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Immigrant Rights Script

Jesse: Immigration Rights

Immigrant Rights has long been a topic of debate originating from the
developing America in the late 18th century when the Alien and Sedition Acts
were passed. These acts paved the way for the deportation of immigrants while
making it more difficult for new immigrants to vote by extending the previous
4 years to a lengthened 14 years before being allowed to vote. In today’s
society, certain procedures such as the immigration detention system exist,
which imprisons thousands of immigrants unnecessarily each year, detaining
innocent people at a large cost to American taxpayers.

Victor: Freedoms Taken Away From Immigrants

America is known as the land of opportunity and freedom. The American
Dream is the envisionment of escaping to America from the clutches of
violence of impoverished lifestyles while seeking and seizing better
opportunities in life. However those who immigrate to America have some of
those freedoms taken away from them. Freedoms such as jobs, or higher
education are taken from them through the ignorant prejudice and
discriminatory restrictions.

Allie: The Undocumented

When someone immigrates to another country, (such as America) they don’t
receive benefits until documented. These benefits include: Medical Insurance,
supplemental security income, and temporary assistance.

Many undocumented immigrants are detained and either receive help from
state officers or get deported back to the country they had previously resided
Immigrant Rights Script
in. This can affect many immigrant families because they are separated, leaving
children or mothers to fend for themselves with no support from the

When undocumented children immigrants are detained they are forced to wait
in detention centers. ​Immigration detention is the deprivation of liberty for
migration-related reasons.​ ​ In these detention centers, children sleep on the
cold, concrete floor, are given inedible food such as frozen sandwiches, are
crammed in with other teens, and have a scarcity of water/nutrition resulting in
deaths caused by dehydration and starvation.

Jesse: Being Detained

When an immigrant is detained they are taken away for the violation of their
visa or illegal arrival into the country.

The government has a limit on how many immigrants they can detain, which is
about 40,500. However they have detained more than, 48,000 individuals,
which leaves many without a bed to lay in while they are being sent back to
their country.

The beds are not enough to provide for the immigrants living there who suffer
the cold temperatures while the fully suited guards sneer and state how “it’s
what they deserve.”

A Mother Jones article states “ But the women’s biggest grievance was the
unrelenting cold ‘Her lips eventually capped and split,’ read one woman’s
lawsuit. ‘The lips and fingers of her two sisters and her sister’s child also turned
blue. Because of the cold, [they] would huddle together on the floor for
warmth… There were no mattresses or blankets.”
Immigrant Rights Script
Victor: Oppression
As immigrants cross the border there will be racism, and lots of oppression
against them not wanting immigrants in their country giving reasons such as:
they “bring bad influence to those in neighborhoods, and the biggest cause is
that they bring drugs.

This oppression brings up a lot of violence towards immigrants, From all this
oppression many immigrants start to rethink whether or not they should leave
the country,because of the speech given by trump during election day.

At school young immigrants have to face the stereotypes others put on them
such as not being as capable or intelligent as their peers and bullying is not

Allie: Why is there Oppression?

A comment from the ​Washington Post s​ tates: “That view of immigrants coming
to the United States - latent criminals sneaking across the border to plunder -
intentionally ignores a more accurate depiction of migrants: people driven from
their home countries seeking a better life in the United States”.

Many people only see immigrants as criminals. This can be attributed to

Donald Trump’s influence, he can be quoted as stating: “When Mexico sends its
people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending
people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us.
They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Immigrant bullying is a common occurrence in schools. An increasing number

of Mexicans living in the U.S.A. are being bullied every day. The bullying can
take many forms: from taunting and slurs, to social exclusion and physical
Immigrant Rights Script

Jesse: The Reason Why They Leave

Many immigrants see America as an opportunity and a sign of hope for them
and their family. In some cases the parents send only their children, so in some
way they have a chance at living a safer life. In America, there is free public
education provided with numerous job opportunities available for these kids to
send money back to their families, who truly need it. In their home countries
they see all the crime and violence occurring, so those stereotypes are placed on
them upon arrival when in reality, they are the ones escaping from said

When comparing the statistics of recent years involving the sexual assaulting
culprits, Latinos are highly overestimated and wrongfully accused of being
rapists. As reported by P​ olitico Magazine​, “​in 2013 (the most recent year
available), it shows that whites accounted for 71 percent of all sexual assaults
documented (above their total percentage of 63 percent of the U.S. population),
while Latinos accounted for 9 percent, far below t​ heir​ total percentage of 17

Victor: Who Do They Send?

A quote from the W ​ ashington Post​ states: “‘There’s no choice that’s there - it's a
decision that’s made out of desperation’ she said ‘ It usually happens when the
child is being targeted for targeting and persecution by the gangs. The parents
are sending them out to save their lives.’”

The Guardian​ states: “There are many other vulnerable children currently in
the custody of US immigration authorities. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) has nine facilities available to detain children who have
been separated from adults, including family members, or who were
unaccompanied when they crossed the border.”
Immigrant Rights Script

Jesse: Counterclaim
Many say, without proof, immigrants are taking jobs that can be taken by
“Americans.” However, the jobs they “take” are not wanted by “Americans.”
The typical jobs include construction, product sale, and working on farms,
although these are seen as unattractive and low pay, these jobs help immigrants
provide for their families which otherwise would not be taken up by other
residents in the area.

President Donald Trump, was in the process of removing the DACA program,
many were glad because they saw this program as unconstitutional and
pointless as it were to give promises to those who “don't belong.” America was
built on the foundation of immigrants, to deny modern immigrants rights and
equal opportunities is hypocritical to say the least.

Allie: What Can We Do? Advocate!

Not all immigrants have a voice, whereas others would listen.

To help with the freedoms that are taken away from them, U.S. residents
should advocate for them. It would be best to promote the deportation of actual
criminal offenders rather than seeing immigrants as all the same (rapists,
criminals, cartels, etc.) and breaking their families apart.

People should raise awareness for the implications of the mistreatments of

immigrants and the impacts deportation has on innocent families. They should
protest to give them more opportunities or at least save the programs that do
aid immigrants such as DACA. Immigration is a necessity for those in living in
corrupt and dangerous societies who just want to escape their oppression, let’s
not allow that oppression to follow them into the Land of the Free.