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The major e-commerce industry Amazon has planned to introduce its prime air drone for package delivery
services. Amazon says that this method is very much superior to the current method of delivering goods. In
December 2013 Jeff Bezos, the CEO of amazon initially quoted that drones will be flying above the homes
for package delivery. Now in June 2019, amazon has announced that the drone delivery system will be
initiated shortly.

In olden days, people use to go to stores and shops for purchasing their daily needs. But now-a-days because
of the innovation of e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc, it is easy to order stuffs from our
place. Within few months the delivery drones will be seen flying in the sky above our homes. These drones
uses Machine learning and computer vision to avoid hinderances like electric wires, cables and it can detect
people easily. These techniques ensure the safety landing of drones. This unmanned product delivery idea is
very new to the e-commerce industry. These drones can fly upto 24km. It has the capability to deliver
packages within 30 minutes. It is fully electric in nature and can carry goods upto 5 pounds(2.5kg).
This innovated product has some Merits:
 It is efficient in time management and has good speed.
 It saves energy and has good accuracy.
 No risk of manual damage.
 Reduces man power wages.
This delivery drone system has some demerits too:
 Expensive method of delivery so that the customers may be charged extra for their online orders.
 Defects in battery may happen during operation.
 Requires lot of technically skilled persons and best infrastructure is needed.
 The drones are prone to theft and even it can be vulnerable to hacking.
 Promised delivery depends on weather condition and package may fall off from the drone.
 Air traffic and space is the main problem for flying drones.
 There is high risk for the privacy of customers data and their surroundings.

This method of package delivery service is very much advanced. By analysing both the merits and demerits
this drone service system is much suitable for foreign countries. For a country like India, with approximately
1.37 billion population with crowded cities and less rate of literacy when compared to other developed
countries this method cannot be successful immediately after launch. The flying drones may even be shot by
some illiterate people. If this technology is introduced in India after 20-25 years it will be a great deal.