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Song title: Energy

Artist name: BURNS, A$AP Rocky, Sabrina Claudio

Music Genre: Pop, Rap, (Alternative R&B subgenre)

Video style: Narrative and performance hybrid

Synopsis: Two teenage individuals called Joe and Bibi have known each other
for a long time. Joe struggles with his family, as does Bibi, but out of
his issues with family, also finds it hard to know who he is or
express himself. Throughout the video Bibi is seen helping him to
express his personal style and he is seen gaining confidence in his
style and with the help of bibi, they become very close. They
become closer and closer until they both realise their closeness,
causing sparks to fly and attraction to build. The video ends with a
final kiss showing that both realise their interest in the other.

Target audience: 16 – 24 year olds who enjoy rap, pop or alternative R&B music.

Client: Sony Music UK

Locations: Kitchen – Used in the first scenes showing each character with their
parents and establishing each of their relationships

Train station – Shows a common ground between both characters in

a place they are both comfortable. Also used to show both
characters going to Marlow town to spend the day during the rest of
the video

Riley park Marlow daytime - Shows a common ground between both

characters in a place they are both comfortable. Also showing both
characters spending time with each other.

Field – used for the time-lapse showing how time flies when the
characters are together, and a silhouette highlighting the closeness
of the two as a couple.

Character I have two main characters:

1. A stereotypical new casual (according to An
understated white boy called Joe, who very much follows the
norms of his 16 year old age group, listens to mostly pop
music and some grime as it has become more of a norm
nowadays. The character would typically be associated with
understated and mainstream brands with minimal colour or
design (Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger clothing with either
Nike or Adidas shoes as they are usually relatively affluent).
However when around the other girl character, becomes
more of a leading edge scenester, interested in avante
garde, colourful fashion and unusual music. The aim for this
is to show his need for approval around the rest of the world,
yet with Bibi (the main girl character) he becomes confident
and doesn't feel a need to fit in, but to express himself fully.
2. A very out-there, interesting and non-conforming black girl.
Also 16, but would be an outcast among her other friends.
She is confident in being her true self, and is very interested
in colourful and flamboyant clothing, with a taste for unusual
makeup and jewellery. She is very interested in all types of
music but is the type of person to listen to music reflecting
her mood. Towards the end of the music video she helps Joe
to realise how happy he is when he truly expresses himself.

Shot Types Birds eye - establishing shot in the kitchen

planned: Dutch tilt -
Smooth spin counter clockwise

Equipment DSLR camera with small tripod

Gopro/action camera with fisheye capability for skateboarding POV

Artist photos taken

on video shoot: