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Patient : Good afternoon nurse.

Nurse : Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Patien : I want to check my condition, because I have a headache.

Nurse : Oky, what is your name Ms. ?

Patient : My name is Lika.

Nurse : When was you born, Ms. Lika?

Patient : I was born on August 3th, 1980

Nurse : Okay Ms. Lika, Do you have any problem beside your headache?

Patient : No nurse.

Nurse : Do you have a story of illness?

Patient : No, I think.

Nurse : Okay Ms. Lika, I would like to asses your pain first. What aggravates
your pain?

Patient : My pain aggravates when I’m standing or try to do an activities.

Nurse : What does it feel like? Your pain feel sharp, dull, or stabbing?

Patient : I feel my pain is like exposed by a dull object.

Nurse : How severe is the pain on scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no pain and 10
being the worst pain ever?

Patient : I think my pain scale is 7.

Nurse : When the pain start?

Patient : 2 days ago Nurse.

Nurse : Okay, before being reviewed by doctor, I would like to take your vital
signs. Could you roll up your sleeve please? I will put the cuff on your
arm, Because I want to check your blood pressure.

Patient : Okay

Nurse : Well, Ms. Lika, I’m going to check your temperature too, could you
raise your arm because I want to put this thermometer on your armpit.

Patient : Ok Like this nurse

Nurse : Yes thanks, now place your left hand on your shoulder for a moment.

Patient : Okay.

Nurse : well Ms. Lika, your blood pressure is high enough, its about 150/90
mmHg, your temperature 37 degree Celsius is normal. Now I’m going to
check your pulse, please give me your hand, and I will press your artery

Patient : Okay nurse.

Nurse : Your pulse is 92 and your respiration rate is 18, it is normal. But your
blood pressure is not normal. I think you’ve got a Hypertension.

Patient : Really? My father have hypertension too nurse.

Nurse : Maybe, that’s the reason why you have hypertension. Because,
hypertension is a hereditary disease. And a unhealthy life style can cause

Patient : So, what should I do Nurse?

Nurse : To control your high blood pressure, you must maintain a healthy
weight, do a physical activity, follow a healthy eating plan, reduce
sodium in your diet, and avoid alcohol. To decrease your blood pressure
you need to take a medicine too.
Patient : Okay Nurse.

Nurse : Before we going to the doctor’s room, do you have any question Ms.

Patient : No Nurse.

Nurse : Okay Ms. Lika, Now, Please follow me to doctor’s room to take your

Patient : Okay nurse, thank you for your information.

Nurse : Okay Ms. Lika.