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Concept: Deleting Wires and Segments

Deleting Wires and Segments
You can delete wires, segments of wires, or locations from wires using a variety of methods. The methods

• Delete location points – You can delete location points from wires by clicking Remove Locations
from the Locations group.

Figure 3 – Deleting Location Points

There are two options available:

◦ ItemFromLocs – Enables you to remove a single item from multiple location points. You can delete
multiple location points from a single cable or wire. If you select multiple location points, they must
all be from the same wire or cable. In Figure 3, the three location points have been deleted from
the red wire.

◦ ItemsFromLocs – Enables you to remove multiple items from multiple location points. You can
remove location points from multiple wires or cables. You specify from which wire or wires you
want the selected location points deleted.

• Delete portions of wires – You can delete a portion of wire or cable by clicking the Route group drop-
down menu and selecting Delete Cable Portion.

Figure 1 – Cable Portions Deleted from Wires

You can select two location points between which the cable segments are deleted. If more than one
wire shares the location points, you can specify which wires have their portions deleted. In Figure 1, 25-10-2017
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and delete it. The locations are deleted, but the wire feature remains in the model tree as a broken wire.
To delete the entire wire, select it in the model tree and delete it. This also causes locations to be
automatically deleted.

Handling Broken Routings

A wire that has had a segment deleted displays in the model tree with a broken icon, as shown in Figure 2.
You can repair a broken wire using either of the following two methods:

Figure 2 – Viewing Broken Wires

• Select the broken wire in the model tree, right-click, and select Route.

• In the ribbon, click Route Cables from the Route group and click Find . The system locates all
broken wires and enables you to reroute them. 25-10-2017