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Why do we pray? Slippery Friends. They Have Gone

The secrete of praying When does a friend
revealed become a problem?



3 Star Light Foot Solidiers
4 Star Light Editorial members
5 The journey of Star schools from infancy to to date
7 Head Teacher’s Reflection
8 Director Of Studies Reflection
9 Disciplinarian’s Observation
10 Patron’s Reflection
11 Science Department
13 Birthday Parties
15 Star Schools Friends
16 Business Department
17 Chief Editor’s Notes
18 Woship Team 2018
19 The World Of Mathematics
20 Our health is in our health
21 Slippery Friends
22 Fellowship At Star Schools
23 Sporsor’s Day
24 Why do we pray
25 The art of singing
26 Understanding Musical Instruments
27 S.6 Geography Field study
28 Culture
31 They Have Gone
32 Tears
33 Treasure Of The Mantle
33 Education
33 A Special Gift
33 Your Only Limit Is The Sky
34 Star School Champions Cup
35 Star school Champions Cup Finals pictorial
36 Friends Pictorial
Star Light Foot Solidiers
Star Light Edito-
rial members
The journey of Star schools from infancy to to date
life. It was the turning point of
my life. Her boldness struck
Ans: I wanted to see a place where
flesh bright rays into my life.
kids can shine from, grow, speak
good English and blossom as they
Qn.: This was the end of your
become exactly what God made
them to be. This was the biggest
motivation and its reflected in our
Ans: Well, at this point, doors
school motto “choose to shine”
had closed on me. Fortunately,
which means that the students are
God introduced another Lady
the ones to choose to shine or not.
into my life who also shed new
rays of hope into my life. Oh,
Qn.: Looking at Star schools now,
yah she is called Margret who
does it reach to your satisfaction?
sponsored me through college.
Ans: No!! Though much have been
Qn: What were you studying
achieved but am not satisfied be-
in the college?
Most of us wonder what was the motiva- cause we still have a lot to do. For
(With a broad smile) I was in a bible
tion and inspiration of the establishment example, we would like you guys to
of star Schools. The curiosity drove us to have a magnificent church where
scoop into the secretes of Star Schools. you can praise God and have time to
Qn.: I guess, your struggle in your child-
Amooti Nathan Himself talks openly exercise your faith. The playground
hood education was your motivation for
what motivated him to drive his dreams needs to be made standard and build
starting star schools?
into reality. pathways through the compound.
Looking at this and much more to
Ans: When I finished school, I realized that
Qn.: Briefly tell us about your back- be done it’s like I started yesterday.
education was very important. So that was
my motivation and I committed myself to
Qn.: What interests you most
help and sponsor children and help them
Ans: Looking at me now, you might while at star schools?
be what God created them to be. But be-
think I had it all in the beginning but
lieving that my motivation was mainly my
in reality misfortune poked me at an Ans: Seeing students smart and
background is half true because the biggest
early age. I lost both parents very early listening to you speak good English
drive force was my faith. Commitment
(reflecting) when I was in primary five makes me very happy because it’s a
backed with faith enabled me realize the
and primary six, just very young. At this big achievement. But what makes
dream of Star Schools.
point a new reality had set in. Without more fulfilled is to see you have a
both parents, I was afraid, I wouldn’t bright future. Seeing you having
Qn: It sounds it was that simple to start
continue with my studies. This was a friendly teachers who do not harm
Star schools?
reality to most orphans of my kind. you and having freedom around to
Darkness had thrown her sharp arrows do everything like writing a mag-
Ans: That’s not true. It was difficult but
on me. azine whips me with joy. In short,
through prayers and faith in my abilities
having an environment that enables
great challenges had to be overcame. I
Qn.: Ehh, it’s hard to believe a man you excel at anything you set your
prayed, took time to read my bible so the
of your influence to have had such a hands on really impresses me.
grace and the glory of the Lord gave me
misfortune. What was your pick up
courage to push me through thick and thin.
moment? Qn.: What makes you successfully
In fact, we started with 5 classes of second-
ary section with 48 students at the second- run several projects at the same
Ans: Oh, something unbelievable time?
ary lower block sponsored by MARIA on
happened. Something un-expectable
13th January 2008
happened. (With calmness). My sister Ans: If you are to achieve great
PHOIB dropped out of school so as things, truth be told, you will need
We started teaching and today we are to
to define the next step in my life. She to work with people and working
celebrate a decade anniversary (10 years)
painfully took a low status job in the with smart people is the only secrete.
of educating young souls and seeing you
bank and started working as security I work with many people who make
young children of Star Schools interview-
guard. Despite the low pay, she managed sure that these projects are sustained
ing motivates me the more.
to deny herself a lot of pleasures, picked like Rev. Kandole Samuel who runs
me up and started paying for me school the secondary section, Josephine of
fees. This she did from senior one up to Qn.: Why did you call this school star the primary section and Agnes of
senior six. This was the best thing of my the nursery section and of course
all the staff members. In fact, Jose- cattle keepers. further than you ever thought.
phine has been there since 2008. I When we reached town, she took me to 3. Who do you think can help you? Is it
have learnt to be a member of a team a restaurant and asked for tea but at our the headmaster, the primary headmis-
and work with the team coz without home we were never used to hot drinks so tress, teachers? Then approach them and
working with a team you can hardly when they brought me tea I immediately cooperate. Because in life you will need to
achieve anything. As a member of took a mouthful and guess what? It burnt seek for help and to give help.
a team, you have to avoid to always me seriously and like a village boy, I spit it By Anick and keza
be the star of the show. We are many out in front of people, they all turned and
stars working together. laughed at me. My sister hit me hard and
my head swell. My tongue was burnt and
Qn: What is the funniest thing that I couldn’t taste anything for a whole week
you remember in your childhood?
Qn.: Your last word to our devoted
Ans: Hah, I have been a comedy but readers.
I clearly remember this; (laughing
loudly) Ans: There are three things to know:
My sister came to take me for sec- 1. Do you believe in what you do? If your
ondary school in town and of course answer is yes, then go for it and give it
she had to first give me lectures about your best.What do you need to realize
town and how to live in town. As she your dream?
explained the town life my imagi- 2. Do you need money? Know what you
nation went wild. At the thought of need and keep on motivating people
getting to town I started missing life about what you do and keep it Immortal.
of the forest coz I had spent my early All things revolve on people, keep them
time grazing cows. My parents were abreast on what you do and you will reach
Head Teacher’s Reflection

I have been looking forward for this day when my in their hard earned income to have such projects
mind is clear enough to write this article. I will accept start and come to completion.
that it has been hard on my side to write this article
not because of lacking what to write but because of We have also seen the relationship between the
having so much. I have seen this school change from students and teachers improve and this has been
one level to another and now the question was “what reflected in the performance of the students in
should write and what should I not write?” internal exams and more sttill to the forth nation-
al exams. I have faith that my students will make
In the situation I’m in, it is hard to decide on what I it big.
should not write because I have a lot that I can write
but then I’m aware that the space is not so much. In Discipline has greatly improved and we contin-
this position, you are forced to only appreciate the key ue to work hard to ensure that students not only
players. acquire academic knowledge but leave the school
with discipline that will enable them fit in the
I would love first to thank the Venus editorial mem- society.
bers for having thought and implemented this project.
Truth be told I thought they were joking but their The success of this school is attributed to the
persistence in encouraging their fellow learners to teaching and non teaching stuff that continue to
contribute articles, their initiative to acquire a cam- work hard as a team to ensure that our children
era (thanks to the parent who rendered a camera to are properly handled and directed to a better
Venus) indicated that they were serious. destination. The cooperation from the parents
have contributed greatly to the success we have
God has done a lot of amazing things in this institu- registered. Your trust in giving us your children
tion of which I would cover the whole magazine if continue to humble us and get dedicated to doing
I could mention everything. This year was indeed a our best for a better future.
blessing for Star schools. We have seen the long await-
ed project of church start and come to a completion, Finally I would like to appreciate students who
we have seen the walk ways around the school being continue to cooperate with our staff and work
made and renovation of the classrooms. Appreciations hard in improve their grades. Hard work, disci-
go to the faithful men and women of God who give pline and prayers will lead you to your desired
Director Of Studies Reflection
The cooperation we enjoy here should be credited to
In the process of imparting knowledge into the the teachers who have continuously acted as parents
young citizens of the nation, we meet a lot of chal- to the students. And this bridged the gap between the
lenges but it is our passion and commitment of teachers and students improving the discipline and
being the best that keep us going. performance of the students.

I have seen highly committed and dedicated staff Students have the liberty to consult with the school
here at star schools Kigali-masaka. We are proud of counselor in any psychological issues and this has
the cooperation we exercise and if I should summa- enabled our students continue to have good mental
ries the situation here at this life changing institution, environment . The school counselor has done a good
I would just say that we are a family. job in enabling students thin properly.

The bottle of thanks extends to all the teaching staff Finally would love to thank the entire school com-
for reaching the targets we set in achieving the aims munity that has always provided us with insights
and objects of this great school. We have come from on better we would improve the academics here at
far but we know that we still have a long journey. The school. We pray that the almighty God bless us all as
faith in Christ strengthens everything we do and we “we choose to shine”
are proud of being a Christian founded school.
We have registered the best learning environment
that has always guaranteed us constant success from
the day this school was established to this day. We
have never gone back.
Disciplinarian’s Observation

Discipline the oxygen of excellence high levels of discipline enjoyed better performance
Star school has gone through a series of transfor- than their counterparts who were undisciplined.
mations and I have had the opportunity to witness
and participate in the initiation and administration Here at star school different ways have been initiat-
of some of these transformations. The ten years’ star ed to ensure that the trust parents have given us is
schools have spent has had difficulties and achieve- maintained and in this we have not forgotten the true
ments like any other learning institutions. I will take guarantee of the success we enjoy today and this has
pride in elaborating the major factor that has given been maintaining high levels of discipline.
raise of star schools and this is discipline.
Like almost all learning institutions, star schools With great honor I would love to extend my sincere
started with less structures and micromanagement appreciations to the fellow educators at star schools
which was dictated by the nature the school was in. who have tirelessly given themselves as the true
parents to the young souls of the nation. I have wit-
I remember way back in 2012 where we had only one nessed a family at star school. Instead of just teach-
office of the head teacher and the rest of the admin- ing academics, you have gone an extra mile to show
istrators had to find their level best. Administration love to the students which is so rare in most learning
in these days was quit complicated since there was no institutions. The openness between the learners and
privacy in handling some of the complicated issues the educators should be credited for the high levels of
concerning student’s behavior. discipline we enjoy today.

If better academic performance is the heart of school I will be a hypocrite not to mention that amidst all
excellence, I find great discipline the oxygen. From the discipline we enjoy today, there has been indisci-
the wealthy of my experience, I have no any doubt pline cases that have been developing. Thanks to the
that without discipline any person can amount to disciplinary department’s techniques to cab down
anything let it be in academics or in real life. I find it these cases. With the cooperation of the fellow edu-
fundamentally right to believe that the great dis- cators and students, we have used different methods
cipline is even more necessary in real life than at that have helped students get back on line among
school. these are use of peer to peer counseling, understand-
ing and listening to the culprits of discipline, involv-
I have witnessed students of different walks of life ing parents and devising the best way possible and
and the difference in their performance was highly above all prayers to provoke the Holly spirit to guide
dependent on the level of discipline they bestowed in us in all we do.
controlling themselves and focusing on the set goals.
Like how anyone can guess, students who exercised By Mr. Ntwari Joshua
Patron’s Reflection
As the saying goes, “wisdom is the wish to learn of these learners, our task is to motivate them,
support them and correct them where possible.
even from the young”, I have been much humbled
and privileged to work with focused and enthusi- My final message to all the young youth in this
astic young youths at Star Secondary School(Lan- blessed country, Rwanda, we ought to promote
tern Meet of Writers), on the ‘VENUS’ magazine and embrace the reading and writing culture,
project and other academic related projects. that is the way of marketing ourselves and our
Sometimes as instructors and teachers, we tend country at large, so that in the near future, we
to think that we are custodians of knowledge and may refer from our very own writings.
we always wish to dominate everything that takes Parents, guards, caretakers, teachers, you ought
place around school. But have you ever imagined to model and mold the young ones, show them
how great and pleasant it is, to watch the learners the way, help them identify their talents because
doing things emphatically with great charisma that is the responsibility that you were given by
than you never imagined? From this dedicated the Almighty.
association, I have learn to learn, to unlearn and
to relearn. My sincere utmost gratitude is extended to the
Lantern Meet of Writers, for the dedication,
The articles in this first edition of ‘Venus’ maga- sacrifice and the time you have offered towards
zine, are based on the learners’ point of view and ‘Venus’ project. You have laid a milestone and a
their perception of the world. Through poetry, legacy that has made and will make Star School
prose and other genres, Lantern Meet of Writers shine to greater heights.
have proven that through writing the world can
be enlightened. The writings are full of humour, We Choose to Shine
creativity, imagination and expression (through
writing and speaking).
Head of Language department and
The Lantern Meet of Writers have a message to
their fellow young youths and to us their care- Patron/chief editor Lantern Meet of Writers.
takers; Writing is enlighting. As the caretakers
Star Secondary School.
Science Department

The biology and chemistry department here at

Star Schools Masaka – Kigali is privileged to have
successfully enhanced the student centered learn-
ing. The use of integrated approach in teaching has
widened the scope of learning of the students. As a
department we believe this is the best way of teach-
ing the basic lessons of life to the young scholars who
through their shire research and consultations with
the most experienced teachers of this department
can help shape the world anew. As a general rule in
this approach we link Biology and Chemistry with
other subjects to widen the general understanding of
the student.

We have nominatively managed to address cross-cut- we have constantly been rewarded with better grades
ting issues like standardization of culture such as care in the national exams. In this we have chosen to be
for the environment in the lessons. By using gender part of the solution rather than being part of the pre-
inclusive strategy, we have cultivated harmony in our cipitates as “we choose to shine”
learners, the ideal which we uphold as a department.
I would love to extend my gratitude to the students
The most important achievement is the emphasis who have constantly showed their love for learn-
we have insisted on the generic competencies such ing and most importantly to the parents who trust
as cooperation and interpersonal skills which have their sons and daughters into our hands. Without
enhanced learner centered teaching. We prioritize on your faith in us, we wouldn’t be who we are today.
building the learner’s research and critical thinking My bottle of thanks extends to the fellow educators
competences and this has become our fundamental whose contribution to the department has constantly
virtue. In this we teach students to become responsi- proved to be of paramount importance.
ble citizens.
With all the innovation we have made to improve on THE HEAD OF SCIENCE DEPARTMENT
the learner’s understanding of the concepts we teach,
Birth day parties are highly celebrated here at Star
schools and they are organised in a such way the
person whose birthday has reached doesn’t know
that his friends are organising a party. He/she is
surprised by being decieved of something. The best
deception was when the headteacher was decieved
that one of the classes had got a short circuit. This
dupe was mastermided by the students being aided
by some teachers. The head teacher rushed out of
the office to go and examin the problem after he
had called the school engineer only to reach in the
class and hear students sing him birthday songs and
a cake being urshered to him to be sliced. He was
eft with tears of joy and had nothing to say only to
touch his bald head in surprise
Actually tis year we experienced a lot of birthday
celebrations being organised by students for teach-
ers and felow students. These are happy moments
here at Star.
Birthday Parties
Chapel hand over party is one of the
most celebrated events in the school,
every champel memebr wits for this
day and works hard to make this event
very colorful.

As the studnets dress to their best,

the event begins with worship led by
worship team and then the prayers
proceed. The day ends with recogni-
tion of the champel executive team
for the work offered to the champel.
Certificates are offered and meals clos-
es it all as students work hard to level
down the hills and mountains on their
Star Schools Friends
Business Department

A person who disagrees with me on the point of how the business are created and ran and economic
a business being the heart of family and a nation at atmosphere and they it influences the lives in their
large, also should agree that he hasn’t yet known the nation.
world he is in. Rwanda seeks to equip students to be
actors of their own development in so far as there With the best staff in our department, we are sure to
are able to create their own enterprise. continue imparting useful entrepreneur skills and
economic knowledge in an easy and understandable
This serves not only to enable learners skills to means as “we chose to shine”
create their own employment but also create more
employment opportunities in respect to laws and MR. MUHUMUZA ABEL
regulations related to the creation and management HEAD OF BUSINESS DEPARTMENT
of income generating projects

Economics sums to all as it looks to a broader

part of all most all aspects of life be it social politi-
cal as integral part of business in general .

For a person who should understand the dynamics

of the world should be keen to learn entrepreneur-
ship and economics since they are subjects that
formulate and dictate the things we consume be it
food or drugs.

As a business department, we are dedicated at

creating better ways of teaching business skills to
our learners. We creative create methods that would
enable students understand the dynamics in the
business world so that they are able to understand
Chief Editor’s
Jesus was asked “what is the shortest way to great-
ness? The master teacher answered “Service to many We at “WE WRITE AFRICA” shall continue to
is the shortest way to greatness.” motivate and ensure that the learners have the skills
and motivation to write beautiful articles. We shall
I take this pleasure to appreciate the parents, stu- continue to promote the Publications entrusted to us
dents and teachers who have worked hard and both off and on line to enable wide coverage in terms
walked the lonely path which has led to this pub- of readership. This work, we shall continue to do with
lication. By contributing your time, thoughts and one heart fulfilling our greatest objective of making
your hard earned money, you have stepped into the and increasing African writers starting with students.
road to greatness. This Publication is a faith engineer
towards the world of writers at this school. You have We recommend that much efforts should be extended
all reasons to exercise your writing skills since there to learners with interest in writing, photography, de-
will be periodic publication of this issue. signing and marketing by availing them with neces-
sarily resources to ensure the success of the coming 2rd
I have seen committed young writers fight hard to issue.
ensure that Venus is out, not only contributing their
articles but also contributing their small money for I conclude by thanking the school administration for
their upkeep. I’m glade that finally what you have trusting us with students and for encouraging the
fought for has come to pass. Venus is now out. learners to participate in this revolutionary project of
Venus. If you had not opened the doors to us, learners
I know that the Patron Venus-Tr Nyabwogo Perez, would have not have gotten the chance of expressing
you have spent all your time and resources organiz- their ideas. We pray that your good grace may contin-
ing and motivating “Members of the writer’s club” ue to open the doors for learners to continue partici-
to constantly have meetings that would generate this pating in this great cause.
master piece. With the copy of Venus on your table Thanks very much. May the blessing of the almighty
and another on your tablet, I believe you can’t help God be upon you.
but seat back in your comfortable chair and smile.
This is a manifestation of your hard work. SIR. BAHABWA VICENT ANGEL
I have always believed that young people when
empowered can do amazing things and this issue is a Tel:+250780751067
proof of my belief. I believe that the coming issue is Facebook page we write Africa
going to be better than this one as the students may
be give the trust and enough resources to exercise
their talents.
Woship Team 2018
The World Of Mathematics
Mathematics here at star schools has been regis- With the understanding of the above formula, it
tered great improve since the school was established. would be easy for you calculate the inflation of the
The first battle was changing the attitude of students family and with this knowledge, better decisions
towards mathematics and this was done through regarding family spending can be reached.
constant enlightenment on how easy mathematics
was. Though it called a lot of efforts but they were Or Suppose that your land has the form of square
worth it. Because of this we have seen the number of and may be you are the farmer
students applying for combinations with mathemat- Then you need to know it’s in to know how many
ics increase at a greater rate. This was a greater step kilograms of maize that you suppose to plant on that
taken by mathematics department. area it is just very easy what you need to do is to mul-
tiply one side of the land by itself which gives (side)2
We undertook the second step of devising better an
simple ways of teaching mathematics to students. The You will agree with me that without mathematics,
department innovated ways of teaching mathematics the world would be in a worst position. Mathemat-
in a students friendly approach and this increased the ics help in shaping the way we think and the way we
interest of students to mathematics. This was a very look at things. From the engineering to the virtual
necessary and it produced better results. world creation.

I would love to remind the entire community that Finally mathematics opens the mind. It develops the
the world of mathematics is the world of knowledge, critical thinking capacity of the learner. To my own
skills, understanding and knowing of future opinion every student should study mathematics to
For instance: 1 in economics, suppose you want to develop his or thinking capabilities.
calculate the inflation of a home increase in value
From P1 to P2 over a period of a year the annual rate MR. KALISA DAVID
I= √(n&p1/p2)-1 expression
√(n&□(p1/p2)) is A radical form in mathemat-
Our health is in our health

W ith great pleasure, my humble appreciations

go to the almighty God coz through His Providence
He has made us reach this far. As Star school clinic,
we have not received severe cases this time and this
is enough to make us thank God for his unceasing
love. Among the cases we have received though not
at regular basis are flue, cough, headaches, ulcers,
stomachaches and malaria and these cases have been
handled with swiftness to enable the student get back
to learning without complications.

In-advent, I would love to repeat my general counsel-

ing to my dear students that to avoid the complica-
tions that have always ailed you, it is better this time
to reengage in activities that will continue to guar-
antee you good health such that you may find your
learning easy and without interference with body
ailments. reporting the cases that would require quick respons-
es and above all for maintaining the general excellent
I recommend you to involve in regular exercise so hygiene without which good health that we enjoy
as to neutralize the brain fatigue you accumulate today could be attained.
at every end of learning day. It is a good practice to
utilize the sports facilities the school has availed to My bliss has always been fueled by the quick re-
you so that the fatigue of the mind is managed. Again sponse that the school administration has always
it is a bad common habit not take adequate fluids shown in providing whatever that is asked to ensure
more especially water since most of the above men- good health of the students.
tioned ailments are stimulated by limited water in the
body. Proper management of stress through sports Lastly, I would love to congratulate you parents for
and enough body rest will overwhelm you with good having always been positive whenever we called on
health. you on the matters concerning the health of your
daughters and sons. In this you have really constantly
Since it has been a cropping case of minor injuries proved that you are really great parents. I will never
especially in the students of the lower classes, I’m cease to remind you to continue giving proper gener-
bound to re-echo that carefully playing will help you al body checks and proper medication when ailments
avoid these unnecessary injuries. And to the old- are detected before your sons and daughter report for
er students, it is proper for you to help prevent the school and to always remind your sons and daugh-
young ones from engaging in the games that would ters to report with their health insurance cards such
render them injuries. Fruits should also be your com- that they may not find it hard in accessing advanced
panion if your health must keep well. medication whenever nature dictates.

Pure gratitude goes to the prefects, dorm captains, By Pascasie Nsanzumuhire

matron and patron who have unceasingly helped in The school nurse
Slippery Friends
(In the school library Santa, Pa-
mela, Sonia and Angel are playing

Sonia: If we are going to easily do

the work the teacher has left with
us, we need to be creative. We
need to devise ways of discussing
this research work. I don’t like do-
ing it the conventional way. (Look-
ing at her three group members.)

Santa: By conventional way, you

mean what? (Confused) I don’t
understand where you want to
drag us to.

Sonia: Look around the whole

library. Everyone is grabbing
textbooks and reading what other
mortal man have written. What Sonia: (Looking closely to the group them and become seriously engrossed
they are doing convinces me that members re-assuring) I don’t want in their text books.
what the authors of those books to portray myself as greater than any Pamela: What do we have? (Look-
wrote is infallible yet I don’t want person, living or dead but what am ing around as if not bothered by the
to believe that. striving to tell you is that reading teacher and the principal.)
contributes the least percentage to
Pamela: So what do you what our understanding. It is a known Santa: We’ve got the questions and the
us to believe? Since the teacher fact that you forget 60% of what you cards. Isn’t wise to start with what we
is going to come to monitor the read in the first twenty minutes you have? It is high time we began.
group activities, it would be rather have finished reading and 40% of
pleasing to do what the majority is what is left is forgotten in the next Angel: Heh, we need rules that will
doing. (She looks at angel as if ask- two hours. (Triumphantly takes guide us. I believe in rules. No game
ing for approval of her suggestion.) hold of Pamela’s hand and squeezes is fair without rules. The say that rules
it.) It’s against this background that are the prefects of discipline.
Sonia: I confess that I can’t go I suggest we devise another way of
through books. Am not good at researching this group work. Pamela: On the contrary, (looking
reading besides they are many at Angel) we can work well without
ways of learning. Even though Santa: (Impatiently).That’s a point. the prefects. I don’t see the point in
reading is highly praised and I suggest we create a game that can making rules. It’s a fair play. We have a
recommended by almost all ed- easily make us all participate. My gentleman’s rule.
ucators, scientific facts prove us old teacher used to say “work with-
wrong. We don’t need to enslave Angel: I insist in making rules, Santa
out play makes Santa a dull girl.” Let
ourselves only to reading. us do both. We play while we work!buy into my side. It is the rules that
(Surprised, she looks at Sonia as if
will give us the direction and guide us.
Pamela: Sonia, you want to play she had not intended to speak likePamela: there is no need of getting
down the history and convince us how she had spoken.) people to support you. We need to
that what has made of your teach- work without rules so that we work
er, a teacher is really not working? Sonia: That’s kind difficult but be- without the baggage of penalty. I think
(Nodding her head in disapproval) lieve me guys, it’s possible. it is within a human that he is called to
It is going to be hard to work with The teacher with the principal enter sin on the pronunciation of the rules.
you in this group. the library. All students look at Continue to page 31
Fellowship At Star Schools

Books are read and different ones according to the created us. It is a way of getting blessing from our
will of someone and the type of the book that he lord father and it’s what he wants from us in our daily
wants to read. The books rages from history books, lives i.e. to live in his presence.” there I will meet
fiction books, economic books, political books you and speak to you; there also I will meet with the
among others. Books change one’s attitude, his Israelites……………I will dwell among them the
thoughts and a person’s character. But what is differ- Israelites and their God” Exodus 29:42-45
ent is that there is one book that do not change but If we in the presence of God, He will talk to us
transform. That book is the Bible. It’s not only be- and we shall get to know what he wants. To us star
lieved in by Christians but also Muslims. schools students, not attending church services
The importance of books is not in reading them but means leaving the presence of God.
in applying the precepts got from the book one reads.
If it was that every one reads the Bible and applies By Enock Irakoze
what it teaches the world would be a paradise.

Here at star we go to church every Sunday and every

morning in week days for devotion.
Why do we attend morning devotion or go to church
every Sunday?

If I would get an opportunity to ask every one that

question, what do you think I can get as the answer I
suspect I can hear reasons like.
I. To obtain some new thought from the word
II. To the past speak
III. To be built up
IV. To fellowship
V. To feel and enjoy music

These are pretty fair responses and from good faith.

As good as these responses are, critical reasons are
Why do we worship? When we go to church with
broken hearts and humble ourselves before God who
Sporsor’s Day
Why do we pray

I t is very vital for Christians to pray

regularly as God asks us to do for
1: 35) “And raising very early in the
morning while it was still dark, he
As we pray we should be careful and
be sure of not committing follies that
He said we should pray unceasingly. departed and went out to a dissolute most Christians fall prey of. As we
Praying is a commandment of God. place and there he prayed” Jesus told pray, we should not be anxious of
(1 Thessalonians 5: 17) but also prayer Peter and the two sons of Zebedee to anything (Philippians 4:6). We should
unites us with our creator, all caring be watchful and pray that they may not ask according to our passions. We
father. not be led into temptations by the evil should be in good terms with God,
one. For the life without prayer is prey Holly, and keeping our faith high
The Bible tells us to pray daily with- to temptation. We pray so as not to through repentance. (James 4:2-3).
out ceasing. This means we shouldn’t enter into temptation (Mathew 26:41) We should walk in light and be holy.
pray only on Sabbath but pray daily. and to be delivered from the evil ones. (1 john 1:5, 14-15). We should be
Thanks for the Star schools daily de- We also present to our caring father patient believing in Him who saved us
votionals which allow us to commune the desires of our hearts through and called us to salvation. Being con-
as a school every morning to share prayer. (Mathew 7:7) fident in his power to provide to us.
the word of God and raise our hearts
to the almighty. On the additional of It is through prayer that we sit at As we pray we should remember that
the daily devotions, it is a privilege to the feet of our creator and present Sin separates us from God and most
most devoted saints of God to devote our petitions. Since the world is full cases when we haven’t repented of our
for time to seek His face who created of uncertainties most of which are sins we get separated from God and
them. unknown to our canal minds, we pray most likely our prayers shall not be
to God to reveal to us what we cannot answered. (proverbs 15:8) Praying for
On this planet earth we meet differ- see and know with our own thinking something which is not God’s will and
ent temptations and the major three (Jeremiah 33:3) because when we pray Being jealousy to others also prevent
things that normally make us sin are to God, He opens our spiritual vision. our prayers from being answered.
our bodies (flesh), world desires and Praying also enables us acquire the
Satan. Therefore, we pray so as to re- blessings of God so as the works of By NSHAYIJA FRED
main pure in our hearts. Jesus the son our hands might be blessed to bless S.6 MPG
of God who called us to salvation used others. 2018
to spend good time in prayer (Mark:
The art of singing

Throughout history, singing has Singing demands, a greater supply

and control of breath; air from lungs Women
been the most widespread and familiar is controlled by lower abdominal 1. Soprano
way of making music. Ancient Greek muscles and diaphragm. The air 2. Mezzo soprano
drama included a chanting chorus, and makes the vocal cords vibrate and 3. Alto (control to)
the bible records that Moses, Miriam, the singer’s lungs, throat, mouth,
and the Israelites sung to glorify the and nose into play to produce the Men
lord. desired sound. The pith of the tone 1. Tenor
varies with the tension of the vocal 2. Baritone
Singers seem always to have had a cords, the tighter they are, the high- 3. Bass
magnetic appeal and even today ador- er the pitch. (The use of computers
ing audiences imitates the looks and and electronics has revolutionized Because of differences in taste, meth-
lifestyles of their favorites. the way we create, play and listen to ods of sing vary widely from culture to
music) culture. Asian for example is more na-
The exchange between singers and sal than that of the west while classical
audience contains a bit of magic, The range of a singer’s voice de- singers in our culture and eruct.
something direct and spellbind. Prob- pends both on the training and the
ably because the singer becomes an physical makeup. Professional sing- By Asaph Nyirigira
instrument we identify with him or her ers can command 2 octaves o even S.5 MCE
especially –a human body like our own more whereas an untrained voice is
expressing emotion through sounds usually limited to bout one and half
and words. octaves. Men’s vocal cords are longer
and thinker than women’s and this
The voice has a unique ability to fuse a difference produces a lower range
word with a musical tone and from the of pitches. The four basic ranges are
reason poetry and singing have been soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
inseparable in many cultures. Singing
can make words easier to remember
and can heighten their emotion effect
for many reasons; it is difficult to sing
well. In singing we use wide ranges of
pitch and volume then speaking and
we hold vowel sound louder longer.
Understanding Musical Instruments
Here at star, we enjoy the mel- rites can’t be performed without
them and special ceremonies and An instrument is often made
odies and in the company of the sacrifices are sometimes enacted in different sizes that produce
Angelic voices with spice up the when the drums are being sound. different ranges of sound for
rhythm with instruments its prop- Instruments have been used for instance the saxophone family
er therefore to swim deep in the communication as well. Detailed include soprano, alto, baritone,
mechanism of musical instruments. messages have been sent drumbeats. and bass saxophones.
Instruments provide entertainment People from different walks of the An instrument tone color may
and accompany singing, dancing, world use musical instruments that vary with register (part of the to-
religious rites, and drama. But they vary greatly in construction and in tal rage) in which it is played. A
also serve other functions too. For tone color. An instrument may be clarinet sounds like dark and rich
example, in some cultures, instru- defined as any mechanism other it its low register but it is high
ments are thought to have magical than the voice that produce musical register is brilliant and piecing.
powers. Bells are worn to guard sounds. Western musicians usually
against harm and rattles are used classify instruments in such broad By Nyirigira Asafu
by traditional healers during their categories. MCE
traditional rites. 1. String – such as guitars and violins
In some parts of our continent 2. Woodwind- such as flute clarmet
(Africa) drums are so sacred coz 3. Percussion – such as bass drum
they are used in religious rites and and cymbals
are used by the traditional healers. 4. Key board – such as piano, organ
Drums are so sacred that religious 5. Electronic – such as synthesizer
S.6 Geography Field study
I was very excited
for the field studies.
It is such times that
the things you study
in theory are reached
and seen physically.
Mountains are climbed,
lakes are stepped in
and caves are entered
to make our learning

I look forward for every

field study and am will-
ing to do everything
to attend such lessons.
We are blessed to have
a school and teachers
who organise such field

Rwanda is rich in its culture and the

interesting thing is the effort the Rwan-
dans put to preserve their traditional
ways of doing things. Starting from the
style of wearing to the beliefs.

Traditional dances are one of the thing

that whips a Rwandan with a whip of
joy. It’s relatively a must to see people
play traditional songs and all people
join in the dance. The language is one
the thing that is officially respected. As
from other countries.
many nations in African make English, their country, culture and clan.
Latin and French their official Lan- The Bahima in Uganda are
Rwandan culture is highly admired
guage has remained to its roots. “Our basically cattle keepers and it’s
by the Rwandans themselves and
language is the one that unites us” you said they are the original Banya-
efforts have been made to let tech-
will hear top leaders say that often kole and those who are not the
nology and modernity not kill the
Rwandan culture. Instead, these have Bahima are defined to as Bairu.
been used to furnish the culture to a The inter-marriages between the
Most public functions are blessed with
more modern one but with the same Rwandans and Banyakole have
cultural dances and cultural wears. blended well.
flavors and textures of the past.
This makes Rwanda unique from other
countries in Africa. As well as modern The cultural dressing of a munya-
Our close research has shown us
styles of singing are preferred among kole woman wears umushanana
there’s another culture that is in close
the young and the old folks of Africa, to or busuti not even wearing short
relation with Rwandan culture. The
really solicit the souls of Rwandans you clothes that expose her body out.
Ankole culture is somehow related to
have got to uniquely blend traditional
the Rwandan culture. The Ankole re-
styles with modern ways. Most popular The giving away of girl child in
gion is located in south western part
songs hold traditional beats and at least marriage is called okuhingira.
of Uganda and it has many districts.
in the videos, you will have find some The most interesting in Ankole
The Bahima of Uganda in Ankole
traditional dancing. culture is that their people are
have much in common with the
Rwandans therefore in Uganda they hospitable thus welcoming and
Girls wear clothes which cover their in their culture they emphasize
take Rwandans as their real brothers
bodies as sign of protecting their digni- their children to uphold the
and sisters. It’s difficult to differenti-
ty. There are also girls who owe much culture values even when they
ate a Muhima and a Rwandan while
respect and love to others, the girls have made their own families
standing together.
with much humbleness and much care
to their parents. They do remain with BY KAMITALI LAURYN
It’s not a surprise that Uganda has
their natural beauty which is different S.5 HEL
welcomed Rwandans to be part of
D emocracy is not the value you learn when you are
old but it the value that you learn and practice early in
secrete ballots where as students, we practice our rights
to elect leaders of our choice without hindrace and the
leaders with the voice of the majority are recognised as
life so that when you grow you are able to defend this
the electrolites.
This is a virtual that should be upheld and practiced at
We understand this fact as and every year, the schools
an early stage to enable leaarnere grow with it and thank
organises general elections and it is this time that
God the turn up is always above 90%
students elect leaders of their owwn choices. We use
Like how paul is fond of saying
“Life is a chair banana you have got
to live it now, you never know what
is coming tomorrow” one has got to
get some cool time when one sets his
mind to relax. Listening music may
work for some, ohers can play foot-
ball while others can go for friend
jazz but all indicates that one has got
to get some leisure.

Indeed life is like wind, you have got

to be set a better sail so that wherever
it blows you, you sail well and don’t
miss your destination. With a better
sail, if life throws a stone at you, you
never cry but step on it and pick that
mango fruit.

The vibes of life are funny, you never

know what is coming. Some days
scaring while others are dearling.
Better to treat dearling days with fun
and when the scaring days sets in
you treat them with care. In short be
carefufree in the dearling days and
be careful in scaring days for life is a
chair banana
They Have Gone

They have gone

They have disappeared like Angels
They never said bye
They just kicked the door
And broke our hearts into pieces
Not knowing what will happen to them

My little brothers and sisters

They will come back
Now am guard of the home
A heart of the home
And the leader of the family waiting
For they have gone

The real one who shares my joy,

Peace and the one who cheers
When am angry and worried
You are the greatest friends
We ever had for long life
To us there is no one who can replace
The dear ones except God.

You could always inspire me

You’ve always been there for me
Supporting me in every situation
I could reach in;
I’m proud to have had a special precious time
To call my real ones

People look into our eyes

And see angry and pale faces
The eyes full of tears
The eyes full of worries
Let me share hurt with my young ones
And keep waiting until they show up
For they have gone.
Rebecca Tressor
What’s tears?
Bad or good?
May be let’s say it’s good
Good but weak
Good but fearful
Good but foolish
Good but meaningless
That means it’s all bad

Grief in hearts
Faces become red
Hearts about to burst
Plastic smiles on the faces
Sneezing second to second
Trying to push tears
But it can’t be pushed
It’s pulled

Burst into tears

Hearts beating fast
Droplets can’t stop falling
Flowers and sunshine no more
Clouds become too dark
The knelling of souls
Weeping of sadness
Screaming from mouths

Whispering to your hearts

“No more pains. Time to let go”
But still rain is falling
And the storm is becoming too strong
Still remembering the pain
But struggling with the sadness
Saying may be its fate or destiny

You aren’t yourselves anymore

You are lonely in your hearts
You are speechless
No more trusts
No more lovings

Selfishness is full of your hearts

Smile not smile
Keep those memories
Never to forget
A Special Gift

It’s easy to fall
Everyone can afford
Some people who are able buys
But sooner as changing
Like clouds and whipping
All in the black bucket

Indeed, no easy
Patience is the bridge
True passion is the source
Bottom foundation is a pillar
A bless to those who have

Yes, the blessing from God

The special gift
I have ever heard from ancients
Not all people who are blessed
To get it, thanks to those
Who have it

A friend, a friend, I mean

A friend not a pretender
Nor a hypocrite or to those
Who fry up for goldies
No, no, a true friend
Is a special gift.
By Fridah S.6

Treasure Of The Education Your Only Limit Is The Sky

Mantle Let no one steal your dreams
Treasure of the mantle, Education; you are regarded as Let no one tear apart the burning ambi-
The dry light erase the night fall Number one all over the world tion that fires
The wind blew the leaves by the tree One without you can’t go further The drive inside your heart
The wind of the world was a beautiful For with you the sky can’t even limit
relief Let no one steal your dreams
I’m proud to call it my home You provide excellence you provide Let no one tell you that you can’t
smartness And let no one hold you back
Dark like Tutsi but the worst You provide knowledge and skills For your future is in your hand
Enlightening soul was indeed the For the now and future time
The true vibe of this rhythm You are the cradle at able leaders Set your sights high and keep them fixed
Set your sight high
Worth underneath my terrain We are here to witness the education of And put more efforts for a betterment of
Made me feel embodiment star school your future
The coo. Above the flattered, The teachers are here
My pride I felt, the treasure of myself The ministers are here Don’t fear
The future business men and women Just imagine
It indeed was the treasure of the mantle are there Create and express
Water broad streams flowed down We are all who we are and where we are Your ideas for our limit is the sky
Beneath the land from the cistern Because of you, education
On its purity, thirsty was never Let no one steal your dream follows your
At my disposal indeed was How blessed I am to find you heart and your soul f
The treasure of the month For not many have found you For only when you follow them
And all who have found you Will you feel truly well
The peacefully overview of Are now sparkling with pronounced For your only limit is the sky
My lively was; illustrating to fortune! Tressor Rebecca
Its reality point. Mutavu Teta
It felt like a pride to be honored
With pleasure it indeed was
The treasure of the mantle.
Beckham Davis
Star School Champions Cup
In a sportsman’s language, Star the Victory team will do the mental Trust me, the team had strong
school may not find the most de- by making use of the mental more players; there is NDAYISHIMIYE
scription, due to its over whelming than the physical. Where they played Nathan with his powerful shots
and breathtaking performance in like a flash oh my GOD what a
all fields of sports. Their final with the Charming boys team their keeper KEVIN NDAY-
(S.2) in the Star inter class tourna- ISENGA made flawless meds save.
Star school is the only school that ment and the game ended 2-1 and Even our coach Perez just stands at
will always present its youngest the best team had to win trophy the touch line with his head held
talented rising boys in an old man’s victory team sincerely speaking it high up and the fans that begins
competition well was fit to be the champions because with cheering from the star of the
of the young talented boys it had, game to the end. Sports is still the
Known as the Inter class competi- they had their captain NGOGA Raul star schools Dream. So guy, hurry,
tion and by the end of the compe- Blanco who is one of the best strikers WE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
tition; Judges doubtfully crowning in school and out of the Victory team MUGABO FRED S.4
the VICTORY TEAM (S.4) with there comes FRED MUGABO with MCE/ENT
their head coach. And as well their his unique passes and dribbling like SPORT’S EDITOR.
manager Nyabongo Perez as the its sipping water.
champions of (2017-2018). All this
Star school Champions Cup Finals pictorial
Friends Pictorial

To you my
high school friend. You were
the anchorage of my soul and all my
troubles and my joy you knew. Coldness of
morning preps hit us both and all the little noth-
ings we shared. My soul longs to meet you again
if not physically atleast visit me in my dreams. You
were always with me and nothing could seperate
us even sickness and fatigue could not afford.
For you were Fluky coz you had met Seraph
Let me hope that our friendship will not
end with the end of high school.
Friends Pictorial
To avoid the common mistake, then we time, he develops a belief that
need to be in a free arena of learning. No The principal: I wouldn’t love to what he is doing is right. The
rules, no fights. despise your ways of teaching but lie becomes the truth when it
on what I see with those students is conceived as truth. Our roles
Sonia: Well, Hearts are for calling, flowers who are playing while others are as administrators is insisting
for supplementing, diamonds for skipping learning, I deserve the liberty to at calling the truth, the truth.
and spades for digging deep for details. J’s judge your credibility. Their behav- Pruning undisciplined stu-
for returning to the previous speaker, Ks iors are not acceptable. dents like the other ones is our
for going to another person, Master cards biggest role. That is what I get
are for forwarding the question paused The teacher: With due respect sir. paid for. But your role is teach-
on you. The gentleman’s rule still applies. The principal: let me tell you some- ing them discipline other than
A black joker for asking, a question and a thing about this institution’s secret defending their indiscipline.
red joker for refusing. to success, it is its zero tolerance
of indiscipline; that of the teachers The teacher: I don’t dispute
Santa: Thanks Sonia. It’s a win- win for and of the students. I have seen this your wisdom sir, wouldn’t it be
Angel and Pamela. Sincerity is the key to school raise from the bottom pits better to first deal with the ripe
the game. Keeping the main aim of this of poor performance to the upper fruits first and deal with the
game being to learn. We play as we work. heights of success. And what I have spoilt ones last.
Fun plus learning equals to understand- not told you is, all has taken place
ing. at the careful watch of my eyes. The principal: I instead think
(They laugh and all students in the library that we remove the spoilt
look at them. The principal points at them The teacher: I understand your fruits first before they spoil
in annoyed manner. ) concerns, sir. But look at them the right fruits. By doing that,
The principal: Tell me that you are not the (point at where Sonia, Santa, An- we shall have saved the good
one who made those students in the same gel and Pamela are playing from), fruits from the spoilt. Have
group. they are not bothered at our pres- you heard of this saying, old
ence. This is a true indicator that as my grey hair that says “one
The teacher: (respectfully) It is me sir. they are not in wrong. Any person rotten Irish potato is capable of
The principal: That was the worst idea you who in wrong in front of his superi- spoiling the whole sack?”
have ever conceived. Look at them, they or, panics.
are playing cards when the rest of the stu- The teacher: I have heard of
dents are busy researching! If I were you, The principal: (Scornfully looks at that sir. How shall we know
I wouldn’t entertain their nonsense. They the teacher.) Now you are allowing the good fruits from the spoilt
deserve the worst punishment. me the liberty of judging your log- ones if we don’t apply the
The teacher: I have where to get them. ic. Their confidence in doing wrong ancient principal of sorting?
If they don’t produce my work, I will be is a sign of their indiscipline rather Wise people of grey hair like
willing to present them to you to decide than their possession of discipline. you have practiced and taught
their fate but to judge them now would be You need to know that when some- it. I should praise your wisdom
a terrible mistake. one does a wrong thing for a long if I find that I have stated it
right because it is only people of great the question) “Discuss the role of on the factors that reduce friends
wisdom like you who have earned the friends in your society.” That’s all. to enormity. It’s only at this stage
right to state such ancient wisdom that a friend can really become a
correctly. Sonia: (Placing hearts again) I call problem to you. (Looks at Angel
for Santa to explain the question. holding a black joker in his hard).
The principal: To that you are right It should be by now known to you
and I suggest that we start visiting Santa: (placing a K). Angel should that you are part of the society and
each group and assess their activities. explain the question. this implies that you are a society.
It’s only by narrowing our discus-
The teacher: I should apologize for Angel: (looking in his cards and sion to individuals that we can get
having dragged you into such con- finding that he has no cards that the greater picture. So I have delib-
versation when your wisdom dictates can relieve him). I think this erately narrowed our discussion to
that we visit the groups. question is two sided. One side is you and me.
for positive roles and the other for (Santa placing hearts on the
The principal: It was also fine for you negative roles. That’s all I can say table.)
to learn from me so that when you (Pamela, places a spade) I call for Pamela to explain when
grow and wisdom starts turning your friends become a problem.
hair to grey like mine, you will have Angel: Pamela you aren’t fair.
the authority to instruct others. Many Pamela: Since the discussion has
teachers mistake my visiting their Pamela: Rules broken. been narrowed to an individual
classes as form of teaching students level, then I will speaker from the
but the truth be told, my visits are Angel: I have not said that I’m not experience. I think that way I will
purposely to instruct teachers, not continuing. I’m saying that you be bold enough to draw Knowl-
students. aren’t fair. edge from the best school which
no one can never escape nor
The principal and the teacher meet Pamela: It is not me who is not fair despise. It’s in the school of experi-
some students who are busy reading but it is the rules that aren’t fair. The ence that I have seen and felt ill of
books and copying some work from old prophesy that says, “thou shalt friends. (Pausing for some time as
text books. the rules know not the father” has contemplating)
come to pass. (She laughs heartily) I don’t care what other people
Santa excited at how the matter had think but I well know that enemies
been resolved, she piles up the cards Angel: Pam, you win. are far better than friends
and start dividing them amongst (Santa looking hard on her)
themselves. Pamela: Then continue. I have more than once been de-
Sonia: (hesitating, she places her fin- ceived by the person I love most
ger on the hearts, diamonds and back Angel: Ok. The question needs whose love above everyone else
to hearts. As if thinking, she looks at an introduction which has to give have been confident. I loved him
all of them. She looks at Santa back the details of the understanding of and he was my friend. I have learnt
to Pamela. She finally places hearts on who is a friend and this should call in a hard way that in friendship
the table. With blazing eyes looks at for live examples. The body of the there is no honesty. Never trust
Pamela.). Pamela, tell us the question essay will contain the positive and your friends completely.
without looking into the book. negative roles of friends. I should
Pamela: Well (looking into her cards, suggest that all this should give (Santa tired of her jazz, she places
She places the diamond card on the conditions which can make a friend a K)
table.) be a menace to the society.
Everyone knows the question. (He places a K) Santa: Stop your stuff.
(Pamela places a red joker and
Angel: (placing a J, smiling). I insist Santa: To add on, this question Angel bags the table with joy)
you tell us the question. calls us to analyze how people Pamela: Look here Santa, friends
Pamela: Okay, since you haven’t become friends, what makes them are like jaws and teeth of danger-
made specifications then I can read become real friends. And if you ous animals, and if you are not
from the book. should accept my humble sugges- careful you’ll find them chewing
(She opens the book and she reads tion, it would be wise to deduce you. Friends pretend to be happy
with our successes yet behind our of your clothes and often times of wanting them to be like us. Let
backs, they are busy planning our they don’t. Isn’t this description them be who they are and we be
down falls. Against this back ground, enough to convince us that it’s safe who we are. Let this diversity be the
would you have the guts to blame to be around your enemies than cause of our unity.
kings who killed those friends who your friends because our enemies The old axiom states that “the suc-
aided them to the throne? Blaming are always sincere to us? They cess of friendship comes from what
them would be a display of ignorance. let you know that they are plan- you don’t do; what you don’t get
The hard truth these kings knew was ning evil for you but the so called dragged into.”
that those who aid you to the throne friends will plan evil for you even
would also aid those who want to using your own resources. Tired of listening to them, the prin-
dethrone you. That is why most wise ciple bags the table.
ancient kings and today’s long serv- (He places hearts)
ing presidents work closely with old I call for Sonia to give us views in Principal: (looking gravely at all
enemies than close friends. What the support of friends of them) you still have the guts to
ancient kings and current presidents continue your crap even when we
loathed was the old debts that friends Sonia: I would love to agree with are present? (Holding the cards and
would demand as gratitude to their Pamela and Angel (Santa colors throwing them in the air) What are
aid to the throne. And more danger- up). Friends can betray you quick- these for when you have assignment
ously, a friend will expect more and ly because they are easily aroused to do? (With loud voice) Answer
more favors from you and in return to envy. To this there is no ob- me.
he will be full of jealousy. jection my dear Santa. But look
(Sonia places a J) (stares at Angel) as well as we can Sonia: (looking closely at the prin-
use all sweet poetry, well perfumed cipal) Sir, we know that we have no
Sonia: It’s your turn Angel. I suggest words against friends, we are seri- right to judge your good reason-
you become less emotional. Don’t be ously committing a grave mistake. ing to think we are playing while
like Pamela Life without friends is empty and others are learning but if the liberty
depressing. People without friends of speaking my mind is granted,
Angel: On contrary baby. (Pamela (squeezing Angel’s hand) lead a I should say that we are far from
bags the table loudly and this makes desperate lives full of boredom. doing what you expect.
the principal and the teacher with Yes, I may not know my friends as
rage head to their table). I would love I imagine but friends are import- Principal: You want to challenge
to go straight to qualities that turn ant parts of our lives. my reasoning therefore.
friends harmful. (Santa places a master card) Sonia: far from that. A man of your
wisdom can’t be challenged by
Look, friends cover up their unpleas- Santa: The problem I have found person who is placed in his care.
ant qualities so as not to offend each is wanting our friends to be every- On the positive note, I would gladly
other. They laugh extra hard at each thing to us, even the kind of things say that we are doing exactly what
other’s jokes. Since honesty rarely we are not to us. We want our you expect of us though we may be
strengthens friendship you’ll never friends to support us even when doing it differently.
know how a friend truly feels and this we cannot support ourselves. We
is dangerous want them to agree to our stupid Principal: stop your crap. You four
arguments against their will. I have have committed a serious offence.
(Pamela gives him a hi-5 to Angel learnt that all working relation- You have not only refused to do
and he takes it with great energy and ship require a kind of distance. A the assignment but you have also
he is calmed with the strange looks kind of distance that is popularly disrupted the others who are doing
of the principal standing in front of known as privacy. We shouldn’t get their assignments.
their table) annoyed just because they don’t
agree to our principles. We should Sonia: I should agree to disagree
As if he has not noticed the presence love them the way they are and with you sir. I agree that we have
of the principal and the teacher, he expect the same from them. Above committed an offence of learning
continues. all we should resist from the ten- differently from the conventional
Friends will say they love your poet- dency of wanting to change them. way. I should agree that we have
ry, adore your music, envy your taste We should desist from a tendency used a game in our process of learn-
ing and I should agree that all this was worse, we can’t write first enough to they are made with an inspira-
not taught to us. All this I agree. take notes in this way we have chosen tion of infinite wisdom.
to learn. I should therefore say, it is
Principal: so what do you disagree be- because of laziness, impatience
cause you agree to disagree? The principal: I can hear you, contin- and the hatred of conventional
ue opening the gates to your home. As ways of doing things that lead
Sonia: I disagree that we haven’t been you resort to arguing, you persuade to the creation of these tools.
learning. me to increase your punishment.
Putting the case to the end, if you The principal: then I had
Principal: wasn’t this a research group don’t trust your minds, why don’t you charged you a wrong case.
work? do what the rest of the students are Now the case that is on you is
doing? selfishness which we don’t like
Sonia: yes, it is. Santa: Sir, it is because we have a better in this school. You are going to
way of doing it. go to my office and answer the
Principal: then if you agree, where are a The principal: Then save yourselves by charges of selfishness. And for
references. Look at other students. They showing me the notes you have taken. you Angel, don’t leave those
have books where they are referring from. Santa: (picking something small from cards in the air, they scare the
But for you my heroes, you have cards! her pocket of the shirt.) This (showing hell out of me.
something like an electronic) takes
Sonia: That is where the problem is, you notes at the rate which we air the notes Developed Uwimitale Sonia,
expect us to read from the books. That is than a human hand can take. What is Ingabire Santa, Pamela Ela
what everyone is doing but look, we are funny, our friend doesn’t ask us par- and Writen By B.V. Angel
learning differently. We learning by rea- don. As we are learning by reasoning,
soning. This kind of learning sir, you well this friend of ours takes notes for us
know that is the greatest. (the principal looking surprised) and
using the computers your honor gave
Angel: In this way sir, if your graces to every student and using the soft-
allows me to contribute, we develop our ware program Pamela developed, we
mental faculties. Instead of reading a lot print our notes which our friend takes.
of verbiage in those books, we extract- Isn’t that proof enough to make us as
ing the knowledge from the most pure clean as snore.
source. The principal: so you bought that
thing, made a program to print using
Principal: if I should I agree to you con- a computer and bought those cards to
vince me by showing me the notes that aid you in learning?
have you taken. If you do this, your sins
will be whipped away from you. Pamela: On the contrary sir. None of
what you have said was bought. All
They all look at themselves in surprise. those aids were made by us. You must
have heard that I made the program
You see, (the principal continues) one that prints whatever our friend writes.
can easily fall for your fancy arguments Sonia created a system that edits what
but the truth stands that, you are in our friend writes in a matter of sec-
wrong. I have a good sense to believe that onds and our friend was created by
serving two weeks home would build Santa. Those cards which still stands
sense in you. My eloquent thinkers, prove in the air where you threw them (the
me wrong and save yourselves. principal looks and finds the cards
still in the air) were created by An-
Santa: Sir, a person who doesn’t accept gel. They are not mere cards but they
his faults, faults in that way. I should are reason provoking cards. They aid
boldly accept that for we are the weakest in reasoning and they don’t obey the
of all students and I should say that we physical laws of universe such as gravi-
don’t trust our minds. To make matters ty but obey the voice of reason because
About We Write Africa

“We write Africa” is a project of “Baha and their understanding of the concepts of
Enterprises” aimed at training students writing. The study also found out that stu-
on how to write and publish their articles dents were interested in writing but lacked
and stories. This project focuses on raising the necessary skills and motivation to do it.
the spirit of writing among young African “We Write Africa” seeks to empower young
students with an aim of increasing the Africans into creative writinng to increase
number of African writers and publishing the number of great African writers through
magazines on the cheapest cost possible. training and motivating young Africans into
The project therefore seeks to connect the writing and this exercise started in Rwanda
institutions with the world at a lowest cost and it will later spread to the other parts of
possible. the continent.

It was founded in 4th march 2018 as a “Baha Enterprises” Initiated this project to
study project and a study was conducted enable the students and African young writ-
in Rwanda as a pioneer country. It was ers find a platform where they can be heard
later found out that it is possible to teach and read. Their ideas will find publication all
young interested students skills of creative over the globe. For any institution interested
writing. This would enable the participat- in working with us can check us the contacts
ing students improve even their grades below.

For more information or for supporting the project, contact us