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Combi-Steamer Oven

User Manual

Dear customers and friends,

Thank you very much for choosing our products! All information and
guidelines in this manual are in compliance with applicable regulations, and it
was compiled according to current state of development, and our long
accumulated knowledge and experience.
For any special structure, specify additional options or changes due to new
technology, the actual scope of supply may deviate from the descriptions and
instructions mentioned here. If you have any questions, please contact the
To give full play to the performance of this appliance, and reduce
unnecessary loss or damage, please read the instruction manual carefully before
operation and keep this manual for future reference.
Manufacturer will not bear the responsibility for the damage caused by
negligence of these operation instructions.
This manual should be stored directly on the device to make convenient
access for operators.Within the scope of improving the performance and further
development, we reserve the right to change technical parameters of the product.

1. ! Any modification, improper installation, adjustment, repairmen or
maintenance may lead to property damage or casualties, any adjustments or
maintenance should contact the supplier and conducted by trained professional
2. ! For your safety, please do not store or use flammable and explosive
gases, liquids or objects in the vicinity of the products
3. ! This appliance should not be operated by those with physical weakness,
slow response or mental defects (including children) unless they are guided or
assisted safely by their guardians.
4. ! Children should be overseen to ensure that they don’t play with this appliance.
5. ! Be careful to keep the operation instruction. If the machine is used by others,
Please give the guidelines to others together.
6. ! Do not store any explosive or other flammable gas, liquids or goods in the
vicinity of the operation place.
7. ! If the appliance is located close to walls, partitions, kitchen equipment,
decorative plates etc, it is recommended to use the equipment and facilities of
non-combustible material, or they should be covered by appropriate non-
combustible insulation material. And pay close attention to fire safety
8.! The machine enclosure must be grounded to ensure safety, Thanks for your

Warning ...................................................................................................

1. Profile of Function & Structure Diagram ............................................

1.1 Profile of Function ............................................................................

1.2 Structure Diagram .............................................................................

2. Electrical Principle & Basic Parameters ..............................................

2.1 Electrical Principle ............................................................................

2.2 Basic Parameters ...............................................................................

3. Attention...................................................................................................

3.1. Transportation & Storage ................................................................

3.2 Installation & Attention ....................................................................

4. Operating Instructions ...........................................................................

5. Routine Inspection & Cleaning and Maintenance ....................................

6. Malfunction & solution ..........................................................................

6.1 Malfunction & solution.....................................................................

6.2 Guarantee Clauses: the product will be maintained for life. ............

1.1 Profile of Function

The product is made of stainless steel structure, beautiful appearance generous; liner with

circular transition connection, easy to clean; the use of cochlear fan air heating, and high and low

speed to choose from, heating evenly to ensure that cooking food delicious.

1.2 Structure Diagram:

① All stainless steel body, oven chamber stretched by round corner, easy to
② Efficient heating controller, heating fast
③ With 50 commonly menus in manual type oven for long-term use
④ With 360 degrees hot air heating, steam function, make temperature more
⑤ The steam boiler spray function ensures sufficient steam.
⑥ Temperature sensor inside the food ensure the food to be cooked
⑦ Hot and cold air exchange, exhaust function, keep food fresh when baking
and roasting
⑧ Automatic three-level cleaning function, save time and energy
2.1 Electrical Principle

NO. Mark Name Description

1 XT Terminals Terminals
2 K solid state relay Connected to the electric tube load work
3 EH Heater Heating
4 S1 Temperature limiter Water Tank over-temperature protection
5 S2 Temperature limiter Oven over-temperature protection
6 S3 Magnetic switch Door switch
7 S4 Water level electrode Detection of boiler water level, water lacking
8 KA Relay
9 YV1 The electromagnetic Manual humidification solenoid valve
10 YV2 The electromagnetic Condenser solenoid valve
11 YV3 The electromagnetic Boiler inlet solenoid valve
12 M1 motor For Fans
13 M2 Drain pump Boiler descaling drainage pump
14 M3 Electric air valve Drainage / cooling valve
15 M4 Cleaning pump Cooking chamber cleaning pump
16 M5 Drain valve Clean the diversion of the total valve
17 H1 Lights Cooking chamber lighting
18 B1 Thermocouple Cooking chamber temperature sensor
19 B2 Thermocouple Condenser temperature sensor
20 B3 Thermal resistance Center temperature meat sensor
21 B4 Thermistor(NTC) Boiler temperature sensor
22 KM AC contactor Power contactor
23 PCB Circuit board Master circuit board

2.2 Basic Parameters:

Model Size(mm) Volt Power Capacity Water Water Outlet
Bake Steam pressure Intake

EOA- 847*771*7 3N~ 10KW 9KW 6*1/1 0.2~0.6 3/4, DN50

61-CMP 82 380 MPa

EOA- 47*771*10 3N~ 18KW 18KW 10*1/1 0.2~0.6 3/4, DN50

101- 42 380 MPa

3.1. Transportation & Storage

During transporting, the products should be laid down carefully to prevent severe shock; packaged
furnace should not be stored in open air for a long time, it should be placed on well-ventilated,
non-corrosive gas storage and could not be inverted. Take anti-rain measures when there is any
temporary storage.

3.2 Installation & Attention

Spare parts & Water Installation:
1) After installing the oven, pay attention to adjust the height of the each feet to ensure that the oven and the
ground level, ready to connect the water pipe.
2) Please connect according to the supplied water pressure
3) Connect the outlet pipe (see above) of the furnace with a 1.25 "hose and tie it with a pipe clamp. Note that
the outlet of the hose is lower than the outlet of the furnace so that the water can flow smoothly to the sewer.
4) With 3/4 "hose connected to the water softener, from the water softener leads to the machine inlet, to
determine the connection is not leak.
5) Make sure that all connectors are not leaking. As above:

In the first use of filter water softener, to remove the filter, tear off the surface of the packaging film.
Please replace the filter softener filter every six months.

Electrical Installation
Power supply is 380V / 50Hz, must have a reliable grounding wire
The air switch of the power cord must be above 100A.
According to the power cord standard to get a good line of fire, zero line.

① The supply voltage must be in accordance with the voltage used by the equipment.
② After installation, should check whether the wiring loose, the voltage is normal, safe grounding is
③ The stove should be placed in a smooth place, left and right side away from the incombustible material
more than 10cm, the rear and right side to leave the wall 5CM above the left side of the wall 50CM above, leaving
the combustible 40CM or more. (As shown below)
④ When the product is connected to the power supply, at least the 3mm contact opening of the all-pole
disconnect device (leakage switch), the switch can not be stacked in front of debris, easy to operate.
⑤ The installation location can not be stored near the flammable and explosive items, the use of the
furnace temperature must be between 4 ℃ and 35 ℃
⑥ The installation of the stove should be professional and technical personnel to operate


Installation diagram
Special attention items:
① The product is not suitable for home use
② The product is a commercial machine and is operated by a trained chef.
③ All operators must strictly comply with the safety standards, before use to confirm the
power supply voltage and product nameplate power supply voltage, and has been safely grounded
④ All operations can only be used to ensure the safety of the situation, in order to use the
furnace, such as failure, must immediately repair
⑤ The product must be properly installed and commissioned before it is put into operation.
Only after the test has been carried out and the equipment can be checked
⑥ Maintenance circuit, the installation of the machine must be responsible for the
⑦ Can not be used when shaking, can not tilt
⑧ Can not be modified; product modification will lead to serious accidents
⑨ Do not disassemble any parts of this machine
⑩ Do not open the machine case
11 The product contains high voltage circuit, the demolition of the shell may occur electric
shock accident
12 Before cleaning, remove the plug and cut off the power
13 When cleaning, do not sprinkle water directly on the product
14 Water will be conductive, the product may be due to leakage caused by electric shock
accident occurred
15 Do not beat the product or place heavy objects on the product
16 Abnormal operation can cause equipment damage and danger
17 High temperature can cause burns
18 In the course of work as well as before and after, due to high temperature relationship do
not touch the box directly by hand
19 When the minefield is close, break the gate as soon as possible.
20 Can be avoided due to lightning damage caused by electrical appliances.
21 Prohibit the use of hard, sharp objects to destroy the control panel
22 After the work is completed, turn off the gates
23 If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel

Control diagram:
Power Switch

Programming Steam
Baking Steam & Baking

Manual humidification Reheat

Humidity setting Humidity Show

Temp Setting Temp Show

Temp Selecting

Preheat Switch Start/Stop

Time Setting Cooling

Center Temp Setting

Temp display
Temp Selection
Steam (30~130%)

Step Key Description

1 Steam

2 98℃ Switch selecting the temp you need

3 Setting cooking time

4 1:20 Setting time for cooking

5 Setting the center temp

6 80℃ Setting temp for you need

7 If you need preheat, please select this, will show

“PREH”.When finished, will show “LOAD”.

7 Pressing here will start to working

Step Key Description
1 Baking

2 Please select the humidity key

3 240℃ Selecting temp you need

4 Setting cooking time key

5 0:20 Please setting cooking for you need

6 Setting center temp key

7 80℃ Please setting center temp for you need

8 If you need preheat, please select this, will show
“PREH”.When finished, will show “LOAD”.
9 Pressing here will start to working

Steam & Baking(30~300℃):

Step Key Description
1 Stem & Baking key

2 Cooking Humidity key

3 240℃ Please select humidity you need

4 Cooking time

5 1:20 Please select cooking time for you need

6 Center temp key

7 80℃ Please select center temp for you need

8 If you need preheat, please select this, will show
“PREH”.When finished, will show “LOAD”.

9 Pressing here will start to working

You have run the equipment at a higher temperature in the cooking chamber, and then want to

continue running at a lower temperature in the cooking chamber. With the "cooling" function, you

can cool the cooking chamber down gently in a gentle manner.


① Be sure to start the "cooling" function in case the air deflector is locked, otherwise there

is a risk of injury

② The fan impeller does not stop during the cooling function while the cooking chamber

door is opened

③ Do not stretch your hand toward the fan impeller, otherwise there is a risk of injury

④ During the function run "cooling", the cooking chamber temperature will gush steam, be

careful burns!
Step Key Description
1 Please close the door
2 Select Cooling function

3 Please open the door

With the programming function, you can create and save your artifacts. The system provides 50

program storage spaces, each of which can accommodate up to 5 cooking steps.

Step Key Description
1 Menu Key

2 Please select one program from P1~P50

3 P1 Will show P1, screen flashes to indicate that the program save
location is available)
4 Turn the "time / center temperature" rotation switch

5 U1 Cooking chamber temperature window display U1 stands

for step 1 (U1 screen flashes)
6 Press the "time / center temperature" to turn the switch
7 Please choose a mode of operation, eg steaming

8 95℃ Pease select temp you need, (cooking chamber temperature

window display)
9 Press the button to set the cooking time

10 1:20 Please select Time you need, such as: 1.20

11 Or setting the center temp

12 80℃ Please setting center temp you need

13 U1 Press the "Time / center temperature" rotary switch (exit
parameter setting mode to enter step setting mode) (U1
screen does not blink, indicating that storage step 1 is
14 U2 Please turn the "time / center temperature" rotary switch (go
to step 2, U1 screen flashes)
15 Press the "time / center temperature" to turn the switch
16 Please choose a running mode, for example: baked
Setting humidity key

240℃ Please select humidity you need

Cooking time key

1:20 Please select cooking time, such as: 1.20

Or select the center temp key

80℃ Please select the temp you need

Press the "Program / Menu" button to save the program.

The next step is the same as above.

Programs mode:
Step Key Description
1 Press the "Program / Menu" button

2 P1 Select the program you need

3 Press here to start to work

Step Key Description
1 Press the "Program / Menu"

2 P1 Turn the "Time / Center Temperature" rotary switch to

select the program.
3 Press the "Manual Humidification" button for 5 seconds

4 P1 The flashing program storage location indicates that the

program has been deleted
Step Key Description

1 Press the "Program / Menu" button

2 CLE1 Rotate the "time / center temperature" rotary switch and

select the "light cleaning" program。
3 Please press the "Run / Stop" device to start the cleaning run

Enter the programming menu:

1, enter the programming menu:
In the boot mode non-operating state, press the programming button, multi-
function window shows P01 characters, if P01 has set the menu step, the display is
always lit, no menu steps are set, flashing. Select the menu of P01 to P50 by rotating
the time / center temperature setting knob.
2, enter the steps set:
In the flash display menu PXX (XX = 01 .... 50), for example, when P01 is flashing,
click the Rotate Time / Center Temperature setting knob to enter the programming step
1 setting, flash the U1 character, and then Click on the rotation time / center temperature
setting knob, the temperature display window and multi-function display window are
flashing "- - -" and "- - - -", enter the work mode selection state, click the desired
operating mode key , For example: baking key or steaming key, steaming key selection
mode, parameter setting reference manual setting, parameter setting is completed, Press
the time / center temperature setting knob to exit the setup mode to the step display
mode, and display U1 (U1 is no longer lit at this time) Step 1 is set. Step 2, and then
turn on the time / center temperature setting knob, the temperature display window and
the multi-function display window are flashing "- - -" and "- -", respectively, by rotating
the time / center temperature setting knob, Press the key or the steam button, the
steaming key to select the mode, the parameter setting reference manual setting, the
parameter setting is completed, click the time / center temperature, and then press the
time key to set the working mode. Set the knob to exit the setting mode and display U2
(U2 is no longer flashing at this time) Step 2 is set. Step U3, Step U4, Step U5 Set the
method to U1 or U2, in step mode (UX, specify X = 1 .... 5), click the programming
key to return to the previous menu mode PXX (XX = 01 .. .50), in the menu setting
mode, click the programming key to return to the standby baking mode setting state.
(Note: other menu settings can refer to P01 menu settings)
If the setting steps, such as U1, click the rotation time / center temperature setting if
there is a setting step if the UX (X = 1 .... 5) does not flash when there is a setting step.
Knob, digital tube display temperature and working time (or food center temperature),
the indicator will indicate the corresponding mode of operation
Indicator Description
1, The top of the button is the status indicator
2, The humidity indicator, display the humidity settings (two colors), bright red is
that the humidity is small, bright green that humidity.
Digital tube instructions
1, The temperature inside the display digital tube:
A, The normal work shows the actual chamber bore temperature, set the state
when the display temperature inside the installation.
B, When the motherboard detects a fault, the display character "---".
2, Multi-function display digital tube:
A, Select the time working mode, the work shows the remaining time, set the
state shows the set working time.
B, Select the food center temperature mode, when the work shows the actual food
center temperature, in the set state, the food center temperature display value.
Character display
A, when the machine door open "door" character.
B, the "PREH" character is displayed when the warm-up starts.
C, the "LoAd" character is displayed at the end of the warm-up.
D, "End" character is displayed at the end of the job.
E, "H20" character is displayed when water is missing.
F, boiler temperature is too high 120 ℃ show "H10" characters.
G, bore temperature sensor (K type thermocouple) open circuit fault display "rE1"
H, the dehumidifier sensor works with the "rE2" character.
I, boiler high temperature protection temperature sensor fault display "rE3" character.
J, food temperature sensor fault display "rE4" character.
Statement of Work
1, The beginning of the digital tube and the lights all lights after a second, only the
power indicator light, while the buzzer tweet once, enter the shutdown state.
2, In the shutdown state, press the key, the humidity indicator light all red (humidity
minimum), the temperature inside the tube digital flashing alternately display 30 and "-
--" (three horizontal), the time was "-: - "(four horizontal), boot the default baked mode,
enter the boot settings state.
3, The guide set the state can be set within the furnace temperature, time, and humidity
values, this time can not set the food center temperature (can be set through the central
temperature setting, select the food center temperature, and enter the food center
temperature control mode of operation) Rotate the chamber temperature knob, set the
bore temperature value, press the knob to confirm (no adjustment automatically confirm
after 4 seconds to exit), set the success; then the schedule 00:00 and --- alternately, turn
the time knob Set the time, press the knob to determine (no adjustment after 4 seconds
automatically confirm the exit), when the choice of food center temperature, the knob
is to adjust the food center temperature, set to complete the standby state.
(20% RH), if the food center temperature mode of operation, the food center
temperature set value of 00 (00% RH), if the temperature of the food center temperature,
4, In the standby mode, press the start / stop key to enter the working state; time mode
or food center temperature mode, time working state when the temperature, time and
humidity can be adjusted at any time, if the product center temperature working
conditions, Food center temperature and humidity can be adjusted at any time.
When the countdown is completed or the temperature of the food center is reached, the
end of the work is over, the multi-function display window displays the character "End",
the buzzer is called once every 1 second, the buzzer prompts 2 minutes to return to
standby, or press the start / Back to standby.
Setting operating parameters Description
1, The bore temperature setting: first press the bore temperature setting knob,
alternately display the current set value and --- (three horizontal), and then turn the knob,
left to reduce (to keep the minimum 30 ℃) , Turn right to increase (to the maximum
value remains unchanged, steaming mode 130 ℃, roast, steaming mode 300 ℃),
reach the set value, then press the knob, set the success; if not press, then 4 seconds ,
Automatically exit, set the success; press the knob, the "beep" once.
2, The working time setting: first press the work time setting key, alternately display
the current settings and -: - (four horizontal), and then turn the knob, left to reduce (to
the minimum remains unchanged 00:00 Hours), the right to increase (to the maximum
value remains unchanged, 24:00 hours), reach the set value, and then press the knob,
set the success; if not press, then 4 seconds later, automatically exit, set Successful;
when the knob is pressed, a "beep" once.
3, The food center temperature settings: first press the food center temperature setting
key, alternately display the current set value and --- (three horizontal), and then turn the
knob, left to reduce (to the minimum value remains unchanged 0 ℃ ), The right to
increase (to the maximum value remains unchanged at 99 ℃), reach the set value, and
then press the knob, set the success; if not press, then 4 seconds after the automatic exit,
set the success; When the knob is on, a "beep" once.
4, The humidity setting: first press the humidity setting button, the humidity indicator
light shows the current settings, and then click the humidity setting button, the humidity
indicator from right to left off to the left one , Then press the humidity setting button,
the humidity indicator light is full, so the cycle.
5, After use in first time, press the power key, set into the initial boot, the first
temperature is provided within the bore, the bore after the temperature setting
confirmation, automatically enter the time setting state (the food center temperature
may press the key, provided the food center temperature mode), to enter standby mode
after the set time.
6, The minimum time design unit for the minute, such as 0:21 said 21 minutes. The
time to start, timing to 01:00 hours, automatically jump to 59:59, count down in seconds.

Daily Checking:
① Regular checks must be made on a regular basis.
② Often check the product, can prevent serious accidents.
③ Feel the circuit, the machine failure, to stop using.
④ Every day before and after use should pay attention to check the machine
⑤ Is the machine tilted before use?
⑥ Is the control panel broken?
⑦ Does the power cord have any aging, cracks or damage?
⑧ Are there any smell, odor, and vibrations in use?
⑨ Is the temperature out of control or leakage phenomenon?
⑩ Is the power normal?

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Every day work is completed, the furnace should be cleaned. Before cleaning, please clean up the

large food residue in the chamber.

Turn on the power, press the "menu" button, select the cleaning program, knob counterclockwise

rotation, select CLE1, CLE2, CLE3, CLE4 and other different procedures, according to the degree

of the machine itself to choose, select the finished, press the central knob to confirm, START / STOP

"to start the cleaning command and close the door.

After washing the start, with the choice of different procedures, different cleaning time, do not open

the door when cleaning.

When the cleaning process is complete, the machine will sound an alarm and automatically shut


If you find some places where the corner is not clean, you can use the left side of the water rinse.

Wipe the surface of the furnace with a dry towel and the outside of the glass. Do not rinse the outer
surface of the furnace directly with water.

If you do not use it for a long period of time, clean the stoves and place them in a well-ventilated,

non-corrosive gas store.

Guarantee Clauses: the product will be maintained for

A. The term of validity for “three guarantee” is: six months
B. The acknowledgement on the term of validity for “three guarantee”: calculating it
from the day of sale, deduct the day of delay ,which results from the repair or
without accessories .If the last day of the term of validity is a legal holiday, take
the next day of the holiday as the last day of the term of validity.
C. Belong to one of the following circumstances, practice reasonable charge for
a) More than the term of validity
b) Have no voucher and note of the term of validity, except those who can
prove in the day of the term of validity.
c) The content of the voucher do not tally with the product sign or it has been
d) Not use the product according to the instruction of usage and maintenance,
which result in the damage
e) The damage from the force majeure
f) The parts being the substitutes of maintain all belong to our factory.
g) About the product fault, my plant will not compensate for other obligation
which is out of the guarantee.
(The modification of the instruction, please forgive not to notice.)