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Report Writing

Reports must be written strictly in accordance with the following guidelines.

 Students are required to prepare three copies of report for submission. (One
for the college)
1. The Cover Page of summer training report should be hard bound black.
2. Volume of the report -The contents of the Summer Training Report should be at
least 80 to 100 pages. Pages should be numbered. Content should be written on one
side of page only. Font size used should be 12 and the format of typing (with 1.5
spacing) as well as paragraph segmentation should be such as to make for easy
reading of the contents.
Following should be the format of report.
 Cover page
 Inner cover page
 Declaration
 Organization’s Certificate
 Acknowledgement
 Contents/Chapterisation
 Bibliography (Alphabetically written)
 Annexure

Contents / Chapterisation Plan:-

1. Introduction (Introduction of the topic, Objectives, Research Methodology

Limitation, Scope)
2. Company /Organizational profile
3. Data Analysis and Interpretation
4. Observation and Findings
5. Conclusions & Recommendations.
Note: The Students who are using Primary data as a method of data collection
are required to furnish filled questionnaires used for the analysis of data along
with the report at the time of submission of first draft of report itself. Those
who are using Secondary data are required to quote the source of secondary
data in the report.
A Summer Training Report


------------------------------ (Subject) --------------------------------

---------------- (Name of Organization) ------------------

Submitted by
----------------- (Name of Student) ------------------

Batch 2016-18


Year 2017

I hereby declare that my Summer Training Report entitled __________________ is

an authentic work done by me as part of my study at (Name of Organization).

The Project was undertaken as a part of the course curriculum of MBA Programme
of VNS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Bhopal. This has not been submitted to any other
examination body earlier.

Date: _________ Signature -

(Name :_________________)
(Batch 2016-18)
VNS Business School
Report Details for Summer Training

i. Outer Cover page design- As per the suggested format.

ii. Inner cover page Design- As per the suggested format.
iii. Declaration -As suggested in Format above
iv. Certification –Company certificate
v. Acknowledgement-(Giving Thanks to all who have contributed in your
project e.g. Your Director, Mentor and faculty members, organizational
executives, computer typists who have given shape to your projects your
family members friends etc)
vi. Contents/Chapterisation –(Prepare the list including declaration
,certification and acknowledgement give the roman numbers(i, ii,iii) as the
page number than prepare complete list of chapters and state page number in
numerals(E.g 1,12,20 etc)


1. Introduction
a. Introduction to Topic- (Give a brief idea about the topic, make a
literature review of the concept, and explain how the concept is relevant
to your company, State the problem& state the background why you have
taken /selected this project.
b. Objectives-State two –three clear objectives of your study
c. Research Methodology-Discuss the sampling plan and Data collection
d. Limitations –Discuss the limitations of project study (e.g. Time, Cost
e. Scope-Discuss what study you have currently undertaken and what can
further be done in this area i.e. How far the study could have been
2. Organizational /Company Profile-Discuss in detail about the company
Profile, the position of company in the particular Industry, about the
management and hierarchy, about market share, about the financial status
and expansion plans etc
3. Data Analysis and interpretation-Data Analysis has to be done making
Tables, Graphs Diagrams etc. Analyze the data question wise (if primary
data based questionnaire used)
4. Observation and findings-Make point wise findings of data shown in
previous chapter.(E.g. You can show percentage increase and decrease in
5. Conclusions & Recommendations –Draw conclusions from the
observations and findings and cite reason for the same. Make
recommendations to the organization for improving the current position and
suggest competitive strategies.

Bibliography-List the name of the referred books, Journals, Magazines, Articles,

websites etc) in the standard bibliography format

Annexure-Attach format of questionnaire used for survey (if any), other formats
and useful pamphlets etc provided by the company in the support of your project to
make presentation more effective.