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Alan Marshall​ | San Jose, CA

● Focus​: Product Management Director leading the design, team and delivery of innovative Ecommerce & FinTech
services - with customer empathy and technical acumen applied in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial markets.

● Strategy​: Deep experience creating/executing roadmaps for ECommerce, Banking, Payments and Security challenges.
● Team​: Lead-by-example; trust-focused; Agile Scrum and Waterfall; team management & virtual team lead experience.
● Technical​: Hands-on, providing detailed comprehensive Product Requirements, with customer & developer mindset.
● Breadth​: Success in large enterprises & startups; API’s, Platforms, UI, Web, Mobile, Wearables, Devices; B2C, B2B, B2E.
● International​ and Domestic successes; Managed remote teams; Travelled broadly; Initiating & maturing engagements.
● Partnerships​: Extensive experience managing top tier 3rd party relationships delivering complex FinTech services.
● Security​:​ ​Applying security and data flow knowledge to meet rigorous payments, banking, legal, privacy, PCI standards.
● Shipping Focused​: Passionately embrace hard deadlines to execute rapid product development cycles. - Principal Product Manager,​ 2018+

● Leading​ smart Point of Sale (POS) terminal/platform integrations with global acquiring banks for retail scenarios.
● Shipped​ multiple consumer & merchant facing HW/SW features in EU and North America for startup's product line.

Samsung Pay - Product Management Director,​ 2015 – 2017

● Wearables​ - designed & delivered V1 Samsung Pay mobile app for Samsung Gear S2/S3 (iWatch Apple Pay competitor).
● Led​ cross-functional teams in design & delivery of contactless mobile wallet products: EMV/NFC/MST/MSR .
● SDK​ - led Samsung Pay Web Browser SDK integration for Mobile ECommerce scenarios (W3C standards lead).
● API​ - led critical B2B integration projects with Acquirers, Issuers, Payment Networks and Pay@Pump merchants.

Multiple Silicon Valley Startups - Principal and Director of Product Management roles,​ 2011 – 2015
● Companies​:,, and as Full-time. on Contract.
● Redesigned​ mobile banking wallet with onboarding funnel management into challenging international market (Haiti).
● Wrote detailed Cloud API engineering requirements​ and led team of 10 in monthly Agile scrum delivery cycles.
● Developed strategy​ and product direction for security-centric engineering team in global EMV/NFC markets.
● Defined​ mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) products for partners: Visa’s Cybersource division and GoFundMe.
● Managed tech relations ​with international mobile operator partner ( & credit union (
● Wrote​ multi-factor authentication UI and security requirements into mobile banking product SDK for
● Delivered​ anti-fraud identity verification system and led risk-assessment projects.
● Led​ product design business discussions with top-tier banks, mobile operators & processors on international stage.
● Wrote RFP’s​ to close contracts with Bank of America and other financial institutions for mobile NFC wallet apps.
● Agile​ scrum team and product management leadership of innovative payment and banking technology products.

MICROSOFT - Lead Product Manager and Lead Engineer roles, ​1994 – 2011
● Overall: 17 Years at Microsoft​ - innovating & delivering highly scalable, reliable, performant software internationally.
● Lead Product Manager - Delivered security model for V1 of Microsoft’s mobile app marketplace (2008-2011).
● Lead Product Manager - Architect of XBox 360 Micropayments; led PCI Web Commerce Service Delivery (2003-2008).
● Software Development Lead - Encarta Online Architect; Dev Lead for & Telecom Services (1994-2003).

Flamingo Graphics - Co-owner and Software Development Lead, ​1987 – 1993

● Co-started, co-led engineering and successfully cashed out of computer graphics software firm.

● Harvard University, Cambridge, MA - Computer Science Software Engineering
● University of Vermont, Burlington, VT – Economics, B.A.

Patents: ​#3 Patents focused on ECommerce, Mobile Payments and Security: US 9525548; US 9509686; US 20150222729.