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Basic Truths in our Service

As a team, (CFC SD South), we have just received an assignment that will provide great joy and
satisfaction. We are now at forefront of the spiritual battle being waged for the hearts and minds of

Some basic truths in our service:

1. We are in God’s army, fighting to bring Christ to the hearts and minds of people
2. This is also a crucial life-giving ingredients of our spiritual life because we learn how to draw more
closer to God, rely on his help and be led by His Spirit.
3. As we take our concerns for others, our hearts transformed into the heart of Christ.
4. There’s great personal joy in bringing Christ to others.
5. In the spiritual realm, there’s no middle ground. It’s either for or against Christ. By not choosing God,
one will lose by default. Lukewarm service. Rev.3:15-16
6. As we love God in service, prayer and reading his word, we will grow in the fruits of the Holy
Spirit.(joy, hope, patience etc.)
7. We are doing God’s work, and good fruit can be achieved only under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
We connect with Holy Spirit through prayer.
8. That this is God’s work, and therefore it is He who will empower and strengthen those who serve.
2Cor. 5:14
9. The extent of the team desire, spiritual hunger and eagerness to evangelize will be the extent by
which God can unleash the power of the Holy Spirit through them. 1Thes.1:5
10. The Team must have deep conviction for their works in the CLP. Cor. 5:1-4
11. That Jesus is working with us, working through us and speaking His words through us to change
people, to convert their hearts. Mt. 28:20, Acts1:8
12. We are members of the body of Christ that will reach out people, if all of us will function as it
should, the whole body grows. It means more people will be closer to God through our unity and love in
service. Eph.4:16
13. The world is in Satan’s grip. Jn.5:19b and his kingdom include not only those who are evil, but also
those who are uncommitted. Unknowingly, they serve Satan’s purpose.
14. As a team, we actively enter into a battle, we are in the thick of the fight. We become a direct threat
to Satan’s dominion as we evangelize and reach out people through CLP.Eph6:12
15. Jesus had already won the victory in this fight against Satan. And God who enlists us in his army also
trains, equips, and lead us through our teachings and trainings to be attended.
16. We have the power to rout the devil, but such is premised on our submission to God. Js.4:7
17. Submission to elders even if we feel we are right. 1Pt.5:5 Heb.13:17. Sometimes, God allowed us to
experience hurts and rejections to make us more like Him.

Guide questions:
Choose at least one basic truth that really touch you and why?or choose at least one basic truth that you
don’t fully understand and why?.
Role of a Team to bring Jesus to the Participants
As a Team, what is our role in order to help bring Jesus Christ to the participants, in order to yield good
fruits after the Christian Life Program? (not necessarily the quantity but the quality)
This is God’s work and we need to rely on His wisdom.

I. Let us learned from St. Paul. His intense desires and sacrifices, filled with the Holy Spirits converted
many Thessalonians to Christianity. 1Thes. 1:5
The extent of the team desire and eagerness to evangelize will be the extent by which God can unleash
the power of the Holy Spirit through us. How?
1. Power of prayers. In our personal prayer time,praying of the Holy Rosary, fasting is a form of
prayer, prayers before and after the session , prayer warrior during the talks .
2. Pray-over of the Speakers to have him power. (Don’t rely too much on good speaker we heard and
experienced)The power of the Holy Spirit t will transform words into strong and impressive words that
will make a great difference in the lives of everyone. Let us also learned from St. Paul how he trembled
with fear in proclaiming God’s words yet many were converted to Christians for he relied on the power
of the Holy Spirit. 1Cor. 2:1-5
3. Receiving Him in the sacraments especially the Holy Eucharist and Confessions.
4. By coming together as couples, friends, and families in prayer and worship, our world is set for

II. Being members of the body of Christ that will reach out people, let us work as it should ( as DGL, team
leader, asst. team, Servant, Music ministry, team members, prayer warriors) and the whole body grows.
Means, more people will be closer to God through our unity and love in service. Eph.4:16
1.Study the following (in the team manual):
a. Goals of CLP
b. Structure of the CLP
c. Dynamics
d. Role and Responsibilities of the following:
- The Team
- The Team Leader
- The Team Leader’s wife
- The Asst. Team Leader
- The Servant
- The Discussion Group Leaders
2. Important Ingredients in CLP
a. talk (teaching)
b. group discussion
c. fellowship
Some are attracted by the talk, others by the discussion, still others by the songs, friendly
atmosphere, care from the team, the new ways of praying, etc. Pursue everything with faith
that God uses all these elements to accomplish his purpose in the CLP.

Do you renounce Satan and all wrongdoing?

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died to free us from
our sins, and that He rose to bring us new life?

Will you follow Jesus as your Lord?

Lord Jesus Christ, I want to belong to you from now on.

I want to be free from the dominion of darkness and the rule of Satan,
and I want to enter into your Kingdom and be part of your people. I will
turn away from all wrongdoing, and I will avoid everything that leads
me to wrongdoing. I ask you to forgive all the sins that I have
committed. I offer my life to You, and I promise to obey You as my Lord.
I ask You to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Second Dialogue (one on one)


Objective: To help the participants prepare for prayer session often called “ Baptism in the
Holy Spirit” which sometimes causes unclarity in the mind of the participants.

Start with prayer and foster an atmosphere of concern, friendliness and informality.

Dialogue Checklist:

[ ] Complete Information Sheet (if needed)

[ ] Clear up unclarities regarding baptism in the Holy Spirit or if there are any
problem areas. Explain briefly about gift of tongues (if needed)

[ ] Discuss obstacles to the full release of the power of the Holy Spirit in his/her life
such as: unforgiveness, hatred, resentment, bitterness, worries, anxiety attack
and other negative emotions. Encourage them to avail good confession.

[ ] Any traumatic experiences so that you can pray for healing of memories during
the prayer session.

[ ] Any prayer intention that the participant want to pray during the baptism in the
Holy Spirit.

- Gifts of the Holy Spirit (charismatic gifts)

1. Faith 2. Wisdom 3. Knowledge 4.Healing 5. Tongues
6. Discernment 7. Prophecy 8. Interpretation 9. Miracles

- Specific areas such as healing of sickness, jobs, etc.

[ ] Encourage the participants to avail good confession, attend the mass and pray
prior to the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Pray together at the end of the meeting.

First Dialogue (one on one)

Name : _______________________________
Date/Time: ____________________________

Objective: To see how the participants are doing and to see if they are ready to go on.
Readiness consist of the following:
1. Willing to repent and turn away from serious wrongdoing.
2. Willingness to follow Jesus and learn more about Him.

Start with prayer and foster an atmosphere of concern, friendliness and informality

Dialogue Checklist:

[ ] Complete Information Sheet (if needed)

[ ] Clear up any unclarities on God’s Love, Who is Jesus Christ, What it means to be
a Christian and Repentance and Faith. (Module1)

[ ] Determine willingness to repent . Serious wrongdoing includes the following:

__Non Christian religions (eg. Freemasonry. New Age, Transcendental
Meditation (TM), etc.)
__Non Christian practices such as occult, spiritualism, consult fortune teller,
Feng shui, spirit of the glass, etc.
__Sexual wrongdoing such as adultery, live-in outside the sacrament of
marriage, active homosexuality, incest, etc.
__Serious crimes such as murder, rape, corruption, stealing, etc.
__Drunkenness, drugs
__Cheating, lying, slander, gossip

[ ] Discuss other concerns.

Does the participant wish to share or discuss? Is there any other way to help?

[ ] Encourage to avail good confession

[ ] Invite to Module 2

Pray together at the end of the meeting.

( Ask the participants to just relax and be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.)
Praising the Lord: (start with the sign of cross) We Praise You, We Worship You, We Magnify You, We Exalted You
Ask the participant to join in praising. (Lord of the Lord, King of Kings, Our Only God, Our Hope, our Strength…….)

Heavenly Father, we praise and thank You for bringing Bro./Sis.______and be prayed-over to receive the power of
the Holy Spirit. We pray that Bro./Sis.______ will openly receive the gifts which you freely give to us. Tonight, we
claim Your power, and victory is at hand.

As we surrender to You Lord, shield us with the most precious and holy blood of your Son Jesus Christ. Cover us
with the mantle of protection of our Mother Mary. Send us forth Your Archangel Michael and the host of your
angels to guard as and ensure our protection and safety at all time..

By the mighty and holy name of Your Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit,
We ask You to cast out any evil spirit who may want to confuse us, or inflict pain or injury to our person, or cause
accidents or untoward incidents, and just bind them and cast them at the foot of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
that they may be gone forever and henceforth be rendered useless.

Father, we now ask You to infill us the void left by the evil spirits. Empower us with the most Holy Spirit to the very
Core, to the very fiber of our innermost being; body, mind and spirit.

Lord, we pray that you grant Bro./Sis.___________ the courage to turn away from all sins which he/she committed
In the past . That she may be freed from all bondages of sins that might be in him/her since childhood or Inherited
from his/her ancestors especially the area of negative emotions such as bitterness, fear &doubts, hurts, worries,
resentment, anxiety, and also wrongdoings like unforgiveness,hatred, sin of pride, envy and all areas of concern
and difficulties that may hinder the full release of the power of Holy Spirit in his/her life.

You are God of the of the present, future and past, we pray ,for the healing of memories and past experienced
that might left deep hurts or bitterness to the mind and heart and even to his/ her inner being

FATHER, we now ask You, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, that You pour upon Bro./Sis ____ the Holy Spirit so
that he/she may receive new life . That he/she be inspired to continuously learn more about You and become a
person as you want him/her to be.

As the Holy Spirit descended upon Bro./Sis.________, we pray that he/she may receive the gifts that you may
intend to him/her especially gifts of ________ and also we lift to You his/ her personal intention_______.

Pray in tongue. ( ask the participants to join. Never forced).Open your mouth and speak out.

Thank you Lord God tonight, for the manifestations of your power and glory, for working in our lives especially to
Bro./Sis.____. Thank you for empowering him/her through the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially faith that will
always give hope and strength as we journey in this life. Thank you for hearing our concerns and needs. May you
continue showered upon him/her Your blessings : intact and stronger family relationships, good health, material as
well as spiritual needs. All of this we pray, in the name of Jesus, in oneness of the Holy Spirit Amen. Glory be…..