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School TCQNHS Grade Level SEVEN

Teacher WILMA A. GONGOB Learning Area TLE-Handicraft

Time & Dates Quarter Third Quarter

A. Content The learner demonstrates understanding on the principles and concepts
Standards of embroidery
B. Performance The learner use basic tools in embroidery and create embroidered article
C. Learning Proper use of tools is observed;
Competencies/ TLE_HEHD7/8EA-Oa-b-1
Objectives (Write
the code for each

A. Subject Matter Proper Use of Tools is observed

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Page 13
2. Learner’s Page 9-15
Material Pages
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional
Materials from
LR Portal
B. Other Learning

IV. PROCEDURES Teacher’s Activity/ies Learner’s Expected Response/s

A. Reviewing Review the Basic Name all the tools and materials
previous lesson or Embroidery Tools and used in embroidery;
presenting the new materials;
lesson Identify all the tools and materials
used in embroidery ;
B. Establishing a Introduce to the students the Gain knowledge and understanding
purpose for the proper use of tools in embroidery; on the proper use of tools observed
lesson in videos, demonstrations;
Supervise the students on how to
use properly the tools in Observe the proper use of tools in
embroidery during practicum; embroidery;

C. Presenting *How to Use a Needle and a Answer:

examples/ Thimble? *Gain Understanding and observe
instances of the Video: the proper use of a needle and a
new lesson thread;
*How to Use a Thimble and Answer:
Thread? *Gain and understand and observe properly on how to use a thimble and
=z6gLPbQvESs a thread;

*How to Use an Embroidery


D. Discussing new *How to use Embroidery Answer:

concepts and scissors? *Observe properly on how to use an
practicing new embroidery scissors;
skills #1 =3UTdHVNSvuA

*How to Use a Needle Threader? Answer: Observe properly on how to use a
=oHwggj5EN_Q needle threader;

E. Discussing new Pick and Pounce Transfer Method Answer:

concepts and *Observe properly on how to pick
practicing new =F6APZI_2VeU and pounce transfer method;
skills #2
*How To Use Water Color in Answer:
Embroidery *Observe the proper use of water color in embroidery;

*How to trace on cloths using Answer:

coal? *Observe the proper way of tracing on cloths using coal;

*Instruct students to use their tools Do their task seriously;

F. Developing in embroidery;
mastery Observe the proper use of tools in
*Supervise them on the proper embroidery based on what they
way of using the tools; observed from the videos and apply
what they learned through performing
their task;

G. Finding practical Create their own design using the

applications of =m1uhiXRnk0I proper way of using the tools
concepts and skills Hand Embroidery, Easy Flower involved in your own creation;
in daily living Embroidery Trick with tooth
pick Focus on localize materials and
demands of the community;
(You can make your own
application for this depending on
the available resources of your
H. Making Based on the activity done from Answer:
generalization and the videos and lessons Follow the proper use of tools
abstractions about presented, what are the proper observed in embroidery;
the lesson use of tools observed in
I. Evaluating learning Check students’ output by using Submit the finished PRODUCT
rubrics in assessment; made by the students, following the
proper way of using the tools;
Check the PRODUCT made by
the students; Track the outcome/product by
focusing on the proper assessment
of the product using RUBRICS as
agreed between the students and
the teacher;
Make more complex embroidery *Perform the task given;
designs observing the different *Submit the task 1 week after the
J. Additional activities stitches and the proper use of task is given by the teacher;
for application or tools; *Variations of the PRODUCTS
remediation according to students preference,
creativity, and designs;



A. No. of learners
who earned 80%
on the formative
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for

C. Did the remedial

lessons work? No.
of learners who
have caught up
with the lesson.

D. No. of learners who

continue to require

E. Which of my
teaching strategies
worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did
I encounter which
my principal or
supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials
did I use / discover
which I wish to
share with other