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Company Profile
Industry: Productivity Software
Docxpresso solves the paperwork problem with an
Employees: X
easy to use and affordable solution.
Founded: Month Year
Paperwork costs businesses and citizens millions of euro Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space
every year. Bbesides, there is the environmental impact. between Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
Contact: Eduardo, Founder, CTO - Asian text and numbers
We allow give any company organization the tool to create
Digital Services from Word Documents, save money, and
save the environment. César, COO -

Docxpresso is an easy way to create online forms from Word

Formatted: Font: Georgia, 10 pt
Documents by simply typing them and uploading them
online through a click of a button Docxpresso is also secure . Formatted: Font: Georgia, 10 pt
Financial Information
Our solution: We give superpowers to Word Documents to Seed capital: 0€ Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space
share, collaborate and create services that works everywhere. between Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
Docxpresso, unlike other tools like PDF editors, is easy to use Monthly burn rate: 0€ Asian text and numbers
and streamlines the gathering and sharing of data and Capital seeking: 0€
documents ((wwould you send a legal contract with Google
Docs or get the required data with a Google form?). Our
technology is robust, incredibly powerful, and simple. This is Revenue: 0€ / month
what our customers say:
Number of clients: 0
“ Docxpresso created a system that Downloads per month: 0 Formatted: Indent: First line: 0.5", Widow/Orphan
it´s saving weeks of work every year.”, control, Adjust space between Latin and Asian text,
Alcobendas City Hall, Madrid.2016 New clients per month: 0 Adjust space between Asian text and numbers
Cost per installation: 0€
Docxpresso enables anyone to create amazing digital
services from a Word Document. Seeing is believing. User subscription: 0

Our market is every company. Every organization deals

with paperwork. HR, Legal, Billing, Invoicing, Surveys, Forms, RFP, etc. Our market is global. Commented [CC1]: What is the size of the opportunity
(globally)? What is the size of the opportunity that you are
Competitors, like such as DocuSign, offer a very compelling products but with a limited scope in a “locked addressing immediately?
in” cloud service. We Docxpresso offers cloud services and installation on premises and a wide range of
tools:. e-signature, forms, charts, dynamic reporting, open data, notifications, security and other. ...
Everything is open source. Commented [CC2]: It would be much easier to
understand Docxpresso if you would have Page 2 with a 2 –
Marketing 3- images of how to use the service. Visuals are far more
- Door to door sales. Every time we present aEach demo leads to we have a new client. We conduct impactful than a list of words.
Around 2 -/ 3 visits presentations per week.
- SEO and direct. We have Working our way to the top. X visits / month and growing.. Converting
Conversion rate X%.
- Resellers. Working dealsIn negotiation with top IT companies in Spain. Expanding to other
countries. Working with Small Business Directories and Cloud Service Providers to offer our tool to
their clients.
- Hosting an e-government event in Spain. Attending industry events all over Europe.

Financial & Funding

- x euros / month in revenue. x% growth monthly
- We needRaising 0 for a the next 12 month runways to continue development and consolidate
the X Market.
- Current team: X. Will add 2 – We will hire X more developers post funding..

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