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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

ls he serious? Pulong
to join speaker race
BY WENDELI VIGILI'T unite it," by Congresbmar (Iaguig-Pateros Velasco for allegedly backing out
In a speech during the oath- Rep.) Ala-n Peter Cayeano" of their term-sharing agreement
PRESIDENTIAL son Davao taking of government officials in "Pareho lang kaming binoto ng which the President, himsef sug-
City Rep. Paolo "Pulong!' Duterte Malacaiang Iast May 27, the Presi- mga tao ah. Kuog term sharing, gested to put an end to the divisive
yesterday expressed intention to dent told Paolo to let him knorv he term-shating na kaming lahat (All speakership ace.
join the already tight speakership if was running fot speaker so that of us wete voted by the people. If The former foreign affairs secre-
race eveo if President Duterte has he can imoediately resign because thete will be a term-shaling all of taiy wants Velasco to apologize to
vowed to resrgn if he $/ill do so. it will not look good that too many us should join it)," the presidential President for making it appear
"tr{oapil na ko pagka-speaket (I Dutertes ate occupying the most son said. the Chief Executive lied when he
will join tie speakership race)," the power6:l positioos in the country Last Sunday, Paolo castigated confumed that he had approved a
neophlte Jas'rnaker said in a press The presidential son had previ bickerhg speakership candidates term-sharing agreemeflt betweel
statement !,.ith only tlrree weeks ously said he has no interest in the for allegedly playing dirty to secute the two candidates for speaker,
Ieft before the 18th Coogress position bur said he had a change the fouth highest position in the On Mooday, Cayetano reacted
opens on |uly 22, "The House is of hean because of ta.lks of term- country, calling the tactics "rude"
divided. I might be able to help sharing "being obsessively pushed Cayetano has been pouncing on See PUI-ONG ) Page 85

PULONG speakership alone, but who is *re

right person to unite Congress
Paolo. He is claiming that Velisco
hasat lelst 200 supporters.
Presidente A:wede dngmalago rg
isip si Congtessmar Paolo Duterte,
to the presideltial son's statements, and I hope those running for the "If he joins, I think nobody So tingnan natin. I-et it evolve...
safing what was rude was Velasco's speakership stop influencing the elsewill fight him aod all of us, all Tingnar rutin (Ihe thinkiog of dre
act of maLing the President appeat cabine(' said the President's son, the coalition parties, will join him. President can change. The thioking
a liar by denying their term-sharing Albal Rep. Joey Salceda of We ate fot 'Pulong' Duterte fot of Congressman Paolo Dutefte
agleement. PDP-Laban, a supporter of Ro- speaker," Gonzales told repoltefs. may a.lso change. So leCs see. Let it
VeJasco was fielded by some lead- mualdez, said the President's son erohe. , .I-eds see)," he said.
ers of the ruling PDP-Laban to run will easily win the spealership race NOT YET FINAL Panelo added that if the ptes-
against Cayetano and Leyte Rep. if he is serious. ent circumstances compel the
Irfarth Romualdez of I-akas a{ier the "Paolo will get 300 (votes) and While President Duterte had President to change his stand
President declated last week that he (there will be) no need to share previously said that he would about resigning, he cou.ld change
will no longer pick his bet. (the dree-year) term," said Salceda, resign if Par.rlo runs for speaker, is mind, He, however, is uncertain
The supermajority was divided who eadier said that half of the Chief Pres.idential I-egal Counset rvhat &cumstances could change
after some PDP-I-aban mernbers op- ruling party's more tlao 80 mem- Salvador Panelo said the elder the older Duterte's offer to tesign.
posed thei leaders' decision ro sign a bets are for Romualdez. Duterte! decision may still change, 'ltrala pa rurrun" Hindi pra rvrmao
oanifesto of suppon forVelasco's bid Salceda added that Romualdez depending on the circumstancei. oga n gigi{€ Sp€akeq n€-arirrounce
Breaking tradition, Rep, Duterte will surely withdraw from the tace Panelo, concuffent presidendal pa lang eh. ..Kung siguro kapag
is proposing rhat the speaker's post and give way to the Ptesident's son. spokesman, said the decision of the Speaker ru siya (ds srill nothing He
be shated by representatives from 'The long and short of ie It's younger Dutete to rurr for speaker has not yet become the Speal<et He
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and still the Ptesident who wields
the patty-list groups.
is still in the plaoning stages and not just announced his plans...Iilaybe if
the sword," said ttre lawmaker, yet final. Panelo added drat no one he becomes the Spealer)," Panelo said
'1 will ask the Visa5,zs bloc to elect a trusted lieutenant of former could really prevent Rep Duterte The President in May said there
their speaker for theA term share, speaket Gloria Aroyo. ftom seeking the speakesbip. were already so many Duteftes
with the Mindanao bloc and
a':rd so Pampanga Rep Autelio Gonzales "As a genetal principle, if you in govemment that it has already
the party-list coalition," he said.
Jr., ooe of Velasco's staunchest sup- ate qualified to run, then you can become embarassing
The younger Duterte said the poners in his speakenhip bid, said run," he said. Apart from the President and
speakership race is not just about no one would dare to contest *re He added tlut one's decision or Rep. Duterte,presidentialdaughter
Cayetano and Velasco but the presideotial son if he joins the race. position on an issue is dependent Sala Dutete-Cafpio is the cu!!e'lt
whole county. Gonzales, who was among the on the circumstances aid when the mayor of Davao City wbile presi-
'Ve are not talking about two first ones to asple fot the speaker's circumstances change, the stand dential son Sebastian Duterte is the
persons here. We are talking about post, said all of Velasco's sup- also changes. incumbent is vice mayor of Davao
our beloved couatry. It is not about poters will shift their support fot "h.rwede riog magbago ang isip ag City. - With Jocclgn Montem4lor

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