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1. The ability to make successive movements of the same kind in the shortest period of time.
a. Endurance c. Agility
b. Speed d. Flexibility

2. The ability to control organic equipment neuro-muscularly; a state of equilibrium.

a. Organic Vigor c. Speed
b. Endurance d. Balance

3. A planned program of physical activities usually designed to improve physical fitness with the purpose of
increasing physical fitness level
a. Sports c. Exercise
b. Dance d. Jogging

4. The following physical activity programs were implemented by the Department of Health (DOH) and World Health
Organization (WHO) to promote an active lifestyle in the past decade. Except for one;
a. Hataw c. Ready, Get Set, Go!
b. Mag HL Tayo d. Go4health

5. Involves any bodily movement caused by muscular contraction that result in the expenditure of energy.
a. Zumba c. Sports
b. Physical Activity d. Exercise

6. The following are the Stages of Change (The transtheoritical model) except for;
a. Malignant Stage c. Preparation Stage
b. Contemplation Stage d. Action Stage

7. Aerobic activities is also known as;

a. Muscle- Strengthening c. Cardio
b. Power d. Endurance

8. Refers to the ability of the muscles to release maximum force in the shortest period of time.
a. Flexibility c. Agility
b. Power d. Endurance

9. What is the recommended level or amount of physical activity to maintain good health?
a. 48 years c. At least 60 minutes every day
b. At least 15 minutes every day d. At least 10 minutes every day

10. Cephalocaudal means;

a. Up and up away c. From left to right
b. From top to bottom d. From north to south

11. The following are examples of Recreational Activities except for;

a. Fishing c. Dancing
b. Basketball d. Swimming

12. The ability to perform one’s daily tasks efficiently without undue fatigue but with extra “reserve” in case of
a. Physical Aspect c. Physical Check Up
b. Physically Fit d. Physical Fitness

MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE. Write “FIT” if the statement is true and “FAT” is the statement is false.

____________ 1. Many people believe that one should engage in sports and exercise only to be Physically Fit.
____________ 2. Sports and exercise are part of the activities that can be classified under recreational physical activity.
____________ 3. Inactive healthy lifestyle helps develop motor control and coordination.
____________ 4. Exercise stimulates the release of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins.
____________ 5. It is said that Fitness is the major goal of Physical Education.
____________ 6. Eating Mc Donald’s everyday helps maintain a healthy body composition
____________ 7. Dancing is considered as an example of Aerobic Exercise.
____________ 8. Some individuals engage in exercise to release tension and manage stress.
____________ 9. A sedentary or inactive lifestyle has been considered by the World Health Organization as a significant
risk factor in the development of many non-communicable diseases.
____________ 10. Eating plenty of food and drinking beer after a strenuous activity is good for the health.
____________ 11. All forms of exercise are beneficial to one’s health and will contribute to improved performance.
____________ 12. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises that require minimal training and equipment.