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♕400th Anniversary - Hallowing the Divine Name♕

The Divine Name Jehovah Restored 6973 Times
The Divine Name JAH Restored 50 Times
The Divine Name Jehovah quoted in the New Testament 128 Times
Jehovah in the OT
WHAT IS THE DNKJB or Divine Name
Jehovah in the NT Matthew
King James Bible? Mark
Genesis The DNKJB is not a revision of the Bible’s message –
Exodus nothing has been added to the Bible or taken away
Leviticus from it. The DNKJB is the ‘King James Bible’ – with no 1st Corinthians
Numbers changes to the text – except to use the ancient 2nd Corinthians
Deuteronomy manuscripts as the authority and put God’s name Galatians
Joshua where it belongs. How do we know where God’s name Ephesians
Judges belongs? The translators of the Authorized King James Philippians
Version of the Bible the translators knew that God’s Colossians
1st Samuel 1st Thessalonians
2nd Samuel
name is Jehovah and put it in the Bible in 4 places and
2nd Thessalonians
1st Kings in over 6000 places put LORD where they could see
1st Timothy
2nd Kings God's name. There are now thousands upon thousands
2nd Timothy
1st Chronicles of ancient hand written copies of the Bible that clearly Titus
2nd Chronicles show where God's name appears in the Bible. Is it Philemon
Ezra necessary to know God's name? Hebrews
Nehemiah James
Esther "No man can come to me, except the Father which
1st Peter
Job hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the 2nd Peter
Psalms last day. 45 It is written in the prophets, And they shall 1st John
Proverbs be all taught of God (Jehovah Isa 54:13). Every man 2nd John
Ecclesiastes therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the 3rd John
Song of Solomon
Father, cometh unto me." (John 6:44, 45) We didn’t say Jude
this, Jesus did. Revelation
Daniel Respectfully,
The Divine Name Publishers
The Divine Name Jehovah Restored 6973 Times Α Isaiah 42:8 "I am Jehovah: that is my name" Ω
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