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Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt.of India

NAMSBuilding, Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi – 110029

Tender Notice – NBE/1/2018/CBT

Apropos NBE Tender Document No. NBE/CBT-1/2018 dated 7th March, 2018, inviting bids for Conduct of Computer
Based Tests (CBTs).

After due consideration of the queries raised by prospective bidders, the Tender Evaluation and Technical
Specifications Committee, has approved the following amendments to the cited Tender Document:

Sr. Page Para

Topic Query / suggestion Amendments, to be read as
No. no. no.
Request for reimburse- The prices/rates quoted shall be firm throughout
ment of new taxes / the period of the validity of the offer and
increase in taxes, or subsequently during the currency of the contract
1. 12 5 (e) Prices / rates
any other sum payable and shall not be subject to any variation/revision.
by the bidder, Allapplicable Govt. taxes and increase/
retrospectively revision, if any, shall be payable by the Bidder.
8 Submission of Request to remove this
2. 15 Clause 8 (b) ii (k) :deleted
(b) ii (k) Affidavit clause
Candidate’s registration and submission of online
11 Registration of Date & duration of application form should be carried out over a
3. 20
(a) ii Candidates Registration period of one month, dates shall be notified
Validation of the Application forms according to the
11 Validation of
4. 21 Mode of validation eligibility criteria and corrections should be carried
(a) ix Application form
out Online.
Grant exemption from For : …. printing of various reports….
11 Printing of
21 submission of printed
5. (a) xii various reports Read: …. provide various reports….
Queries/ Technical Queries / Grievances handling through
11 Working hours of
6. 21 Grievances phone and email should be dealt by the Bidder
(a) xiii Helpdesk
handling through from 9 am to 6 pm on all days.
phone and email

To ensure adequate no. of Air Conditioners / Air

Air-conditioning Inability to provide ACs Coolers are installed at all centres during
7. 25 (a) xl
of Centres in all Centres Summer, and Room Heaters at centres located
in Hilly Areas, during Winters.
Should blank paper
Providing blank
11 sheets be provided
8. 28 paper sheets to Clause 11 (b) xv:deleted;
(b) xv when Pens are not
To complete registration process of the candidates
Signature in
before start of examination with capturing digital
11 attendance sheet
9. 28 Digital Signature photo, bio-metric finger print, signatures, etc
(c) vii should suffice instead
and after that allow candidates to appear for test at
of digital signature
Examination Centres.
34 13
(b) iii Intellectual
Request to remove this
10. & & Property Rights The term ‘source codes’ stands deleted
Form no. on Sources codes
49 III (9)
…..….This shall be in addition to any other
Compensation for
13 Request to delete the action/penalty taken by NBE for failure,after
11. 34 any loss payable
(d) ii words ‘any other action’ adequate opportunity is given to the bidder to
to NBE
represent itself.
@ 1.0% of the bid value of the delayed stage of the
item, per day (subject to maximum 20%) may be
Due chance of
13 imposed and accordingly the time for the next stage
12. 35 Penalty for delay representation should
(g) ii be reduced by the NBE, to account for the delay,
be given
after adequate opportunity is given to the
bidder to represent itself.

Clause 13 (i) i) :deleted;

Clause 13 (i) ii) to be read as:

If at any time, during the said contract period, the
Bidderreduces its charges,provides or offers to
provide such services to any organization including
the NBE or any Deptt., of Central Govt. or any
Request to remove this Department of the State Government or any
13. 36 13 (i) Fall clause Statutory undertaking of the Central or State
Government as the case may be at a rate lower
than the rate chargeable under the contract, the
Bidder shall forthwith notify such reduction or sale
or offer of sale to the National Board of
Examinations and the rate payable under the
contract for the services of such reduction of rate or
offer of the service shall stand correspondingly
Request to replace the For : Value of Contract (in lakhs)
53 Form no.
Value of Contact Value of Contract (in
13. to V to VII
(in lakhs) lakhs) with number of Read : No. of candidates (per session)
55 (c) (col. 4)

23rdMarch, 2018 Sd/-

New Delhi Assistant Director (Admin.)