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Morales, Joseph Miguel H.

Nedia, Darwin G.
Rian, Ian Christian H.


Report No. 1
Community Development Projects:
1. Community Service
2. Eco-tourism Management
3. Farm Operation
4. Waste Management
The examples of community development projects above were implemented in small community to make
changes and build a progress within the community. The main reasons of these projects are to establish a
new way of learning by means of actual and/or on-farm training especially, to develop everyone’s skills
and create strong communication or connection between people.
As a future community development workers/extensionists, it is important to us to learn about community
development because developing the community is the major role of extensionists. These are the roles
where workers will learn how to communicate to the community and to its leaders and understand the
needs of its people.

Report No. 2a






Our community is unique from other communities!

The people in the whole community makes our community unique from others. We do not
separate despite of our differences but we became stronger as ONE. For us, Community is a group of
people living together in one place especially practicing one common attitude, interest and ownership.
The uniqueness in our community is that people inside have their own responsibilities to sustain our own
community that we live in.

Report No. 2b

Communities Roles

1. Student Council To lead the students and facilitate events and

interactions within the community.

2. Clubs To improve and learn different skills of the

students in this community.

3. Parents and Teachers Association To have a connection between parents and

teachers to improve and make changes in
learning for the betterment of the community.

4. School Administrators To make rules and regulations and administrate

the whole community.

5. Campus Ministry Provide spiritual guidance and fosters,

community and faith at universities and