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Story of Pedro and Juan and the Cobra

Numbers 21:8-9

Why did God tell Moses to make a bronze snake?

The Jews sinned against God by saying that their “soul loathes” manna, the bread
that God gave them, and by falsely accusing Him of making them “die” after He
delivered them from bondage in Egypt. They completely forgot everything that
God did for them to get them out of Egypt, including parting the Red Sea. They
forgot that they were being sustained by God in the desert. How difficult is it to
be sustained in the desert? But God is doing it. In fact, by day, a pillar of cloud
goes before them to protect them from the desert heat, and a pillar of fire goes
before them when they travel at night to light their way. The presence of God was
with them, and yet, they did not care! They crave for the onions and leeks, and
fish and meat of Egypt. In response, God began to make them die using poisonous

Many people, even Christians, those who accepted Jesus in their hearts, are still
prone to complain to the Lord about their daily situation. Some actually begin
longing and entertaining the thoughts of going back to their previous sinful life.
Buti pa noon, marami akong pera, may kotse, maraming babae, etc. Why did God
allow the Israelites to go through the desert? It was a test of trust. How decided
were they in their hearts to believe in God and trust Him in everything. And like
most of us now, they failed. Like them, whenever we fail the test of trust given by
our Lord and instead complain and go back to our sinful desires, tayo ay
napapahamak. But God is so merciful, He made something happen.

Who does the snake on a pole represent?


John 3:14
At kung paanong itinaas ni Moises sa ilang ang ahas, ay gayon kinakailangang
itaas ang Anak ng tao; Upang ang sinomang sumampalataya ay magkaroon sa
kaniya ng buhay na walang hanggan.

At the Cross, Jesus took upon Himself the venom of sin in our behalf, so that we
may have eternal life. Hindi siya kamukha ni Juan kay Pedro sa istorya kanina. He
could have said NO, I wont die for mankind, for YOU. I’ll just create a better and
submissive race. No, at the cross, Jesus willingly took the venom of sin for us,
knowing that He will suffer unimaginable pain, and die for it. He died, so that we
may be freed from the venom of sis and all of its consequences. And He rose
again on the third day, so that we may live eternally with Him.

All of those who looked upon the snake , were cured and lived, but they still died
in the end. Not so with those who look upon Christ. All who look up to the Son
gain eternal life.

Numbers 21:8-9 illustrates a trial for us, a test, of how much are we willing to
trust God, in spite of our istuation, in spite of our conditions, in spite of the
challenges that seem to never end in coming our way. Are we willing to trust
God? For those who are not willing to trust God, we know what happens –sila ay
napapahamak. But for those who are willing, they are saved, and blessed. Are you
willing to trust God? If you have not trusted Him before, there is still hope. You
can still look upon the cross, you can still look upon Jesus, and live. Pass the test
of trusting God.