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Altistart 48

Taming energy

Altistart 48 soft start-soft stop units for

3-phase asynchronous motors from 2 to 1,200 HP.
208 to 600/690 Volts.

Building a New Electric World

Altistart 48
A new range for even better performance...
Today’s user expects soft starts to do more than start and stop a motor. The Altistart 48
soft start offers improved performance, provides advanced motor protection, and
communicates within automated facilities. It is suitable for a wide array of applications,
and offers a patented Torque Control System (TCS)*.
At the heart of your applications,
the new Altistart 48 soft start-soft stop unit
gives you:
High performance with its exclusive concept* for perfectly
controlled starting and deceleration,
Protection at all level,
Easy integration in enclosures and control systems.

Standards and approvals

CSA/UL/IEC 60947-4-2
EMC: classes A and B
DNV (marine, off-shore)
CE marking
in accordance with standard IEC 60947-4-2.
A universal voltage range
208 to 690V
for 50 and 60 Hz line supplies
Wide tolerance range for generators
for motor ratings from 2 to 1,200 HP.

* TCS patented system : Torque Control System

...and so simple
Take the strain off your motors, your machines
and your operating budgets

The new generation of Altistart 48 starters has been designed to

continually improve the operation of your machines:
By reducing mechanical or hydraulic stress,
By reducing stress on the electrical distribution system (voltage
peaks, overcurrent),
By limiting energy loss and temperature rise.

Wire it, connect...

and start
Factory set, the Altistart 48 is operational immediately.

Customize your settings

Adjust the parameters of your motor using a simple, intuitive menu.

Let the Power Suite* software guide you

To prepare, store, print out configurations, compare files, etc.

Pocket PC

It is so simple to transfer data from the PC

to the Pocket PC and vice versa.

* Software which is common to the Altivar range of variable speed drives. Operating system available in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).
High performance with the exclusive TCS* concept
Altistart 48: Conventional Starting:

Limits stress on the drive chain. With conventional starting by limiting the
Only with the Altistart 48 TCS* system is it possible to:
Laboured starting causing motor
Maintain gradual acceleration up to nominal
temperature rise.
speed, even if there is a high starting torque.
Abrupt ending of acceleration causing
Improve the lifetime of the belts and the
mechanical stress.
Difficult adjustment compromise.
Motor speed Starting with Altistart 48 Motor speed Conventional starting
Control of the motor Motor torque not
torque control by limiting the current
torque for the whole controlled:
acceleration and non-linear
Guaranteed result by simple
adjustment of the ramp
deceleration period Abrupt acceleration
acceleration and deceleration
and hydraulic

starts Motor
Smooth rise

Reduces hydraulic transients. With conventional starting by limiting the

Only with the Altistart 48 TCS* system is it possible to:
Abrupt acceleration at the end of the ramp,
Effectively reduce pressure surges and
causing sudden pressurization of the
valve surges whatever the load conditions
hydraulic lines.
of the pump, while maintaining smooth
Uncontrolled deceleration which may lead to
deceleration, from full speed to stop.
pressure surges.

With motor torque control, Altistart 48 provides perfect control of the starting and stopping of machines.
✔ The best method to reduce current and control torque during motor starting and stopping.
✔ The ultimate replacement for wye delta and control auto transformer starter.

Protection at all levels

Thermal protection:
• by calculation of the I2t in accordance with IEC 60947-4-2.
• by using PTC probes.
Preheating function preventing condensation.
Detection of phase failure.

Underload and overload protection with adjustable thresholds
and times.
Locked rotor. on lines subject to interference
Control of the direction of rotation.
* TCS patented system : Torque Control System
Easy integration...
Line supply enclosures...
Simplified wiring with through
connection on all models

Control of the starter bypass

contactor at the end of starting
with all protective functions
maintained (thermal, underload,
overload, etc.).
to prevent Control of the
heat dissipation line contactor
in the enclosure by the Altistart 48

...and in control systems
Functions to assist with the operation of your

Configuration of a second motor with different characteristics.

Display of electrical values (current, power, etc), load conditions

and operating time.

Maintenance of operator dialog due to a separate control circuit


A large number of configurable I/O (4 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs,

3 relay outputs and 1 analog output).

Cascaded starting and deceleration of a number of motors.

A wide range of communication functions

for remote access to control, monitoring
Removable control
circuit terminal and adjustment functions:
Integrated Modbus.

Communication modules:
• Fipio, Profibus DP, DeviceNet.
• Ethernet TCP/IP for setting up Transparent Factory: open
control systems platform based on Internet technology.
Altistart 48
at the heart of your applications
With the torque control and functions
of the Altistart 48
Better control of hydraulic transients:
• Gradual pressurization of fluid in lines.
• Reduction of pressure surges and valve surges (in presence of
line supply).
• Elimination of damage to filters or spouts (irrigation)
and premature wear of lines.
• Less stress on pipes with the reduction of pressure-over-
pressure phenomena.
Independent adjustment of the load conditions.
Protection against underload (running dry), loss or inversion
of phases and in the event of a locked rotor.
Automatic switching of the motor to freewheel mode on stopping,
when the flow rate of the pump drops to a low level, to prevent

Fans and high inertia machines

(centrifuge, grinder, crusher, etc.)
Standard* or
severe* (>30s)
Smooth starting, preventing stress on the drive chain and slipping
of belts.
“Smoke extraction” function.
Limitation of current and voltage drops on starting.
Catching on the fly of a fan rotating in reverse.
Detection of overload caused by clogging, underload or jamming
(broken fan motor transmission).
Braking torque on stopping – limits vibrations during stopping.

Standard* or
severe* (>30s)
Elimination of slipping of belts.
Reduction of current peaks.
Protection even for special motors.
Detection of inversion of direction of rotation of phases.
Contact for automatic emptying on stopping.

Gradual starting, reducing shocks and slipping of belts.
Overload control to detect faults, hard spots or jamming, or
underload control to detect breaks.

* “Standard” or “heavy” defines the type of application,so that the starter can be chosen from the selection guide.
Altistart 48 selection guide
Motor (Maximum horsepower) ✱ Soft Start Controller
Standard Duty ✱ Dimensions (mm)
208 V 230 V 460 V 575 V 690 V current in Catalogue Height Width Depth Weight
HP HP HP HP kW class 10 ✱ Number (kg)
3 5 10 15 15 17 ATS48D17YU 275 160 190 4.9
5 7.5 15 20 18.5 22 ATS48D22YU 275 160 190 4.9
7.5 10 20 25 22 32 ATS48D32YU 275 160 190 4.9
10 – 25 30 30 38 ATS48D38YU 275 160 190 4.9
– 15 30 40 37 47 ATS48D47YU 275 160 190 4.9
15 20 40 50 45 62 ATS48D62YU 290 190 235 8.3
20 25 50 60 55 75 ATS48D75YU 290 190 235 8.3
25 30 60 75 75 88 ATS48D88YU 290 190 235 8.3
30 40 75 100 90 110 ATS48C11YU 290 190 235 8.3
40 50 100 125 110 140 ATS48C14YU 340 200 265 12.4
50 60 125 150 160 170 ATS48C17YU 340 200 265 12.4
60 75 150 200 200 210 ATS48C21YU 380 320 265 18.2
75 100 200 250 250 250 ATS48C25YU 380 320 265 18.2
100 125 250 300 315 320 ATS48C32YU 380 320 265 18.2
125 150 300 350 400 410 ATS48C41YU 670 400 300 51.4
150 – 350 400 500 480 ATS48C48YU 670 400 300 51.4
– 200 400 500 560 590 ATS48C59YU 670 400 300 51.4
200 250 500 600 630 660 ATS48C66YU 670 400 300 51.4
250 300 600 800 710 790 ATS48C79YU 890 770 315 115.0
350 350 800 1000 900 1000 ATS48M10YU 890 770 315 115.0
400 450 1000 1200 – 1200 ATS48M12YU 890 770 315 115.0

✱ For heavy-duty operation, the controller and the motor must be derated by one size.

Three phase supply voltage 208V-15% to 690V +10%
Frequency 50/60Hz ± 5% automatic, 50 or 60 ± 20%
Rated Current 17 to 1200 A in 21 ratings
Motor power 2 to 1200 hp
Ambient air temperature Operation: -10ºC to +40ºC without
derating (between +40º to 60º, derate rated
current of the ATS48 by 2% for each ºC)
Storage: 25ºC to 70ºC
Max. relative humidity 95% without condensation or dripping
water. Conforms to IEC 60068-2-3
Max. ambient pollution Degree 3. Conforms to IEC 60664-1
Max. operating altitude 1000m without derating (above this, derate
the ATS48 current by 0.5% for each
additional 100m)
Operating position Max. vertical inclination ± 10 degrees with
respect to the normal mounting position
Degree of protection IP20: ATS48D17YU to C11YU
IP10: ATS48C14YU to M12YU
Shock resistance 15 g for 11 ms. Conforms to IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance 1.5 mm from 2 to 13 Hz. Conforms to
Resistance to electrostatic Conforms to IEC 1000-4-2, level 3
Immunity to radio-electric interference Conforms to IEC 1000-4-3, level 3
Immunity to rapid electrical transients Conforms to IEC 1000-4-4, level 4
Conformity to standards CSA approved, UL listed, pending: DNV,
C.Tick, Gost, CCIB. Carries CE marking
A comprehensive range
of Motor Starters
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Increase your performance with
Schneider is committed to supporting its the associated TeSys components
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dedicated sales engineers in the Canadian Circuit-breakers,
electrical industry operate from 27 regional
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Our sales engineers are skilled at assessing and Fuses
individual requirements and combined with
expert support of our product specialists, will up to the highest
develop the most effective and economical powers.
answer taking relevant regulations and
standards fully into account.

To access the expertise of the Schneider

Electric locally, please contact the nearest
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includes a product showroom for
demonstrations and training, and presentation
rooms fully equipped with audio visual and
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