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Mehran Tavakoli Keshe
founder of the Keshe Foundation

© M. T. Keshe 2000-2014. All rights reserved.

Written on 25.4.2014
Published on 5.2014

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Bacteria and Viruses

Amino acids are matter based linked molecules entities and thus can be and do live within the
operating systems of the matter, like in the environment of the earth, and they are effected by temperatures and
pressure of their environment. This is one of the reasons why they can be affected by matter, like antibiotics
based medication.
In contrary, viruses are Magravs based Gans plasmatic entities, which are not affected by the environmental
conditions and they operate in the magnetic fields connection between the Gans of the matters of the body of
man, in a more effective and devastating way. As they have to release their energy in the salts of the body to
become balanced, and in the presence of the cobalt gamma source of vitamin B12 in the body, then they
gradually become Gans of themselves and become harmless to the body, as they can no longer release their
Magravs which the cells of the body cannot handle.
In reality, in the case of viruses, one only needs to increase the intake of B12 or B9 to expedite the process of
virus’s conversion to Gans of itself, and less harmful to man.
Therefore, as the body of man is made of Gans of matters, and operates in these Magravs states, the viruses
interacting only in the Magravs link of the plasma of the body, hence medicines like antibiotics have no effect
on them.
This brings the new medicine to one new conclusion: if the pharmaceutical industry manages to utilise the
operation and effect of the plasma of the Gans of the elements, then the industry can find a solution for all
viruses on this planet and in the Universal atmosphere.
With the tests done in Fukushima with the spaceship institute in the last month, and from the data received,
this makes it clear that not only one can neutralize the radiative substance in the liquid and solid of matter,
but one can transmute them from highly radioactive matter to non-radioactive, or from highly energetic to a
balanced energy substance of itself.
Understanding this property of Gans of matter and their interactions, one can use the Gans of different
matters to change different viruses - which are highly Magravs based energy entities - to neutral entities, as it
was observed with caesium in the solid and liquids in the tests in Fukushima.
Therefore now one can make Gans of matters, which can transmute the viruses to their neutral entities energy
states, and save man from all the viruses based illness on earth and in space.
In space hardly any bacteria exist, as bacteria need an environment like the earth’s to interact with man, but in
the universe viruses are in abundance, as the space lives and operates through Gans of elements.
Through understanding the operation of ganses in the environment of matters and liquids, as in the Fukushima
test, and by observing their capabilities, now it is clear that as viruses are single entities of cells, we
understand in that viruses are Gans of different energy (energy explained as combination of magnetical and
gravitational) and that is why they behave as they do in the body of man.
This explains why even the influenza epidemic of the early 20th century, after killing over 100 million people
around the world, suddenly disappeared after a year. Most probably the field strength of the viruses had only
enough plasmatic Magravs energy for about one year, before it became naturalised and transmutated through
the earth’s plasmatic Magravs magnetic fields.
These various entities can be produced in space as much as on earth, as we do in the laboratories of the space

Viruses are from now on a known entity and can be handled through the operation of other Ganses, for them
to be brought under control, as we did with caesium in the Fukushima tests.

M. T. Keshe