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Melanie Gee, Ext. Session Coord.
Dorothy Posey, Church Secretary
Ryan Greene. Min. of Music & Youth
John D. Meyer, Pastor
Sunday, June 23 We had a great Vacation Bible School
9:15a Sunday School last week! We enrolled 116 children and
10:30 Worship youth. One youth chose to follow Jesus as
3:00p Nursing Home her Lord and Savior, and many gospel seeds

Your Church Staff

4:00 Choir Rehearsal (CR) were planted in the lives of all in attendance. I
6:00 Worship/Youth Small Group (YB) want to thank every VBS staff member who
Tuesday, June 25 worked so hard prior to and throughout last
8:00a Prayer Mtg for Revival (110) week to make our VBS happen. Satan was at
Wednesday, June 26 work, attacking in more than one area, seek-
6:45p No Soar ing to stop what the Lord was doing, but our
6:45 T.R.U.T.H. (YB) entire staff resisted him and persevered, to
7:00 Prayer Mtg/Bible Study (110) make it a wonderful week! I also want to
June 20, 2019 • Vol. 42, Issue 25 Thursday, June 27 thank every member who prayed for our VBS
10:30a Pastor’s Small Group (106) and donated items as well as money to meet



Saturday, June 29 all of the VBS needs. Every person doing

Thank You 6:00-9:00p Parent’s Night Out (FH) their part enabled the body to do the work of
Vacation Bible School Workers Sunday, June 30 (5th Sun) the ministry!
9:15a Sunday School We have scheduled our first Parent’s
“IT IS WORTHWHILE” 10:30 Worship/Lord’s Supper Night Out for Saturday, June 29 from 6:00-
4:00p Choir Rehearsal (CR) 9:00PM. If you know of parents in our church
I found a seed, a tiny thing,
6:00 Worship/Youth Small Group (YB) or community who need some quality time
I handled it with care. together without the children, encourage
Tuesday, July 2
“I want for it the best,” I said, 8:00a Prayer Mtg (110) them to take advantage of these three hours
“Because it is so rare.” 10:30 No Care Ministry Mtg of free time with free childcare. Space is lim-

Electronic service requested:

North Augusta, SC 29861-8168

P.O. Box 8168
Belvedere First Baptist Church
I found a nice smooth piece of ground, Wednesday, July 3 ited and reservations must be made to partici-
I dug a hole just so, 6:45p No Soar pate. Reservations can be made by calling
Down into it I placed a seed 6:45 T.R.U.T.H. (YB) the church office on Monday - Thursday from
And longed for it to grow. 7:00 Prayer Mtg/Bible Study (110) 9:00AM - 5:00PM or by emailing me at
The days and weeks lapsed into months, Thursday, July 4th - Holiday
Still had the seed not grown. Church Office Closed! Thank you for your support of the
And then I learned to cultivate (No scheduled activities) “Flickering Lamps” series that we concluded
Before the seed is sown. last week. It is my prayer that our focus has
been returned to the risen Christ who is pre-
One day I met a little child… sent and at work among us, desiring to ac-
A precious gift of God. complish His purpose and plans through us.
I thought about the little seed Please continue to pray that the Lord Jesus
In the neglected sod. Within The Family
will make His desires for us clear, and that we
Assisted Living: will have the faith and courage to follow Him.
(continued inside) Sarah Davis - 1026 Keystone Lane, I heard this quote in a message by Adri-
Clemson, SC 29631 an Rogers last week: “You can know Hebrew
Ruby McDaniel - Kentwood (#160)
and not know Him. You can know Greek and
Our Mission: We exist to obey Jesus Christ by Irma Thaxton - Hammond House (#120)
Barbara “Ann” Weatherford not know God. Bible study gives you
Permit #20
Augusta, GA
US Postage Paid
Non-Profit Org.

continuously reaching out to create relation- knowledge about God, but obedience gives
249 Hospital Dr., Rm #139
ships and share Christ’s story in order to make Toccoa, GA 30577 you knowledge of God.” Is your life filled with
mature disciples. Anne Welch - 1159 Lancaster Dr., Bible Study alone or is it followed by obedi-
St. Charles, MO 63303 ence? Do you know about God or do you
421 Edgefield Road | PO Box 8168 Barbara McDaniel - Brookdale #701 know Him? That’s something to think about!
North Augusta, SC 29861-8168 In the Sonshine!
803-279-0415 | 803-279-0476 Nursing Home: NHC
Betty Bethune, Elma Threlkeld Bro. John
BE OUR GUEST! Stewardship Report
Enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal Week of: June 16, 2019
Teens Reserved Unto True Holiness
at Hammond Place. Weekly Needs $6,263.00
Call 803-441-8441 today to schedule a Weekly Tithe $5,625.40
complimentary meal and personalized Prayer Focus for this week! Come join us on Wednesdays at Needs/Date $144,049.00
tour of our vibrant senior living 6:45pm in the Youth Building for Offering/Date $146,111.84
community! PRAYER WITHOUT ACTION IS a time of fun, fellowship, worship Missions $70.00
POWERLESS and games! VBS #5438 (Offering) $406.41
Hammond Place Building Maint #8008 $60.00
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek
128 Walnut Lane Youth/Summersalt #8010 $1850.00
and you will find; knock and the door
NASC 29860 We will resume with
will be opened to you.” Matt. 7:7
The key moment comes after we SOAR Wonderful Wednesdays on
July 10 (6:45 - 8pm) Members In Service
have prayed. What do we do then?
This is the critical point where many Summer Schedule Welcome Team
believers fail. Prayer requires action Wed, July 10….Soar Wonderful
June 23: (4th. Sun. Team)
on our part. Too many who pray, fail Joni Bohacheff, Arnold Wilde
Treasurer’s Report May 2019 Wednesday 6:45-8
to follow up their prayers with AC- Art Night - We will create a painting on Ushers
2019 Year to Date Compared to Budget TION! They pray and seek God for a canvas
need in their life, finish praying, and June 23
Actual Budget Difference Wed. July 17...No Soar meeting Bill Berry, Luke Fetterhoff
then sit back waiting for God to meet Wed. July 24...Soar Wonderful
Revenues 140,098 135,701 4,397
Expenses 126,448 135,701 (9,253)
their need. Is God able? Of course, Wednesday 6:45-8 Safety
Surplus (deficit) 13,650 - 13,650 He is God! However, never forget Crazy Game Nite June 23: Team 4
that we pray out of faith and true Wed. July 31...No SOAR meeting Russ Larkin, Mike Kautz, Dave Fetterhoff,
Year to Date - Jan 1 - May 31 biblical faith requires ACTION! Wed. August 7...SOAR Wonderful Gary Hartley

2019 2018 Difference

Wednesday 6:45-8
Multimedia and Sound Team
Revenues 140,098 126,804 13,294 Hawaiian Luau Night
Please Note! Wed. August 14...No SOAR meeting June 23
Expenses 126,448 122,446 4,002 Brad Brooks, Aaron Towner
Surplus (deficit) 13,650 4,358 9,292 Wed. August 21...SOAR Kick-Off
No Care Ministry Meeting for the
Pizza Party 6:45-8 Deacons-On-Call
Designated Funds - YTD - May month of July!
Week of June 23
1.1-5.31 All of 2018 Diff. Alex Mabe / 278-2939
Revenues 13,730 53,189 (39,459) (continued from front cover) Mike Gee / 279-4795
Expenses 12,714 54,031 (41,317)
Surplus (deficit) 1,016 (842) 1,858) Extended Session
I lovingly prepared a heart,
God’s Word I planted there. Sunday, June 23
Selected Funds - Starting October 1 AM Service: Melanie Gee

Goal 2018 2017 2016

I tilled it with the love of Christ,
And watered it with prayer. July 4, 2019 Sunday, June 30
AM Service: Ginny Fulmer, Gail Willem
Ere long into that little face
Lottie Moon 9,000
Annie Armstrong 6,500
6,213 There stole a welcoming smile. Happy Bus Monitors
Janie Chapman 2,500 698 2,550 1,743 A tiny hand slipped into mine,
Total 18,000 16,720 16,578 18.822
Note - 2018 is year to date through current month, other
I said, “it is worthwhile.” 4th of July Holiday! June 23 - Week 4: Marge Brown
June 30 - Week 5: Mike Durham
years are full years
Church Office Closed