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‘subject: Reply to your emal Date: Friday, April 26, 2019 at 5:37:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: Rajeev Muni To: Warren, May cc: Marca Kim,£PSO “honk you for your email May | work 3 2 vireoretna surgeon a St. Michaels Hospital the Kensington Eye institute ha the Hosp for ick Kids and ar a researcher at the Ka Shing Knowledge nite. n adton to treating srtny paberts, my research hs been gire-changing in preserving and even restoring vision n peop who might ‘thetwise have gone lind. lam very proud of the work! do to halp Ontario’ residents suffering from eye disease Shuviuolimpalments which left untreated, could ea to Blindness. In response to your questions, Ihave asked to Marca tim athe fy Physctns and Surgeons of Ontaric (E950) to contact you fora response Regards, Dr Rae Mun, MD, Se FRCSC Paget of EYE PHYSICIANS SAAD SURGEONS ‘OF ontanio ‘ea romingand eng popdatin, there sen a gantinesse the ned or ophthalmology canes, E80. ear Sthonwpts are wpanding that eed ase cma etonng ae prsewrevson Yr oxen ih rss Response to oronta Star Questions eucingwttinesforkey hth serves wa ne ofthe Mesure government’ poms a in 2004 One's Wa Tne ‘etme lrened wie 15M vet for 2200 adel ears ved at sorteing te wis srs ‘ao, ste ne optorwt40 ptrtswere wating onsveroge2) wees lett surgery near. spe ‘Torsine mesoent te norbr ofpatenes ng ened to pponmaoy 9.702 2018, Whe some wa ines have coer gr deave others ono stabamuchare awe, Ades tology and eatran petit ‘cies canpdtacton anc Vener’ fe ease cordon ezong vison mparmenteu th regures more sent erccuters more en34000 pues wee eed 2017718 for wet maclerdeereraton sore nt. ‘nr’ optsioagss hae ten reaping othe ceed demand wehthe rowed bt ny tecton and create tne onus snc coir edngtovicwn parent eake non sproved ua fe, pater dependence, eccrnotr veh cadens and tee foleresitingin ary Tavera ophtaimelogst reer 29,020 Ova resents ‘SEWDQGAS stpateennersover th pst eade has incesed mae than mats minor. Oph werk ot Tectorsroce jer! moc! Ever lysed OMI represert a ae hey xine, ott ey ntepetedor ‘pressure te permed tite srtslnes and ledig safe eye sxanaton nqupman whch have erection te of ve ears oes. Tae “re nOptthlnaegy ea snnunt to st micrar 0 ofthe ss bing. Ophhaobpss do wetness benef pachage, ck fine rapunan ln ested wi hg they eae ‘The ye Pysicins nd Sarge of Ontario support ccourtaiy a neprency incur heh cre stm ad crit 30 opponed te dco ghyskan lings besane witout cote the dt orrtalh falsory. Dr. Rajeev Mar, HMovracc bites np £3 ln 2057 a spprcumatal $2 menses 201 scr to te daar Mun sone of the iew ophnatnoogis th proses ci etal evegency al whichincues coverage othe TA ur whch ab ac Shen tomatoe! Orr esas one ol woeal gers nario spcstsrgin perc vou He Feems Seated yeurgehne wih bingrgecratons. heen onia to fr pda renain atone elt educesteqabr od in cal nd pare tyne rete al In astion Ns haces emerge ates remand Ox st reor r Mun wosad 205 yin 2027, Tre dae he bso thom al works ‘enor the wore does nc wc pen 12 tours a ey (Sargon nds when he natin the OR. a Sno hon rates 527th 4087 pate cocurter ce, Or Minas mse vole 2/7 yet cout bps rein cnegeey ce Svein smite mens one mere Oran ean ates, 2 one ewer Dr RajeeMn io an ecole rserhe an Ua Shing Krone rte of St Michel Hosp. 19 2018, Mn wor wemiata ty othanoty ger for 50s sigue anv he Yee onder ha work n Pues ethopeny for ete! ocachentarslstnaave ene coped onrecomy ager The ressshve ho ba cae eee semagenen asl Jotconent anal rsa intr wil veh ashes er mllone ot (bes wolarguce of enegeney and ete Ont, Dr Murai Rar my char cra Wal ongONE tenders se (Mipvelstec moar dgureton and asbevemacrederafor when hs grup hosed eveagrantssarés nt ‘ecagnton tena on erator ‘The ye tans and Surgeons Ontario ake pes pen hing sch a acaepled an ects ephihalolgst os Fee eescat te wt tr 0s ness teacher ane wom eh ecg ward thet on yrs for Meee “Sheesh to ete Mies Hospital and he Departmen Ophthalmology an Won Sciences ate Uinetyat Tern