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The Recruitment of LF Beauty,

This essay I am writing to express my great interest in applying for as MT procurement

LF Beauty. After seeing a vision of the Mission of the LF Beauty, I believe that I’m a
worthy and very interested in trying to sign up.

This interest is based on by my background in Biology which certainly cannot be

separated from the College I have traveled for approximately five (5) years in the
Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty of the State University Jakarta. My goal is
to sign up learn more about Management Trainee Procurement and also as part of my
career in the future.

Lecture materials which I have traveled while at the Mathematics and Natural Science
Faculty of the State University Jakarta and also of my experience in the Biology is my
encouragement to enter into this section of Management Trainee Procurement LF
Beauty, and of course it becomes a strong foundation for me to be able to provide my
experience for MT Procurement LF Beauty.

I am a friendly person, able to work with a team, and not easily give up. My
achievement is to be the best speaker at the National Biology seminar.

The purpose of my entry in the MT Procurement LF Beauty was to gain additional

experience in the field. Beside that, with my entry can be in the LF Beauty I hope that
knowledge I gained during lectures will be sitting on the bench can be useful for myself
as well as others.

I believe that I was a hard worker and someone who can work in teams in any solution
of the product development and has the innovation to improve the future of LF Beauty
in Indonesia. Great I hope to be able to learn a lot from LF Beauty.

Respect me

Andre Amin Hidayat