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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
Division of Lapu-Lapu City
District 5
Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City
Tel. #: 236-1396


Grade 9 – English

Name of Teacher: ___________________________________ School Year: _____________________________

Grade 9 First Quarter

Content Standard The learner demonstrates understanding of how Anglo-American literature and other text types
serve as means of valuing other people; also how to use processing information strategies,
different forms of adverbs and conditionals for him/her to play an active part in a Chamber Theatre

Performance Standard The learner proficiently plays an active part in a Chamber Theatre presentation through employing
effective verbal and non-verbal strategies based on the following criteria: Focus, Voice, Delivery,
Facial Expressions, Style and Body Movements or Gestures.




First Day of Classes Class/School Rules and Regulations June 5, 2017 Getting to Know You/Orientation

EN9RC-Ia-16: Share prior knowledge about a text topic Roles in Life: June 6, 2017 Sharing/Oral Recitation
Task 1, 2, & 3
EN9LC-Ia-8: Process information mentioned in the text listened to The Seven Ages of Man June 7, 2017 Construe/Poem Interpretation

EN9LC-Ia-3.6: Perform a task by following instructions * Critical consonant Sounds June 8-9, 2017 Pronunciation Drill
* Stress in Words
* Literary Devices: rhyme, Onomatopoeia, Differentiated Activity
Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance, Imagery
& Repetition
EN9VC-Ia-3.8:Provide words or expressions appropriate for a given Agreement and Disagreement June 13, 2017 Delivery of Mini-Dialogue
EN9LC-Id-8.5: Accept or reject ideas mentioned
EN9LC-Id-8.4: Agree or disagree with the ideas of the speaker

EN9G-Ia-1.6/1.7: Use appropriate punctuation marks and Using Capitalization and Punctuation Marks: June 14, 2017 Sentences Construction with proper
capitalization to convey meaning comma, period, semi-colon, colon, dash, capitalization and Punctuation
hyphen, ellipses, quotation marks, apostrophe Marks
EN9LT-Ia-14: Analyze literature as a means of discovering the self Discovery Task June 15-16, 2016 Group task


EN9LC-Ia-3.6: Perform a task by following instructions Making of Community June 19-20, 2017 Collaborative Work/Output Making
Service Brochure
Summative Test 1 June 21, 2017 Individual test

EN9LC-Ic-13.2: Paraphrase the text listened to Paraphrasing June 22, 2017 Paraphrasing

EN9V-Ic-15: Explain how words are derived from names or persons and Kenning June 23 , 2017 Tic-Tac-Toe

EN9LT-Ia-14: Analyze literature as a means of discovering the self The Battle with Grendel June 26, 2017 Poetry Reading

EN9LT-Ia-14.1: Identify the distinguishing features of notable Anglo- Lyric and Epic Poetry June 27, 2017 Carousel
American lyric poetry, songs, poems, sermons, and allegiances

EN9RC-Ic-13.2: Take note of sequence signals or connectors to determine Sequence Signals/Transitional June 28, 2017 Sentence Completion
patterns of idea development given in a text Devices/Conjunctions
EN9WC-Ia-8:Distinguish between and among informative, Different Types of Texts June 29, 2017 Group reporting
journalistic and literary writing;
EN9WC-Id-8.1: Examine sample texts representative of each type Individual seatwork

EN9OL-Ia-1.15: Use the appropriate segmentals (sounds of English) Rap June 30, 2017 Collaborative Learning
and the suprasegmentals or prosodic features of speech when
delivering lines of poetry and prose in a speech choir, jazz chants
and raps
EN9VC-Id-21: Summarize the contents of the material read The Day of Destiny June 29, 2017 Storytelling
EN9LT-Ib-14.2: Explain how the elements specific to a selection build its Summarization
EN9LT-Id-2.2.1: Express appreciation for sensory images used Sensory Words June 30, 2017 Seatwork in Triad

EN9SS-Ie-1.5.1:Skim to determine key ideas and author’s purpose Skimming (Task 10: Plotting Them All) July 3, 2017 Group Output

EN9V-Ie-11: Arrive at the meaning of words through word formation Synonym (Task 3: Word Formation) July 4, 2017 Oral Recitation
(clipping, blending, acronym, compounding, folk etymology, etc.)
EN9LC-Ie-8.6: Make decisions based on what is listened to Mother to Son July 5, 2017 Modeling/Poem Reading
EN9LC-Ih-8.8: Compare and contrast information listened to

EN9LT-Ie-2.2.2: Explain the literary devices used Extended Metaphor, Imagery, Symbolism & July 6, 2017 Differentiated Task
EN9WC-Ie-9: Compose forms of literary writing Info-Ad Campaign (Final Task: 16) July 7-10, 2017 Collaborative Work
EN9LC-If-8.2: Judge the relevance and worth of ideas presented
EN9VC-If-19: Assess the relevance and worth of ideas presented in the
material viewed


Continuation of Info-Ad Campaign July 10, 2017

Summative Test 2 July 11, 2017 Individual test

EN9LT-If-2.2.3: Determine tone, mood, technique, and purpose of the author A Psalm of Life July 12-13, 2017 Differentiated Task
EN9WC-If-9.1: Identify types and features of poetry

EN9WC-Ih-3.6: Use literary devices and techniques to craft poetic forms Discovery Task July 13-14, 2017 Collaborative Work


EN9LT-Ih-2.3: Draw similarities and differences of the featured selections in Initial Task: How Do You Look at Life? July 17, 2017 Interactive Activity: Sharing of Ideas
relation to the theme
EN9LC-Ig-8.7: Draw generalizations and conclusions from the material Song: Where Are You Going To Listening
listened to
EN9VC-Ia-3.8: Infer thoughts, feelings, and intentions in the material Q&A

EN9LC-Ib-6.2: Infer thoughts, feelings and intentions of the speaker Psalm of Life July 18-19, 2017 Reflective Essay Writing
EN9RC-Ig-17: Make a connection between the present text and previously
read texts Differentiated Task

EN9OL-Ig-2.6.2: Use the appropriate gestures (hand, face and body) Final Task: Poem Reading July 20, 2017 Poem Recitation

Summative Test 3 July 21, 2017 Individual test


EN9LT-Ii-3: Explain how a selection may be influenced by the culture, Poem: If by Rudyard Kipling July 24, 2017 Choral Reading
history, environment, or other factor.
EN9V-Ig-12.3: Notes types of context clue (restatement, definition, Context Clues: Definition or Restatement July 25, 2017 Vocabulary Game
synonyms, antonyms, used for a given word or expression

EN9F-Ih-3.14: Use the appropriate and effective speech conventions Speech Choir July 26, 2017 Lecture
expected of speech choir presentations Group Discussion
EN9F-Ih-3.14: Use the appropriate and effective speech conventions Speech Choir July 27, 2017 Planning
expected of speech choir presentations July 28, 2017 Practice

EN9F-Ih-3.14: Use the appropriate and effective speech conventions Speech Choir July 31, August Practice
expected of speech choir presentations 1, 2017

EN9F-Ih-3.14: Use the appropriate and effective speech conventions Speech Choir August 3, 2017 Culminating Task
expected of speech choir presentations
Summative Test 4 August 4, 2017 Individual Test


August 7-9, 2016 Review Test

Group Contest
August 10-11, First Periodical Test