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The New Praetorians

By Alex Saint-Cyr

Russian collusion. That’s a term we’ve all grown quite tired of by now. The
protracted Mueller probe has turned up zero evidence and the continuing Russo-
scare in the press is akin to an aborted CBS sitcom version of the McCarthy era
witchunt for actual communist subversives.

Yet this institution of ours, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is allowed to run a
years long inquisition against our commander in chief completely unmolested. Their
counter-terrorism division spends the majority of its time and resources harassing
patriots and constitutionalists on the grounds of “domestic security.”

How an unelected, quasi-militant intelligence organization, (completely outside the

presidential reigns of the executive branch, unlike the Central Intelligence Agency
who falls under this purview) grew to become the unaccountable organ of dubious
partisan enforcement that it is today is a tale for another time. Still, the fact remains
that the FBI has become a host unto itself, operating unilaterally in domestic and
foreign affairs, completely rogue of the will of the people, directed by the Executive
who was elected by their consent.

The director of the FBI commands what amounts to a private army, with charter to
operate on American soil. In the last few decades, especially since the 80’s, deep
state acronym organizations have ballooned in size and influence, but none have
engorged themselves quite as much as our wiretapping friends.

In ancient Rome the Praetorian Guard was responsible for the person of the
Emperor, a simple duty that started their group as glorified bodyguards. But as time
went on they grew to be a small army of soldiers, litigators, spies and financiers. The
Praetorians came to be the real power behind the throne, and no emperor ruled
without them. Indeed, they were responsible for the death of multiple emperors
who did not pay them proper deference; likewise they were responsible for raising
multiple pretenders with the right connections and deep pockets to the office of

Like the republic of old and later the empire, our American system depends on a
series of checks and balances to operate effectively, and morally. The most
important of these is by far the power of the executive branch. Indeed the very name
“Executive” implies the power invested in the office of the president to execute the
will of the electorate. This sacred duty of the commander in chief has been stymied
however by his rogue lieutenant in the office of the director of the FBI.

I am harping on the Bureau in particular only because they have been the most
public in their hyper-partisan hackery. For an organization that is supposed to be
devoted to law enforcement bereft of political ideology, they sure do like to loudly
denounce the ethos of 50% of the country.

As corrupt as the Bureau may seem (and they are) they are still only symptomatic of
a larger problem. The slow march through the institutions that has borne fruit for
the radical left, or should I say, the mainstream left in recent days is a victory gained
through the equally slow acclimation of the political climate. Like a frog slowly being
boiled to death by degrees, we too have been encouraged to tolerate the borderline
open rebellion of our neutral law enforcement agencies.

The citizens of today have been told since their primary school days not to openly
discuss such spicy topics as “Politics” for fear of upsetting and clashing with their
fellows. This attitude has produced three generations of voters and workers who
demurely accept any sentiment of partiality from avowedly impartial organs and
officers of government.

When you take up a mantle of responsibility and take an oath to uphold the
Republic, you agree to put aside some measure of your own autonomy to serve the
state. This includes any hard political leanings that one could abuse with their
position in order to further their aim, otherwise appointed office would be a free for
all, as it is quickly becoming were the conservative minded to wake up and accept it.

Now we all understand that the legislative branch is supposed to be partisan. The
very purpose is to gain election in order to represent the interests of your
constituency. But what of the judiciary? Activist judges arbitrarily striking down
executive orders and countermanding the very constitution itself in the name of
“Fairness.” But fairness for who? Clearly the illegal criminals and deviants rank
higher in the eyes of these un-elected judges than the average citizen, as their
actions so clearly suggest.

When faced with the open hostility of these new praetorians there is one response
to the rising concept for the rules of the Republic they show. We conservatively
minded must be as vocal as our enemies, we must not give a single inch of the
urbanite electorate, we must fight them, corridor by corridor in the halls of
academia and take back the apparatus of power. In the long years since the
assumption of the reigns of media and higher education by parasite capital we have
been indifferent, we must be indifferent no longer.

There is no sphere of society lost to us, not in the public or private sector, we must
bear the letter of the law as our standard and begin a long march of our own.