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Instructions: Choose the letter of the best answer.

1. Teachers always remind us that

“time is gold”. This means 5. One leader at the end of the tail
a. Time can be bought remembered Tennyson’s “Ulysses”
b. Time can be measured “To strive, to seek, to find and not to
c. Time is precious yield”. This means leadership is
d. Time lost can never be a. Characterized by sustained
retrieved efforts and courage
b. Seen recess and travel often
2. “He is known as a political winning election
butterfly”, the congressman c. Characterized by
remarked. This means the fellow is accomplishments, sustained
a and further researched
a. Displayed follower d. What accomplishment one has
b. Political opportunist
c. Party loyalist
d. Disgraced leader
6. Most natural calamities happen in
July and August. Students are
3. A tourist chose his plane for Davao.
dismissed early
He chose PAL which ad says
a. To avoid missing the bus
“Philippine Flag Carrier”. When
b. To avoid traffic jams
asked why he chose PAL his remark
c. To avoid getting wet
d. To avoid the flash floods
a. I’m sorry, I’m scared to take
b. Oh, I believe other planes don’t 7. “We are at the edge of the 20th
carry the Philippine symbol. century. The next millennium is at
c. I doubt if PAL arrives on time. the threshold”, cautioned the
d. All right, PAL can be trusted. parents. This means
a. The 21st century is another 100
4. Before sleeping time, children are years
discouraged to watch _____ shows b. The 21st century is about to
that cause nightmares. come
a. Special c. The 20th century should make
b. Spectral us look forward
c. Spectacular d. The 20th century was a dismal
d. Spiteful failure
starved at his master’s gate.
8. Belgrade was in total darkness Predicts the ruin of a state”. If this
after the bombs were dropped. This is taken for countries, it predicts
means a. Famine
a. Electric light was not needed in b. Disasters
war c. Prosperity
b. Electricity was turned off to d. Productivity
avoid identification of areas
c. Electricity sources had been 13. There had been demonstrations
destroyed and opposition to death penalty by
d. Electricity was temporarily lethal injection. This opposition
shut off invokes the
a. Right to die naturally
9. A television program that tells of b. Right freedom of speech
animal life is entitled c. Right to life, liberty and property
a. Voltes V d. Right to ownership of property
b. Discovery
c. Batibot 14. In selected regions English and
d. Brigada Siete Filipino are the language of
instruction. This approach is.
10. A prisoner was approached by a a. Lingua franca
priest. “I will keep all you say in b. Multi lingual
confidence”, the priest assured him. c. Bilingual
This means he tried to. d. Monolingual
a. Win the confidence 15. ” What was exposed is only the tip
b. Arouse the confidence of the iceberg”, a report announced.
c. Be confident This means
d. Be taken in confidence a. There are more hidden things
than that what was exposed
11. Senators were accused by activists b. The issue is nothing compared
of washing their hands with the to the reality
perfumes of Arabia. This is a state c. The iceberg is enough
commonly known as d. The exposure hits the core of
a. Triumph the issue
b. Guilt
c. Aggression 16. “The media man was silenced. He
d. Indecision would spill more beans if left free”.
This means
12. We see nature in poetry. What does a. The man was kidnapped
Blake predict in these lines? “A dog b. The man was set free
c. The man was killed a. Fluctuating cost of oil
d. The man was protected b. Shorting price of oil
c. Deregulated price of oil
17. “What you did will be on your d. Rising cost of oil
children”. The line tells of the effect
of crime so 22. The bakeshop controlled its
a. Evil will come sooner _________the percentage of yeast rice
b. Crime does not pay is big.
c. Revenge will be easy a. Doughnut to make sure
d. Death will finish all b. Through to make sure
c. Though to make sure
18. Where will the government get d. Dough to make sure
funds to support the agrarian
reform program? 23. A man imprisoned for six years.
a. Donations from foreign land After six years, he was found
b. Confiscated unexplained wealth innocent. What can this man
of the Marcoses demand?
c. Sale of government assets a. Punishment to the arresting
d. Confiscated assents of foreign officer
investors in the Philippines b. Sanction against the judge
c. Retaliation against the accusers
19. Physicians receive medicines for d. Compensation for the years
trial from pharmaceutical firms. under detention
These medicines are referred to as
a. Examples 24. A child was left alone by her mother
b. Samples under the care of her stepfather.
c. Trial Later, the child complained of being
d. Testers raped. What crime was committed?
a. Abuse of minors or incest
20. How would you arrange these b. Rape
words to form a sentence? c. Statutory rape
1. gift 2. a 3. Dad 4. offered d. Sexual harassment
5. firm 6. by 7. the 8. was
a. 2, 5, 4, 3, 6, 1, 7, 8 25. A candidate was detained for
b. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 working against a dominant
c. 3, 8, 4, 6, 7, 5, 2, 1 political party. Which right can be
d. 3, 8, 4, 2, 1, 6, 7, 5 invoked?
a. Right to vote according to one’s
21. The jeepney drivers went on strike. conscience
They did not go for b. Right to his political beliefs
c. Right to seek redress b. The victim is caught with 2 grams
d. Right to his aspiration of shabu
c. A victim is apprehended with 2
26. Castillo tells us – “time piles up kilograms of shabu and with a
differences upon man, or it takes policeman
things away from him and makes d. The victim has committed rape
him another human being”. This because of being high on drugs
a. Time allows men to heal 30. Cooperative concepts are taught in
wounds social studies classes. What is used
b. Time causes changes in a as the laboratory for cooperative
person by adding or eliminating management in a school?
facets in his life a. School shop
c. Time steals so much from men b. School paper
d. Time moves fast to make one c. School retail store
aged d. School canteen

27. When the Senate voted, one 31. Since the Philippines is a republic,
senator declared, “I will take the it elects its president directly. What
road less traveled by and be is the smallest electoral unit of the
condemned if necessary” The government?
decision shows a. Commission of Electrons
a. Regrets come before decision b. Election Precinct
b. Decisions are made despite the c. Representative district
difference from the majority d. Electoral tribunal
c. Decision are made by one on
crossroads 32. “The life of clouds is a parting and a
d. Regrets come after decision meeting. A tear and a smile.” The
author says
28. A drive against H- fever is for a. Life is a combination of tears
people to look into water that and laughter
a. Is stagnant b. Life is not all sunshine
b. Stays on c. Life is an ocean of love
c. Drops d. Life is made not of water and
d. Flows sunlight

29. When is death penalty imposed on 33. A law was passed in July 1998
a drug pusher or user? imposing death penalty against a
a. The victim is caught sniffing drug pusher or possessor of 2 kilos
rugby in bottles of shabu. He was caught and
convicted in August 1997. The a. were the ones
judge sentenced him with death b. who were the ones
penalty. What right was violated? c. which were the ones
a. Ex post facto law d. whom were the ones
b. Human rights law
c. No bill of rights 38. The message was confidential. The
d. Bill of attainder same was analyzed______Joey and
34. The students returned from an a. within
excursion. The students left behind b. among
enjoyed _____of food they shared. c. between
a. A mouthfulled d. with
b. b. A mouthful
c. c. A mouth fill 39. Personal income tax should be paid
d. d. A mouthful and filed every year by employees
and corporation. Who among the
35. What is reason of the government group are exempt from filling
in conducting peace talks? income tax returns?
a. To get everyone at ease. a. Retired government employees
b. To insist on the governments receiving only pensions
programs. b. Government employees on daily,
c. To listen to both sides of the contractual and consultation basis
issue. c. Overseas workers
d. To take advantage of the d. Government employees
suffering soldiers. receiving less than P18,000 per
36. At the Philippine General Hospital,
doctors reported on the abandoned 40. The death of men in the mine was
patients. This means caused by
a. The patients cannot afford to a. Erosion
pay their bill b. Suffocation
b. The patients do not have c. Darkness
permanent address d. Lethal smell
c. The patients are left behind by
relatives 41. The disasters in China are just like
those in Africa. I don’t agree. So the
d. The patients are left by doctors
answer is
a. It’s just like what he
37. After the eruption of Pinatubo, the experienced
affected areas ______which called on b. It’s not like that
the Red Cross for aid. c. It’s the same in all places
d. It’s unlike what happened then may akda nito ay
a. Kagipitan
42. Children are taught to think. They b. Kalayaan
don’t just follow the whip and c. Kabiguan
______ that cover a horse’s ayes. d. Kakulungan
a. Blinders
b. Bridles 48. Maraming gumagamit ng mga
c. Girdles kagamitan sa pagtuturo ng mga
d. Stir ups katutubong tugtugin. Alin dito ang
mabisa sa pagtuturo?
43. Provincial governor was convicted a. Plakang tugtugin
for using prisoners to build his b. Tugtugin sa piyano
summer resort. What should the c. Tugtugin aktuwal
prisoners demand? d. Tugtugin sa armoniyan
a. The right to vote
b. The right to refuse the job 49. Bakit magulo? Kami po ay _______ sa
c. The right to just compensation paghahanda sa Araw ng Kalayaan.
d. The right to live in standard a. Ababalang-abalang
rooms b. Abala-abala
c. c. Abalang-abala
44. Listen, everyone should come in d. Abalang-abalang
gala attire. Everyone answered:
a. Certainly, right 50. Ang tinatalakay ni Lope K. Santos
b. That’s right sa “Banaag at Sikat” ay
c. You’re right a. Pampulitikahan
d. Not really right b. Panlipunan
c. Panitikan
45. At the stroke of 12:00 noon the d. Pambayan
watchers announced.
a. Put your pencils inside! 51. Sa tula ni Amado V. Hernandez
b. Put your pencils down! mayroon siyang mensahe na: “Sa
c. Put your pencils aside! munting dungawan, tanging abot
d. Put your pencils up! malas ay sandipang langit, langit
na puno ng luha. Maramot na
46. Reports of the death sentence hirang ng pusong may sugat,
were awaited by the parents. But watawat ay aking pakariwan” Ito’y
the president decided the nagpapakilala ng
postponement for the month or in a. Isang wari pagkapahamak sa
legal terms this means buhay
a. Reprieve b. Isang nakakaligtas na
b. Pardon kahirapan
c. Execution c. Isang pagkapanatag ng
d. Commutation kalooban
d. Isang paghihirap sa loob ng
47. “Ibon layang lumipad, kulungin at bilangguan
iiyak”. Ang pinapahalagahan ng
52. Ano ang tawag sa mga titik batay kailangan siya’y
sa bigkas ng Ingles? a. Makinig sa tanong
a. Alivata o baybayin b. Simulan usapan
b. Alpabetong Romano c. Ipagpatuloy ang usapan
c. Alpabetong Filipino d. Umawit ng malakas
d. Alpabetong Pilipino
59. How does the Philippines show its
53. Alin ang tamang bilang ng titik ng identity in airlines?
ABAKADA? a. Playing Filipino songs in
a. 30 Philippine Airlines plane
b. 20 b. Displaying the Philippine flag in
c. 31 carriers
d. 26 c. Pilots wearing Philippine
54. Ano ang hakbang sa pagsulat sa d. Stewardess dressed in
pamaraang proseso? Ito ay Philippine costume
a. Paghahaka
b. Pagbigat uri 60. “Madali kitang ________sa lahat kong
c. Paggamit ng pamilang nahiram sa’yo”, sagot ni Ate.
d. Komunikasyon a. Pagbabayaran
b. Mabayaran
55. Ang lingua franca sa mababang c. Pagbayaran
antas ng elementarya ay paiiralin d. Nabayaran
sa mga rehiyon ng Ilikos at
a. Waray 61. Ang sabi ni Romulo sa isa niyang
b. Mindanao akda, ang Pilipino ay dugong
c. Bikol maharlika. Ano ang kahulugan
d. Cebuano nito?
a. Ang Pilipino ay nanggaling sa
56. In the Philippines government, the malayang lahi
earliest and smallest service of b. Ang Pilipino ay sadyang
governance is the matatag ang budhi.
a. Barangay c. Ang Pilipino ay madaling
b. Municipality maipagbili at mabola.
c. Poblacion d. Ang Pilipino ay di purong
d. Barrio Pilipino

57. “Nakasalalay karunungan ang 62. Ang guni-guni ng tula na ginagamit

kaunlaran ng isang bayan”. Ito ay upang paghambingin ang
isang pahayag ni dalawang bagay na magkaiba ay
a. Fidel V. Ramos a. Sinekdota
b. Jose P. Rizal b. Mataphora
c. Ramon Magsaysay c. Simile
d. Jose P. Laurel d. Metonimeya

58. Bago sumagot ang bata sa tanong 63. Alin ang babalang tama sa basura?
a. Ang basura’y dito itapon! 68. The city government of Metro
b. Ang basura dito itapon! Manila had been closing and
c. Ipagtapunan dito ang basura! raiding night spots. What is the
d. Itapon dito ang dumi!
basic reason of the campaign?
64. “__________ ako kung kayo ay aalis a. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS
din”, ang tugon ni Kuya Jose. are traces to these places
a. Aalis b. Many homes are destroyed by
b. Mag- aalis these night clubs
c. Maalis c. These spots are areas of crime
d. Umalis d. The values of the young are
affected by these clubs
65. Ang Tagalog ang naging opisyal na
wika ng Pilipinas dahil sa
a. Saligang Batas ng Malolos 69. Ang di niya makalimutan ay isang
b. Saligang Batas ng 1986 _______ ng anak niya bago umalis pa
c. Saligang Batas ng 1973 Amerika
d. Saligang Batas ng 1935 a. Pangako
b. Paaako
66. Di kataka- taka na ilang pulis ay c. Paako
hinihinalang kasangkot sa d. Pagaako
paglaganap ng krimen. Ano ang
kahulugan ng kasangkot? 70. Sino ang nagbabala ng ang walang
a. Kasabwat galang sa sariling wika at
b. Kabalikat nahihiyang gamitin ito at tutad ng
c. Kabilang isang:
d. Kasama- sama a. Malansang isda?
b. Matapang na aso?
67. Ang diwa ni Claro M. Recto ay c. Baliw na pusa?
laging ang pagpapalaganap ng d. Asong bangero?
Pilipino sa kanyang bayan, Ayaw na
ayaw ni Recto ang maging 71. Anong babala sa Maynila na dapat
a. Pilipinong tumitingala sa sundin ng lahat?
dayuhan a. Huwag umiihi sa pader
b. Dummy ng dayuhan na b. Huwag umihi sa pader
bumubili ng kayamanan ng c. Huwag mag-iihi sa pader
Pilipinas d. Huwag mag-iihi sa pader
c. Ari ng lupa ng dayuhan sa
Pilipinas 72. Alin sa mag sumusunod ang di
d. Palahingi ng tulong sa ibang angkop sa sariling kultura ng
bansa Pilipino?
a. Sayaw na tinikling
b. Sayaw na subli problems
c. Sayaw na pandanggo
d. Sayaw na tango 77. What is 5% of P 1500?
a. P 65.00
73. Sa nuno niya nakuha ‘yang ugaling b. P 85.00
iyan. Di ko kayang ________ ang c. P 15.00
ugaling iyan: d. P 75.00
a. Pagtawaran
b. Mapagtawad 78. Give the area of the figure below.
c. Patatawarin 8m.
d. Patawarin
74. Ang unang Ginang ay namudmud
ng pagkain sa mga mahihirap. a. 54 square
Siya’y _______ ang puso. b. 48 square meters
a. Mapagkait c. 50 square meters
b. Malupit d. 52 square meters
c. Malaki
d. Mahilig 79. A swimming pool is an equilateral
triangle in shape. One sides is 11
75. Suot ng mga babae ang kimona meters. How many meters of rope
noong sentinyal ng bansa. Kanilang are needed to enclose to pool?
________ ang kasuotang Filipina. a. 33 meters
a. Ipinagmalaki b. 55 meters
b. Ipinagmamalaki c. 48 meters
c. Mamalakihin d. 22 meters
d. Papamamalakihin
80. Mrs. Santos barrowed from a friend
76. At the beginning of the school year, P 50,000.00 at 5% interest per
the guidance counselor should month. She contracted the loans in
invite all students by class, to visit December 1998. How much will
the office and fill out an she pay after a year?
information sheet. It should be a. P 80,000.00
made clear to the student that the b. P 100,000.00
guidance office is for c. P 150,000.00
students_______. d. P 130,000.00
a. who go there voluntarily
b. with behavioral problems only 81. A certain number doubled and
c. who cannot be disciplined increased by 10 is 14. What is the
d. with or without behavioral number?
a. 5 b. placed in a special education
b. 4 class
c. 2 c. given remedial instruction
d. 3 d. given a special curriculum

82. The palay harvested is 2 ½ kg. 87. One half of what number is 15?
Convert this into grams. a. 16
a. 2000 grams b. 12
b. 3000 grams c. 30
c. 2500 grams d. 34
d. 3500 grams
88. You have a pupil who is so talkative,
83. Which of these shapes show naughty, and aggressive that he is a
dissimilar fractions? burden to the entire members of
the class. What is the first remedy
to this problem?
a. talk to him seriously
b. report the case to the principal
c. call the parents for a dialogue
d. reprimand him alway
84. A child has 3 ¾ pizza pie. If she
serves 2 ¼ of his pie to her cousins,
89. How much will a buyer of a lot pay
how many of the parts will be left?
for his house bought at
a. 1 ¼
P200,000,00 after 10 years at 12%
b. 1 ½
interest per annum?
c. 1 ¾
a. P640,000.00
d. ½
b. P440,000.00
c. P840,000.00
85. A square box has a perimeter of 88
d. P540,000.00
cm. What is the measurement of
one side of the box?
90. An executive office has to be
a. 88 cm
carpeted. The areas are 3m by 4m.
b. 22 cm
The carpet cost P1,000.00 per
c. 60 cm
square meter. How will be spent for
d. 44 cm
the purchase of the Carpet?
a. P1,000.00
86. A student who is lagging behind in
b. P120,000.00
his academic work should be:
c. P12,000.00
a. placed in a section where
d. P10,000.00
students have low ability
91. The price of gasoline has gone high 95. The new MRT can travel at 30
suddenly. The gas station ordered kilometers in 15 minutes. How
120,000 liters before the price many minutes will it take to run 60
increase. However, only 1,500 kilometers?
liters were sold. How many liters a. 30 minutes
are sold in the new price? b. 40 minutes
a. 11,500 c. 20 minutes
b. 118,500 d. 50 minutes
c. 108,500
d. 112,000 96. Her mother counted 2 scores
before she had a child of her own.
92. Baby’s purse has 54 coins made up How old was she?
of P5, P1 and P0.50 coins. How a. 20 years
many P5 coins has he if he has 9 of b. 40 years
P1 coins and 25 of P.50? c. 60 years
a. 9 d. 30 years
b. 1
c. 20 97. Convert into decimals fifteen
d. 5 hundredths
a. 15/100
93. Write this ratio in its simplest form: b. 0.15
3 dm. to 20 cm. c. 150
a. 30:20 d. 0015.00
b. 20:3
c. 20”30 98. Find a if 2a+3b=c
d. 3:20 a. a=3b-c/2
94. Guidance and teaching are a=3b-2c
inseparable process, but teaching a=c-3b/2
can no longer be considered
guiding when_____. 99. A new house has two sides of its lot
a. coercion and compulsion are already fenced by the neighbor. The
utilized as forms of social control unfenced sides are 29 meters by 52
b. problematic pupils are always meters. If one meter requires 11
referred to the counselor pieces of hollow blocks, how many
c. the teacher lectures on morality hollow blocks will be needed to
when she sees it fit fence the two sides?
d. the values of the teacher conflict a. 991
with those of the pupils b. 891
c. 791
d. 691 b. P10, 000.00
c. P8, 000.00
100. What is the value of a in the d. P2, 000.00
statement 3ab=15 if b=5?
a. 3 105. Two times a certain number
b. 30 added to 30 gives the same result as
c. 1 three times the same number
d. 15 subtracted from 90. What is the
101. How do you write 2.09 in a. 12
words? b. 20
a. Two point nine c. 15
b. Two and nine tenths d. 30
c. Two point zero nine
d. Two and nine 106. Check the following
hundredths answers. Which of them is
102. If a=3, b=4, and c=6, find the a. If a=2 and b=3 then a
value of square root of b square? square b square =36
a. 2 b. If a =2 and b=3 then a
b. 8 square b square=108
c. 16 c. If a=2 and b=4 then a
d. 4 square b =32
d. If a =3 and b=4 and c=12,
103. A bomb was dropped in an then a b square c =5184
area where rebels were hiding. The
perimeter of the damaged area was 107. 107. What is the greatest
480 meters and the width was 15 common factor of 4, 6, 8?
meters. What was the length of the a. 2
damaged area? b. 6
a. 225 meters c. 4
b. 200 meters d. 3
c. 125 meters
d. 425 meters 108. How many years are there
in a centennial?
104. A square garden is fenced by a. 50
barbed wire. Three sides cost P6, b. 100
000.00. How much would the c. 10
fencing of the last side cost? d. 20
a. P4, 000.00
109. Write the ratio in the lowest of the problem?
term; 1 hour to 15 minutes. a. Formulate hypothesis
a. 4:1 b. Gather relevant
b. 1:15 materials
c. 1:4 c. Draw conclusions
d. 1:3 d. State generalization

110. Congress is bent on passing 113. A cadet fell ill after a hectic
into law the Clean All Bill. The parade. The doctor traced the
significant effect will be on the illness to
a. Lessening of motor a. Parading with thick
vehicles shirts and pants
b. Increase in the price of b. Parading with heavy
prime commodities wooden guns
c. Reduction of lead and c. Parading and marching
other chemical briskly
pollutants d. Parading soaked in
d. Sudden decrease of oil perspiration and drying
supply for vehicular use up the same

111. At the outset of the rainy 114. There was a time when the
season the epidemic of H-fever is moon appeared blue. Blue moon to
feared! Which practice is the best others means:
approach to prevent its occurrence a. Watching together
in homes? romantically
a. Clean the yards of b. Prediction of drought
breeding places for c. Prediction of good
mosquitoes like old harvest
tires, cans, etc. d. Bad omen for married
b. Fumigate the house with folks
smoke and chemicals
c. Submit children to 115. The health authorities have
vaccination been alarmed by many cases of
d. Avoid mosquito bites in adults and young with AIDS
the afternoons a. Children wit AIDS
e. acquired illness from
112. Classes in science follow the b. AIDS in infants acquired
scientific procedure. What in before birth
experiments follows the definition c. Infant get AIDS from
infected mother what was the easiest source of
d. AIDS is transmitted only identification of the victims?
adults a. Identification of bone
116. A patient collapsed due to b. Identification of eyes
her low sugar level in the blood. c. Identification of body
What first aid must be applied at length
once? d. Series of teeth available
a. Give a glass of coca cola
or sprite 120. A student develops self-
b. Give a cold glass of coffee confidence if____.
with sugar a. he is treated with justice
c. Give a hot glass of milk and fairness
without sugar b. he is praised for his good
d. Allow the patient to take deed
hot porridge c. he is ignored when he
commits mistakes
117. The Department of Health d. he is allowed to do
allows sale of drugs and medicine whatever he wants
after thorough laboratory test.
Which of those drugs is 121. Which of the following is a
discouraged for use because of its misconception on pulmonary
component? tuberculosis (PTB)?
a. Tea and sugar syrup a. PTB is transmitted
b. Vitamin A and B through kissing
c. none syrup b. Children of parents with
d. Bangkok pills pulmonary tuberculosis
will inherit the disease
118. A Sony Television set is c. PTB is caused by a bad
imported from the United State. To spirit in the
ensure the right use of electric environment
connection, what should be d. Pulmonary tuberculosis
needed? can be transmitted
a. Resistor through blood
b. Capacitor extraction
c. Transformer
d. Generator 122. Modern science has used
technology to help doctors
119. After the airplane crash in determine illness. A child bumped
the Mountain of Misamis Oriental, and fell with his head hitting a
concrete pavement. Which medical cases
approach will determine the status b. Submitting such young
of the cranial accident? ones to the care of a
a. I open up and do surgical veterinarian who
operations handles cases of food
b. Submit the child to chest and mouth diseases
x-ray c. Assigning a veterinarian
c. Submit the child to whose expertise is on
cranial x-ray small animals
d. Submit the child to d. Converting the breeding
cranial scanning places into swimming
123. Farmers are asked to
change their crops by season. What 126. Heart attack has claimed
approach is applied in this case? many lives. Out of 380
a. Strip cropping experimented men and women it
b. Crop rotation was established that those who
c. Continuous farming were less prone to heart attack
d. Terracing were tea drinkers. The 44%
findings shows
124. Which of the following a. That caffeine cause more
would you say if two angry parents heart ailment
confront you about a fight between b. Tea makes people active
their children? c. Tea leads to the
a. Well, I want you to settle reduction of fats
this peacefully d. Tea with tanin is less
b. Stop it! You are worse dangerous
than your children
c. May we listen to your 127. Protest from inhabitants
children first? close to dumping sites of Metro
d. Just a moment, let us keep Manila waste arise from some
calm and everything will be settled observable factors. The most
serious of which is
125. The Manila Zoo had a. Noise pollutants from
additional young lions and tigers garbage trucks
recently. How could these animals b. Presence of flies and
be best attended? mosquitoes
a. Appointing a zoo c. Presence of human
manager whose being dumped in the site
expertise is on pediatric d. Unlimited seepage of
waste into the water attention. The artifacts and wildlife
sheds will be preserved if this is resorted
128. A wedding motif is pale a. Lease the cave to a real
pink. The available orchid is all estate developer
white dendrobium. What property b. Identify the place as a
of water will allow the change from government reservation
water colored red? under the control and
a. Polarity preservation of the
b. Surface tension DENR
c. High/low specific c. Convert the place into a
d. Capillarity tourist spot handled by
Department of Tourism
129. Operation linis led by d. Protect the caves from
government officials and students enterprising treasure
in Metro Manila was conducted in hunters
April 1999 in anticipation of
a. Clogged rivers caused by 132. Seafarers decide to leave the
garbage shores when the weather bureau
b. Volcanic eruptions declares the signals for travel.
c. Flood waters from Small boats between islands of
Banahaw Romblon, Marinduque and
d. Effects of El Nino Mindoro cannot sail if the signal
raised is.
130. Philippines eagles are a. Signal #3
identified as rare species. Lately, in b. Signal #2
Davao more eagles were raised c. Signal #4
through d. Signal #1
a. Incubating eggs from
their nests
b. Putting up eagle farms 133. Mindanao areas especially
those in Davao del Norte and
under the Bureau of
Surigao suffered flood for weeks.
This can be attributed to the
c. Catching eagles and
a. Opening of mineral
raised them in cages
d. Artificial insemination b. Heavy rainfall of
through fertilized eggs monsoon rains
c. The endless cutting of
131. A cave in Rizal has been forest trees
subject to local protest and d. Opening of new national
highways closet function?
a. Impulses transmit
134. Scientific attitudes require messages to the brain by
of learners accuracy and electrical signal
verification of data. Which b. The spinal cord links the
manifestation is often observed in fingertips to the brain
experimentation? c. Human body activities
a. Curiosity are all in the nervous
b. Objectivity system
c. Critical mindedness d. The nervous system
d. Rationality depends most on the
135. Marinduque mines caused
the death of sea products around 138. Birds have shapes that
the shores. What has caused the influenced the building of aircrafts.
disaster on the sea products? What feature is most present in
a. Toxic wastes were airplanes?
channeled down the a. The presence of hollow
nearby streams oblong body
b. Toxic wastes seeped b. The presence of head
through the walls c. The presence of a tail
c. Toxic wastes were d. The presence of wings
recycled to produce
electricity 139. Bottled drinking water has
d. Toxic wastes were sent gone economically high. However,
down the mine tanks the Department of Health warns of
unsafe water in bottles because.
136. The proper disposal of a. The process of osmosis
garbage has improved the is defective
environment. The best process of b. Some pumping station
handling waste is through draw dirt from leaking
a. Recycling biodegradable pipes
waste c. Some are re- bottled
b. Emerging waste water from the well
soluble waste d. The water source is not
c. Utilization of organic certified
d. Burning non- 140. During emergency like war,
biodegradable waste typhoons and earthquake, the Red
Cross sends supplies. How comes
137. The nervous system has its safe water is considered a must
specific function. Which is the during its campaign?
a. Food cannot be taken
without water 143. Health authorities get
b. Men can survive without frustrated with their health
water for weeks campaigns when people are
c. Water sources usually influenced by superstition. Which
are dry during of the following is not a
earthquakes and superstition?
typhoons a. A visitor is expected
d. Safe drinking water will when a fork or spoon is
foretell waterborne dropped
epidemics b. Seven years accompany
incidents of broken
141. Prohibitive drugs have mirrors
caused misery to families. Quite a c. The moon gets directly
number of the drug dependents in the sun’s light causing
were saved by. an eclipse.
a. Allowing the d. White travelling a black
dependents to take more cat crosses your path
of the drug and stop
eventually 144. The World Health
b. Subjecting the Organization has spent much to
dependents to drug reduce the incidence of pulmonary
rehabilitates centers tuberculosis. One of list best
c. Hospitalization and approach is through
surgical treatment a. Tuberculin test
d. Hospitalizing some in b. Small pox vaccination
mental clinics c. Triple vaccination
d. Anti-diphtheria doses
142. Plants are brought out the
house at night. Choose the 145. If you were to convert the
condition, which may affect the height of your room for better
health of people. ventilation, what would 1.60 m. be
a. During the day, the plant equivalent to?
requires a supply of a. 1.6 dm
carbon Dioxide b. 160 cm.
b. Plant’s stomata executes c. 16 cm.
excess water in the soil d. 1,600 mm
c. During the night, plants
can minimize water loss
d. During the night, the 146. Agricultural productivity is
plant requires a supply the thrust of every administration.
of oxygen However, the bumper com
production in Mindanao was b. Biodegradable waste are
handicapped by El Nino. Experts kept in plastic bags
believe the situation could have c. Old tires are thrown in
been saved if only empty backyard
a. Farm to market roads d. Surroundings are free
were available from stagnant waters
b. Commercial cartel were
discouraged 149. A child wanted to use her
c. Better seeding were father’s family name. Why did she
distributed insist on this?
d. Post harvest facilities a. Every individual has a
like warehouses were right to be baptized
available b. Every child should have
a father
147. Recent studies of children c. Every individual has a
often over fed burgers and junk right to a proper identity
foods suffer from diseases with this d. Every child should be
symptom showing. called by her paternal
a. Sluggishness and name
b. Body overweight in 150. Government and non-
apple or matchbox government workers enjoy medical
shapes and hospitalization privileges
c. Lack appetite under the medicare program. What
d. Frequent visits to entity looks into all Filipinos
restrooms regardless of employment or non-
148. The campaign against a. Philcare
dengue is most effective if b. Lifeline
a. Water containers are c. Philam Life
open to gather rain d. Compensation Act

1. C 26. B 51. D 76. D

2. B 27. B 52. C 77. D
3. B 28. A 53. B 78. B
4. B 29. 54. C 79. A
5. A 30. D 55. C 80. A
6. D 31. B 56. A 81. C
7. B 32. A 57. B 82. C
8. C 33. A 58. A 83. D
9. B 34. B/D 59. B 84. B
10. A 35. C 60. B 85. B
11. B 36. C 61. A 86. C
12. A 37. A 62. B 87. C
13. A 38. C 63. A 88. A
14. C 39. A 64. A 89. B
15. A 40. B 65. D 90. C
16. C 41. B 66. A 91. B
17. C 42. A 67. A 92. C
18. C 43. C 68. D 93. A
19. B 44. C 69. A 94. A
20. D 45. B 70. A 95. A
21. D 46. A 71. B 96. B
22. D 47. B 72. D 97. B
23. D 48. C 73. D 98. D
24. B 49. C 74. C 99. B
25. B 50. B 75. A 100. C
101. D 126. C
102. D 127. B
103. A 128. D
104. D 129. A
105. A 130. D
106. A 131. B
107. A 132. B
108. B 133. C
109. A 134. B
110. C 135. A
111. A 136. A
112. A 137. A
113. D 138. D
114. C 139. D
115. C 140. D
116. A 141. B
117. D 142. D
118. C 143. C
119. D 144. A
120. B 145. B
121. C 146. C
122. D 147. C
123. B 148. D
124. D 149. C
125. C 150. A


Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten
this little hand. Oh, Oh, Oh!
#14 Lingua franca – also known as a bridge language, common language, trade
language or vehicular language, is a language or dialect systematically (as
opposed to occasionally, or casually) used to make communication possible
between people who do not share a native language or dialect
#28 Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever is a viral illness that is spread from
human-to-human by the bite of dengue virus-carrying mosquitoes.
#54 Ang ABAKADA ay binubuo ng 20 na letra: