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Python Tkinter – Cheat Sheet Widget (information) Purpose Create Treeview

Basic Level Tk.Label, ttk.Label Display static text or image >>> treeview = ttk.Treeview ( root )
Tk.Message Display static multi line text
>>> treeview.pack ( )
>>> treeview.insert ( ‘ ‘, ‘item1’, text = ‘First item’)
The most commonly used GUI programming toolkit for Ttk.Separator Display a horizontal or vertical separator bar >>> treeview.insert ( ‘ ‘, ‘item2’, text = ‘Second item’)
Python. Ttk.Progressbar Show status of running operation
>>> treeview.cofig (height = 5, column = (‘Version’))
>>> treeview.column (‘Version’, width = 50, anchor = CENTER)
How to import? Ttk.Treeview Display hierarchical collection of items
>>> import tkinter or from tkinter import *
Create Cascading Menu
Widget (Grouping) Purpose
Application Main Window >>> root.option_add (‘*tearoff’, False)
Tk.Frame, ttk.Frame Displays set of widgets as one unit
>>> menubar = Menu (root)
How to instantiate main window of application? Ttk.LabelFrame Frame but with border and title >>> root.config (menu = menubar)
>>> root = Tk ( ) Tk.PanedWindow Group widgets in re-sizable panes
>>> file = Menu (menubar)
>>> edit= Menu (menubar)
Ttk.Notebook Tabbed set of frames, only one visible at a time >>> help_ = Menu (menubar)
Widgets >>> menubar.add_cascade (menu = file, label = ‘File’)
Import ‘generic’ widgets: >>> import tkinter Common Properties: >>> menubar.add_cascade (menu = edit, label = ‘Edit’)
background, foreground, width, height, borderwidth, text, >>> menubar.add_cascade (menu = help_, label = ‘Help’)
Import ‘styled’ widgets: >>> from tkinter import ttk >>> file.add_command (label = ‘New’, command = lambda: print(‘New
font, cursor, activeforeground, activebackground, image.
Widget (Interactive) Purpose Specific Properties: >>> file.add_separator ()
Ttk.Button, tk.Button Execute a command, function or task 1- Scale: from_ , to. orient, resolution. >>> file.entryconfig ( ‘New’, accelerator = ‘Ctrl + N’)

Tk.Menu Implements Top-level, pull-down and popup menus

2- Radiobutton: variable, value.
3- Spinbox: from_ , to, textvariable. File Dialog
Ttk.Menubutton Display popup or pull-down menu when activated
4-Button: command. >>> from tkinter import filedialog
Tk.OptionMenu Creates a popup menu, and a button to display 5- Checkbutton: onvalue, offvalue, variable. >>> filename = filedialog.askopenfile ( )
Tk.Entry, ttk.Entry Text entry (one line only) 6- Combobox: textvariable, values.
7- Progressbar: orient, mode, step. Color Chooser
Tk.Text Text entry (multiple lines)
8- Text: wrap, xscrollcommand, yscrollcommand. >>> from tkinter import colorchooser
Tk.Checkbutton, On-Off, True-False selection
9- Scrollbar: orient, command. >>> colorchooser.askcolor ( initialcolor = ‘#FFFFFF’ )

Tk.Radiobutton, One or Multiple selections

Create Widgets Popup Message
>>> from tkinter import messagebox
Tk.Listbox Selection from a list of alternatives >>> widget_name= ttk.Label ( root, text = ‘Example Text’ ) >>> messagebox.showinfo( title = ‘Example’, message = ‘some text’ )
Ttk.Combobox Combined text field with a pop-down list

Tk.Scale, ttk.Scale Moving slider for selecting numerical values

Set Widget Properties
Prepared by: Eng. Muhammad Rizwan Khan
Note: Widgets with tk are generic whereas ttk are styled. >>> widget_name.config ( text = ‘Example Text’ ) Reference: