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Internship REPORT




“ Servaid Pharmacy Internship report”

I am Doctor of pharmacy, third year student of Lahore college of Pharmaceutical Sciences
I started my duration of 40 days internship at Servaid Pharmacy, Gulshan Ravi Branch, from
8-8-2017 to 20-9-2017.
- Initially the first impression for the pharmacy was good and I adapted into the
environment easily.

- Pharmacist tell me about Form C for registration and form no 9 for pharmacy license.

- The tasks that were assigned to the pharmacist were very unique for me so I had to start
from scratch.

- In the start I was given brief introduction about the pharmacy and the role of the
pharmacist by Madam Fatima. I was given brief introduction about the registers
regarding Schedule D and Schedule B.

- I was given introduction about the temperature maintainace (Fridge & Pharmacy) and
cold chain of Servaid for transportation of medications especially temperature sensitive
products like insulin and vaccines.
Internship REPORT

- Before the first week of my internship ended, I was getting familiar with the whole
scope of pharmacy duties assigned to pharmacists.

- The next one was familiarizing the drug there. Since I am doing my internship at the
Servaid Pharmacy. I felt to familiarize with the generics counterparts of the common
branded drugs. It was hard at first but bit by bit I learned.

- I observed that there are some companies product are more popular like GSK
(Augmentin),GETZ Pharma(Getryl,Lipiget),Sanofi Aventis(Avil),ICI(Zestril)etc.

- I learned some points/basics of Operating and managing a drugstore especially a drug

store that technically sells generics drugs.

- I observed Pharmacist rack where lot of the products of different companies are
present like Accu-check digital meter and blood glucose strip .And other CERTEZA
stethoscope ,syphganometer and digital thermometer etc.

- I also observed the Card items rack which is the most expensive rack of the pharmacy.
It included different drugs of different companies like Cipram of Laund’s Back

- I am working on the Blood pressure apparatus and blood glucose testing machine in
the supervision of the Dr. Ahmad Shehryar. He guided me well in operating both of
these apparatus.
Internship REPORT

- I started with Blood pressure machine sometimes it gave some error. It was because of
human error that talk with other person or may be on the mobile. But sometimes
his/her arm position not correct that also contributed to error.

- In the case of blood glucose testing machine, it’s a simple one. First prick and then put
the drop of blood on the strip that are in the machine. After 10 second it gives the
result. Show the patient and guided well about his/her condition.

- This is daily routine process that I done in an efficient way with the supervision of the

- Besides the screening of blood pressure and education on the diabetes monitoring, I
also learned about the use of inhalers and nasal sprays.

- Other trail was how to check the expiry and near expiry of the drug with the
supervision of the Pharmacist.

- There are number of Milk products for children of different pharmaceutical companies.
They are specific to the children according to their age. Like BF-1 for birth to 6 month,
BF-2 for onward 6 month to 1 year, BF-3 for 1 to 3 year and Pediasure is for 2- 12
years etc.

- Some milk products are lactogen free. This is due the hypersensitivity reaction.
Because some children are hypersensitive to lactogen that cause some allergic reaction
in pediatric. That’s way lactogen free product are given. Like LF.
Internship REPORT

- I also observed food supplement for adults that are present in powder form and
tablets e.g. Ensure

- There is also a rack of where Creams and Lotions are present. These products are for
topical use in itching, redness, burning, cut, wound, acne and variety of skin infections.
Like Fucidin, Fastum gel, Healet, Somo gel, Polyfex, Acsolve, Delacin-T, Lubrex etc.

- I also seen a rack of Drops where drops of different companies are present. This type of
drug form are used for aural and eye infection. Like Exocin

- I also observed the fridge items which are the most sensitive product. Because light,
heat, and moisture effect the efficacy of the drug or destroy the product causing
precipitation of the drug.

- That’s why the temperature of the fridge items must be in the range of 2-8 C.

- It included Injections, Vaccines and various type of Cream, Lotion and Drops. The most
important one the insulin product.

- I also observed in vaccines number of the products are available. Like Varilix (GSK),
Infanrix (G.S.K), Trivac (Hi-Warble), Vaxigrip (Sanofi).

- The running product in pharmacy is the insulin that are in present in various form
according to patient requirement. Like Humulin 70/30, Mixtard 30, Lantus etc.
Internship REPORT

- I also observed the most important rack where SCHEDULE B (Narcotics) are present.
This is the prescription drug that are provided with strict instruction of Physician’s.

- It included sedative, hypnotic, anti-depressant, anti-psychotics, Morphine and poison

etc. Narcotics drug are processed and dispensed according to the federal law of the

- Like Xanax, ALP, Vallium, Mogadron, Ativan, Seroxat, Angisid etc.

- I also observed that some drugs are not present in the pharmacy. These drug are noted
on the register for fulfil the demand of customer. This is the Bouncing register.

- To fulfill the demand of the customer some drug are transfer from one branch to other
and made a report. This is the Stock Transfer Report (STR).

- The main objective of my internship is to learn about the patient counseling’s and
dosage calculation.

- I interact with the patient and get to do what the pharmacist do.

- What was good about internships is that I had the chance of patient counseling.

- Though just the simple ones, because I was able to communicate with the patient-give
them advice too.
Internship REPORT

- This internship gives me an idea and experience in community practice which is more
attractive and patient oriented.

I learned to improve my communication skills. I learned a lot of things about rules and
policies of the drugstore.

- I gained valuable clinical experience in a highly fast –paced retail setting,

preparing/filling and dispensed prescriptions while counseling patients on use of both
prescription and over-the counter drug.

- I also interacted widely with health care professional while taking prescription over the
phone and answer queries regarding drug therapies.

- I also interpreted with prescription and used judgment in decision-making while

considering prospective drug review.

- Communicated with the supervisor pharmacist regarding prescription that had

potential for drug- drug interactions and possible therapeutic duplications.

- I also counsel patient on the indications, usage, storage, adverse effect, drug
interaction and major precaution of the prescription and nonprescription drug with the
supervision of Dr. Ahmad Shehryar.
Internship REPORT

- Also communicated with the physician offices regarding dosage verification ,

therapeutic alternatives, and contraindications of medications

- Introduce all new products and prescription with their expected beneficial and adverse
effect to the clients.

- Assisted the pharmacist in ensuring dosage calculation are correct. Also assisted in
delivering drug to the patient too.

- I was able to apply my knowledge in drugs in instances with patient counseling.

- Overall, my internship experience has left a mark on my brain and heart.

- Learning new things about my chosen course, meeting new people and communicate
with them and also understand their problem because of this internship.

- I think I can say that I became responsible in doing things.

- This internship opened my mind unto what are things that pharmacist do and how
importance they are.
Internship REPORT

- I acquired a lot of knowledgeable experiences and unforgettable instructions and

valuable lessons. I enjoyed my 40 days internship and it’s worth it. This is worthwhile
internship experience.

- Emphasis should be more on medicines than the consumer items.
- Pharmacist should be involved in prescription checking of the patients who want
this service.
- Separate room for pharmacist consultation should be introduced like in
European countries so that people can talk freely in private.
- Sales staff should be stopped from giving medicine ideas without pharmacist
consultation as it would cause serious harm no matter which one experience.
- These steps should be started by chain pharmacy to set an example.