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22 June 2019

MTR Continues to Enhance Customer Service for High Speed Rail

The High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) (“HSR”) has entered its ninth month of service since
the commencement of operations on 23 September 2018. The MTR Corporation set up an
opinion zone at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station (“WEK”) for the second time on 21 and 22
June 2019 to invite feedback from passengers with an aim to further enhance customer

In total over 60 MTR staff members joined different sessions of the opinion zone, which was
set up at the Departure Concourse on Level B3 of WEK, to collect passengers’ views on HSR
service and station facilities. Furthermore, Operations Director of MTR Corporation Mr Adi Lau
rode on a Vibrant Express Train to talk to HSR passengers and listen to their suggestions. The
opinion zones were well received and more than 300 passengers expressed their opinions.

“MTR is committed to seeking continuous service enhancement. This is the second time we
have arranged opinion zones at WEK since HSR service commencement. During the first
round conducted in December 2018, we collected a lot of invaluable feedback from
passengers. Afterwards, a series of enhancement measures have been implemented,
including revamping the signage and boarding display at the Departure Concourse on Level
B3, and placing additional seats in the Ticketing Hall on Level B1. We will continue to make
enhancements in providing excellent service to our High Speed Rail customers,” said Mr Adi
Lau, Operations Director.

Up to now, HSR has served over 14 million passenger journeys between Hong Kong and
various Mainland cities, with the average daily patronage reaching over 54,000 and over
65,000 on weekends currently.

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Photo captions

1. Operations Director Mr Adi Lau (first photo) and Commercial Director Ms Jeny Yeung
(second photo) invite passengers’ feedback to understand their views on HSR.
2. Passengers share their opinions on HSR services and station facilities with MTR staff.