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Teacher’s Name: Nhung

Lesson Plan
Topic: Taboo conversation topics Date: Time: 45 min
No. in group: 36 Level: B1 – B2 (CEFR)

General aims Develop ability to listen to the interviews with multinational interviewees.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

Specific learning outcomes for the
- have an awareness of a multiplicity of taboo topics around the world
- get familiar with how multinational interviewees give their opinions and justify them.
- discuss about taboo topics in their country and express their own opinions.
- High school students
Class Profile - Strength:
- Weakness:

- Students have been practised listening for main ideas and details
Assumptions - Students get accustomed to work in pairs or in groups with discussion and argument
- Students have adequate command of vocabulary to talk about taboo topics
- Students have had the opportunities to speak in front of the whole class by sharing their ideas.

Anticipated problems
- Students might find difficult to keep track with multinational interviewees’ speed owing to their accent
and intonation.
- Students might get stuck with some specific vocabulary mentioned in the talk
- Some students might be reticent to speak or easily distracted
Time Stage Aim Pattern of Teacher Activity Learner Activity Resources
5 min 1. Warm-up: Sts-Sts - Deliver Worksheet A. Ask Sts to look at the pictures - Work in groups to do the Worksheet A
Matching on the worksheet A and work in six groups to match exercise in the worksheet A
the pictures with a list of taboo topics given in the
Sts-T-Sts box. - Give T correct answers
- Elicit Sts’ answers and confirm correct answers. - Be clear about new
- Make sure Sts understand all the words before vocabulary
moving to While-listening activity.
5 min 2. Pre-listening: Sts-Sts - Deliver Worksheet B. Ask students to look at the - Work in groups to do the Worksheet B
Activating pictures and write the number in proportion to exercise in the worksheet B
schemata about each given country.
taboo topics Sts-T-Sts - Elicit Sts’ answers and confirm correct answers - Give T correct answers
- Ask students to work in their previous groups and
guess the taboo topics in each country - Work in groups and guess
the taboos together.
25 min 3. While-listening: T-Sts - Ask students to listen to the speakers and make a - Listen to the talk and do the Video:
Listening to the list of taboo topics mentioned by each speakers. task https://www.d
interviews on - Ask students to work in their previous groups and
taboo compare what they have listened with their guess /6zpt31w2brd
conversation Sts-Sts noted in While-listening activity. - Work in groups and discuss l72q/Introduct
topics T-Sts - Deliver Worksheet C. Play the video again and ask the answers ion.mp4?dl=0
student to match statements A-F to speakers 1-5.
Sts-T - Ask students to check and share the answers with - Check the answer with the
the whole class whole class.
T-Sts - Give feedback and correct answers.
- Give sts the transcript
- Read the transcript and ask
for new words if neccesary

8 min 4. Post-listening: Sts-Sts - Deliver Worksheet D. Have Sts work in pairs and - Work in pairs and discuss Worksheet D
Discussion discuss the questions given in Worksheet D. the questions
- Call on some Sts to share their answers in front of
the whole class - Share the answers with the
Sts-T-Sts - Make neccesary comments and corrections. whole class
2 min 5. Wrapping T- Sts - Summarize the main points. - Listen to T and jot down the
- Assign Homework main points and homework.

Listen to six speakers talking about taboo topics. Match
statements A-F to speakers 1-6.
A People are quite open about homosexuality even though it is till a taboo owing to their cultural context.
B. People find topics such as sexual life, lineage or aliens vastly embarassed to discuss.
C. People tend to avoid talking about to topics such as homoerotism and transgender.
D. People do not want to share about their private issues such as their age, weight, and masturbation.
E People find it abashed to discuss about immigration, specifically after Brexit.
F People in some religious countries are not till open-minded about homosexual relationships, child adoption and even

Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3

Speaker 4 Speaker 5 Speaker 6