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NEHS Staff Meeting

January 23, 2019 3:00-4:30

● Complete staff reset for POWER kickoff and clarify all questions/norms:

How we operate:
● Dream Big + Take Risks:
○ Step out of your comfort zone in pursuit of breakthroughs
● Build, Iterate, Build:
○ Refine and advance ideas through frequent creation and iteration
● Design with, not for:
○ Deeply partner with students, families, staff, and other members of our community
● Be inspired:
○ Get curious and seek provocations in unlikely places
● Question Everything:
○ Surface assumptions and question them. Be open to changing your mind
● Leverage Strengths:
○ Build from the assets that we, our kids and our communities have
● Be in the driver’s seat:
○ Be on the hook for this community, your experience, and the impact we
collectively have

What How Who TIME

Potluck (Social Studies) All staff will first report to All staff 15 mins
the media center to grab a
bite to eat before reporting
to their designated meeting
Start Ups Review POWER Committee 10 mins
● Welcome Clarify Alexis Grady
● Purpose Check for Agreement
● Review Agenda Q&A
● Ground Rules
● Celebrations!
Semester Updates Late Work Policy Cannon 10 mins
Letter to Parents
2nd Chance Breakfast

POWER Training Flex Time Manager Joyce 20 min

Stations ● Review online Griffin
system Grady
○ Logistics Pearce
Review Schuessler
○ Activity
○ Taking

HR Refresher Johnston 25 min

● Watch training Hartley
video Lyons-Westry
● Scripts Schuessler
● Expectations
● Q/A
Closing: Refer to parking lot POWER Committee 10 min
● Questions/Concerns questions
● Next Steps

Items to Bring: Laptops

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