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My school leadership philosophy is based on strong values that are rooted in vast

experiences throughout my educational career. These core values represent why I

feel I could be an asset to your school & your district.

Promote a Culture of Trust, Respect, and Relationships:

People are our Priority
As an educational leader, it is my duty to ensure that ALL people receive respect and
trust. The way to do this is to build sound professional relationships with every
human being with whom you will interact. I am most definitely a relational leader;
as sound, meaningful, real relationships are the foundations for all success!
Teachers, students, staff and parents need to feel that they are heard, that they are
valued as individual contributors to student success, and that they are appreciated
for the hard work that they put forth. From giving students high fives and fist bumps
in the hallway to engaging staff in meaningful interactions, people know that I am
invested in them as people.

Model a Vision for Excellence:

Walk the Walk, not merely Talk the Talk
My leadership style is all about modeling the type of behaviors that I want to see in
others. In a sense, I tend to be an “in the trenches” leader as opposed to the “ivory
tower” leader. I am not one to dictate orders to others. Rather, I am much more
inclined to seek to understand, engage in collaboration and foster a sense of shared
leadership. As a leader, students, staff and parents know that I am a genuine,
passionate person and it is my pleasure to serve our school community and every
stakeholder in it.

Foster and Support Growth:

Never Become Complacent
A vision begins with talk, but will only become reality when you walk the walk. As
society evolves, we as principals must ensure that instruction follows suit or we run
the risk of our schools becoming obsolete. We must continue to evolve to prepare
students with the skills to think critically, solve problems, demonstrate learning
through creation, and compete in a global society. As instructional leaders, it is our
primary responsibility to observe and evaluate instruction. Supervision is absolutely
critical in order to support and grow teachers by frequently visiting their classrooms
and providing them with timely and meaningful feedback. Principals must then be
able to consistently identify, foster, support, and promote 21st century pedagogy.

Establish a Positive, Engaged Learning Community:

Always Focus on Learning
Each day we are afforded an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of
our students and teachers through our role as education leaders. Our passion for
creating an environment in which all students learn and assisting staff in their
growth should be the driving motivational force to make our schools the best they
can be, regardless of the obstacles. Maintaining a visible presence in the classroom,
providing teachers with meaningful feedback and evaluation, and engaging students
in conversations about real issues they are experiencing allow me to effectively
address needs yet support and encourage students and teachers to strive for new
heights to make the school the best it can be.