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Welcome to our annual guide to the businesses that matter most, the ones whose innovations are

having an impact across their industries and our culture. Click a company name to view the entry,
or determine your own ranking of the top four companies using a series of quizzes, games, and

1. Apple For walking the talk

2. Facebook For 800 million reasons to share

3. Google For expanding its hit lineup

4. Amazon For playing the long game

5. Square For making magic out of the mercantile

6. Twitter For amplifying the global dialogue

7. Occupy Movement For embodying all the traits that make a Fast

8. Tencent For fueling China’s Internet boom--and boldly moving West

9. Life Technologies For speeding up genetic sequencing

10. SolarCity For brightening up the sun-power business

11. HBO For being the only TV network to delight with digital

12. Southern New Hampshire University For relentlessly

reinventing higher ed, online and off

13. Tesla Motors For boosting the art and technology of electric

14. Patagonia For selling more by encouraging customers to buy less

15. NFL For stoking insatiable, year-round demand for professional

16. National Marrow Donor Program For matching
technology with critical transplant needs

17. Greenbox For inventing the next-generation Chinese fashion brand

18. Jawbone For rocking the mobile lifestyle

19. Airbnb For turning spare rooms into the world’s hottest hotel chain

20. 72andSunny For winning at the intersection of Hollywood and

Madison Avenue

21. Siemens AG For its R&D ambitions in energy, transportation, and

health care

22. Dropbox For transforming file storage into a very big business

23. Kiva Systems For turning squat robots into e-commerce giants

24. Starbucks For infusing a steady stream of new ideas to revive its

25. Genentech For making targeted, genetics-based cancer therapies

26. LegalZoom For bringing tech and accessibility to the hidebound

legal industry

27. Tapjoy For driving advertiser engagement in a million-app world

28. Polyvore For turning everyone into a fashion editor

29. Red Bull Media House For showing what it really means to
transform yourself into a media brand

30. LinkedIn For making itself useful even when you're not job
31. Liquid Robotics For going deep in ocean monitoring

32. Gogo For delivering first-class entertainment to the coach-bound


33. Bug Agentes Biológicos For breeding a natural alternative to

harmful agricultural pesticides

34. Chipotle For exploding all the rules of fast food

35. James Corner Field Operations For creating intimate green

spaces out of industrial urban blight

36. Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals For bringing medical

care to the masses

37. Recyclebank For making eco-friendly behavior a big game

38. UPS For solving its customers' number-one pet peeve

39. Networked Insights For using real-time social data to make

better products and advertising

40 . Chobani For becoming a dairy superstar

41. Kickstarter For connecting creatives with fans to raise funds

42. SoundCloud For giving the Internet a voice

43. PayPal For recharging the sale

44. Berg For wildly imagining the marriage of the digital and physical

45. Boo-box For pioneering social-media advertising in Latin America

46. Amyris For driving biofuels into the mainstream

47. Knewton For teaching education a thing or two

48. RedBus For taking the wheel of the $2.5 billion Indian bus-travel

49. OpenSky For creating a social, celebrity-powered shopping


50. Y Combinator For building the next great Silicon Valley mafia


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