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Instructional Design eLearning Course Map

(1) Course Name: Introduction to Project Management (2) Course Code: MBA 300 (3) Final Launch Date: June 28, 2019
(4) Designer Name: Yonuel A. Ortiz Salgado, MBA (5) SME Name: Yonuel A. Ortiz Salgado
(6) Course Description: This course focuses on the project management process groups as they relate to the knowledge areas. It provides students with opportunities to apply the principles and
methods of the Project Management Institute and to develop the minimum required documentation in a project. Topics include development of the project charter, scope of the project, work
breakdown structure, estimate budget, performance of quality assurance, monitor and control work, identify risk and close project.
(7) Course Objectives (must have at least three (3) and must use measurable higher order thinking language (see Bloom’s Taxonomy):

1. Predict and mitigate against the different areas of risk during the phases of a project
2. Identify, interpret and put into action the different types of processes and knowledge areas of a project.
3. Prepare and organize all the required documentation to monitor and control a project with quality.

Topics and Objectives Outputs (What are students producing as evidence of mastery?) Inputs
(What is required for students to be able to create outputs?)
Module Module Individual/ Discussion Readings Videos, Presentations Technologies Assessments Standards
Title and Objectives Collaborative Activities (Assignments) Questions and Micro-Lectures Used Alignment (ISTE or
Key ibstpi)
General Learning objectives What will students complete to demonstrate mastery? Are there concepts, What resources Are there any videos that can What technologies What Alignment of standard
topics for each module applications, case and text-based support students’ outputs? will be used to help assessments will for each module where
found in (Use parentheses to studies, etc. might content do Which concepts will you need support students’ be used for this applicable
each align Module be appropriate for students need to to support through your own learning to prepare module (e.g.
module Learning Objectives discussion, analysis, complete their micro-lectures? for and produce their Rubrics, external
to Course Objectives and/or debate with work? deliverables? assessments,
to program others? etc.)

EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map

(8) Objective: Assignment: Discussion: Textbook: YouTube Video: Technology use: For assessment Standards:
Module 1: will be use:
Title Create a project Identify an opportunity or problem in your organization and complete the For module 1 Project What is a project charter? ● Microsoft ● Project
charter and define Project Charter Template. discussion, the Management [Video file]. (2014, April 5). Word ● Rubrics Managemen
Keywords/ all its parts by following questions Institute. (2013). Retrieved from ● Youtube Instituted
Concepts: applying it to a real Click link: must be answered A Guide to the (PMI)
Create, scenario. (CO2, and shared with Project tch?v=1xhQ6GJB7oY&feature= Standards
Define. CO3) KK9Ra93bhxQ/edit?usp=sharing your peers for Management
recommendations, Body of
opinions and Knowledge
comments. (PMBOK Guide)
(5th ed.).
Newton Square,
1 - Why it is PA: Project
important to create Management
the project charter Inst.
during the initiating
process? Chapters 1-4

2 - What is the
importance of
providing authority
to the project

3 - What it is the
importance of the
project scope in a

EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map

(9) Module Objectives: Assignment: Discussion: Textbook: YouTube Video: Technology use: For assessment Standards:
2: will be use:
Title Read Chapter 5 of the textbook and see the Project Planning for Beginners -
For module 2 Project Project Management Videos.
● Create the Project Management Training YouTube video. discussion must Management (2018, November 5). Project ● Microsoft ● Project
Keywords/ Work answer the basic Institute. (2013). A Planning for Beginners - Project Word ● Rubrics Management
Concepts Breakdown The attached template of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) must be completed questions before Guide to the Management Training. ● Youtube Instituted
Structure using the information of the Module 1 Project Charter and the Module 2 beginning the Project Retrieved from (PMI)
using the discussion. planning process of a Management Standards
informatio project. After Body of h?v=ZWmXi3TW1yA
n of the answering the Knowledge
project questions share them (PMBOK Guide)
charter. with your peers for (5th ed.). Newton
(CO1, CO2, recommendations, Square, PA:
CO3). opinions and Project
● Identify the comments. Management Inst.
questions Chapter 5
before ● Why? You
beginning must
the describe
planning the reason
process of why the
a project. need or
(CO2). justification
of the
arose. (Big
● What? You
identify the
(Scope) and
needed to
the project.
● When?
Identify the
Start Date
and the End
EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map
● Who? Who
will do the
● How? How
the project

EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map

(10) Objectives: Assignment: Discussion: Textbook: YouTube Video: Technology use: For assessment Standards:
Module 3: will be use:
Title Read chapters 6 of the textbook and see the YouTube videos. For this discussion Project Project Execution [Video file].
● Create a you should answer Management (2012, October 4). Retrieved ● Microsoft ● Project
Keywords/ daily Using the attached template create a daily schedule with your daily work and the following Institute. (2013). A from Word ● Rubrics Management
Concepts schedule personal tasks. Identify using another font color possible risks in your daily questions: Guide to the ● Youtube Instituted
with using schedule. Project 8 (PMI)
the daily What is the execution Management Standards
personal of a project? Body of Project Planning Process: 5 Steps
and work Knowledge To Project Management
tasks (CO2, Why is important to (PMBOK Guide) Planning [Video file]. (2013,
CO3) develop a work (5th ed.). Newton February 11). Retrieved from
● Identify schedule? Square, PA:
possible Project
risks that Management Inst. Project Task Management Tips:
How can the
may affect How To Manage Your Tasks
stakeholders or the
your daily
project team can help Chapter 6 Daily [Video file]. (2013, August
tasks (CO1) 26). Retrieved from
identify risks in the

(11) Objectives: Assignment: Discussion: Textbook: YouTube Video: Technology use: For assessment Standards:
Module 4: will be use:
Title  Identify Read the web article 10 Tips for a Good Meeting Minutes and watch the After having read Project Project Management Videos.
the need YouTube video How to Run Team Meetings and create a meeting minutes the chapters from 7 Management (2012, June 11). Project ● Microsoft  Rubrics ● Project
Keywords to use template based on the need of your organization. Use as an example the to 10 and seen the Institute. (2013). Tracking: How To Track and Word Managemen
/ Concepts resources template attached by the teacher. YouTube video A Guide to the Manage Your Projects [Video ● Youtube Instituted
during Project Tracking: Project file]. Retrieved from (PMI)
work How To Track and Management Standards
meetings Manage Your Body of
to avoid Project answer the Knowledge Project Management Videos.
future following questions (PMBOK Guide) (2012, January 12). Project
risks. and share them (5th ed.). Management: How to Run
(CO1, with your peers. Newton Square, Team Meetings. Retrieved
CO2) PA: Project from
Why is it important Management
 Understa to do weekly Inst. Q
nd and meetings with the
explain project team and Chapter 7-10
how how does it help to
follow-up meet individually Web article:
meetings with each of them?
help keep Harrin, E. (2019,
the work How do these January 27). 10
schedule follow-up meetings Tips for Good
up to Meeting
EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map
date. help keep the work Minutes.
(CO1, schedule updated? Retrieved from
CO2) https://www.girl
What benefits do
 Create a you have weekly /10-tips-for-
meeting status report for the good-minutes/
minutes start of a new work
template week?
based on
the need
of your
on. (CO3)
(12) Objectives: Assessment: Discussion: Textbook: YouTube Video: Technology use: For assessment Standards:
Module 5: will be use:
Title  Create For the final assessment create your own checklist template of the project After having Project Project Management
checklist created during the first 4 modules of the course. Use as an example the watched the video Management Project Management Videos.  Rubrics Instituted (PMI)
● Microsoft
Keywords template template attached in this module. How and Why to Institute. (2013). (2015, June 21). How and Why Standards
/ Concepts to close Close a Project - A Guide to the to Close a Project - Project
● YouTube
the Project Project Management Training [Video
project Management Management file]. Retrieved from
develope Training and read Body of
d during chapter 12 and 13 Knowledge
the of the textbook. (PMBOK Guide)
course. Answer the (5th ed.).
(CO2, following questions Newton Square,
CO3) and share them PA: Project
with your peers for Management
 Identify comments. Inst.
all the
tasks and Why projects Chapter 11 - 12
document should be closed?
s that
must be What are some of
complete the checklists that
d to close must be completed
a project. before closing a
(CO2, project?
Who is the
stakeholder that
approves the

(13) Technological Implications: (How will the integration of technology into this course provide a richer and more robust learning experience for the learners?)
EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map
 The technological integration of this course provides the student the opportunity to expand their technological knowledge to be applied in the work environment. In the same way, this
integration contributes to the student's experience for the different stages of a project.

(14) Digital Skills: (What digital skills should each learner take away from this course if it has been successful?)

At the end of the course the student will have the following digital skills:

 Create digital documents using Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

 Create digital templates that can be used in personal, educational and organizational projects.

 Digital tools of the Internet to deepen more on topics such as YouTube and Vimeo.

 Search the internet for support references for the material discussed.
 Use digital books.

(15) References: (What references have helped guide the production of this work. These references can be both for the technical and content portions of the course)

How and Why to Close a Project - Project Management Training [Video file]. (2015, June 21). Retrieved from

Project Execution [Video file]. (2012, October 4). Retrieved from

Project Management Institute. (2013). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (PMBOK Guide). Newton Square, PA: Project Management Inst.

Project Management: How to Run Team Meetings [Video file]. (2012, January 12). Retrieved from

Project Planning for Beginners - Project Management Training [Video file]. (2018, November 5). Retrieved from

Project Planning Process: 5 Steps To Project Management Planning [Video file]. (2013, February 11). Retrieved from

Project Task Management Tips: How To Manage Your Tasks Daily [Video file]. (2013, August 26). Retrieved from

EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map

Project Tracking: How To Track and Manage Your Projects [Video file]. (2012, June 11). Retrieved from

What is a project charter? [Video file]. (2014, April 5). Retrieved from

EDT 620 - Student eLearning Course Map