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To: Mr. ABC Designation: The Registrar

From: Mr. XYZ Designation: Student (Electronics Dept.)
Date:21st June,2019
Subject: Report about the poor drinking facilities in the Hostel.
This report is about the student’s major problem which they face in the hostel is “poor drinking”
facilities. Water is the basic need of life but due the negligence of the hostel management, students
are in trouble to avail this need. There are many diseases which occur due the drinking the
contaminated water such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.
I would like to draw your kind attention towards the lack of drinking water and in-sanitary
condition of toilets. There is a big problem of safe drinking water in hostel. All the taps are out of
function only one of the taps is in order. Naturally there is huge crowd of students there. All time
you will find long queues of students. The water is collected all around it. It leads to dirt and mud.
Despite this, students have to drink the water because there is no safe source available. It is quite
unhygienic and might ruin their health.
I want to say that students are worried about this problem. The water supplied at the hostel is not
in a proper condition and safe to use. There are complaints of some stomach problems among
students. A water quality test was conducted at our hostel and its result was not satisfactory. As
you know water is essential constituent of life and its safe and fresh availability is necessary in the
So, due to poor water facilities student are always feels suffering from different diseases which
cause great loss of their health. So, they can’t pay full attention to their studies.
I recommend you to use the proper filtration system to purify the water. In this way we can improve
the quality of water. I also suggest to check the water system in hostel regularly. Also replace the
old taps with new taps to make the water safe.