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Lesson Plan in English 9

Subject: Anglo-American Literature Time Frame: 3 Meetings

Quarter: Four Teacher: Charm A. Posadas


 Literature: Excerpt from The York Corpus Christi Plays

Stage 1-Desired Results

Content Standard Performance Standard

The learner demonstrates understanding of The learner competently performs in a

how Anglo-American literature and other full- length play through applying effective
text types serve as means of preserving verbal and non-verbal strategies and ICT
unchanging values in a changing world; resources based on the following criteria:
also, how to use the features of a full-length Focus, Voice, Delivery and Dramatic
play, tense consistency, modals, active and Conventions.
passive constructions plus direct and
indirect speech to enable him/her
competently performs in a full-length play.

Essential Understanding (EU) Essential Questions (EQ)

The students will understand that:

One literature serves as means of 1. How does one literature serve as

preserving unchanging values in a means of preserving unchanging
changing world through its undying records
values in a changing world?
of the ageless values that is being passed
on by one generation to another
generation. Literature was used as the
main tool by our ancestors to assure that
their values will be preserved and will be
passed on to the future generations.
Knowledge Skills

The students will know… The students will be able to …

1. literature as a means of understanding 1.EN9LT-IVa-17: Analyze literature as a

unchanging values in a changing world means of understanding unchanging
values in a changing world
1.1the relevance and the
truthfulness of the ideas presented in the 1.1EN9VC-IVa-10: Determine the
material viewed relevance and the truthfulness of the
ideas presented in the material viewed
1.2 how to produce the sounds of
English effectively when delivering lines in 1.2EN9F-IVa-3.11: Produce the
a full-length play sounds of English effectively when
delivering lines in a full-length play.
Stage 2- Assessment Evidence

Product or Performance Task Evidence at the Level of Other Evidences


The learner should be able

This task is designed to help the  Oral Recitation
to demonstrate
students improve their creativity  Group and
understanding covering the
in doing their assigned tasks. Individual
following facets of
Goal: understanding:
 Assignment
 To apply the learnings Explain:  Quizzes
gained throughout the  Reflection
Give details about
lesson. Paper
how the assigned
tasks are related to
 To act as a slogan the literary piece
maker, song writer and under study.
singer, writer, story teller,
speaker and lecturer. Interpret:
Understand the
 The expected audiences meaning being
are the students and the conveyed by the
teachers. literary text through
Situation: sharing personal point
of view.
 The class will have an
application of what they
have learned from the
play under study and they Perform tasks related
are tasked to do one of to the crucifixion of
the following; Jesus Christ.
 Make and explain slogan
out of the play Perspective:
 Write and deliver a song
Share Biblical
out of the play
perspective related to
 Quote and explain Bible
the topic under study.
verses related to the play
 Write and deliver a
narrative about crucifixion
 Write and deliver a short Take the tasks
speech about crucifixion seriously and
 Recite and explain the 7 sincerely.
Last Words of Jesus
Christ Self-Knowledge:

Recognize the
process of doing an
 Each group will be given assigned task.
different tasks and will Become more
present it in class. creative and
responsible in
Standard: accomplishing a task.

 The presentations will be

evaluated based on the
rubrics that follow: