?

5 English / who / your / is / teacher ?

6 you / send / often / emails / do / how ?

5 Look at the underlined words. Write

questions for Andrei. Use do and ’s (is).

0 Willow Shields is in a band.

no (She’s an actress.)
1 Her birthday is in December.

2 She lives in the USA.

3 She goes to a big school.

4 In the afternoon, she takes photos.

0 I go to school in Moscow. 5 She’s got lots of animals.

Where do you go to school?
My favourite thing is my guitar. 6 Her brother is a waiter.
What’s your favourite thing?
1 I see my friends every day.
2 My best friend is Vitaly.
7 Write five quiz questions about your favourite
3 I get up at half past seven. person.
4 We go to the park after school. 2
5 My favourite colour is green. 4

He’s famous 51
12 Working life
What does she do?
1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers.
1 2 3

4 5 a bus driver
a doctor
a student
a teacher
a waitress

2 Complete the puzzle and find the answer to the question.

What does my dad do?

0 p h o t o

0 I’m Josh. This is a … of me.

1 My mum is a … in a restaurant.
2 My brother is a bus … . 6
3 I’m twelve. I’m a … .
4 We … new things every day. 7
5 I … English at school every day.
6 My sister … in a shop. 8
7 Our English … is from London.
8 He passed all his … at school!
9 He likes his … and he’s good at it.
10 He can ride a bike but he can’t … a car!

52 Unit 12
GRAMMAR Present simple and present READING
continuous 4 Read the email. Answer the questions.
3 Complete the sentences. Use two verbs in
the box. Hi Lara,
I’m in Italy with my parents and I’m having
are walking is walking don’t walk a great time! In the mornings we look at old
doesn’t walk buildings and take lots of photos. We eat pizza
and ice cream for lunch every day – mmmm!
My sister doesn’t walk to school on In the afternoon it’s always very hot and we
Mondays. often go swimming. I sometimes study too. I’ve
Sue and Lynn are walking in the park got lots of homework!
today. I’m not studying now. I’m sitting in a café and
1 I’m writing this email to you. My mum is talking
are dancing is dancing dance to the waitress in Italian. (My mum teaches it
dances at my school.) My dad’s reading a book about
My dad never in the street.
What are you doing?
Julie’s happy! She in the
house now! Write soon,
2 Love from Beth x
are eating is eating eat eats

My friends always lots 0 When does Beth take photos?

of fruit.
She takes photos in the mornings.
Today’s my birthday. We 1 How often does she eat pizza?
pizza in a restaurant
3 2 When does she go swimming?
aren’t writing isn’t writing don’t write
doesn’t write 3 Where’s Beth sitting?
Cathy’s teacher on the
4 Who’s her mum talking to?
board now.
My mum and dad lots
5 What’s her dad reading?
of emails every day.
am making is making don’t make
doesn’t make About you
I a sandwich now. 5 Write an email to Beth. What do you do in
My brother his bed every the mornings and afternoons? What are you
morning. doing now?
are doing is doing do does

Josh and his family the

cleaning every week.
You your homework now.
am playing are playing play plays

I sometimes computer
games in the afternoon.
My friends basketball

Working life 53
X Xxwork in my café?
Can you

1 Look at the menu. Write the words.
chicken chips coffee fish ice cream juice
pasta pizza rice sandwich soup tea water

Rita’s Café
Lunch Menu
hot meals drinks

1 3 9 10
2 4

11 12
5 6

7 8 13

2 Choose the right word to complete the sentences.

1 I don’t like drinking chips / coffee.
2 I love eating chicken and fish / chicken and rice.
3 My favourite food is cheese and tomato ice cream / pizza!
4 My sister loves vegetable pasta / soup but I don’t like it!
5 Can I have an egg pizza / sandwich, please?
6 My dad drinks lots of tea / water. He likes hot drinks.

54 Unit 12
GRAMMAR can: requests and permission
3 Match the requests to the pictures. 4 Match the two halves of the questions.
1 Can I open a with my homework?
1 Can I have a table for two, please? 2 Can you clean b to the park after school?
3 Can you put c the table, please?
4 Can I use d your books in your bag?
2 Can we have two chicken sandwiches, 5 Can you help me e the window, please?
please? 6 Can we go f your smartphone, please?

3 Can you clean this table, please? LISTENING

5 15 Listen to the conversations. Write the
numbers (1–5) with the pictures.
4 Can I go to the park now?

b c

d e

6 15 Listen again. Write the requests.

1 Can I

2 Can


Working life 55
13 Places
Is there a cinema?
1 Look at the pictures. Write the words.
bank café cinema hospital hotel museum restaurant
supermarket tennis club station university

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11
2 Where are the people? Write the words from Exercise 1.
0 Tennis is my favourite sport!
tennis club

Can I have some coffee please?


1 Wow! These paintings are very old.

2 Can I have a room for two nights, please?

3 I haven’t got any money!

4 Can I see a doctor?

5 When does the train to London leave?

6 Can I have a pizza, please?

7 What are you studying?

8 What time does the movie start?

9 We need some eggs.

56 Unit 13
GRAMMAR Is there a … ? Are there any … ?
3 Look at the map of the town. Read the 4 Complete the questions. Look at the map.
questions. Choose the right answer. Then answer the questions.
0 Is there a bank in New Street? 0 Are there any cafés in Park Road?
Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t. Yes, there are.
1 Are there any hotels in the town? Is there a tennis club in New Street?
Yes there are. / No, there aren’t. No, there isn’t.
2 Is there a swimming pool in Green Road? 1 museum in
Yes there is. / No, there isn’t. Main Street?
3 Are there any restaurants in Main Street?
Yes there are. / No, there aren’t. 2 schools in the town?
4 Is there a station in Park Road?
Yes there is. / No, there isn’t. 3 supermarket in
5 Are there any football clubs in the town? Park Road?
Yes there are. / No, there aren’t.
6 Is there a park in Main Street? 4 park in Green Road?
Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
5 hospitals in the town?

Park Rd.
Park Rd.

w Gree
St. n Rd

Main St.
en R

Main St.
New S

. t


5 16 Listen to five conversations. Tick (✔) 7 Write five questions about your town. Use the
the words you hear. words in the box. Answer the questions.

banks cinema hospital hotel cinemas hospital museums station

museum park restaurants school university
6 16 Listen again. Complete the sentences.
Use There is, There are, There isn’t and
There aren’t.
1 two banks in Black Street.
2 a park in Orange Road.
3 any restaurants in Brown
4 a museum in Long Street.
5 a hotel in Green Road.

Places 57
It’s a Xx
great place to visit!

1 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers. 2 Complete the text with adjectives from
Underline the adjectives. Exercise 1.

Sandra’s blog
1 2

Hi! I’m from Mexico but my dad is

a doctor in London. I live here now.
London is a (0) g reat place
3 4
to live – lots of famous actors and
(1) im  people live here.
There are lots of (2) b
buildings but my favourite is St
Paul’s Cathedral. It’s old and it’s
(3) t too! Camden Market
5 6 is (4) in too. I go there
every Sunday with my friends. We buy
(5) c clothes. Sometimes
we go to Bond Street too. There
are lots of shops but they are very
(6) e ! My favourite thing
is The London Eye. It’s very big but it’s
7 8 (7) s . My sister doesn’t like
it but I think it’s
(8) e .

9 10

Camden Ma

ndon Eye
There’s a new cinema in my street. The Lo
They’re very important paintings.
He’s very tall!
That’s a great photo, Jorge!
Wow! It’s very cheap!
This is an interesting place to visit.
A: Is it safe to swim?
B: No, it isn’t!
They’re very expensive!
This is a beautiful place!
1 A: I don’t like it!
B: Really? I think it’s exciting. St Paul’s Cathedral

58 Unit 13
GRAMMAR Prepositions inside, near, READING
outside, above, below 5 Read the email. Then read the sentences.
3 Look at the picture. Complete the sentences. Write yes or no.
Underline the prepositions.
Hi Mario
I live in Edinburgh in Scotland. It’s a beautiful
city and my favourite place is Edinburgh Castle.
It’s very old! It’s on a hill above the city. There
are some good cafés near the castle. (My
mum works in one of them!) There
are some interesting shops too.
There’s a great juice bar too and
it’s cheap! My favourite drink
is apple.
Write soon and tell
me about your city.
Mary xx

cars cat girls men museum pictures 0 Mary lives in a town.

no (She lives in a city.)
0 There are two girls inside the café. 1 Her favourite place is new.
1 There’s a above the café.
2 There are some beautiful inside 2 The castle is on a hill above the city.
the museum.
3 There are some outside the station. 3 Her mum works in a shop.
4 There’s a near the bus.
5 There are two below the tall tree. 4 There are some interesting shops near the
4 Look at the picture of Tom’s house. Complete castle.
the sentences.
5 The juice bar is expensive.

About you
6 Answer the questions. Write about you.
1 Do you live in a house or a flat? Is it new?

2 What’s near your school?

above below inside near outside 3 What’s your favourite place in your town or city?

1 Tom is his bedroom.

2 Tom’s got two posters his bed.
3 His desk is the window.
4 The cat is Tom’s bedroom. 4 Are there any important places in your town
5 His desk is his bed. or city?

Places 59
14 Going out
Why are they doing that?
1 Look at the picture. Find and write five words.
i c n i c w a i t r e s s m ov
sstreebluep i e r i ve
ongra rball
stati cow

1 tree 2 3 4 5


2 Complete the text. Use the words from Exercise 1. 4 Look at the sentences and complete the
Lisa’s with her family. They’re having a (1) conversation.
because it’s Lisa’s birthday. They’re sitting at a table a Because they’re doing their homework.
below a tall (2) because it’s a hot day. b Because I’m not playing with Tim and
There’s a black and white (3) near the Martin. They’re at home.
(4) . It’s eating the long (5) . c Because we’ve got a big maths test
GRAMMAR Why … ? because d Because you and your sister like it!
e Because you’ve got an important test
3 Match the questions to the answers. tomorrow!
1 Why is Lindsey sleeping in the afternoon?
Richard: Mum. Why are you making
2 Why are Fabio’s friends swimming in the river?
a cake?
3 Why is Gina sending an email?
Mum: (0) d
4 Why is Leo washing the car?
Richard: I’m bored. Can I help you?
5 Why are Sara and Maddie going to a concert?
Mum: Yes, you can. Why are you
6 Why is Martin making a sandwich?
a Because she doesn’t like writing letters. Richard: (1)
b Because he’s hungry. Mum: It’s a hot day. Why are they at
c Because it’s a hot day. home?
d Because it’s dirty. Richard: (2)
e Because she’s tired. Mum: It’s Sunday morning. Why are
f Because they like the singer. they doing their homework now?
Richard: (3)
Mum: Oh! Go to your bedroom and
open your maths books!
Richard: Why?
Mum: (4)
Richard: Oh, Mum!

60 Unit 14
5 Write sentences.
0 Magda’s mum / drink lots of water / it / be good for her
Magda’s mum drinks lots of water because it’s good for her.
1 Laura / play football with her friends / she / like it

2 Ruth / leave home at 8.30 / she / catch the bus at 8.40

3 Martin / take lots of great photos / he / have got a new camera

4 Janina / do her homework every day / she / be a good student

6 Read the text. Look at the picture. Write the numbers (1–5) with the names.
Isabella and her family are having a picnic because it’s the weekend. Isabella
has got two brothers. Andrew’s sleeping on the grass because he’s tired. Rob’s
swimming in the river because it’s a hot day. Abby is Isabella’s sister. She’s
taking a photo of some flowers because they’re beautiful. Their dad’s reading the
newspaper but he’s sitting in the car because he doesn’t like cows! Their mum is
making the sandwiches. Isabella’s helping her because she’s hungry!

1 3

2 6

Isabella Andrew Mum

Abby Dad Rob

7 Read the text again. Write questions for these About you
answers. 8 Write five sentences about you. Use because.
0 Why’s Rob swimming in the river? 1 My favourite band is .
Because it’s a hot day. I like them
Because he’s tired. 2 I drink a lot of
Because they’re beautiful. 3 I wear in the summer
Because she’s hungry. 4 I want to be a
Because it’s the weekend. 5 My favourite subject is .
5 I like it
Because he doesn’t like cows.

Going out 61
X Xx at the museum
Let’s meet

GRAMMAR Let’s … Shall we … ?

1 Match the two halves of the conversations.
1 Let’s play football tomorrow morning! a Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got an important tennis
match after school.

2 Shall we go to the New Boys concert?

b Great idea. I’ve got a new ball!

3 Let’s go to the cinema this afternoon?

c Sure and we can have lunch in the
café near the bank.
4 Shall we go shopping on Saturday
d No, I don’t like their music.

2 Complete the conversations. Write let’s or 3 Complete the conversation.

shall we.
can’t go good idea I
Tom: Let’s meet after school on Friday.
let’s let’s meet shall we
Liam: Sorry, I can’t.
Tom: (1) go swimming on Mel: (0) Let’s go to the
Saturday morning? swimming pool after school.
Liam: OK. Danny: Sorry, (1) .
Ana: (2) have lunch in the café I’ve got English club.
tomorrow? Mel: (2) go
Maria: I’d love to!| shopping on Saturday?
Ana: (3) meet outside the station Danny: Yes, that’s a (3)
at 12.00. . I need to buy some new
Maria: Great! See you tomorrow! jeans!
Mel: Great! (4) at 
Peter: I’m bored!
10.30 outside the station.
Jon: (4) go to the cinema?
Danny: OK. See you there
Peter: That’s a good idea! (5) see
the new Robert Pattinson movie.
It’s exciting!
Jon: Sure.

62 Unit 14
4 Look at the pictures. Complete the text. Use 6 17 Listen to Peter’s conversations with
these words. four friends. Look at his diary and choose the
right answer.
cinema a famous person museum
my dad my friends park restaurant
running shopping six o’clock AM have a picnic in the park go swimming
swimming go to the museum play tennis
PM go shopping go to the cinema
1 2 3 visit Marta go to a concert

7 17 Listen again. Complete the sentences.


4 5 6
AM Meet James outside Meet Freddie in the
the park at near
ten o’clock . the at
PM Meet Emily at Meet Beth outside
7 8 9 outside the at
the . .

10 11 About you
8 Answer the questions. Write about you.
1 How often do you visit museums?

My name’s Michelle. After school I sometimes

go to the (1) park with my friend
Sasha. But we never go (2)
because I don’t like water. I often meet 2 When do you go out with friends?
(3) at (4) What time do you meet?
on Friday evening and we go
(5) . At the weekends, I
sometimes visit a (6) or I go
(7) with my parents and we 3 How often do you go to the cinema?
sometimes go to a (8) for
lunch. I always take my camera because I want
to meet (9) ! In the evening I
go out with (10) . We often go
4 When do you go running or swimming?
to the (11) .
5 Write the words from Exercise 4 in the table.
5 How often do you go to a restaurant with
go out
your family?
go to the park

Going out 63
15 Clothes
He’s wearing José’s jacket
1 Look at the pictures. Find and write c l T - s h i r t g o
the words.
e v a s a w e n i l l

w a t c h s s u n a d

r y r m i d r e s s e

a t o h s n o t s s r
0 T-shirt 1
j n u e s o s s p e o

a s s w a s k e r s d

c a e w y h i s h a j

2 3 k g r y a o r r a h e

e o s h o e t p t p a

t p t y r d o f e u n

a s i i s h i r t n s

4 5

6 7 8 9 10

2 Complete the sentences. Use the words from

Exercise 1.
My dad’s wearing a white (0) shirt
and (1) . He’s wearing a big
(2) too.
My mum’s wearing a short (3)
and a long (4) . She’s wearing
dark (5) .
It isn’t cold today but my brother’s wearing
a (6) on his head. He’s
wearing an old (7) and
(8) too.
I’m wearing a new (9) with
flowers on it and white (10) .

64 Unit 15
GRAMMAR Plurals – spelling
3 Look at the plurals. Circle the odd word out.
0 shoes boxes doctors girls
1 glasses hotels sandwiches watches
2 cakes dresses trousers waiters
3 cinemas parties pencils teachers
4 dictionaries factories jeans universities
4 Complete the table. Use the words from Exercise 3.
always plural add -s add -es change -y to -ies
clothes coats addresses bodies

5 Complete the sentences. Write the plural or single form of the word.
0 I always wear trouse rs and a T-shir t to school.
1 My mum’s got lots of dres but she hasn’t got any jea .
2 There are four factor , three cinem and a big universit in my town.
3 A: What’s in your bag?
B: I’ve got two cheese sandwic and a history boo .
4 Sam’s my friend. He’s got two siste . They’re bab .
5 A: Are there any comput in your classroom?
B: Yes. There’s one comput and we’ve got ten dictionar too.

6 18 Listen to Maria, Jack, Lisa and Tom talking about the clothes they wear at school.
Match the children to four of the pictures. Write M (Maria), J (Jack), L (Lisa) and T (Tom).

a b c d e f

About you
7 Answer the question. Write about you.
What do you
wear at school?

Clothes 65
She’s Xx
got red hair

1 Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
a white beard a small nose beautiful eyes big ears dark hair
fat long hair old short short hair slim tall young

0 Marta’s slim . She’s got beautiful eyes and a small nose .

1 Jacob’s . He’s too. He’s got .
2 Lola’s . She’s got .
3 Felipe’s . He’s got and .
4 Jess the cat’s . She’s got .
2 Read and colour.

1 Marcella’s slim. She’s got green hair and a big 2 Arturo’s tall. He’s got blue eyes and a red nose.
nose. She’s got black eyes and black teeth. He’s got a white mouth and purple hair. He’s
She’s wearing a black dress and a big hat. wearing green and yellow trousers and a blue
She’s wearing black and orange shoes. T-shirt. He’s wearing a small orange hat with a
yellow flower.

66 Unit 15
GRAMMAR Describing people READING
3 Make sentences about Mark and Jane. 6 Look at the website. Then read the sentences.
Write yes or no.
is a black beard.
Mark has got tall. Children around the world: At school
is wearing glasses.
Daniel’s from Brazil. He’s tall and a
is dark hair.
he’s got short black hair. Today he’s
Jane has got a long skirt. wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He isn’t
is wearing beautiful. wearing glasses. He’s standing near
the board.
4 Look at ’s in these sentences. Write is or has.
Nadezhda’s Russian. She lives in
0 Pablo’s tall. is Moscow. She’s got long hair and
1 Lee’s got short hair. she’s wearing a skirt and a jacket
2 Julie’s wearing purple shoes. with a flower. Today is her first day at
3 Martin’s got blue eyes. a new school so her mum’s taking a
4 Laura’s beautiful. photo of her. b
5 Hugo’s wearing a grey jacket. Jon’s from Spain. He’s got a PE lesson
today. He’s wearing a T-shirt and
5 Look at the pictures of Roberto and shorts. He’s wearing glasses too.
Alesandra and write sentences. Use the
Ashen’s Turkish. She’s got short dark
words in the box.
hair. She’s wearing a jacket and a
dark eyes glasses hat long hair white shirt. She’s wearing a small
watch and she’s listening to the
short hair tall watch young

1 Daniel is short.

2 He’s wearing glasses.

3 Nadezhda’s got short hair.

4 She’s wearing a shirt with a flower.

5 Jon’s Spanish.
6 He’s wearing trousers.
He’s got

7 Ashen’s got dark hair.

8 She’s wearing a big watch.

7 Look at the website again. Match two of the

children to the pictures. Write D (Daniel),
N (Nadezhda), J (Jon) or A (Ashen).

8 Find a picture of a famous person in a magazine.
Write five sentences. Use ’s got / ’s wearing.
Alesandra’s got 1
She’s 2
She’s 3
Clothes 67
16 Buy it!
We need to go shopping
1 Look at the picture. Find and write six words.
e rs b o o k p a i n t j e a
e s fi lm flow nsto
l o t h ysb
lc ankp
b a l l a t e s p a r t yc u p s
1 6
5 4
2 3 5

2 Complete the sentences. Use the words from Exercise 1.

1 Lisa is good at art and she wants some new .
2 Josh is a baby. He’s got lots of . His favourite thing is his ball!
3 Patricia always has in her house. Her favourite ones are pink
and white.
4 Jo and Lucia always buy new on Saturdays. They wear them
in the evening when they go out.
5 Bob and Martina are having lunch. There’s some tea in their
and there’s some chicken on their .

GRAMMAR need, want

3 Look at the pictures. Write the numbers.
1 2 3

4 5 6

He wants to go to the park. She needs a drink.

She needs to clean her room. He needs to buy a new ball.
He wants an ice cream. She wants to be famous.

68 Unit 16
4 Choose the right word to complete the sentences.
1 Jorge thinks Colombia is a beautiful country. He
needs / wants to visit it.
2 I need / want to go to the cinema tomorrow.
3 Martin’s got three brothers and two sisters and two
dogs. His family needs / wants a big house.
4 It’s Tarek’s birthday tomorrow. He needs / wants to
have a party.
5 Alex and Ana haven’t got any food. They need /
want to go shopping.
6 My dad likes history. He needs / wants to go to the
museum at the weekend.
5 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of
need or want.
0 A: Do you want to go swimming?
B: Sorry, I can’t!
1 A: Ben, Sandra to come to your party.
B: Great! Hi! I’m Natasha. I live
in Rio. I think it’s an interesting city to visit and a
2 A: Let’s have a picnic in the park!
great place to live! Today I want to tell you about
B: OK, but we to buy some food! my favourite things to see and do!
3 A: Paul’s tired.
Do you want to have a party? You need to visit in
B: He to go to bed. February! We have a big carnival and everyone
4 A: Why is Natasha learning Italian? is happy. We wear beautiful clothes and dance
B: Because she to go to Rome in July. samba in the street.
5 A: I to go to that concert in August! Do you want to visit the beach? No problem!
B: Me too! I love the music! There are lots of beaches in Rio! My favourite is
6 A: Dad, our car is very dirty! Copacabana because it’s very long and beautiful.
B: I know. I to wash it. You can play football or go swimming and there
are always lots of people!
Do you want to see beautiful flowers? Go to the
READING Botanical Gardens. There are lots of flowers and
6 Read the blog. Write the numbers (1–4) with the you can see tall trees too. You need to wear a hat
places. because it’s very hot.
Do you want to take great photos? Go to Sugar
Loaf Mountain! It’s an important place in Rio
Copacabana because you can see the city below.
the Botanical Gardens
Sugar Loaf Mountain
7 Read the blog again. Answer the questions.
1 When is Carnival?

2 What do people do when it’s Carnival? 3

3 Why does Natasha like Copacabana beach?

4 What can you see in the Botanical Gardens? 4

5 What do you need to wear in the Botanical


6 What can you see from Sugar Loaf Mountain?

Buy it! 69
X Xxtoo expensive


1 Choose the right word to complete the 3 Look at the pictures. Match the questions to
sentences. the answers.
1 Where’s your new T-shirt? That one’s too 1 2
clean / dirty!
2 Martin can’t ride his little brother’s bike. He’s
too short / tall.
3 Lisa doesn’t want to walk home. She’s too old / 3 4
4 Tom can’t do his homework. It’s too difficult /
5 6
5 Helen doesn’t want to buy the shoes. They’re
too cheap / expensive.
6 Can I have some cold water in my tea? It’s too
cold / hot. 1 How much are the biscuits?
7 My brother can’t drive a car. He’s too old / 2 How much is the newspaper?
young. 3 How much are the glasses?
8 My little brother’s shoes are too big / small for 4 How much is the clock?
him. He needs some new ones. 5 How much are the flowers?
9 We had a great holiday, but it was too long / 6 How much is the chocolate?
short – only five days!
a It’s two pounds fifty.
2 Complete the sentences. Use too + adjective. b They’re three euros.
Use adjectives from Exercise 1. c It’s fifteen dollars.
1 We never go to the River Café because it’s d It’s one dollar twenty cents.
. A pizza is £15.00! e They’re four euros ten cents.
2 A: Let’s play tennis. f They’re twenty pounds.
B: I can’t. I’m . 4 Look at the things and the prices. Complete
I need to go to bed. the questions.
3 Hugo likes hot food. He doesn’t like ice cream
because it’s .
4 My little sister doesn’t go to school. She’s
. She’s only three!
5 Cassy isn’t very good at basketball.
She can’t catch the ball and she’s

0 A: How much is the plate ?

B: It’s seven euros.
1 A: How much is ?
B: It’s four pounds twenty-five.
2 A: How much is ?
B: It’s two dollars fifteen cents.
3 A: How much is ?
B: It’s two pounds fifty.
4 A: How much is ?
B: It’s nine euros.
5 A: How much is ?
B: It’s five dollars.
70 Unit 16
5 19 Listen to four conversations. What do the people buy? Choose the right picture.

1a 2a 3a 4a

1b 2b 3b 4b

1 2 3 4

6 19 Listen again. Write the prices.

7 20 Put the conversation in order. 8 Look at the picture. Write a conversation.
Then listen and check.

a Yes? Can I help you?

b Excuse me.

c Great. Can I have that one?

d Here you are.

e It’s £25.

f Oh. That’s too expensive.

How much is the green one?

g Sure. That’s £15, please.

h Thanks. Bye.

i The green one’s £15.

j I need a new school bag.

I like the red one near the
window. How much is it?

Buy it! 71
17 Comparing
José’s house is newer!
1 Look at the picture. Find and write five words.

b e a c h h
d f d a l o
3 5
c s e a g u
a n e t g s
t n d f r e
1 2 3
g a r d e n
4 5
2 Complete the questions. Use the words from Exercise 1.
1 How often do you go to the ?
2 Do you like swimming in the ?
3 Have you got a ? What colour is it?
4 Do you live in a flat or a ?
5 Have you got a ? Are there any trees in it?

GRAMMAR Comparatives: short adjectives

3 Look at the pictures. Read the sentences. Write yes or no.
0 Tom is shorter than Karen.
no (Karen is shorter than Tom.)
1 Tom is older than Karen.

2 Tom’s cat is fatter than Karen’s cat.

3 Tom’s garden is nicer than Karen’s garden.

4 Tom’s face is dirtier than Karen’s face.

4 Underline the comparative adjectives in Exercise 3. Write

the comparative adjectives in the table.

+ er +r double letter + er y i + er

72 Unit 17
5 Write the comparative form of these
adjectives in the table in Exercise 4.

big clean cold easy fast happy

hot hungry long tall

6 Complete the words.

0 I am shor ter than you.
1 Our English classroom is big than our
music classroom. 1 2
2 Paris is cold than Seville.
3 Lou is happ on Friday than on Monday.
4 My sister’s bedroom is clean than my
5 My brother is always hungr than his
7 Make sentences.
0 Hugo’s teacher / Elenor’s teacher (old)
Hugo’s teacher is older than Elenor’s
teacher. 3 4
1 English / Chinese (easy)

2 Mexico / Russia (hot)

3 a bus / a taxi (long)

4 a car / a school bus (fast)

5 orange juice / tea (nice)

5 6

8 21 Look at the pictures. Write the words.
Then listen and check your answers.

a basketball Bart Simpson

the Eiffel Tower the Empire State Building
Jaden Smith London Moscow
Sponge Bob a tennis ball Willow Shields

9 22 Can you answer the questions?

7 8
Write yes or no. Then listen and check.
1 Are tennis balls smaller than
2 Is Bart Simpson happier than
Sponge Bob?
3 Is London bigger than Moscow?
4 Is Willow Shields younger than
Jaden Smith?
5 Is the Eiffel Tower taller than the
Empire State Building? 9 10

Comparing 73
X Xx
This is more exciting!

1 Look at the pictures. Choose the right word.

1 beautiful / important 2 expensive / interesting 3 difficult / fun 4 exciting / famous

2 Read the sentences and complete the puzzle. Use the words from Exercise 1.
My name’s Alba. I live in Santiago de Compostela.
1 There are lots of … beaches in Spain.
2 My friends always meet after school and we dance in the park! We think dancing is … .
3 I’m learning English because I think its an … language.
4 I’m a good singer but I don’t want to be … !
5 I usually watch movies on TV because going to the cinema is too … .
6 Lots of tourists visit my city every year because it’s an … place.
7 I’m good at art and music but science is … .
8 I play basketball on Saturdays. I think it’s an … sport because it’s very fast.

1 a

2 n

3 t

4 a

5 s

6 t

7 i

8 c

74 Unit 17
GRAMMAR Comparatives: long adjectives READING
3 Match the two halves of the sentences. 6 Read the email. Complete the sentences.
1 Ronaldo is more 1 Moscow is than
2 A pizza is more St Petersburg.
3 Homework is more 2 St Petersburg is than
4 The park is more Dimitri’s town.
a important than computer games. 3 Water taxis are faster and
b beautiful than my garden. than buses in St Petersburg.
c famous than my dad. 4 Demetri’s dad thinks the modern art museum
d expensive than a sandwich. is than the toy museum.
5 Demetri thinks Divo Ostro Park is
4 Write sentences. than the museums.
0 jackets / expensive / hats 6 The restaurant in his hotel is
Jackets are more expensive than hats. than the cafés in
1 music / interesting / IT St Petersburg.

2 the beach / fun / a museum

7 Read the email again. Answer the questions.
1 Does Demetri like St Petersburg?
3 films / exciting / books
2 Why does he like catching the water taxi?
4 science / difficult / geography
3 Are there many museums in St Petersburg?

About you 4 What’s Demetri’s favourite place?

5 Write five sentences with comparative 5 How often does he go swimming?

adjectives. Use the words in the box.
6 Does he eat at the hotel?
basketball a car Chinese English
history a house London maths
my town / my city summer tennis winter
Hi Simon
1 I think I’m on holiday in St Petersburg with my family.
2 I don’t think I’m having a great time! Moscow is more
3 famous but I think St Petersburg is a fantastic
4 place – it’s more beautiful than my town and
there are lots of things to see. We often get
a bus to different places but sometimes we
catch the water taxi. It’s faster and I think it’s
more fun!
There are lots of museums in St Petersburg. My
dad likes the modern art museum but my sister
thinks the toy museum is more interesting! I like
visiting the museums but Divo Ostrov Park is
more exciting! It’s my favourite place in the city!
Our hotel’s great too! It’s got a swimming pool
and I always go swimming in the morning. We
never eat at the hotel because the restaurant is
more expensive than the cafés in the city.
Here are some photos of my holiday.
Write soon!

Comparing 75
18 The weather
I like it when it’s hot!
1 Look at the pictures. Complete the crossword.
1 1 2 3

3 4 5

5 6 6 7

7 8

9 8 9

2 Complete the sentences with the words from Exercise 1.

1 A: I like because we don’t go to school!
B: Yes, and we can go to the beach every day.
2 Let’s buy an ice cream – it’s very today.
3 It’s very today. It’s 0° outside!
4 My mum’s sitting below a tree in the garden. She doesn’t like the .
5 Look at the . Our garden’s white!
6 A: My birthday is in December.
B: My birthday is in too.
7 I don’t like very hot or very cold weather but I like weather.
8 Sometimes it’s difficult to walk in the .
9 I don’t like because I can’t go to the park!

3 Match the two halves of the sentences.
1 Julia’s hat and jacket are white because a it’s cold.
2 Peter doesn’t like winter because b it’s snowing.
3 Alberto wants to go swimming in the river because c it’s raining.
4 You don’t need to wear a jacket today because d it’s hot
5 Magda’s hair is wet because e it’s warm.

76 Unit 18
4 Rewrite the sentences with it. Use it’s, not it is. 6 23 Listen again. Read the sentences. Write
0 Giovanni loves art. Art is fun. yes or no.
It’s fun. 1 Tomas is playing outside today.
1 Carla always watches tennis on TV. Henry
thinks tennis is boring. 2 Ana often goes swimming in the sea with
her friends.
2 Adam eats ice cream in the summer. His sister
doesn’t like ice cream. 3 David says there’s always a lot of wind in
his town.
3 Martin and Javier often play football. They aren’t
very good at football. 4 Eva says you need a big hat in Moscow in
4 Julia lives in Manchester. Manchester is a big
city in Britain. 5 Adem wants to go to the park today.

5 A: Can Carmen speak English? 6 Isabella says it’s winter in Venice now.
B: Yes, she’s good at English.

About you
LISTENING 7 Answer the questions. Write about you.
5 23 Listen to six children. Choose the right
picture. 1 How often does it snow in your town/city?

1 Tomas is in Mexico City. Today it’s

a b c

2 Is it raining in your town/city today?

2 Ana lives in São Paulo. Today it’s

a b c
3 What do you do in your town/city
in the summer?

3 David’s from Tarifa. Today it’s

a b c
4 Do you like the sun? Why?

4 Eva’s from Moscow. Today it’s

a b c
5 What’s your favourite weather? Why?

5 Adem lives in in Ankara. Today it’s

a b c

6 Isabella lives in Venice. Today it’s

a b c

The weather 77
X Xx with my friend
On holiday

1 Look at the pictures. Choose the right word.

1 plates / rain 2 cups / sun 3 family / farm

4 cows / sheep 5 sea / tent 6 beach / dog

2 Look at the pictures. Write the words.

1 2 3

4 5 6
3 Complete the sentences with the words from Exercises 1 and 2.
1 I like sleeping in a t ent with my f and our d . His name is Bobby.
2 C and s live on the f near my house.
3 Can you put the c and p on the table, please?
4 I often go to the b in summer but I never swim in the s .
5 My friends play basketball in the s and in the r .

GRAMMAR Prepositions with, for, until

4 Choose the right word to complete the sentences.
1 Julia can’t play tennis for / with Amanda today because it’s raining.
2 Toby’s tired. He needs to go to bed for / with an hour.
3 Lou and Alex want to stay in the park with / until seven o’clock because they haven’t
got school tomorrow.
4 Karen can’t come to my party because she’s on holiday for / until ten days.
5 Do you like going to museums with / until your friends?
6 Sam’s my friend. She’s in France for / until next Monday.

78 Unit 18
5 Complete the postcard with for, with and until.

Hi Jules
I’m on holiday in Cornwall (1)
ten days (2) my friends
from school. We’re having a great time
and we don’t go home (3)
next Saturday! I’m sleeping in a tent
(4) Veronica and Anna. I’m
very tired because we talk (5)
an hour every night and we don’t go to 2
sleep (6) eleven o’clock!
Love Natasha x

6 Read the postcards. Write the numbers of the
pictures (1–3) with the names.

Hi everyone
I’m on holiday with my parents in
s sunny
in Italy. We’re here until Sunday. It’ There
today but it isn’t very hot. I love it
and great
are lots of interesting places to visit
restaurants too. Our hotel is near the y. 7 Read the postcards again. Complete the
and I go shopping for an hour every sentences. Write Trisha, Jo or Lucy.
Love from Trisha xx 1 likes animals.
2 goes to bed late.
3 likes the shops and restaurants.
Dear Sandra
4 ’s on holiday with her family.
I’m in Cancun with To 5 ’s doing something with a lot
m and his family.
We’re here for two wee of people.
ks. The weather is
great! It’s hotter than 6 goes swimming a lot.
London! We swim
in the sea for two hour
s in the afternoon
because it’s too hot to
go dancing every nigh
sit on the beach! We WRITING
t and we don’t go to
bed until very late. I’m 8 Write a postcard to your friend. Where are
having a great time!
Love from Jo x you? Who are you with? Is it hot? What are
you doing?

Hi Mel
nging group. It’s
I’m in Wales with my si n with my
raining but I’m having tents near a
g in
friends. We’re sleepin teresting than a
farm. I think it’s more lot of cows and
hotel because there are we’ve got an
becau se
sheep. I’m excited
important concer t tom
Love Lucy x

The weather 79
19 Going places
We were at a concert
1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
band bus car end late tickets tired

Hi! My name’s Christine.

1 1D are my favourite . I’ve got two to their
concert next week.
2 My dad never catches the . He always walks to places.
3 Ollie is my friend. He’s always for school in the morning!
4 My sister’s got a new . It’s red. She drives fast!
5 My brother’s often after running club.
6 I always say goodbye to my teacher at the of the lesson.

2 Look at the story. Read the sentences. Write the letters (a–f) in the speech bubbles (1–7).

1 2 3


a I’m sorry, Michael. I’m too tired. d Oh no! The bus is late!

b I’ve got two tickets for the Black Cat e Yes! They’re my favourite band!
concert. Do you want to come, Paul?

f Hi, Joanne. Can you take us in the car?

c That’s the end of our concert!
Thanks, everyone!
g Oh, no! It’s snowing!

80 Unit 19
3 Look at the pictures in Exercise 2 again. 6 24 Listen to four conversations. Choose
Choose the right word to complete the the right picture.
1a 1b
1 The tickets were / weren’t expensive.
2 Paul’s watch was / wasn’t small.
3 Joanne was / wasn’t in bed.
4 It was / wasn’t snowing.
5 The boys were / weren’t late for the concert.
4 Look at Exercise 2 again. Match the
questions to the answers.
2a 2b
1 What was the name of the band?
2 Was the bus late?
3 Was Joanne in the kitchen?
4 Were the boys in Joanne’s car?
5 Were the boys’ clothes wet?
a No, they weren’t.
b Yes, it was.
c It was Black Cat. 3a 3b
d Yes, they were.
e No, she wasn’t.
5 Complete the conversations. Write was,
wasn’t, were or weren’t.
1 A: your parents on the beach
B: No, they . It 4a 4b
2 A: the meal good?
B: Yes, it . The sandwiches
3 A: the cups clean?
B: No, they . They
7 24 Listen again. Read the sentences. Write
4 A: Charlie at school last week?
yes or no.
B: No, he . He on
holiday. 1 Maria is talking to her mother.
5 A: you sad last night?
B: No, I .I very 2 Her visit was fun.
3 Jason is talking to his friend.

4 The weather was cold.

5 Cara is talking to her teacher.

6 The tickets were expensive.

7 Adam is talking to his parents.

8 His train was slow.

Going places 81
When Xx
were you in Africa?

VOCABULARY GRAMMAR Wh- questions in the present

1 Circle the odd word out. and past
1 boat car money train 3 Match the questions to the answers.
2 knife plate shoes water bottle 1 Where do you live?
3 hat plane T-shirt trousers 2 Why were you happy yesterday?
4 notebook bus tent computer 3 What kind of pizza do you like?
4 How do you travel to school?
2 Look at the pictures and complete the texts.
5 Who was your best friend when you
Use the words from Exercise 1.
were five years old?
6 What was your favourite TV series
when you were younger?
7 When was Marta’s birthday party?
8 How long was your last lesson?
a It was Mickey Mouse Club House.
b My favourite is cheese and tomato.
c It was last Saturday.
d In Acapulco, Mexico.
Jorge’s wearing (1) and a small e Her name was Jessica. We were in the
(2) on his head. He’s wearing same class.
a dirty (3) . He isn’t wearing his f I catch the bus.
(4) . g It was one hour.
h Because it was Friday!
4 Complete the questions. Use the words in
the box.

How long What What kind of

Where Who Why

1 does your best friend live?

Andoni’s an explorer. He’s got a big bag. 2 house or flat do you live in?
In his bag, there are three tickets for the 3 was the name of your first
(5) , a (6) for his English teacher?
water and some (7) to buy things. 4 are you learning English?
There’s an old (8) and a small 5 was your last English
(9) too. lesson?
6 do you sit next to in class?

About you
5 Now answer the questions in Exercise 4.
Peter’s sitting inside his (10) . 5
He’s playing with his (11) . He’s 6
also got a small (12) , a big
(13) , an old (14) and
a new (15) .

82 Unit 19
6 Read the blog. Match the photos to the paragraphs.


My name’s Henry and this is my dad, Angus. Dad’s got an
interesting job: he takes photos of animals and he needs to travel a
lot. In summer I always go with him.
We visit a different country every year! We often catch a train. It’s
more expensive than the bus but I think it’s more fun. At night, we
sleep in our tent – it’s great! 3 4
Our last trip was to Australia. We were in the rainforest in Darwin.
There were lots of fantastic animals and some of them were very
dangerous! It was interesting but it was too hot!
Our longest trip was to Turkey. We were there for three weeks. The
weather wasn’t great but there were some amazing buildings and the
beaches were good too! Some of my dad’s photos were under water!
My favourite place is Thailand. We were there for two weeks when 5 6
I was eleven. The people were nice and the food was fantastic! My
dad’s photos were amazing too. I really like this elephant!
I always have a great time but there’s one thing I don’t like: I can’t
take my football because my bag is too small! But I always put my
tablet in my bag and I send emails and photos to my friends. My dad’s
bag is bigger than my bag. In his bag, there is always a small knife, a
water bottle, our train tickets and, of course, his camera and our tent!

7 Read the blog again. Answer the questions.

1 When does Henry travel with his dad? 4 How long was their trip to Turkey?

2 How do they often travel? 5 When was Henry in Thailand?

3 Where was their last holiday? 6 What does Henry always put in his bag?

About you
8 Answer the questions. Write about you.
1 Who do you go on holiday with?

2 How do you travel when you go on holiday?

3 Where was your last holiday?

4 What do you always put in your bag when

you travel?

Going places 83
20 A Russian tale
The old man helped Ivan
1 Look at the pictures. Find and write
the words.

f a m i l y t b

t h a v t e y i
1 2
p o n e a i e r

e b p r y t e d

p o s t e r a x

s a t o t g r y

3 4
s t i h o t h r

a t e f w g p i

y t r e e s g v

g e h m o h s e

o n m o t h e r
5 6

2 Complete the text. Use the words from

Exercise 1.
I’ve got a big (1) – three
brothers and two sisters! We live in a house
with a beautiful garden. There are lots of
flowers and some tall (2) .A
big (3) lives in one of them.
My bedroom is small but I like it. The walls 7 8
are green and I’ve got a (4)
of my favourite band! Today I’m walking in GRAMMAR Past simple +
the park with my (5) . She’s
3 Find and write eight verbs.
talking to an old (6) . He lives
in a red and green (7) on the
inv itelive lovetravel wa
(8) ! ask lkw
a n t wo

1 5
2 6
3 7
4 8

84 Unit 20
4 Read the sentences. Complete the crossword. Use the past simple
verbs from Exercise 3.
1 Helena is my friend. On Monday morning, she … to school with her sister.
2 On Tuesday, her maths teacher … her a difficult question.
3 After school on Wednesday, she … in a restaurant with her mother. 3
4 She … it!
5 On Thursday, she … to go to the park but it was too cold.
6 On Friday, her friend … her to a party. It was fun!
7 When Helena was younger her grandparents …
near her house, but now they live in a different city. 6
8 On Saturday, she … to their house by train.

5 25 Listen to five conversations.
Look at the pictures. Write the
numbers (1–5) with the pictures.


6 25 Listen again. Match the two halves of the sentences.

1 Molly a lived near a park.
2 Jim b worked in a shop.
3 Hannah c had two children.
4 Toby d worked in a restaurant.
5 Rebecca e travelled to other cities.

A Russian tale 85
X Xx didn’t like Ivan
The King

GRAMMAR Past simple – 2 Write the negative of these verbs.

1 Look at the pictures. Choose the right word Past simple + Past simple –
to complete the sentences. 0 answer didn’t answer
1 lived
2 loved
3 started
4 wanted
5 worked

3 Match the two halves of the sentences.

1 Steven was tired and he didn’t
1 Marco lived / didn’t live on a farm. 2 The exam wasn’t difficult and Jon
3 Rachel’s pizza was too big. She didn’t
4 Cory is 20 years old. He loves sport
now but he didn’t
5 Malcolm was a teacher. He didn’t
6 Ian’s homework wasn’t easy. He didn’t
a answered all the questions.
b want to play basketball.
c work in a hospital.
2 Tom and Linda walked / didn’t walk to school. d eat it all!
e finish it until ten o’clock at night.
f like it when he was eleven!

About you
4 Write five sentences about you.
0 ask / lots of questions at school / last week
I asked lots of questions at school
3 Lisa worked / didn’t work in a bank.
last week.
I didn’t ask lots of questions at
school last week.
1 finish / my lunch / last Friday

2 love / watching TV / when I was a baby

3 start / English lessons / when I was three

4 Jess finished / didn’t finish her dinner.
4 travel / by plane / last August

5 walk / to school / yesterday

5 My parents travelled / didn’t travel by boat.

86 Unit 20
5 Read the story. Number the pictures in the right order (1–5).

Ant and the
1 The ant and the grasshopper lived in a park.
It was summer and the grasshopper was sitting
on a beautiful flower. ‘What are you doing?’ he
asked the ant. ‘Let’s sing and dance! It’s too hot to b
work!’ But the ant didn’t stop. ‘It’s summer now,’
he answered, ‘but I need to work because I want
to find food for the long, cold winter.’ The young
grasshopper didn’t listen. He didn’t want to work,
he wanted to dance. He walked in the park and
he played with his friends. It was summer and he
was happy!

2 The ant worked. He didn’t stop all summer. He c 1

didn’t want to play. He wanted to finish his house
before the winter! One day, it started to snow but
the ant wasn’t cold! He lived in his small house
and he was happy. There was a lot of food in his
kitchen and sometimes he danced and listened to

3 The grasshopper didn’t live in a house. He lived

below an old tree and he was hungry! He didn’t d
walk around the park because it was too cold and
he didn’t like winter!

4 One day the ant invited the grasshopper to

his house. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you!’ the
grasshopper said. ‘You were clever and you
worked in the summer. Now you’ve got a nice
house and lots of food but I’m cold and hungry.’
5 Winter finished. The days were longer and the
weather was warmer but the grasshopper didn’t
dance. He didn’t want to be cold or hungry again!
All summer he worked with the ant. They didn’t
stop and when winter started again the two friends
lived in a house together. They loved to sing and
dance and they weren’t cold or hungry.

6 Choose the right word to complete the sentences.

1 The ant / grasshopper loved the summer.
2 The ant / grasshopper didn’t work all summer.
3 The ant / grasshopper didn’t want to play.
4 The ant / grasshopper lived in a small house.
5 The ant / grasshopper danced in the winter.
6 The ant / grasshopper didn’t like winter.
7 The ant / grasshopper was sad because he didn’t listen.

A Russian tale 87
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