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Automation Anywhere Corporate Training

Automation Anywhere Course Content

 Introduction to automation Anywhere
1. Why does IT market need RPA
2. What is the Existing System or Utilities in IT INDUSTRY
3. Goal of the RPA
4. Where RPA suits in IT Industry
5. Versions of Automation Anywhere since 2003
 Automation Anywhere Architecture
 Automation Anywhere Dashboard and Task Editor
1. Client registration with Control Room
2. Features of Task Editor
3. Different sections in AA Tool
 Type of Bots
1. Task Bots
2. Meta Bots
3. IQ Bots
 Task Bots and Recordings
 Recording Task
1. Web Recorder
2. Smart Recorder/Object Recorder
3. Screen Recorder
 Task Creation
 Types of Automation
1. UI layer or Regular Automation: Majorly tool Talks and suits web application
2. Surface automation: Non-integrated windows/ERP/web applications
 Commands:
App Integration: The use of the command and when/where it fit and works
Active Directory
Citrix Automation
Email Automation
Excel and Excel Session
Files and Folders Handling Mechanism
IF condition
Automation Anywhere Corporate Training
Image recognization
Insert Key Strokes
Insert Mouse Click
Insert Mouse Move
Insert Mouse Scroll
Insert Mouse Scroll
Internet Connection
Launch Website
Log To File
Loop command
Manage Windows Controls
Message Box
Open Program/file
Objects Cloning
PDF integration
Reading Form Fields
PGP Command: Security types i.e. Passphrase, Public key mechanism
Prompt Mechanism
Read from CSV / Text: Different and benefit of this Command from Excel command
Run Scripts
Calling Scripts and Capturing output
Screen Capture
Send Mail
String Operation
System command Features
Task Command
Run Task: Sub Task Calling and Mapping Variable
Terminal Automation
Variable Command
Wait Command and Different from Delay Command
Web Actions/Recording
Web Services
RESTL web services
SOAP Web services
Window Actions
 Automation Anywhere Advanced Features of 10.X
1. Meta Bot
2. IQ Bot
Automation Anywhere Corporate Training
3. Web Control Room
 Automation Anywhere Control Room
1. Upload/Download Task and Deploy Project
2. Add Clients
3. User Management
4. Operations Room
5. Repository
 Other Features
1. Assisted Automation
2. Auto Trigger Automation
 Scheduling
 Event trigger

 Plug-In and Settings

1. JAVA Settings
2. IE Settings
3. Flex/ Silver Light Settings

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