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DLP # 1 Learning Area: EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGY Quarter: 1 Duration: 80mins.

Learning Compare and contrast the nuances of varied online platforms, Code: CS-ICT11/12-ICTPT-Ia-b-1
Competencies: sites, and content to best achieve specific class objectives or
address situational challenges WEEK 1-2
Key Concept/ Understanding to be ICT in the context of global communication for specific professional track
1. Objectives
Knowledge Remembering The students are expected to:

Understanding Explain how ICT affects their everyday lives and the state of our nation;

Skills Applying
Analyzing Compare and contrast the differences between online platforms, sites and content
Attitude Receiving Phenomenon Give the importance of ICT in our daily lives.
Responding to
Internalizing Values
Values Receiving Phenomenon
Responding to perform the given task with oneness and solidarity.
Internalizing Values
2. Content Information and Communication Technology covering the topics of:
1. The current state of ICT technologies (i.e., Web 2.0, 3.0, convergent technologies, social,
mobile, and assistive media)
2. Online systems, functions, and platforms
3. Learning Books, CG, Power point, internet, strips of paper, cartolina, pentel pens, coloring materials
4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory Using the concept map, write words that are related to ICT.
Activity (5 mins.)


4.2 Activity Form the class into group of 8 members. Take turns answering the questions. Share by group.
(30mins.) 1. How many times have you checked your phone this morning?
2. How many status updates have you posted in FB or Twitter today?
3. Did you use internet for an hour after you woke up this morning?
4. Do you follow a celebrity via his/her social media account?

4.3 Analysis (5mins.) 1. What do you feel about the activity?

2. Does ICT make the world go round? Why?
3. How important is it in our daily lives?
4.4 Abstraction Lecturette:
(10mins.)  ICT – information and communication technology deals with the use of different communication technologies such
as mobile phones, internet, telephone etc. to locate, edit, and send information.
 Philippines the “ICT hub of Asia”

4.5 Application Do exercises on p. 6 of E-Tech by ITWI, “ICT, Me and My Community”

4.6 Assessment Using the given Table on Exploration 1.1 (Static and Dynamic), compare and contrast the differences between online
(____mins.) platforms, sites and content.
4.7 Assignment In lecture notebook, Do exploration 1.2, Identify the correct web platform for Social Change.
(2mins.) 1. Identify a problem in your community (e.g., littering, garbage disposal, blocked drainage, etc)
2. Imagine that you are going to create a website to persuade both community leaders and members to solve
this problem.
3. Fill up the given form. (refer to presentation)
4.8 Concluding Keep everything clean and in proper order.
Activity (3mins.) Prayer…
5. Remarks
6. Reflections

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